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Chapter 1274: Zhan Yu Hong Wants to Die!


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“Hmph! Lin Feng! You finally showed up. I thought you were just a coward,” spat Zhan Yu Hong mockingly. She wasn’t too scared when Lin Feng suddenly appeared behind her. On the contrary, she looked even more arrogant. 

“Is that so?” asked Lin Feng. He didn’t feel like talking too much anyway. He got closer to Zhan Yu Hong and threw an Aggressive Punch. It sounded like dragons were roaring and tigers running. The punch was as heavy as a heavy mountain and contained lots of Genesis Spiritual strength, a deadly attack. Lin Feng wanted to end this as quickly as possible. 

Zhan Yu Hong looked at him curiously, then was startled and surprised. She finally realized that Lin Feng was something extraordinary, but it was too late. She had no choice but to use a deadly attack to block his attack. 

“Spiritual Warrior Massacre!” A beam of light emerged from Zhan Yu Hong’s head and dashed to the skies. It looked like a sharp feathered arrow. On its surface were even more tiny sharp feathers. That arrow was about to reach Lin Feng, it was only fifty centimeters away from him. 

Lin Feng regarded her icily. Since she had decided to use a deadly attack as well, nobody could blame him for bullying women. He initially didn’t want to kill her, but his patience had limits. 

“Imperial Imprint Formula!” he shouted explosively. An imperial imprint emerged from his hands and rose up a thousand zhang tall. Lin Feng flashed backwards a few hundred meters, letting the imperial imprint collide with the feather arrow. 

The imperial imprint destroyed the feather arrow. Bao Sha and Bao Fan were behind Zhan Yu Hong and threw punches. Zhan Yu Hong couldn’t see what was going on behind her, as she had to focus on her fight with Lin Feng. 

Everybody heard the sound of hands ripping flesh apart. After that, Zhan Yu Hong shouted in agony. She looked miserable. “AAAAHHHHHHHHH! MY HEART! AAAAHHHHHHHHH!”

“Hmph! You caused trouble during the funeral, so you had to pay the price for it, no matter who you are! Even if the leader of the Spiritual Warriors Clan had come, we would have killed him!” snarled Bao Sha. He was holding Zhan Yu Hong’s heart, it was still beating in his hand. He clenched his fist and the heart exploded. 

Zhan Yu Hong paled and collapsed, crashing to the ground and making a gigantic crater appear. She was thoroughly dead!

“AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! NO! SISTER!” The women who had come with Zhan Yu Hong were devastated, and almost fainted. Zhan Yu Hong was dead! 

They hadn’t been able to rescue Zhan Yu Hong in the end. 

“How is this possible?” Zhan Yu Ying was dumbstruck. She couldn’t believe it had really happened. Her sister was so strong. How could two ordinary Godly Ancestors kill her and destroy her heart? 

She looked at Lin Feng, who looked totally composed. He didn’t feel guilty at all, because he had given her a chance and she had missed it. She had taken the initiative to provoke him! 

Since it was that way, Lin Feng had nothing to feel guilty about! When enemies came to him, he had to kill them, otherwise they killed him!

“Ninth Elder, what do we do?” asked a woman. She was extremely pale. She looked at the Fifth Elder who had been killed by Bao Sha. She was panicking now. 

“Let’s go!” Zhan Yu Ying really wanted to kill Lin Feng, but she knew they would all die if they stayed and continued provoking him. She couldn’t compete with Bao Sha and Bao Fan either. Even with the Fourth Elder’s help, it wouldn’t be easy! 

She decided to leave, even if she wasn’t happy. Her sister was dead, and now she was being a coward and deciding to retreat. She felt devastated. 

“Alright, let’s go,” agreed the other elders happily. They didn’t want to die there, so leaving was the best thing they could do! 

Zhan Yu Ying nodded. She turned around and decided to leave. 

Lin Feng didn’t prevent them from leaving. He didn’t want to kill women. They understood now, so he didn’t need to insist. Regarding Zhan Yu Hong, she deserved to die. She was an arrogant and conceited woman. She thought she was amazing because she had the strength of the Spiritual Godly Ancestor layer? 

Lin Feng had already killed Spiritual Godly Ancestors! 

“A moment ago, you saw how the members of the Spiritual Warriors Clan were, why didn’t you leave some of them for us?!” demanded Miss Eight angrily. Why had Lin Feng changed course? What about the female elders of the Spiritual Warriors Clan? Lin Feng didn’t want to kill them? Why treat them different from the World Dragon Clan? 

“I don’t want to kill women. If they had sent men, I would have destroyed them already,” Lin Feng said, shaking his head. He hated the World Dragon Clan and the Spiritual Warriors Clan, but this time the Spiritual Warriors Clan had sent women, and Lin Feng wasn’t just a killing machine. He didn’t kill women randomly. 

