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Chapter 1262: It’s A Defeat!


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“Lin Feng, you can’t kill me. My Master is waiting for me. If you dare come, you’ll die!” said Cheng Shan. He hadn’t thought Lin Feng would use his full strength at the most crucial moment, and he was panicking. 

Lin Feng remained silent. He just followed him as quickly as he could. Only a few hundreds of meters separated them. The fake Cheng Shan was infuriated. 


The two people flashed across the skies of Gan Yu. Cheng Shan glared at Lin Feng warningly, but Lin Feng didn’t pay attention to him. He had only one goal: catching up with the fake Cheng Shan and killing him! 

It was as simple as that. He couldn’t make the same mistake he had made with Di Shu. If he let Cheng Shan escape, his future would be in danger. 

“One Heavy Wave, Sky-Rising Wave!” 

Lin Feng knew that he wouldn’t catch up with him, so he had to use one of his trump cards. He raised his fists and a gigantic wave emerged from his hands. It was as blue as the ocean and weighed at least three hundred million jin. Cheng Shan had to slow down to destroy the wave. 

Lin Feng smiled. He flashed and caught up with Chang Shen, throwing a palm strike as a strong golden wind appeared around him. An explosive light flared, and trees exploded on the ground. Everything disappeared in an area of a few dozen li. 

The fake Cheng Shan was caught in the attack. He was blown away, coughing blood, and his Qi weakened tremendously. Cheng Shan lost because Lin Feng was stronger! 

Cheng Shan glared at Lin Feng ferociously, his chest pounding. His speed had decreased greatly so Lin Feng got ready to attack again. His Godly Battle Sword and his fists needed to do the job! 

“You want to run away?” Lin Feng sneered coldly. He took out his Godly Battle Sword. Blood red lights flashed. Cheng Shan was terrified. 

The Godly Battle Sword was a terrifying weapon. It had the strength of the top of the medium Godly Ancestor layer. Lin Feng was an ordinary Godly Ancestor, but when a Holy Godly Ancestor used it, the sword was also reluctant to submit. 

“You really want to kill me, Lin Feng?” asked Cheng Shan. He was nervous and exhausted. He hadn’t thought Lin Feng would catch up with him, or he would have continued fleeing. 

“By asking those questions, are you trying to test my patience or my sanity? Apart from being sworn enemies, what else could we be? Nothing,” Lin Feng mocked him. He rejoiced when he saw Cheng Shan looking afraid. 

“Lin Feng, if you kill me, you will regret it,” said Cheng Shan. He seemed absolutely terrified. He couldn’t run away, and his life was in Lin Feng’s hands, not to mention that he had also been injured. Otherwise, he would have been strong enough to escape. 

“Whether I will regret or not is none of your business. All you need to know is that you’re going to die!” Lin Feng replied icily. 

“Lin Feng, don’t kill me and I will tell you something. Let’s consider this a trade, what do you think?” asked Cheng Shan, smiling smugly. He was worried Lin Feng would suddenly kill him. 

When Lin Feng heard him, he smiled mockingly, “You think we can still come to an agreement? You told everybody about my real identity! You broke a promise, how could I trust you?” 

“Hehe, even if you don’t believe me, think about it; why was I able to watch you from the beginning to the end? To be honest, I even knew your cultivation level. Hehe, you think all this is just a coincidence?” said Cheng Shan, smiling icily. Lin Feng realized there was something wrong when he heard him, but he wasn’t sure what it was. If he knew, he would probably pass out or go insane. How could he have doubts and suspicions about his own wives and relatives? 

“What are you trying to tell me?” Even though Lin Feng had a bad feeling, he pretended to be surprised. 

Cheng Shan smiled cruelly, “Lin Feng, don’t fool yourself, you know what I mean, right?” 

“Mind your own business, will you?” 

“Oh, hehe, I mind my own business, I am involved, otherwise, why would I know where you are in real time? If it’s not your wife…” 

“Shut the fuck up! Whatever you say, I’m going to destroy you today!” shouted Lin Feng explosively. He couldn’t let Cheng Shan finish his sentence because he didn’t want to hear the sad truth. 

“Hahaha! Lin Feng, I hadn’t thought women would be such a huge issue for you, they’re your greatest weakness! You will die because of them! Hahahahahahaha!” Cheng Shan burst into laughter and leered at Lin Feng mockingly. 

