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Chapter 1273: Taking the Initiative to Come and Die? Well, Don’t Blame Me, Then!


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“Sister, your best cultivators are these people?” asked Song Chou Jiu. He was about to cry. It was so hard to catch up with these people. When he heard Miss Eight’s astonishing words, he nearly collapsed. 

“Haha! Yes! It’s not easy,” said Miss Eight, laughing awkwardly. 

“Father, are we in Ye Yu yet?” asked Zhuang Ling Yun. He seemed confused. He looked at the dark forest. He had never been in a place he didn’t know. It was his first time and he felt nervous, but Song Chou Jiu held his hand, so he felt safe. 

“We’re here. We’ll soon be in the center,” replied Lin Feng. He walked into the forest and heard leaves rustle around him. 

Zhan Yu Ying and the other women were still guarding the border between Huang Yu and Ye Yu. It was already night, but Lin Feng hadn’t shown up yet. How weird! 

“It seems like they won’t come,” said Zhan Yu Ying, disappointed but relieved. 

Fifth Elder Zhan Yu Hong looked furious. She looked in the direction of the center of Ye Yu and said icily, “Since it’s that way, let’s not wait here. Let’s go straight to the center of Ye Yu.” 

“Sister, you…” said Zhan Yu Ying, astonished. She was initially happy to leave safely, but now Fifth Elder wanted to go look for him! It seemed she didn’t fear Lin Feng, as if she were sure she could easily destroy him. 

What if they all went and provoked him and then died? Lin Feng had killed two Spiritual Godly Ancestors easily. Even if Zhan Yu Hong was a bit stronger than them, so what? Lin Feng probably had other trump cards too! Going and provoking Lin Feng came down to committing suicide! 

“Zhan Yu Ying, if you’re afraid, go back. Tell the leader that I will bring Lin Feng’s head back,” said Zhan Yu Hong coldly, before she disappeared. 

“Sister!” Zhan Yu Ying’s expression changed drastically. When Zhan Yu Hong disappeared, she paled. She knew her sister. How could she let her sister go and fight the enemy alone? She might never come back! 

If anything happened to Zhan Yu Hong, the leader would punish her, too… 

“Sisters, we’re going too.” Zhan Yu Ying told the other women, and vanished after her sister


Lin Feng didn’t know those women were coming to provoke him. Poor them. They were definitely going to die. At that moment, Lin Feng had arrived in the center of Ye Yu. 

It was like Huang Yu. There was nothing but sand. 

But there was still a small city, less than ten li in size. It looked miserable. 

Only elites could live there. The weakest of them were elite disciples. 

Outside of that city was a white tower; it was ten meters tall and someone kept beating a drum there as if a funeral was going on. 

Bao Xuan had lots of influence it seems, thought Lin Feng with a sigh. People still loved and missed him even though he was dead. 

“Bao Xuan was a Benefactor of Ye Yu. Without Bao Xuan, Ye Yu wouldn’t exist anymore. Bao Xuan helped Ye Yu escape from poverty. People started to live thanks to him,” said Song Chou Jiu. He looked at the flat white top of the tower sadly. Even though he had never seen the leader of Ye Yu, he admired him. 

“Let’s go inside,” said Miss Eight. She wasn’t worried; she was a Holy Godly Ancestor! No strong cultivator could hide in ambush in there. Therefore, it was a paradise for Holy Godly Ancestors. 

Life and Water followed Miss Eight. Following the three Holy Godly Ancestors, Lin Feng and Qing Huang Tian also went inside. Zhuang Ling Yun looked at Qing Huang Tian for a long time and asked, “Brother Song, do you think my adoptive mother is beautiful?” 

“Yes, and you should call me grandfather. I am older than you,” replied Song Chou Jiu angrily. He nearly burst into fury and destroyed the little brat. 

“Hehe, grandpa, do you think my adoptive mother is beautiful?” Zhuang Ling Yun grinned. He didn’t take what Song Chou Jiu said to heart. 

“Of course, she’s beautiful. What’s your point? Do you have ulterior motives?” 

“How could I have ulterior motives regarding my adoptive mother? I just wonder if she has nieces or a little sister! Hehehehehehe!” 

“Sigh, you’re a little kid, you don’t even have chest hair yet; how can you think about women? You need to grow up a little bit and then we’ll talk about it again.” 

