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Chapter 1280: Not Giving Face to Ni Huang!


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“I don’t agree, mother. How could you suddenly change the plan?” Qian Jin Cai Yue and Ni Huang were in a room; the atmosphere was tense. Qian Jin Cai Yue kept crying. She didn’t understand why her mother had agreed to let her marry Asura, and now not anymore! She wanted her to marry Leader Jing Rui? What?! 

Qian Jin Cai Yue couldn’t understand. She was initially extremely happy; her mother had said she’d make her marry Asura, who she found out was Lin Feng, and now she had changed her mind… 

“Nobody cares about your opinion. I and Ancestor Nü decided this together. You don’t have anything to think about, you just have to obey without thinking,” replied Ni Huang, smiling with icy determination. 

“Hehe, nice overlord. Master Ni Huang, huh? Imposing and awe-inspiring, my mother?” Qian Jin Cai Yue smiled and sat down, then continued crying. She felt desperate. 

Ni Huang didn’t spare a glance for Qian Jin Cai Yue. She disappeared and left her alone. 


After solving some important issues, Lin Feng arrived in Jing City the next day after noon. He was alone. Miss Eight wanted to come with him, but Lin Feng had refused. Ni Huang was smart and would probably recognize Miss Eight. 

Qing Huang Tian initially wanted to come too, but Lin Feng had refused again. Ni Huang was the leader of the Phoenix Clan. Qing Huang Tian was just the Fifth Phoenix, having a low-level phoenix when meeting Ni Huang wasn’t a good idea. 

Zhuang Ling Yun wanted to come with Lin Feng too, but that was impossible. He had an extraordinary talent and he was from Shen Hai Mo Lin. If Ni Huang found that out, she would make Zhuang Ling Yun’s life a nightmare. She would never spare his life. Ni Huang feared Shen Hai Mo Lin, after all. 

She was an overlord; even if he had brought someone with him, what would have happened? They wouldn’t be able to protect him anyway, so it would be useless. Ni Huang could destroy him with one finger! 

“Sit down, Master Ni Huang will show up,” said Leader Jing Rui. Lin Feng noticed Jing Rui seemed weird, as if he felt guilty. Lin Feng just sighed helplessly. 

“What happened, Jing Rui?” asked Lin Feng. 

Jing Rui looked at Lin Feng and smiled wryly, “My teacher is here.” 

“Ancestor Nü?” Lin Feng was dumbstruck. His heart suddenly started pounding. Ni Huang was already scary enough, but on top of that, she was with Ancestor Nü? 

“Lin Feng, no matter what happens in the future, remember one thing, I never wanted this. Don’t blame me,” said Jing Rui, smiling wryly. He had heard Ancestor Nü. Ancestor Nü wanted an alliance with Ni Huang, and thus the wedding was made possible. 

Ni Huang wanted Asura and Qian Jin Cai Yue to marry because she had promised. But now Asura was revealed as Lin Feng, and Lin Feng was a complex person. He was also alone now, and couldn’t rely on the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points anymore. He had become useless. 

Ancestor Nü initially wanted to see his disciple, but Ni Huang told Ancestor Nü her idea, and they decided to cooperate. 

Lin Feng didn’t understand. Jing Rui was really weird. Was something bad going to happen? Had they become enemies? What kind of tensions were emerging between them? 

What kind of person could make an overlord of the List of the World of Battles react like that? 

What had happened? Lin Feng suddenly had a bad feeling, as if he were about to get humiliated. His intuition was blaring at him. 

“Leader, Ancestor Nü is here already. Please go and welcome her personally,” said someone at that moment, a disciple from Jing City. He looked excited. Ancestor Nü! She was as famous as Ni Huang! 

“Lin Feng, come with me to see Ancestor Nü,” said Leader Jing Rui. He seemed so happy. Only his teacher, Ancestor Nü, could make him act like that. 

Lin Feng followed without hesitation. He had no reason to refuse. Ancestor Nü was an outstanding woman. Lin Feng didn’t mind greeting her. 

Lin Feng saw a celestial woman in the sky. She looked pure and noble. Ancestor Nü couldn’t be described using words. Each inch of her body and soul was beautiful. 

Ancestor Nü had a flower on her head. Her hair was pitch-black. Her blue hairpin with a precious stone proved her identity as Ancestor Nü; it was a Godly Ancestor Weapon. It could make the Godly Battle Sword tremble! 

A woman in white clothes next to Ancestor Nü surprised Lin Feng. He knew her: Bai Nü, Ancestor Nü’s daughter. 

