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Chapter 1276: Humiliating Ni Huang?


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Zhuang Ling Yun looked sad. Lin Feng stopped asking questions. Since Zhuang Ling Yun wasn’t willing to talk about it too much, Lin Feng respected his decision. 

“Alright, let’s go. It’s noon now. The meeting will start soon,” Lin Feng smiled. He stood up, grabbed Zhuang Ling Yun’s cold little hand, and flashed away. Miss Eight and the others followed silently. 

Even though they had stayed a thousand meters away from Lin Feng and the kid, they had heard everything. When Miss Eight heard Zhuang Ling Yun talk about overlords in Shen Hai Mo Lin, she looked annoyed and forced a grim smile. Not many people knew that there were two overlords from the World Dragon Clan involved in the war in Shen Hai Mo Lin. 

If the overlords of the World Dragon Clan weren’t dead, then the World Dragon Clan would have more than one. If two new overlords showed up, what would they do? Even if Lin Feng broke through to the Earthly Godly Ancestor layer, then what? 

Miss Eight was meticulous and careful in her way of thinking. Lin Feng had no idea what she was thinking. 


Ten minutes later, they arrived in Xue Wu Tian’s great palace. It was wide. There was a stage and there were chairs on the stage. A group of people arrived. Lin Feng saw Li Ju and Jing Rui. 

There was a child in blue clothes there as well. He was about ten years old and seated on a chair too. Gan Wu Dao and Gan Han Sheng stood behind him, so Lin Feng guessed that child was Gan Wu Chang. 

“Everybody, thank you for coming to the ceremony of the Alliance of our three regions of Xue Yu, Li Yu and Gan Yu,” Xue Wu Tian said, clasping his fists and smiling. 

The whole crowd looked at him. How great!

“The vice leader of the Demon Clan congratulates the three regions!” said a few men in black clothes when Xue Wu Tian finished speaking, before walking onto the stage. The leader of the group, a middle-aged man with an iron mask, was carrying some gifts. Xue Wu Di took them. 

“Haha! Thank you very much, Brother Mo Mian! Please have a seat! Please sit down!” exclaimed Xue Wu Tian. He was overjoyed. The Demon Clan had sent their vice leader and presents, how glorious! He felt proud! The Demon Clan was an overlord group. In the future, the Alliance would be able to rely on the Demon Clan!

“Mo Mian? Since when is the vice leader of the Demon Clan Mo Mian?” Song Chou Jiu was dumbstruck. He stared at Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor. 

Lin Feng knew Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor’s real name was Mo Mian, and Tian Di’s real name was Tian Mian. 

Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor had become the vice leader of the Demon Clan without even realizing it. He now had the strength of the ordinary Godly Ancestor layer and like Lin Feng, he could defeat people of the Spiritual Godly Ancestor layer, too! 

Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor had become so strong. What about the Ancient Demon King? He probably had a nice position too… 

“The three great elders of the World Dragon Clan also congratulate the Alliance!” 

Three people descended from the sky. They were wearing white robes. The three old men stroked their beards, surrounded by holy lights. 

The three Spiritual Godly Ancestors landed on the ground. Many people were dumbstruck. Three Spiritual Godly Ancestors had come to congratulate the new Alliance? How amazing!

“Hehe, thank you, Masters, please sit down,” Xue Wu Tian smiled. He was overjoyed. 

Even though he was a Holy Godly Ancestor and they were Spiritual Godly Ancestors, he had to be humble and modest because those people were from an overlord group. 

“Congratulations from the Spiritual Warriors Clan,” a woman called out. Everybody saw three women walk onto the stage and closer to Xue Wu Tian. 

Xue Wu Tian took their gifts and said, “I’m happy you were able to come, Sixth Elder. We’re all happy to see you.” 

“Don’t mention it. I just hope you’ll manage to preserve the tranquility and peace of the Region of the Eight Corners. Don’t let those people of small importance cause trouble in the Region of the Eight Corners.” The people of small importance she talked about was naturally Lin Feng. 

“Of course. The goal of the Alliance is to protect the Region of the Eight Corners!” Xue Wu promised Tian sincerely. 

“Alright, then,” said the woman, laughing before sitting down. The three elders of the World Dragon Clan and Gan Wu Chang nodded at her. 

Lin Feng was standing at the foot of the stage and knew it was time for him to start playing. Since he had come, why not have some fun? He still wanted to conquer more territories. 

But as soon as he took a step, he heard a demonic voice and lights appeared again. 

“Envoy from Ni Huang. We came with gifts. Congratulations!” 


A ball of light streaked across the sky and landed in front of Xue Wu Tian. Xue Wu Tian grabbed the light reflexively, and they dispersed. A talisman with a letter appeared in his hand. It had been written by Ni Huang. Xue Wu Tian didn’t know what it meant. 

“Ni Huang, gifts?” Qing Huang Tian was dumbstruck. Ni Huang had to know that Asura was Lin Feng, her son-in-law. Why would she give presents to Lin Feng’s enemies? 

“Envoy, please sit down and enjoy some alcohol,” said Xue Wu Tian, hastily clenching his fists. He saw some golden lights, but they quickly disappeared. The envoy had left Xue Yu. 

