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Chapter 1279: Ni Huang’s Envoy, Zhen Yu?


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A day later, all the parties of Lin Feng’s Alliance gathered in Man Yu to prepare the ceremony that would take place a month later. 

Shi Yu didn’t send anyone. Ancestor Shi didn’t want other people to know Lin Feng and Shi Yu were connected. Besides, Lin Feng was Shi Yu’s Vice Leader, he could make easy decisions. Ye Yu sent Leader Bao Sha, who had become the new Leader. 

Huang Yu sent Huang Lei. He was now responsible for the affairs of Huang Yu. Lin Feng was annoyed when Great Elder Huang Gu Tian didn’t show up. He should be back in Huang Yu already. Where was he? But Lin Feng didn’t ask questions. 

Jiao Yu sent Lin Feng’s disciple, Ta Qi. 

Song Chou Jiu felt awkward. He was weaker than the others. Shi Yu was famous for its people, who enjoyed history and culture and arts of the ancient times. Jiao Yu was famous for its peaceful and calm people. 

Lin Feng didn’t say anything, so Song Chou Jiu remained silent, too. 

“The alliance will be officially celebrated in one month. We’ll do it in exactly one mouth, which will be the last day of the year, what do you think?” asked Lin Feng, glancing around. 

“As you wish, Teacher. You decide,” said Ta Qi without hesitation. He was Lin Feng’s disciple, he had to do as Lin Feng wished. 

“As you wish, father,” agreed Zhuang Ling Yun. He was seated next to Huang Lei. Huang Lei thought the same as him and smiled wryly. In any case, he would have never contradicted Zhuang Ling Yun anyway. He also nodded at Lin Feng. 

“I don’t mind,” said Bao Sha, when he saw the others nodding. 

“We don’t mind. As you wish,” said Miss Eight, frowning impatiently. 

“Alright, we’ll do it like that then. Now, we need to invite representatives,” Lin Feng proposed. 

“Teacher, don’t send invitations, just spread the news spread around so that people come naturally. If they don’t want to come, they don’t have to. They will send people to watch secretly anyway.” 

“Yes, Ta Qi is right. No need to send invitations. What we need to think about it how are we going to resist against everyone when they attack us after we officially become an alliance?” said Bao Sha warningly. 

“Father, I think you should announce all the influential groups should come, and if someone doesn’t come, then we’ll go and see them personally on their own territory!” said Zhuang Ling Yun coolly. His eyes were filled with killing intent. Huang Lei was almost scared. He remembered when Zhuang Ling Yun had asked him to kill Huang Gu Tian. He had chills when he thought about it. 

Lin Feng looked at him curiously. This little boy was mysterious. Pay them a visit? What Zhuang Ling Yun meant is that if they didn’t come, they’d have to go and get revenge! 

But it’s a good solution! I like that! 

“Alright then, as my disciple and son said. Spread the news that everybody should come, if they come, they’ll be my friends. If they don’t come, we’ll go and pay them a visit. Everybody must hear about it: the Spiritual Warriors Clan, the World Dragon Clan, Jing City, Liang City, the Kong Sect, the Celestial Pavilion of Enchantments, Xue Yu, Gan Yu, Li Yu, and Ni Huang.” 

“Eh… Lin Feng… Ni Huang…” Bao Sha thought Lin Feng was crazy. As if Ni Huang was going to come. If she got angry, she would destroy the parties of the Alliance… 

“Don’t be afraid. She will also send someone,” Lin Feng said. He didn’t fear Ni Huang. She was an overlord, she didn’t care about insignificant people like them. 

“Alright,” Bao Sha nodded. Since Lin Feng thought so… 

“Alright, now we need to discuss the different communication channels and strategies. How can we deploy the best suitable army for a given situation at a given time. What do we do if a territory is in danger? What if the three territories attack?” 

“We need to consider those issues. If we don’t solve them, we’ll collapse quickly,” Lin Feng said worriedly. He sounded like a decision maker. 

Bao Sha looked at Ta Qi. Ta Qi looked at Huang Lei. Huang Lei looked at Zhuang Ling Yun. Zhuang Ling Yun looked at Miss Eight and the other Holy Godly Ancestors. He asked, “Brothers, Sister, can you make a cave world?”

