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Chapter 1267: Training His Disciple!


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“Accept you as my disciple??” Lin Feng was dumbstruck. He tried to think of different scenarios. Initially, he wanted to gain Ta Qi’s trust to use Jiao Yu but now Ta Qi was surprisingly kneeling down in front of him. Lin Feng’s plan was going exactly as planned. 

Lin Feng smiled wryly. If he had known everything would be so simple, he wouldn’t have tried to make a plan. But the problem was that he had four disciples already, all in different worlds. He had once said he’d accept only three disciples in his life, but in the Country of Eternity, he had accepted a new disciple, Jiang Xuan. With Fu Chen, Ye Chen, and Ling Xue, that was four. 

If he accepted another one, that would be five! Ta Qi would be his strongest disciple in terms of cultivation level, and his first in the World of Battles. 

But Lin Feng didn’t feel like training a disciple. Besides, Ta Qi was a bit too old, older than he was. People would think Lin Feng was arrogant and conceited if he accepted an older disciple. 

“Teacher, I am an orphan. The universe has never cared about me. My grandfather raised me, but he’s not a father. I want a teacher who can also be a father, and that’s you!” said Ta Qi looking at Lin Feng imploringly. His eyes were wet, and he even started crying. 

He was a grown man and he was crying… Lin Feng found this weird. He was younger than Ta Qi, how could he act like a father? 

That was against nature, and Lin Feng couldn’t accept that. 

“Ta Qi, I am younger than you. How could I care about you as if you were my son? What a joke,” Lin Feng replying, smiling wryly. He had patience, but he hoped Ta Qi would understand quickly. 

Ta Qi was startled. Suddenly, it seemed as if he had understood something. He stood up and then he took out a dazzling stone. The lights from it flared and enveloped Ta Qi. Suddenly, Ta Qi, who was initially skinny, turned into a fish with sixteen fins for legs. 

Blue lights flashed. The fish was as big as a human. It was Ta Qi’s real body! 

“Eh…” Lin Feng was dumbstruck. He couldn’t imagine what was going on. Ta Qi had turned into a big fish? 

After that, Ta Qi stood in front of Lin Feng again, this time, he smiled and tapped his own chest, “Teacher, I am a beast. Our age works differently from human’s age. Do you see that I am younger than you now?” 

“Eh, yes,” Lin Feng didn’t want to admit it, but he had no choice. 

“Since I am younger than you and you have taught me things twice, and just now you even saved my life, you being my teacher would be perfectly legitimate,” Ta Qi smiled. 

Lin Feng forced a smile. He had nothing to say, so he just nodded, “Alright, your argument is perfectly legitimate.” 

“Hehe, since it’s that way, please accept me as a disciple!” Ta Qi laughed loudly. He got back down on his knees. 

Lin Feng couldn’t refuse again after what he had just said.

“Rise,” Lin Feng said, smiling impassively and helping Ta Qi back to his feet. Ta Qi looked at him solemnly. 

“You know who I really am, right?” Lin Feng said. He didn’t know how to explain otherwise. 

Ta Qi nodded and said, “Lin Feng! You helped your university rank first at the Meeting of the Universities. You defeated Spiritual Warriors University, World Dragon University, and the others. You even escaped safely from the eight Godly Ancestors who ambushed you! Hehe, teacher, you are fucking awesome!” shouted Ta Qi, laughing loudly in admiration. Lin Feng waved and headed back to the edge of the valley. 

“Come with me to the great palace!” Ta Qi was excited as he waved at the six new Death Knights and followed Lin Feng. 

The six Death Knights had never seen their Young Master like this. He looked so serious. Who was this man? 

“He’s Lin Feng? Or Asura?” 

“No wonder he’s so proud and scary. If our Young Master could have him as a teacher, it’d be great!” 


“Teacher, you know that day when you delivered a speech in Feng Xun Valley, it was amazing. Everybody learned from your speech and was super excited! 

“Oh, and teacher! When you defeated Gan Wu Dao, that was wooooow! I admire you so much! You’re amazing! From then, I knew you had to be my teacher. The teacher of a lifetime. Hehehehehehe! 

“Oh! And teacher! You know when you and I fought, you taught me so much and you took the time to do so. I was going through some difficult times. I had doubts about cultivation. But thanks to you, I understood a lot and I managed to get back on the right track.” 

Lin Feng couldn’t stand it anymore. He thought Ta Qi was a stable and mature little boy, but he was wrong. Ta Qi was really starting to get on his nerves. Lin Feng kept grinding his teeth and groaning icily, but it was like Ta Qi would never stop talking. 

Now, Lin Feng understood why Ta Han Yuan didn’t want his grandson with him there. That old grouch wanted to get rid of him, so he convinced Lin Feng to take him with him! 

“Teacher, what do you think …” 

“SHUT THE FUCK UP! IF YOU SAY ANYTHING ELSE, YOU’RE NOT MY DISCIPLE ANYMORE!” Lin Feng burst out. He couldn’t control himself anymore. It was the first time someone had pissed him off like this. Even Jiang Xuan, that little boy, hadn’t pissed him off like this! 

It was too much, never ending. Ta Qi’s voice resonated in Lin Feng’s head! 

Ye Chen and Fu Chen weren’t talkative at all. They liked to listen to Lin Feng’s instructions and then they isolated themselves to practice what he had just taught them. Ta Qi was unbearable… 

Ta Qi realized he had talked too much and smiled guiltily. He shut up as they walked to the thatched hut where his grandfather was. Ta Han Yuan was there, seated on a small chair. He gazed into the distance. 

“Grandpa, I’m back,” said Ta Qi, running over to Ta Han Yuan. 

Ta Han Yuan turned around and saw his grandson looked miserable. He felt sad for him, but he still looked indifferent and smiled, “Alright, you succeeded. Good! How many Death Knights are left?” 

“Hehe, I’m stronger than you, grandpa. Six!” said Ta Qi, smiling harshly. 

Ta Han Yuan looked at Lin Feng and nodded. 

“Ta Qi, your teacher and I need to talk privately,” Ta Han Yuan coughed solemnly. 

However, when the old man said that, Ta Qi smiled, “No worries. I will listen to you and my teacher.” 

“Ta Qi, how come you don’t take initiatives? You’re not a leader, but you’re about to become the leader of Jiao Yu. How can I feel relieved when you’re like that?” sighed Ta Han Yuan helplessly.

Lin Feng understood, but Ta Qi was an orphan. He had never had anyone to give orders to, like younger siblings. His past made him hesitant, and he missed opportunities. 

“Ta Qi, come with me,” Lin Feng ordered, leaving the thatched hut. 

“What are you doing, teacher?” shouted Ta Qi curiously. How come his teacher had suddenly left? 

“Stinky little boy! Hurry up and follow your teacher! It’s a class!” shouted Ta Han Yuan furiously. He was so angry he started shaking. Ta Qi didn’t dare disobey. He hurriedly followed Lin Feng and disappeared. 

Ta Han Yuan watched Lin Feng and Ta Qi disappear, and sighed. He really hoped Lin Feng would manage to do something with Ta Qi, help him become more independent. Otherwise, who would protect Jiao Yu in the future? 

He sighed again…

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