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Chapter 1269: Huang Yu’s Tragic Incident!


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“Master, that’s not reasonable,” Lin Feng said. How could he become the vice leader of Jiao Yu? It would be extremely dangerous for Jiao Yu itself. Lin Feng knew Ta Qi and the old man didn’t mean anything bad by it, but Lin Feng didn’t feel comfortable. 

He had become Ta Qi’s teacher, but it didn’t mean he had to be related to Jiao Yu. If that’s what they wanted, then he wasn’t willing to be Ta Qi’s teacher. 

When Ta Han Yuan saw Lin Feng looked uncomfortable, he wasn’t surprised. If Lin Feng had accepted immediately, he would thought there was something strange. Lin Feng wasn’t greedy, so he wasn’t interested in becoming the vice leader of Jiao Yu. 

Even though they were in the forest, it was a dangerous place. It wasn’t just beautiful landscapes and meditation at the foot of bamboo trees. Ta Qi was a kind of messenger for Jiao Yu. He was the one who had informed the people of Jiao Yu that Lin Feng had become the vice leader of Shi Yu. 

Lin Feng was now the leader of Man Yu and the leader of Shi Yu. If he became the vice leader of Jiao Yu as well, then he would have three territories. Even if someone wanted to attack, they would think carefully first. 

Ta Han Yuan was the leader of Jiao Yu. How could he let just anyone become the vice leader? 

“Lin Feng, don’t worry. It’s just an honorary title. In the future, every year, I will send someone to send you some cultivation resources. You can also leave them to your disciple, Ta Qi. Hahahahahahahaha!” explained the old man. He had planned everything. He would just give Ta Qi a few more cultivation resources and the title of vice leader would basically be empty. He would continue being the absolute and only ruler of Jiao Yu. 

Within five years, they would also have some ordinary Godly Ancestors. Therefore, he had to train his grandson!

Lin Feng sighed speechlessly. This old fox was sly. He had used his grandson to plot against Lin Feng. If Ta Qi didn’t benefit from this, Lin Feng would have given up on becoming the vice leader. 

“Alright. You are sly, Master, but I agree,” Lin Feng conceded, amused. Ta Han Yuan didn’t care at all. 

“Alright, I need to go to Ye Yu and Huang Yu. I have no time to waste. Ta Qi, keep up the good work. When I have time, I’ll come and teach you some things. These are the first two waves of the Godly Ancestor Three Heavy Waves. Study them. I want you to break through to the ordinary Godly Ancestor layer within one year,” Lin Feng said. Lin Feng never plotted against his own people. Since he had a disciple, he had to be responsible and train him like a good teacher. Giving a Godly Tao Skill to his disciple was a good and legitimate thing to do. 

Ta Han Yuan looked at his grandson jealously. He had never been this lucky. Not bad, Ta Qi! 

“Thank you, teacher! Hehe,” Ta Qi answered naturally. 

If anyone else knew Lin Feng had just given the Godly Tao Skill to Ta Qi, they would have been dumbstruck. Billions of people would start worshipping him if they knew. They would get on their knees to beg Lin Feng to accept them as disciples!

“You’re his teacher and you’re better than me, who’s his grandfather,” said Ta Han Yuan. He was impressed, and forced a smile. He was the leader of Jiao Yu, but he had never seen a Godly Tao Skill in his life. He had relied on his own talent and abilities to break through to the Spiritual Godly Ancestor layer! 

“You’re joking, Master. He’s my fifth disciple. I have to be a responsible teacher,” Lin Feng said calmly. He didn’t think too much of it. If Ta Qi was happy, Lin Feng was happy! 

“Alright, Master, disciple, I’m off,” Lin Feng said, bowing hand over fist and turning to leave. 

“Slowly, Lin Feng. I tell to tell you one thing.” 

“Please tell me, Master,” Lin Feng replied warily as Ta Han Yuan halted him.

“In Jiao Yu, we know something about Ye Yu. The leader of Ye Yu was destroyed by exploding, but the disciples who saw the explosion all lost their senses. Therefore, if you go there, you may be the victim of a plot. 