Xue Wu Tian put the talisman and letter away after careful consideration. Master Ni Huang wouldn’t like it if he didn’t handle her gifts with care. He couldn’t afford to ruin the ceremony. 

“Hahahahaha! Ni Huang sent some gifts! Awesome! Hahahaha!” Li Ju burst into loud laughter. Initially, he was worried Asura would come and cause trouble, but would he dare come now?

“Hahahaha! He won’t come and cause trouble now!” agreed Gan Wu Dao, smiling wickedly. 

What Ni Huang meant was obvious. She had accepted the Alliance of the three territories and meant to tell Lin Feng he shouldn’t go too far. 

Lin Feng stood there. He understood what Ni Huang meant as well, however… 

He didn’t have to obey Ni Huang. He had never submitted to anyone. Lin Feng did what he wished when he wished. Unless someone asked him to do something that would be extremely beneficial for him as well, he didn’t force himself to do anything. 

Ni Huang meant to warn him? So what? Lin Feng had things to do, so Ni Huang could mind her own business! 

“There’s nothing I don’t dare. I killed you twice, remember?” Lin Feng spoke up, smiling icily.

Suddenly, everybody stopped talking. Gan Wu Dao reddened with fury and humiliation.

Everybody’s eyes were wide open. They stared at Lin Feng as he walked up the stairs onto the stage. The hearts of all the disciples of the alliance beat at the same pace as Lin Feng’s steps. 

In the end, Lin Feng arrived on the stage and grinned mockingly at them. 

Xue Wu Di stood in front of Lin Feng, glaring at him sinisterly. A Qi of the Holy Godly Ancestor layer emerged. He initially wanted to kill Lin Feng, but Lin Feng didn’t have time to sense those energies at all before Miss Eight pushed Xue Wu Di away. He reddened even more. 

Xue Wu Tian was furious. He clenched his fists and shouted, “Lin Feng, are you here to ruin the event or cause trouble?” 

“Yo, I came to congratulate you honestly, Master Xue Wu Tian. Why do you describe me as an evil person?” Lin Feng replied, smiling cruelly and glancing around. In the end, he looked at Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor coldly. 

Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor had noticed Lin Feng a while before, but he had decided to ignore him. At the moment, he was still ignoring Lin Feng. He sipped on his tea and stopped looking at Lin Feng. 

“You came to congratulate? Fine, where are your presents?” Xue Wu Tian sneered. He wanted to humiliate Lin Feng. 

“Presents? Haha! Master, I am Lin Feng. I came personally. Isn’t that a great gift already? Three Holy Godly Ancestors are with me. Isn’t that a gift too? The members of the Alliance of Five Territories, of which I am the leader, are here too! Isn’t that a gift, too? 

“Aren’t three huge gifts enough, Master? Hehe! You’re a shameless greedy bastard, huh?” Lin Feng jeered, before ignoring Xue Wu Tian and sitting down. Miss Eight and the others also sat down. 

Abruptly there were no more empty chairs, so Xue Wu Tian, Xue Wu Di, the leader of Liang City, and the others had no space to sit! 

The situation was going to deteriorate. What was Xue Wu Tian going to do? Kill Lin Feng? Difficult! The three Holy Godly Ancestors with him were extremely strong, and Lin Feng wasn’t easy to kill either! 

“Leader of an Alliance of Five Territories? Who acknowledges you as their leader?” demanded Xue Wu Tian, trying to control his anger. 

“Who acknowledges the Alliance of Three Territories you’re trying to establish?” replied Lin Feng sarcastically. 

“Ni Huang, for one! She sent someone, which proves she attaches importance to us! Did Ni Huang acknowledge your alliance too?” Xue Wu Tian challenged him. He wanted to humiliate Lin Feng. He wanted everybody to laugh at Lin Feng. 

If Ni Huang didn’t acknowledge his Alliance, how did he dare call himself the leader of an Alliance of Five Territories. Really ridiculous! 

“Haha! Indeed! Who acknowledges your Alliance of Five Territories?” added Gan Wu Dao, grinding his teeth. He looked quite sinister. 

“Hehe, Lin Feng, you’re making a fool of yourself,” said Li Ju smiling icily. The others all looked at Lin Feng as if he were a monkey. 

Lin Feng didn’t care at all. On the contrary, the more people made fun of him, the more indifferent he looked. “I don’t need Ni Huang’s acknowledgement. I don’t need Ni Huang’s support or approval to do anything. I, Lin Feng, do whatever I wish, whenever I wish!” 

“Haha! How arrogant! Tiny little Lin Feng dares offend and insult Master Ni Huang, huh?” said an elder of the World Dragon Clan mockingly. 

“So what? And the fact that I’m standing here proves I don’t give a shit about what Ni Huang thinks. Isn’t that clear? 

“If Master Ni Huang wants to accuse me of something, we can talk. But regarding my Alliance of Five Territories, I don’t need her acknowledgement because she’s in charge of the Northwest, but not the Region of the Eight Corners! 

“You’re all from Region of the Eight Corners. If you want to let other people control the region, fine, as you wish! But I’ll tell you one thing!” shouted Lin Feng explosively. When he stood up, he looked like a giant. He looked incredible. 

“After the Alliance of the Five is formed, we will never let anyone interfere in the affairs of the Region of the Eight Corners ever again!” 

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