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Chapter 1268: Jiao Yu’s Vice Leader!


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“Take this dagger and try to kill me!” Lin Feng was holding a beautiful dagger. Its sharp Qi flashed.

Lin Feng and Ta Qi were already somewhere in the mountains of Jiao Yu. There was a high cliff and an emerald green forest. Beasts roared out at the intrusion, but when Lin Feng arrived, they stopped and crouched down in fear. 

Ta Qi paled. He didn’t dare catch it. 

“If you can’t even pass the first test, then you can leave. I can’t be your teacher,” Lin Feng threatened him. 

Ta Qi grabbed the dagger, but he was shaking. He didn’t dare attack. 

Lin Feng grinned. His body was surrounded by golden lights. His eyes gleamed as he stared at Ta Qi. After that, Ta Qi saw four Lin Feng’s. They all smiled at him. 

“Ta Qi, rely on your intuitions and perceptions to kill three of them,” said the four Lin Fengs at the same time. Ta Qi paled even more. Which of the four Lin Feng’s was the real one? Which one was fake? What if he killed his teacher? 

He hesitated again! He was unable to make a decision. 

Lin Feng had found Ta Qi’s greatest weakness. It wasn’t that he didn’t like taking the initiative, even if it was an issue, but his greatest weakness was that he hesitated too much. He never made decisions. One had to tell him everything all the time. If he started making decisions, he’d also start taking initiative because he would feel more confident. His grandfather Ta Han Yuan would feel more confident in him, too. 

“Teacher, I can’t,” said Ta Qi, shaking his head. He was already covered in cold sweat. The hand holding the dagger trembled. He couldn’t overcome that mental barrier. 

“Ta Qi, how did your parents die?” Lin Feng asked suddenly. Ta Qi looked at him curiously, but he quickly grew angry. His eyes became bloodshot and he started trembling. He couldn’t calm down for a very long time. 

“They were killed. But my grandfather won’t tell me who did it,” said Ta Qi, clenching his fists. He clutched the dagger and imagined killing the murderer and avenging his parents. When he thought about how he had lived alone his entire life, he was even angrier. 

“Ta Qi, your parents died! I know about it, but you have to kill three of us and I will tell you who did it,” Lin Feng said icily. He wasn’t joking at all. 

Ta Qi was dumbstruck, and stared at Lin Feng blankly. Suddenly, he looked ferocious, roaring and charging Lin Feng. He raised the dagger and thrust at Lin Feng’s chest. Blood splashed on Ta Qi’s face. Lin Feng’s expression stiffened, and then he collapsed softly. 

“AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! TEACHER!” Ta Qi suddenly looked panic-stricken. 

He was about to jump into the arms of the body lying on the ground when he suddenly heard someone laugh, “I’m not dead yet. You killed a fake one. Good job.” 

“Teacher, you are still among them?” asked Ta Qi happily, but he quickly stopped smiling. Only three were left and if he killed the wrong one, he’d kill his teacher!

The three remaining Lin Fengs smiled. Ta Qi was worried and scared, but to know who had murdered his parents, it was worth it. 


He stabbed another Lin Feng, who collapsed as well. 

“Continue,” Lin Feng said impassively. Ta Qi’s eyes were bloodshot. He stabbed another Lin Feng, and the atmosphere went completely silent. 

Ta Qi raised his head and realized that only two Lin Fengs were left. He looked at the Lin Feng he had just stabbed, who was staring at him in confusion. Ta Qi started to panic again. He took his dagger back and blood sprayed. 

“You, you…” Lin Feng pointed at Ta Qi. His eyes were wide open as he collapsed. 

“No! No! Teacher! AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Ta Qi fell on his knees and looked at Lin Feng bathed in his own blood. He regretted, he had made the wrong decision. He felt so stupid. He had made a huge mistake!

“Sorry, teacher! I’m sorry! I didn’t want to kill you!” Ta Qi burst into tears and apologized. 

“Why are you crying? I’m not dead,” said someone, tapping Ta Qi’s shoulder. Ta Qi raised his head and saw Lin Feng smiling at him mockingly. 

“Teacher, you’re not dead?” Ta Qi realized it was just another joke.

“Bullshit. If you could kill me, I’d deserve to die. It would mean I’m weaker than you. Rise now. Let’s go back,” Lin Feng said, turning around and heading back to the thatched hut. 

Ta Qi didn’t understand what Lin Feng had just tried to teach him. Had he really killed only fake ones? He didn’t understand… 


When they went back to Ta Han Yuan’s thatched hut, Lin Feng threw Ta Qi at the old man and said indifferently, “Master, your grandson is healed.” 

“Really?” asked Ta Han Yuan happily. He was astonished. The boy didn’t seem cured; he seemed terrified. 

“You can try,” Lin Feng said, smiling jokingly. He sat down on the terrace of the hut and stared at Ta Qi. 

Ta Han Yuan stood up and asked hastily, “Grandson, your teacher wants to form an alliance with Jiao Yu, what do you think?” 

“Me? I…” 

Ta Qi wanted to answer but he started hesitating. When he saw Lin Feng’s angry look, he suddenly understood why Lin Feng had made him kill some Lin Fengs. He wanted to show him that hesitating could be problematic sometimes. 

Suddenly, thinking about that, Ta Qi looked like he understood something. His teacher had helped him again. He helped with life too, not just cultivation! 

“Grandpa, I agree,” said Ta Qi, nodding confidently. 

Ta Han Yuan was unmoved, and asked, “What are your reasons?” 

“Easy! Lin Feng is my teacher. We’re not enemies, we’re allies. At the same time, my teacher also has many other allies and he’s extremely strong, so we can definitely benefit from such an alliance. Also, my teacher has the three precious treasures, hehe! Cooperating with him is an amazing opportunity,” said Ta Qi. In the end, it was supposed to be a joke, but nobody laughed, especially not Ta Han Yuan. It was indeed an opportunity!

The only disadvantage would be if Lin Feng lost. The other influential groups would collapse and Jiao Yu would face a calamity. But in the World of Battles, anything worthwhile was risky or dangerous. Jiao Yu had to make a decision, but they had a risk aversion, which was why nobody ever paid attention to them except at the meeting of the Region of the Eight Corners. They were afraid of taking risks and expanding. 

Ta Han Yuan didn’t consider himself a good leader, so he hoped his grandson would be better, and Lin Feng might even shake the entire world someday. Jiao Yu might even become famous thanks to him!

Ta Han Yuan naturally agreed to form an alliance with Lin Feng. 

“Grandson, apart from those things, do you have anything else in mind?” asked Ta Han Yuan. He wanted to test his grandson. He had never taken initiative, so it was a pleasure to see him like this. Lin Feng had suddenly shown up in their lives, and had already brought them so much. 

“Grandpa, even if I told you, you wouldn’t be able to do it,” Ta Qi replied awkwardly. 

Ta Han Yuan was shocked, but he quickly smiled, “Of course I would. You’re the future leader, I would do my best to help you.” 

“Alright, I want you to grant my teacher the title of vice leader.” 

“Eh…” Ta Han Yuan had never thought his grandson would ask him such a thing. Impossible! That was impossible!

After a long time, Ta Han Yuan looked at Lin Feng, wondering whether Lin Feng had told Ta Qi to say that, but Lin Feng seemed astonished too.Ta Han Yuan realized he wasn’t pretending. Ta Han Yuan was dumbstruck. 

“Alright, alright! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! My grandson is a grown man! I agree! Your grandpa agrees, little boy! Lin Feng, your teacher, can become the vice leader of Jiao Yu! No problem!” 

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