“What do you mean, Ling Yun?” asked Miss Eight curiously. Even though she thought of something, she still asked. 

Zhuang Ling Yun put a chicken wing down, wiped the oil off his hands on his clothes and walked in front of the crowd. He stood at the center of the great hall and said, “What I mean is very simple, can you build a cave world? That way, no matter what, if any territory is in danger, they can get into the cave worlds to protect themselves.” 

“I also know that cultivators have to be Supreme Gods to build cave world. Their caves have high chances of getting destroyed, especially when facing an overlord. If Holy Godly Ancestors could make them, that’d be great.” 

“Hehe, Sister Eight, since you are already a member of the Alliance and you haven’t given it any presents, can you do that please?” said Zhuang Ling Yun smiled. What a smart little kid, thought Lin Feng! 

Lin Feng smiled. It was a great idea. Zhuang Ling Yun was too smart. What a good kid. Besides, how could she refuse? He was just a kid, after all! 

“Haha! Alright, who will dare offend us if we have a cave world?” shouted Zong Hu, bursting into loud laughter. He had never seen a true cave world, but apparently, they were much more efficient and powerful than teleportation portals! 

“Alright, no problem. Our alliance will be safer that way. Not bad,” Bao Sha said approvingly. He initially thought their five territories would build a new world to evacuate to. Having cave worlds was much better. 

Small worlds could be destroyed easily. Cave worlds were special things!

“Alright, we’ll do it. We’ll start tomorrow with Man Yu, then Shi Yu, then Huang Yu, then Ye Yu and then Jiao Yu. I know where the different territories of the Region of the Eight Corners are placed on a map. Building cave worlds will not be an issue,” said Miss Eight. She was happy to help Lin Feng now, because he would help the Yi Clan in the future. 

“Yes, thank you, Sis Eight,” Lin Feng said, nodding calmly. He had lots of things to do. He had to destroy all the buildings of Man Yu and build brand new ones. 

“During this month, the disciples of Man Yu will have to work very hard! We have to build great palaces and great pavilions! We have to make Man Yu a magnificent region, and a beautiful place. Otherwise, people will make fun of Man Yu forever,” Lin Feng said to Song Chou Jiu honestly. 

Song Chou Jiu, Zong Hu, and the others nodded. They did have to work hard. Man Yu had to become the core of Lin Feng’s revolution! 

“Everybody can go and have a rest now. Thank you for your hard work,” Lin Feng said to Bao Sha and the others. Bao Sha nodded and left. Ta Qi and Zhuang Ling Yun stayed behind. 

“You…?” asked Lin Feng. But before they could respond…

“Lin Feng, I am Zhen Yu, the envoy of Ni Huang. My master told me to tell you that she needed to talk to you. Tomorrow before nighttime, be in Jing City to meet her,” a gloomy voice spoke to Lin Feng suddenly. Golden lights flashed as if a god had been arriving in the World of Battles. 

Lin Feng frowned. He came out of the great palace and saw golden clouds in the sky, a silhouette inside them. Zhen Yu, Ni Huang’s special envoy. Lin Feng had met him in Xue Yu. 

Now Zhen Yu was in front of him in Man Yu. 

“A Holy Godly Ancestor,” said Miss Eight indifferently. 

Lin Feng didn’t react. He stared at Zhen Yu and said, “What? Ni Huang sent a special envoy? She doesn’t dare show up?” 

“Lin Feng, you’re brave. You even dared lie to everybody, pretending to be Asura. My Master is with Miss Cai Yue in Jing City, and she doesn’t like to wait. So don’t be late!” Zhen Yu said icily. The golden lights dispersed and the atmosphere returned to calm again. Zhen Yu was gone. 

Lin Feng pulled a long face, and clenched his fists. When he was stronger than someone, he didn’t let them humiliate him, but when he was weaker, he had no choice. 

Same old concept. Weak people had to respect stronger cultivators! 

Zhen Yu? I’ll remember your name! 

“Husband, Zhen Yu is stronger than the Seventh Phoenix. He’s the leader of the five great war generals of Ni Huang,” said Qing Huang Tian. She knew what Lin Feng was thinking, so she had to warn him. She grabbed his hand and held it. 

“Five great generals?” 

“Yes; they are Zhen Yu, Feng Cai, the Seventh Phoenix, the Roc, and the Golden Crow!”

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