If Ancestor Nü weren’t there, anyone would think Bai Nü looked extraordinarily beautiful, even better than Qian Jin Cai Yue. But with Ancestor Nü next to her, she looked rather plain. 

Lin Feng stood behind Leader Jing Rui. He compared Ancestor Nü and Ni Huang in his head. One looked like an ice cold lotus flower. The other was like fire. Two different sorts of beauty. 

“Don’t let her fool you,” said the Ice Spirit at the most crucial moment. Lin Feng came back to his senses, but still Ancestor Nü had influenced his wisdom and way of thinking. If the Ice Spirit hadn’t warned him, he might have gone crazy. 

“Master, who’s stronger: Ancestor Nü or Ni Huang?” Lin Feng asked. 

“If they use their full strength, Ni Huang is stronger,” said the Ice Spirit. 

“It sucks that the Fire Spirit left. Otherwise, we could have joined hands and we wouldn’t have needed to fear Ni Huang and Ancestor Nü,” said the Ice Spirit, sighing helplessly. She was angry. 

Lin Feng didn’t reply. 

“Greetings, Teacher,” said Leader Jing Rui, kneeling down respectfully. 

“Alright, rise. You’re an overlord, too. Why would you kneel down in front of me?” Ancestor Nü said softly. She sounded rather sad. 

Jing Rui slowly rose and stood next to her calmly. He glanced at Bai Nü and smiled, “Fellow disciple, you’re lucky these days.” 

“Hehe, your female junior fellow disciple wanted me to come! I don’t know why,” said Ancestor Nü, smiling and glancing at Lin Feng. 

“Tell me then, what do you want to do?” Bai Nü reddened and hid behind Ancestor Nü. 

Lin Feng felt awkward. He was alone in the middle of all these people. What did they want? What should he do? 

“Ancestor Nü, we haven’t see each other for three thousand years. You’re still bewitching,” said Ni Huang with a smile. She was wearing a fiery red skirt. She was an extremely sexy overlord. 

Ancestor Nü smiled and replied, “You’re even more graceful, elegant, and charming than I.” 

“Hehe, you’re joking! Come in! This is my territory,” Ni Huang waved. Bai Nü and Ancestor Nü followed her. 

Jing Rui waited for Ni Huang to go inside before Lin Feng and he followed. Ni Huang didn’t completely enter. She glanced at Lin Feng and said coolly, “You should go.” 

“Oh?” Lin Feng was angry and didn’t understand the sudden order. 

“You don’t understand? I’ll tell you the truth. Your wedding with Cai Yue is canceled. She will marry Jing Rui instead. You’re free to leave!” Ni Huang said clearly. 

Lin Feng clenched his fists. He was angry, and really wanted to kill this beautiful woman at this moment, but he was too weak. 

Lin Feng understood what Jing Rui had meant. He was being forced to marry Qian Jin Cai Yue.

Jing Rui smiled badly and looked at Lin Feng, “Brother, you should leave. I will give you an explanation.” 

“No. I don’t need an explanation from you,” Lin Feng said, shaking his head resolutely. 

Jing Rui’s expression changed and he asked curiously, “Why?” 

“I’m waiting for Master Ni Huang’s explanation!” Lin Feng declared, glaring at her, and giving her no face. 

Ancestor Nü stopped when she heard him, and looked at him curiously. He dared talk to Ni Huang like that? 

Jing Rui was dumbstruck, too. Of course, the most dumbstruck person was Ni Huang herself. She hadn’t thought an ordinary Godly Ancestor would dare humiliate her in front of Ancestor Nü! 

“You want an explanation?” said Ni Huang, staring at Lin Feng icily. 

“Yes, indeed! I want an explanation. You’re an overlord. Do overlords contradict themselves a lot? Do they regularly go back on their word? Are you trustworthy or not? You’re an overlord and you’re in charge of the Northwest, shouldn’t people be able to trust you?” shouted Lin Feng explosively. 

“Insolent! You’re a fucking ordinary Godly Ancestor, how dare you speak like that to an overlord! You want to die!” shouted someone suddenly.

Lin Feng saw golden lights flash, and his chest started hurting badly. He was slammed against a wall, and there was an explosion, collapsing the wall.

“Zhen Yu, come back!” shouted Ni Huang, looking at the golden lights. 

Lin Feng coughed. He ground his teeth and looked at the big man in front of him inside the golden lights. Zhen Yu, Ni Huang’s special envoy and her great war general, had humiliated him! 

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