“It’s the same in Huang Yu. Their leader, Huang Xu Tian, was killed the same way. From what I know, people say it’s the fake Cheng Shan causing trouble for you,” Ta Han Yuan frowned. 

Lin Feng hadn’t thought anything would happen in Ye Yu and Huang Yu. So, Cheng Shan had continued on? 

Those disciples had lost their senses? Cheng Shan controlled them? He was truly evil! He never stopped! 

“You understood my plan, eh?” Lin Feng sighed helplessly. Cheng Shan had understood his plan, so he was ruining it. How could Ye Yu and Huang Yu submit to him, or even help him now? If he went there, people would treat him like a murderer and kill him! 

But Cheng Shan had underestimated him. Lin Feng grinned confidently. 

“See you, Master,” Lin Feng said, bowing hand over fist, and he departed.


When Miss Eight and the others saw him, they followed after him. 

They were extremely close to Huang Yu, as Huang Yu was also in the south. It took them half an hour to arrive. 

On the way, Lin Feng told Miss Eight and the others everything, especially Song Chou Jiu. Song Chou Jiu wanted to destroy Cheng Shan even more. 

Miss Eight hadn’t thought Cheng Shan would be so evil. It proved that the Region of the Eight Corners didn’t belong to these primitive people anymore… 

The new protagonists were much more cruel. Miss Eight couldn’t imagine it, as she thought of the Yi Clan. They used to be splendid and powerful, imposing and awe-inspiring. Now they had to join hands with Lin Feng in secret. Even worse, ten years from now, if Lin Feng didn’t become an overlord, the Yi Clan would become the slaves of the World Dragon Clan. 

Wasn’t the Yi Clan in the same situation as the Region of the Eight Corners? The Region of the Eight Corners was at least relatively free, but the Yi Clan wasn’t. They were stuck in another world! 


Half an hour later, they arrived. When Lin Feng saw Huang Yu’s desolate territory, his back was covered in cold sweat, as if blades had been stabbing him. Huang Yu was a desert. There was nothing else? 

People here wore simple clothes and scarves on their heads, but they were dead on the ground, covered in their own blood. Their blood had dried up and turned into a spherical ball of blood. Some corpses were cut into four pieces and looked abominable. 

It smelled like blood. Lin Feng frowned, but Qing Huang Tian and Miss Eight continued on. They were women after all, they weren’t used to the smell of blood and decomposing corpses. 

It was a bit better dozens of li away, but there was nobody there either. A strong wind blew and carried sand grains past. 

“It seems like something happened,” said Water. He had never such a thing. How astonishing and depressing. 

“Let’s leave?” asked Qing Huang Tian, firmly holding Lin Feng’s hand. She had a bad feeling. The more time she spent with Lin Feng, the more horrible things she saw. She had never thought she’d see such things. 

She couldn’t go back to the Phoenix Clan and leave her husband to travel alone. Everybody in the Phoenix Clan would mock her. 

“It’s too late! Look!” Lin Feng said, smiling icily. He glanced around and pointed at hundreds of people on the horizon. They were all carrying weapons. The leaders didn’t look like disciples of Huang Yu. They were wearing fine clothes. 

Six ordinary Godly Ancestors and two Spiritual Godly Ancestors! The eight people from the World Dragon Clan. They surrounded Lin Feng and the others. Behind them were hundreds and hundreds of disciples from Huang Yu. Their group looked terrifying. 

“Haha! Lin Feng! You killed so many disciples from Huang Yu! How cruel are you? You’re a fucking animal!” 

“Hmph! Brother, we should destroy his corpse and crush him into mush!” 

“I think so too. Lin Feng is a piece of shit. We need to clean our world.” 

The six ordinary Godly Ancestors of the World Dragon Clan looked hideous. Their mouths stuck out and their chins made them look like apes. 

Lin Feng was furious. Cheng Shan’s plan was incredible. Lin Feng had just started with his new plan, and Cheng Shan had already ruined it. Even more incredible, the World Dragon Clan was already helping him! 

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