“Hehe, I hadn’t thought you were such a lady’s man,” sniffed Miss Eight, smiling mockingly. She was a woman, so she didn’t like it when Lin Feng sexualized other women. He didn’t look like a righteous gentleman when he did so. 

“Lin Feng, what brings you to Ye Yu?” asked Bao Sha, flinging his hands to get rid of the last pieces of Zhan Yu Hong’s flesh in disgust. He asked some servants to get rid of Zhan Yu Hong’s body and walked over to Lin Feng. 

“You want to hear the truth or a lie?” asked Lin Feng. The people of Ye Yu were going through something difficult, so Lin Feng didn’t dare be too straightforward. 

“The truth, of course,” Bao Sha smiled. It was the first time he had smiled since Bao Xuan’s death. He would have never smiled at anyone else. 

“I came here because I want to cooperate with you!” claimed Lin Feng, smiling sincerely. 

“Oh, and what was the lie?” asked Bao Sha, curious. 

“The lie was that I wanted to visit Master Bao Xuan’s grave,” Lin Feng replied honestly. 

“Haha! As expected. No wonder you dared kill strong cultivators of the World Dragon Clan, Lin Feng! No wonder you dared kill Gan Wu Dao twice as Asura too! You have a bad temper, you’re tough and powerful but in Ye Yu, we love that!” said Bao Sha, laughing loudly. 

“Master Bao Sha, is it too early to ask you to cooperate or…? I mean… You just lost…” 

“Don’t worry. Leader Bao Xuan died. It has nothing to do with you. The fake Cheng Shan killed him!” said Bao Sha, grinding his teeth furiously. He wished he could go and avenge their leader’s death right now. 

“I will not let Cheng Shan off. Don’t worry. I will avenge Leader Bao Xuan!” promised Lin Feng, trying to cheer Bao Sha up. 

“Hehe, no need. We will avenge his death ourselves. If you capture him, don’t kill him, or at least let us stab him a few times before you kill him!” shouted Bao Sha, gritting his teeth. He truly wished he could destroy Cheng Shan. 

“And I will stab them for Huang Yu!” exclaimed Zhuang Ling Yun. His eyes were red and teary. When he saw what had happened in Ye Yu, it reminded him of Huang Xu Tian. 

“Who’s this?” asked Bao Sha curiously. This ten-year-old kid who had the strength of the high-level Supreme God layer? Bao Sha was dumbstruck. 

“He’s the adopted son of the leader of Huang Yu, Leader Huang Xu Tian. I adopted him,” replied Lin Feng, patting Zhuang Ling Yun’s small shoulder. 

Bao Xuan’s expression slightly changed. He knew Huang Yu was also going through hard times. Huang Xu Tian and Bao Xuan had both been killed by the fake Cheng Shan. But now Huang Yu seemed like it was under Lin Feng’s control. 

“Hehe, Brother Lin Feng, you’re extremely strong, as expected. Huang Yu collapsed, so you took them over,” Bao Sha sighed, trying to force a smile. 

“Hehe, Master Bao Sha, do you know that my father also controls Jiao Yu? And that he is the leader of Man Yu? He also established an alliance with Shi Yu. Think about it, Master Bao Sha,” Zhuang Ling Yun grinned. 

He was a child, but what he said wasn’t wrong! 

Bao Sha was shocked when he heard Lin Feng now controlled four territories. 

“Lin Feng, do you really intend to become the ultimate ruler of the Region of the Eight Corners?” asked Bao Sha. He couldn’t believe it. He pinched himself and when he sensed the pain, he realized he wasn’t dreaming. 

“I don’t like describing the situation with the expression ‘ultimate ruler’; let’s say I just want to unify the Region of the Eight Corners. I want it to become stronger too. That way, foreigners will stop looking down upon you and your region!” Lin Feng said with calm determination. 

Bao Sha was amazed, but he reacted quickly. He admired Lin Feng for being bold and brave. 

“Alright, we have no choice, anyway. The elders of the Spiritual Warriors Clan saw me kill Zhan Yu Hong, so they will consider us enemies now. It’s useless to sit and wait for death, so it’s better to follow you. At least, you’ll make sure we don’t collapse, right?” 

“Yes, don’t worry. I will protect all my allies. Also, you should see my three friends of the Holy Godly Ancestor layer,” Lin Feng said. Then he introduced Miss Eight and the two others to Bao Sha. 

“Master Water, Holy Godly Ancestor, my friend.” 

“Master Life, Holy Godly Ancestor, my friend.” 

“Miss Eight, Holy Godly Ancestor.” 

“Alright, Lin Feng, we accept!” said Bao Sha. When he saw the three Holy Godly Ancestors, he felt much more confident, so he suddenly looked determined and enthusiastic. 

Ye Yu now belong to… Lin Feng!

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