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Chapter 1265: Decision Maker?


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“I, Lin Feng, agree to become sworn siblings with Sister Shi Yu. From now on, we will always help each other. If anyone violates our oath, they shall be destroyed!” 

“I, Shi Yu, accept to become sworn siblings with Brother Lin Feng. From now on, we will always help each other. If anyone violates our oath, they shall die in atrocious conditions!” 

Shi Yu and Lin Feng both pledged their oaths. Shi Yu was shorter than Lin Feng, but they looked like very harmonious when they stood next to each other. Miss Eight even thought they would be better off as a couple. 

Lin Feng and Shi Yu stood up. At that moment, Lin Feng and the territory of Shi Yu had also become partners, if only in secret. 

“Alright, I’m tired. Little Yu, go and see your brother off,” Ancestor Shi smiled. 

Lin Feng understood what the old man meant. He didn’t want Lin Feng to spend too much time in Shi Yu. Otherwise, some people would understand they were working together. 

“Master, when the situation calms down, I’ll come and pay you a visit,” Lin Feng bowed. He walked away, followed by Miss Eight, Qing Huang Tian, and the others. Shi Yu was at the end of the line, blushing red. 

“Eh, see you, brother,” said Shi Yu, waving at Lin Feng. She felt awkward. In the past, she just considered Asura as a strong cultivator, but now they were brother and sister! 

Qing Huang Tian noticed that and sighed. Lin Feng’s women were too incredible. All of them were incredibly beautiful. Each time a woman met Lin Feng, she fell in love with him. It wasn’t Lin Feng’s fault. 

“Yes, go back so that nobody sees us,” Lin Feng waved at her, then turned around and left. 

Shi Yu watched him disappear in the distance. She looked sad, but also strange, and clenched her fists. 


The Region of the Eight Corners was vast. Shi Yu was the third biggest territory in the Region of the Eight Corners. The biggest one was Xue Yu, and Li Yu was the second largest. 

Of course, Man Yu and Ye Yu were smaller. One hour was enough to cross their territory. 

“Lin Feng, what is our next destination?” asked Miss Eight. She jumped off her golden cloud and stood next to him. Lin Feng had to use his full strength to catch up with the three Holy Godly Ancestors. 

He looked at Miss Eight’s amused face and hated himself even more for not being strong enough. Otherwise, he would have taught her a good lesson. 

“We’re going to Jiao Yu,” Lin Feng said. He sped up, but Miss Eight caught up with him easily again. Her golden cloud was a space and time shuttle, and no matter how fast Lin Feng was, he would never be as fast as the golden cloud. 

Of course, Song Chou Jiu was struggling even more. He was thousands and thousands of meters behind. His forehead was covered in cold sweat. He had to use his full strength if he didn’t want to get left far behind. 


Five hours later, Lin Feng was exhausted, but kept calm and focused. It was already early in the morning. His group had arrived at the edge of Jiao Yu. Mist floated over the ground and  made the territory look like a fairyland. It was the first time Lin Feng saw such a beautiful landscape. 

Jiao Yu was a beautiful place. Everybody looked at the luxuriant emerald green forests and the mist. Some birds were chipping too. Beautiful place. 

There was a river. The water was so clear that they could see the bottom. There was a waterfall and a lake in sight. 

“I didn’t notice anything particular back then in Jiao Yu, but now the atmosphere is completely different. No wonder Jiao Yu is a special place. It has existed in the Region of the Eight Corners for such a long time,” said Song Chou Jiu, sighing and wiping the sweat off his forehead. He looked miserable. 

The sun shone down upon the trees, and the mist gradually disappeared. The place looked less mysterious. 

“Ta Han Yuan is sorry. He couldn’t come and welcome you personally!” said a gloomy voice suddenly. It sounded clear and distinct, and reverberated through the forest. 

“Look,” said Song Chou Jiu, pointing to a bamboo tree on a mountain. A man stood there smiling. Lin Feng also picked out the man who looked like a villager. 

He was almost a Holy Godly Ancestor. He had the strength of the very top of the Spiritual Godly Ancestor layer. A few more days and he’d break through to the Holy Godly Ancestor layer. 

Ta Han Yuan was the leader of Jiao Yu, and also Great Elder Ta Hua Xuan’s father, but he looked like a villager. He was carefree and unrestrained. 

Ta Han Yuan came closer. He looked tired. He didn’t seem to be pretending, but Miss Eight noticed that man’s pure Qi was restricted, so he was using his pure physical strength. Miss Eight admired him for that. 

“When he breaks through to the Holy Godly Ancestor layer, I won’t be able to compete with him anymore,” Miss Eight whispered to Lin Feng. Lin Feng was shocked. 

“You must be joking, how could I compete with you?” the man smiled. Miss Eight’s expression suddenly changed. He had heard her. She had whispered and isolated the world around them, but he had heard anyway. How… 

“Hehe, I hadn’t thought that there were such amazing cultivators in Jiao Yu. I feel stupid,” replied Miss Eight, bowing hand over fist politely and respectfully. 

“No need. I am just a villager. Jiao Yu is not mine. Haha!” answered Ta Han Yuan, laughing easily. He didn’t take what Miss Eight said to heart, but he looked at Lin Feng strangely and particularly. 

He had never seen him, but he had heard of him before. Ta Qi, his grandson, admired Asura, or more precisely, Lin Feng! 

After a long time, Ta Han Yuan nodded confidently. 

“Let’s go, little friend. Let’s go sit down in the thatched hut and talk. Nobody else needs to follow us,” said Ta Han Yuan, walking off through the bamboo trees. Lin Feng followed him closely. 

Miss Eight and the others didn’t move. The old man didn’t want them to hear them. 


Ten minutes later, Lin Feng saw a thatched hut less than two meters high. Outside was a paved courtyard, some green vegetables, and a bucket with water and a fish inside. 

Ta Han Yuan grabbed a few dry fish and threw them into the bucket. Lin Feng was stupefied. The man turned around and smiled, “Don’t underestimate that fish. Fish are more important than medicine for the people of Jiao Yu. 

“Ordinary people eat fish and live for at least a hundred years. When babies eat fish, they become extremely strong. But for cultivators, nothing. Hehe!” 

“I see. But fish is a good kind of food,” Lin Feng said. He was surprised, and thought he could bring fish into his spirit world. People would eat it and benefit from it. 

Of course, it was just a thought. Lin Feng didn’t intend to ask Ta Han Yuan for fish. 

“I know why you’re here. All I can tell you is that I can’t make a decision alone. Ta Qi also has his word to say!” 

Lin Feng was dumbstruck. 

“Ta Qi?” Lin Feng didn’t understand. Then he remembered the meeting of the Region of the Eight Corners in Feng Xun Valley. He had fought against Ta Qi, and had even taught him a few things. 

But why did Ta Qi have anything to say regarding the affairs of Jiao Yu? Lin Feng didn’t understand.

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