They walked and talked at the same time. Their relationship became much warmer and friendlier. 

There were white flags everywhere in the city. Many people knelt down in front of their doors. Some of them looked southwest and kowtowed. When Lin Feng saw the tens of thousands of people kneeling down and kowtowing, he was impressed. 

“Cheng Shan! Cheng Shan! You son of a bitch!” Lin Feng hated Cheng Shan even more. 

Lin Feng found himself in front of an altar for Bao Xuan. Lin Feng had lots of esteem and respect for Bao Xuan. People loved him. He told the others to wait outside, and if someone from Ye Yu came, they could come in. 

“Let’s give the leader one more gift,” Great Elder Bao Sha cried. His eyes were red. He was on his knees in front of the altar and looking at the black coffin. He couldn’t help but cry loudly. 

Everybody knelt down. The common people knelt down at the entrance of their own houses and cried while looking at the sky. If someone didn’t know where they were, they could think they were in the Eighteenth Hell! 

“Woo, woo, woo, woo… Leader… Great Beloved Master… We will miss you forever… Wooo wooo woooo…!” 

“Master, Supreme Leader, don’t worry, we will avenge you, we will destroy the one who killed you!” 

“Supreme Leader, rest in peace, Ye Yu will also expand and progress under Great Elder Bao Sha’s reign!” …

All the men behind Bao Sha were shouting hoarsely. They were all elite disciples, the future of Ye Yu. Bao Cang was among them. 

“Hmph! Lin Feng, come here!” shouted someone suddenly. 

That was against the rules of the shrine. All the people of Ye Yu were furious and looked at the sky. There was someone there dressed in white clothes. Bao Sha clenched his fists and energies emerged from his body, rolling towards the sky. 

Zhan Yu Hong finally realized something. The people on the ground were there for Bao Xuan’s funeral. Her expression changed slightly. She knew what it meant. If someone ruined the funerals, all of Ye Yu would try to kill them!

She was furious, but what could she do now? She had no choice but to kill Lin Feng and bring his head back. She didn’t need to fear the others! 

“Lin Feng, come here, I won’t repeat it a third time!” shouted Zhan Yu Hong, smiling ferociously. 

Lin Feng got ready to go, but Zhuang Ling Yun prevented him from going and said solemnly, “Father, if you go now, the people of Ye Yu will hate you.” 

“Yes, he’s right. Interrupting the funerals is a serious issue. Even if you don’t kill that old woman, the people of Ye Yu will. If you wait in spite of the pressure, then the people of Ye Yu will consider you a Benefactor. If you attack now, you won’t be any different from the old woman, you will just become another troublemaker interrupting the funeral,” Miss Eight agreed. 

Lin Feng controlled his anger. It was better to wait for the right time to attack. 

Then, Bao Sha and Second Elder Bao Fan stood up and looked at Zhan Yu Hong icily. “Who are you? How dare you disturb us during the funeral?” 

“Haha! You’re a bunch of fucking morons who lost their father, huh? Zhan Yu Hong is the boss here. Hand Lin Feng over,” said Zhan Yu Hong. She knew she had offended Ye Yu already, so she didn’t need to care anymore. 

She looked at Bao Fan and Bao Sha mockingly. They were both merely ordinary Godly Ancestors. 

“Fucking morons? How dare you insult us? Zhan Yu Hong, even if you are an elder of the Spiritual Warriors Clan, you’re going to die here today. Brother, let’s attack!” shouted Bao Sha explosively. Bao Fan followed him. 

“Hehe. You overestimated yourselves. Fuck off now!” swore Zhan Yu Hong, smiling and looking down upon them. A white silhouette appeared between Bao Sha and Bao Fan and threw palm strikes. The ground shook and Qi whistled. 

Phwap, phwap! A clear sound spread around. Bao Sha and Bao Fan were blown away, especially Bao Fan. He crashed against the top of the altar and nearly destroyed Bao Xuan’s coffin. Everybody was extremely worried. 

“Hehe. Old woman. How dare you!” Bao Sha looked around, trembling. His gums were bleeding, so his teeth were red. 

“Lin Feng, it’s your turn,” said Miss Eight, smiling wryly. Lin Feng should have attacked first instead. 

A black silhouette appeared behind Zhan Yu Hong silently. When she realized there was someone behind, she was astonished. 

“You decided to come and court death? Well, don’t blame me then!” 

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