Lin Feng was confused. If Cheng Shan was right, which of his women had betrayed him? And why would they join hands with Cheng Shan to harm him? 

He couldn’t believe it. He loved his wives, why would they try to hurt him? 

“Lin Feng, don’t fool yourself. If you don’t kill me, I’ll tell you which of your women betrayed you. What do you think?” asked Cheng Shan smiling mockingly. 

Lin Feng shook his head hesitantly. He trusted each of his women. He had never had any doubt or suspicions about them, but now… 

“Lin Feng, you’re too weak! Hahahahahaha! You will die sooner or later! Hahahahahahahaha! I’m sure we’ll meet again!” shouted Cheng Shan suddenly. Lin Feng was startled by that sudden laugh. He turned his head and saw someone had grabbed up Cheng Shan. It was a short person in black clothes, he hadn’t detected that person’s presence. 

“Fuck! I got fooled!” Lin Feng cursed. His Godly Battle Sword was rotating in the air, and started chasing the two of them. 

“Hurry up, brother!” Cheng Shan was pale. When he saw the Godly Battle Sword behind them, he was frightened again. 

The person in black clothes glanced at the sword and grinned mockingly. He raised his left hand; blue lights appeared and collided against the sword. 

The blood-red sword lights broke, and the blue lights disappeared. 

But by that time, the two men had also thoroughly disappeared. 

Lin Feng stood where the blood-red sword lights had disappeared. Cheng Shan and that man had disappeared. Lin Feng felt guilty, like he had been careless. Sometimes, women did make him act irresponsibly or foolishly. 

So many years had passed, and that obsession for women had never faded. He couldn’t change. Not anymore. He had so many wives and children. He had to be responsible now. 

Women? Which women betrayed him and joined hands with Cheng Shan? Was it just a lie or was it true? 


Lin Feng was lost in thought, staring at the hot sun above. After a few hours, Lin Feng was still there lost in thought. 

“Never mind. I trust my wives. I hope none of them betrayed me,” sighed Lin Feng. He decided to stop thinking about that for the time being. 

He had failed to chase Cheng Shan, too! 

The next time he saw Cheng Shan, the latter might be extremely strong. His Master was so strong, including the short man in black clothes who had saved him, who was probably one of his fellow disciples, and at least a Spiritual Godly Ancestor!

What kind of group had Cheng Shan joined? Lin Feng was lost in thought and without realizing it, he had already returned to Gan Yu, but he didn’t stop and continued moving towards Man Yu. 


In Man Yu, the situation was quite relaxed, at least for Song Chou Jiu and the others. 

 “Haha, Master Song, I knew you weren’t dead. You’re not like that!” shouted Zong Hu, with tears of joy in his eyes. He had followed Song Chou Jiu for such a long time, then he had seen him die in front of him, but he couldn’t believe it. 

Now, Song Chou Jiu was back in front of him, so Zong Hu was overjoyed. He had never felt as sad as when he saw Song Chou Jiu die, even when he had been expelled from Li Yu. 

“Hehe, alright, we’re alright,” said Song Chou Jiu, smiling helplessly. He glanced around in the great hall. Hu Shan, Ti Yuan, and Ming Shou were all fine. 

Thanks to that event, Zong Hu had broken through to the top of the eighth Great Supreme God layer. It had been worth it! 

“Zong Hu, you didn’t try to avenge us and attack Brother Asura, right?” asked Ti Yuan, smiling jokingly. 

Zong Hu blushed and smiled in embarassment, not knowing what to say. Everybody rolled their eyes. As expected, he had tried! 

“I wonder if Asura is sad,” sighed Song Chou Jiu, looking out of the window at the beautiful silver moon. He was worried; what if Asura had forgotten about their oath as brothers? 

“I was wrong. I didn’t trust Brother Asura enough.” Zong Hu felt even guilitier, so he lowered his head. 

The atmosphere became silent.

“Why were you wrong? Cheng Shan plotted against me. We couldn’t know. You couldn’t know.” 

Suddenly, everybody heard Lin Feng’s voice. Everybody looked extremely happy, especially Song Chou Jiu and Zong Hu. Hu Shan opened the door and saw Asura there. 

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