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Chapter 1270: Lin Feng’s Cruelty!


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“It seems like you’ve been waiting for me for a long time. Not bad! Hehe!” Lin Feng laughed furiously. His heartbeat accelerated. He remembered when the eight Godly Ancestors had encircled him, and Godly Ancestor Xing Yun… He had to avenge Godly Ancestor Xing Yun sooner or later! 

Since the cultivators of the World Dragon Clan had come, then he couldn’t disappoint them. He had to take good care of them. Those elders weren’t strong at all, they were ridiculous. He wasn’t going to show them that weaklings like them couldn’t kill someone like Lin Feng!

“Lin Feng, you’re a criminal. You killed so many disciples of Huang Yu. You want to die!” announced an elder of the World Dragon Clan ferociously. He rejoiced on the inside, because they had a great excuse. 

“Lin Feng, we can’t spare your life today. You dared destroy too many people and territories in the Region of the Eight Corners,” brayed another elder. They knew what Lin Feng’s real purpose was, so they were using an excuse to kill him. 

When Lin Feng had disappeared, the World Dragon Clan’s elders had panicked because they were afraid Lin Feng would seek revenge and kill more and more of them, especially after what had happened during Jing City’s auctions. Godly Ancestor Jie Long had been killed, so they were afraid of the consequences. 

“Lin Feng, get ready to die! Face your death like a man and we’ll spare your corpse!” 

“Lin Feng, don’t resist. Do you want to end up like Godly Ancestor Xing Yun? Hehe!” sneered an elder of the World Dragon Clan. They were all making fun of him. 

“Hehe, the motherfuckers of the World Dragon Clan. Since when are you used to coming and barking in the Region of the Eight Corners? I am the leader of Man Yu, I am a member of the Region of the Eight Corners. Why would I cause trouble in the Region of the Eight Corners? Do you have any evidence? 

“Even if you hadn’t come today, I wouldn’t have let you off in the future, either. Hehe! I will never forget your fucking moronic faces,” Lin Feng spat icily. “Anyway, I’ll take care of you all at once. I will send you to Hell for what you did to my brother!” 

Lin Feng disappeared. The elders looked shocked. 

The eight elders – six ordinary Godly Ancestors and two Spiritual Godly Ancestors – realized how terrifying Lin Feng was, but it was too late! 

“Aren’t you good at pretending? Motherfuckers of the World Dragon Clan! You killed my brother? Motherfuckers!” Lin Feng appeared in front of an elder. That elder was so terrified his soul nearly dispersed, but before that could even happened, Lin Feng slapped him. 

He had condensed a five hundred million jin strength in the palm of his hand. Demon Qi was emerged and rolled in waves. 

Whap! The old man’s skull exploded, white and red brains gushed out. Lin Feng destroyed his entire body mercilessly, and it vanished into nothing.

“Oh my heavens!” Miss Eight was dumbstruck. She had never seen anyone as terrifying and cruel as Lin Feng. Even though she thought he was right, she still couldn’t handle seeing so much disgusting stuff. 

“You’re not talking too much anymore, huh?” Lin Feng moved towards a Spiritual Godly Ancestor. That cultivator was also a piece of trash to Lin Feng. No difference at all! All the same shit! 

“I…” That man paled. He wanted to apologize, but did Lin Feng give him an opportunity to do so? He threw a punch and that man’s chest exploded. White liquid and blood gushed out. It was terrifying. 

Lin Feng threw his body to the sand. A cloud of dust emerged around the corpse. 

An ordinary Godly Ancestor and a Spiritual Godly Ancestor had just died. Six people were left. They were so dumbstruck they just gazed at Lin Feng blankly. They even forgot to breathe. 

Therefore, Lin Feng seized that opportunity to charge two more people. He grabbed them by their necks. The two men turned red and started suffocating in a panic.

“I… Don’t kill me,” one of the old men implored him. The man looked devastated, but Lin Feng didn’t care. 



Lin Feng broke both men’s necks. Four elders were left. When they saw him, they regretted coming here. They hadn’t realized Lin Feng had become so strong after they had started looking for him. Even the elders who had broken through to the Spiritual Godly Ancestor layer couldn’t compete with him!

They regretted, but they were in a dead end! 

“You want to run?” Lin Feng sneered, his eyes bloodshot. He grinned ferociously at them. 

“Hehe. Three days have passed. Demon Corpse Army, enjoy! Hehe,” Lin Feng called out, smiling cruelly, like a Mara from Hell. He only wanted revenge. 

The atmosphere in Huang Yu was completely silent. The people of Huang Yu were terrified. They even forgot their leader was dead, and that they wanted to avenge him. They all looked at Lin Feng. Ninety pale people had suddenly appeared in front of him. 

Each Demon Corpse had a symbol of the Yi Clan on their heads. When they appeared, a terrifying Qi rolled around them. Even Miss Eight, a Holy Godly Ancestor, was wary. 

Lin Feng was insane. He could defeat Holy Godly Ancestors with his Demon Corpse Army, so he was not afraid. 

One of the Demon Corpses had the strength of the seventh Great Supreme God layer, and the others had the strength of the fifth to the eighth Great Supreme God layers, but it wasn’t as simple as that. 


Nothing unexpected happened, just ordinary tragic deaths. Lin Feng was standing in the sky. His black robe fluttered in the wind. The wind brushed against his face, but he didn’t raise an eyebrow. He looked absolutely terrifying. 

All the elders of the World Dragon Clan were dead. Lin Feng and the Demon Corpses had done a clean job. No corpses were left, either. 

The Demon Corpses even used some corpses to become stronger. That was the price for killing Godly Ancestor Xing Yun! 

Lin Feng would never stop hating them, and it was just starting! Eight elders from the World Dragon Clan? Soon, the World Dragon Clan would hear about this, but Lin Feng would also wait for them. The battles against the World Dragon Clan and the Spiritual Warriors Clan were just starting! 

Lin Feng didn’t believe that the Spiritual Warriors Clan weren’t going to try and loot a burning house. They might be discreet after this and wait for an opportunity, however!

Actually, Lin Feng had guessed right. Some of the disciples of Huang Yu were secretly from the Spiritual Warriors Clan. They were there to spy on Lin Feng and had reached their goal. 

“Disciples of Huang Yu, what do you decide? Do you want to continue thinking I killed your people and your leader?” asked Lin Feng. His eyes were bloodshot, and his hands were covered in dripping blood. He looked terrifying. 

The disciples of Huang Yu were so terrified they took some steps backwards, but none of them dared denounce Lin Feng as a murderer again. 

“Bring me around and show me Huang Xu Tian’s territory,” Lin Feng ordered them. 


A huge group of people flew off through the desert. The people of the Spiritual Warriors Clan left in another direction when Lin Feng and the others left. 

The World Dragon Clan had lost face. Lin Feng had killed eight Godly Ancestors! 

That was the news that spread around. The atmosphere in Huang Yu was dark, but outside of the Region of the Eight Corners, the disciples of the Spiritual Warriors Clan were also informing people, and the news was astonishing! 

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