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Chapter 1266: Please, Accept Me as Your Disciple, Teacher!


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“Yes, if Ta Qi agrees to cooperate with you, I don’t mind, and I’ll agree. But if Ta Qi doesn’t agree, then nobody will listen to me,” said Ta Han Yuan. He took a small chair and sat down. He grabbed a box was as big as a watermelon and put the fish inside. 

“Master, could it be that Ta Qi…” 

“He’s my grandson, and the next leader of Jiao Yu. So, you have to talk to him too,” smiled Ta Han Yuan. He was proud of his grandson. Initially, when he had heard that Asura had slaughtered people from the Region of the Eight Corners, Ta Han Yuan had almost gone crazy. 

Luckily, everybody had come back safe and sound, and they also told him Asura was innocent. Ta Han Yuan had then understood Lin Feng was Asura. He also knew Cheng Shan had killed his grandson. 

Lin Feng didn’t dare imagine someone as skinny and fragile looking as Ta Qi as the leader of Jiao Yu. Surprisingly, he was Ta Han Yuan’s grandson. How incredible! 

“Where is Ta Qi, Master?” asked Lin Feng. The old man smiled broadly, as if he had been plotting something. “Hehe, a hundred li away in the east, in Dead People Valley. He’s experiencing a battle to the death. 

“If you want to talk to him, you better help him. Otherwise, you may never see him!” said the old man. He grabbed the box and went inside the thatched hut. He didn’t seem worried at all. 

Lin Feng was stupefied. Ta Qi was the old man’s grandson, but he wasn’t worried about Ta Qi? What if Ta Qi lost? He might die, and he would never become the leader of Jiao Yu!

Lin Feng didn’t care, he headed east. He had to find Ta Qi before a possible defeat. 

A short time after Lin Feng left, the old man came back out. When he saw Lin Feng was gone already, he smiled thinly and sighed, “Lin Feng is always in a rush. I wonder if Ta Qi will make the right decision. He didn’t accept so many outstanding teachers, so he can’t become Asura’s disciple! 

“Lin Feng, don’t bully my grandson. I won’t forgive you if you do,” murmured Ta Han Yuan, gazing into the distance. 


The valley of life and death of Jiao Yu was even better than Demon Corpse Valley in Shi Yu. Of course, for someone like Lin Feng, such a place had nothing to teach him. 

Lin Feng arrived in less than a minute. There were three peaks. The lowest one was as sharp as a blade. 

At the foot of that peak was the valley. There were ten people surrounding Ta Qi. Ta Qi was covered in wounds and blood. He was about to suffer a crushing defeat. He was pale and severely injured. 

Lin Feng stood there and studied the scene. He was dumbstruck. Ta Qi had the strength of the top of the eighth Great Supreme God layer, and a dozen ordinary Godly Ancestors were surrounding him? How could he have even withstood a single attack? If it were him, he wouldn’t have been any better off. 

Ta Qi had a bad feeling. His left leg had been stabbed. White bone stuck out and blood flowed. His left shoulder also nearly broken. 

“Young Master, we don’t want to hurt you. If you retreat, we’re willing to spare your life,” said the leader of the group, a man in green clothes evenly. He didn’t look at Ta Qi respectfully, even if Ta Qi was their Young Master. These people had lived in that valley their entire life. 

Their task was clear. When people came inside their valley, they had to do their best and use their full strength to kill them. They couldn’t let anyone beat them. If someone won, they had to follow them their entire life! 

Ta Han Yuan was the current leader, but he had also won in the valley. Ta Hua Xuan had also bested them. 

The people from the valley were called their Death Knights! 

“I have to win!” shouted Ta Qi explosively. He ground his teeth and attacked again, raising his dagger. He wanted to kill these people, and he wanted those who didn’t die to serve him forever! 

Ta Han Yuan was followed by Great Elder Ta Hua Xuan, Second Elder Ta Dao, and Third Elder Tuo Ke. 

