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Chapter 1277: Trouble at The Banquet!


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“Hmph! Ridiculous! How strong do you think you are?! Are you an overlord?!” 

Xue Wu Tian looked down upon him. Lin Feng’s idea was not bad, but he was an ordinary Godly Ancestor, so he sounded ridiculous. What a buffoon! 

“I don’t need you to worry about me. I have my own solutions,” Lin Feng answered without hesitation. He didn’t intend to flinch. He had started an Alliance with five territories, and now Xue Yu, Gan Yu and Li Yu also formed an Alliance. Lin Feng just considered them a formality to deal with before being the ultimate ruler of the Region of the Eight Corners!

No matter who these people chose, Lin Feng didn’t want to lose too many people. In the future, he would control the Region of the Eight Corners and all its regions! 

“Hehe, we’ll see,” sneered Xue Wu Tian, smiling icily. Then he ignored Lin Feng and turned around. He smiled and said to the crowd, “Everybody, welcome to Xue Yu and let’s toast! Everybody, you have glasses in front of you, down them! Cheers!” said Xue Wu Tian, raising his glass. There was food and alcohol on the tables. It was a huge banquet. Even though strong cultivators didn’t die if they didn’t eat, they liked to eat because it was pleasant. 

“Haha! Good! I’ll help myself then!” said Li Ju, smiling and standing up. He threw his heavy hammer aside and flashed away. He helped himself on all tables. He was being rude while everybody adhered to formalities. 

In the end, Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor also walked past Lin Feng, but pretended he didn’t know him, as if he didn’t take Lin Feng seriously. 

“Mo Mian, we’ll fight sooner or later. I will slit your throat,” Lin Feng told Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor telepathically. 

Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor just sneered and didn’t stop, walking on.

“Hehe, do you want to have a drink too?” said Xue Wu Tian , taunting Lin Feng, trying to humiliate them a little bit more. 

But Xue Wu Tian didn’t know Lin Feng too well. Sometimes, Lin Feng cared about face and sometimes he acted shamelessly, so he was difficult to understand. 

“Of course, we had a long trip, from Man Yu to Jiao Yu and then from Huang Yu to Ye Yu. We’re tired. We need to get at least a little tipsy. Hahahaha!” Lin Feng agreed, laughing loudly. They stood up and walked to the great palace where there was even more food and alcohol, ignoring Xue Wu Tian. 

Xue Wu Tian started trembling. He was furious. He wanted to destroy, but could only sigh helplessly and glare at Lin Feng. 

“I know he wants to infuriate us and then he wants a big fight to start. that kind of guy is a Godly Ancestor?” 

“Hmph! Big brother, we’ll destroy him sooner or later. Don’t worry,” Xue Wu Di reassured him. He couldn’t wait. 

“Let’s go in too,” said Xue Wu Tian, waving impatiently. He was in a bad mood because of Lin Feng. He had never felt so exhausted. It was the first time in his life. 

“Good! Good, good, good stuff!” shouted Lin Feng, seizing a table with the others and drinking more wine. Very quickly, they were all seated: Lin Feng, Zhuang Ling Yun, Song Chou Jiu, Miss Eight, Water, Life, and Qing Huang Tian. They were seven people and there were still three seats at their table. 

Lin Feng pretending to be excited. He kept raising his glass and downing it, then he laughed loudly and looked around, “Everybody, this one is for you! Cheers! In one month, the Alliance of the Five Territories will be completely established and there will be a ceremony! Everybody is invited to come to Man Yu then, hahahahahahahahahaha!” 

“Hmph! Nobody is interested in your Five Territory Alliance,” said a white-bearded elder from the World Dragon Clan. He clutched his glass even tighter and broke it, accidentally spilling the wine on the floor. 

“Lin Feng, you better look at yourself in the mirror. You think you’re qualified to be the leader of an Alliance of Five Territories?” challenged the Sixth Elder of the Spiritual Warriors Clan, an old woman. She sneered and didn’t give Lin Feng any face either. 

Jing Rui smiled at Lin Feng and downed his glass. The leader of Liang City also downed his glass. He knew how strong Lin Feng was. Thanks to him, the University of Stars and Clouds had won the Meeting of the Universities. 