Therefore, Ta Qi had to surpass his grandfather. At least, he had to do as well as the others. When he saw Asura in the valley, he felt even more confident. He remembered back when Asura had pointed at him with his finger. 

Back then, he was depressed. Meeting a cultivator as strong as Asura had changed his life. Asura had made him feel more confident. He now considered Asura his teacher, which was why he was making such great efforts. 

Blood splashed. Ta Qi cut one of the man’s arms, and it fell to the ground. Ta Qi didn’t say anything, but for Lin Feng, that wasn’t cruel enough! 

“When you kill people, you need to be brutal, fierce, bloodthirsty, bloody, aggressive, and violent! You must burst into fury. You cut a tiny little arm there and think it’s sufficient? What kind of a joke is that! If your opponent were strong, you would be dead already!” Lin Feng berated Ta Qi telepathically. 

Ta Qi was even more motivated. Lin Feng had prodded him, pointing out Ta Qi’s real weaknesses. Ta Qi learned from him. He had no parents, they were dead, so having a teacher like Lin Feng was extremely important. It was like having a father!

He had tried out a dozen people as teachers, but it had never worked. Now, he had Asura! 

“When you fight, don’t think of anything else. Focus. If you are distracted, you have time to die a million times in a battle,” Lin Feng said to Ta Qi icily. Ta Qi reddened with fury, but he remained focused. 

“Bastard, who the hell are you? Why are you causing trouble??” shouted a man in green clothes. He was ready to destroy. 

Lin Feng glanced over, but otherwise ignored him. He continued staring at Ta Qi and saw Ta Qi’s dagger fall one more time. “Faster! You are a slaughterer, an assassin, a death god! Don’t let anyone put pressure on you!” 



He raised his dagger again. Blood gushed. A man in green was cut in two again. Ta Qi even managed to scare himself. He looked at Lin Feng, who looked unmoved, not surprised at all. 

“Haha, come! With my teacher’s help, I don’t need to fear you! Come and pledge allegiance to me! Otherwise, I’ll kill you!” shouted Ta Qi icily. He sounded like a demon. The remaining men were terrified. The Young Master was so scary. They could suddenly feel death energy. 

They also knew that the Young Master had suddenly changed because of the man in black clothes who had just shown up. 

“Attack!” shouted a man. He attacked without hesitation. He didn’t care about what the Young Master said. 

Ta Qi raised his arched dagger confidently. Even though he looked exhausted, he was also excited. “Haha!”

Slash, slash!

The sound of flesh being cut by a sharp blade spread in the air. A cultivator was cut into four. He was an ordinary Godly Ancestor, and Ta Qi managed to kill him! 

Lin Feng was satisfied. Ta Qi reminded him of himself when he was younger. 

“Continue, be cruel and merciless. Use your body strength too. Be careful!” 

Suddenly, Lin Feng’s expression changed. Two men were charging and their blades thrust towards Ta Qi’s shoulders from both sides. 

Slash, slash! Ta Qi managed to block the attack from the left, but his right shoulder was stabbed. His arm was about to fall off his body. 

Slash! Lin Feng used the Sword of Remote Times. It flashed and killed the one who had gone through Ta Qi’s defense. 

“Enough. Do you want to die?” shouted Lin Feng, staring at the six remaining people. 

The six of them froze. They could see Lin Feng was a real Death Knight. He was scarier than them and he was angry. Lin Feng scared them enough that they were shaking from head to toe, even though he only had the strength of the ordinary Godly Ancestor layer! 

But that mysterious Godly Ancestor was at least as strong as a Spiritual Godly Ancestor… 

Ta Qi coughed blood and collapsed. His right leg was bleeding freely and his left arm was severely wounded. But he still forced a smile and looked at Lin Feng. Then he knelt down in front of him and lowered his head. 

“Teacher, please accept me as your disciple!” 

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