“Lin Feng, you’re on the territory of the Alliance of the Three Territories here, the territory of Xue Yu! Yyou better calm down and be more discreet here!” warned Gan Wu Dao icily. 

Everybody looked at Lin Feng. He just grinned and downed another glass. Lin Feng could almost taste the blood on his tongue, because he wanted to kill. 

“Hehe, I killed eight cultivators from the World Dragon Clan, now three motherfuckers from the World Dragon Clan are here and you think I’m afraid? Masters, you just came here to die, you understand that, right? 

“And the sixth elder of the Spiritual Warriors Clan! I just killed Zhan Yu Hong, you also want to die? 

“Gan Wu Dao, I killed you twice, you want to die a third time? You’re not tired of getting killed by me? Because I am started to get tired myself. 

“In one month, the ceremony of my Alliance will happen. I hope everybody will come, except in one case. In that case, you don’t need to come anymore.” 

“And what is that?” asked Xue Wu Tian, glaring at Lin Feng angrily. 

Lin Feng glanced at him and smiled dismissively, “Unless the people I invited die. If they’re dead, they can’t come.” 

“Bastard! You’re just a shameless bastard! Third, second, come with me, let’s kill him!” shouted the Great Elder of the World Dragon Clan explosively. He smashed the table before him, and it exploded, while he stood up and unsheathed his sword. The two old men with him also unsheathed their swords promptly. 

“You’re challenging me?” Lin Feng said looking at the old men seriously. His eyes were filled with murder. The more time passed, the more terrifying it became for the old men. 

The three old men looked daring and energetic at the beginning, but not anymore. They felt great pressure. 

“Alright, what are you doing? Leader Lin invited you to his ceremony, just go. Why get angry?” At the most crucial moment, Jing Rui got involved. Suddenly, everybody looked normal again. 

“Indeed, indeed! You’re right, Master! Since Leader Lin invited us, we’ll go,” said Li Ju, reacting first. He didn’t want their ceremony to be completely ruined. Leader Jing Rui was an overlord and had just spoken, so obeying him was the best thing they could do. 

“You’re right, Master. We’re a bit too petty and vile sometimes,” agreed the three old men, bowing hand over fist apologetically. They had to respect Jing Rui, as he was an overlord. 

Lin Feng glanced at Leader Jing Rui, not saying anything. Since Jing Rui had said something, he had to give the overlord face. 

The atmosphere wasn’t so awkward anymore. Zhuang Ling Yun ravenously devoured the food in front of him and kept laughing loudly. 

“Don’t steal food from me, Brother Song; you have to treat me well since I’m a child!” Zhuang Ling Yun laughed. 

Song Chou Jiu shook his head and smiled wryly. Then he grabbed a chicken wing and laughed, “I am not your brother, I am your Uncle Song!” 

“Haha! Who cares? Just stuff yourself! There aren’t enough chicken wings, go and get chicken wings from another table for me!” Zhuang Ling Yun finished the last chicken wings on  the table. Then he stood up and walked to Xue Wu Tian’s table. Everybody was astonished. Zhuang Ling Yun took two chicken wings from Xue Wu Tian’s table. 

“Haha! Father! Father! We’re going to get so stuffed!” shouted Zhuang Ling Yun, showing the chicken wings to Lin Feng. Lin Feng shivered for a moment. He had the feeling that little boy was extremely mysterious and extremely unruly. 

Xue Wu Tian almost coughed blood, he was so pissed off!

“Alright, stinky little boy, let’s go,” Lin Feng said, after downing one last glass. He slowly stood up and glanced around. 

Zhuang Ling Yun looked at the remaining chicken wings on all the tables. Then he suddenly turned around and looked at Xue Wu Tian, “Can I take some chicken wings for the way?” 

Xue Wu Tian coughed blood and paled. He had never been defeated by anyone, but at that moment, that little boy had made him cough blood! 

Xue Wu Tian’s eyes rolled back, and he fainted! 

“BROTHER! BROTHER!!!” shouted Xue Wu Di in astonishment. He shook Xue Wu Tian hard, but nothing worked. The whole crowd was alarmed. 

Zhuang Ling Yun was unmoved as he followed Lin Feng and the others. Leader Jing Rui was still seated on his chair. He watched Zhuang Ling Yun for a long time and then thought of something. His expression suddenly changed drastically. 

“What! How is that possible!?”

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