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Chapter 1281: Three Year Agreement!


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“Lin Feng, you can’t even compete with my envoy, and you still want to oppose me?” asked Ni Huang, staring expressionlessly at Lin Feng for a long time. She spoke slowly, emphasizing on each word and trying to warn Lin Feng, while also ridiculing him. 

Lin Feng took a deep breath. His chest hurt so he smiled. Zhen Yu was cruel. If Lin Feng didn’t have a Genesis Spiritual Body and if he hadn’t reacted in the end to resist a little, Zhen Yu would have blown him into a thousand pieces!

“What I said was very clear. If you think that what you, Ni Huang, say counts as the ultimate law, I don’t give a shit. Do whatever you wish. You want to kill me? Then just kill me,” Lin Feng replied, quietly furious. In this world, there was no “if”. If he was an overlord, he would kill her; he didn’t care whose mother she was. He would destroy her without any hesitation!

It was a cruel world. Strength was the most important thing. Weak people died! 

“If I don’t kill you, you will not stop talking, so I’m going to kill you,” said Zhen Yu furiously. Lin Feng kept insulting and humiliating Ni Huang! Zhen Yu landed in front of Lin Feng again and threw a punch without hesitating at all. 

“You think I’m afraid of you? Zhen Yu, I’m not a piece of trash like you think I am. Fuck off!” shouted Lin Feng. He was so angry that he turned purple. Lin Feng was rarely that angry. 

“One Heavy Wave, Sky-Rising Wave!” 

“Two Heavy Waves, Sky Burning Fire!” 

“Aggressive Punch!”

“Chiliocosm of the Great Tao!”

“Imperial Imprint Formula!”

“Jia Yan’s Eyes Tao Skill!”

Lin Feng used all his attacks. He wasn’t sure he would survive, but he wanted to show Zhen Yu he wasn’t a piece of trash. He didn’t want them to bully and humiliate him. Zhen Yu was starting to have a sense of superiority. 

Holy Godly Ancestor? So what? Lin Feng wanted to show those Holy Godly Ancestors that even an ordinary Godly Ancestor could amaze and astonish Holy Godly Ancestors! 

A brave decision! 

Lin Feng’s eyes were filled with murder. Everybody’s expression changed, including Ancestor Nü’s. She thought Lin Feng looked imposing and awe-inspiring at that moment. He dared fight against Zhen Yu, and Zhen Yu even looked weak in comparison to Lin Feng. Zhen Yu had never seen anyone use so many attacks successively. Was Lin Feng ready to have a battle to death? So many attacks, he wouldn’t have any pure Qi left afterwards! 

But Lin Feng did it anyway, and the result was terrifying! It seemed like several dragons were charging Zhen Yu, trying to kill him!

Zhen Yu ground his teeth in humiliation. He was a Holy Godly Ancestor; if an ordinary Godly Ancestor hurt him, he would look ridiculous, and never be able to show up in public again. He would never be able to face someone like Master Ni Huang ever again, not to mention the five great war generals’ leader! 

“Mountain Destroying Phoenix!” 

Lin Feng and Zhen Yu’s fists collided. It was like they were both isolated in different worlds, but when they collided, energies dashed to the skies. Ancestor Nü frowned and released energies to protect Bai Nü. 

Jing Rui stood aside, dumbstruck. He could die content now. He had seen enough insane things in his life: Lin Feng blowing Zhen Yu three thousand meters away and injuring him, or Lin Feng using so many deadly attacks in a row. Lin Feng was standing where he was initially and he looking proud. 

Considering the strength difference, it was already hard to imagine that Lin Feng could win. At most, one could think both sides would be injured, but the final result was astonishing and unbelievable. 

Lights dispersed as everyone stared. Lin Feng, an ordinary Godly Ancestor, was standing there. Zhen Yu had been blown over three thousand meters away and Lin Feng hadn’t moved a single inch. 

In less than an hour, everybody in the Region of the Eight Corners heard about it. Everybody was astounded. When Song Chou Jiu and the others heard, they were completely astonished as well. Zhen Yu, a proud and arrogant envoy, Ni Huang’s envoy, he had lost against Lin Feng in a crushing defeat?!

An ordinary Godly Ancestor against a Holy Godly Ancestor? The two levels were separated by the Spiritual Godly Ancestor layer! 

Lin Feng couldn’t speak for the time being. His three strengths were unstable. If he used one more thread of energy, he would cough up blood. His Buddhist strength and Genesis Spiritual strength flowed through his meridians at full speed. His demon Qi was moving chaotically and making him shake, as if it wanted to get out of his body. 

Luckily, the Ice Spirit had helped Lin Feng at the most crucial moment. If she hadn’t helped him, he would have been blown at least nine thousand meters away! 

“I WILL FUCKING KILL YOU! DESTROY YOU! YOU WANT TO DIE! ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” shouted Zhen Yu madly. He had never felt so humiliated. His chest hurt and kept crinkling. He wanted to find a place where to hide. He was Ni Huang’s envoy… but he had been destroyed by a piece of trash of the ordinary Godly Ancestor layer!

He clenched his fists and charged Lin Feng. He just wanted to kill Lin Feng now. Kill Lin Feng! 

Otherwise, he would never been able to become the leader of the war generals! 

“Enough! You’re making me lose face! Piss off!” shouted Ni Huang furiously. She sounded so cold her voice could make mountains freeze. She stretched out her left hand and threw Zhen Yu away. Once Zhen Yu disappeared, she calmed down. 

Lin Feng was fearless. Ni Huang didn’t understand him. She thought the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points was using him for something, and now she understood that the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points and Lin Feng were two different things. Even though they were connected, they were not master and slave. 

Lin Feng might even be the protagonist of the story. Lin Feng might become more powerful than the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points in the future!

Thinking about that, Ni Huang thought that the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points had used her, but it didn’t seem like it. The Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points had introduced Lin Feng to her. He had told her to treat Lin Feng well. Had he done that for her own good? The pavilion closest to the water enjoyed moonlight first… in other words, special advantages fell to people in a favorable position and since the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points had introduced Lin Feng to her, it might mean he had put her in a favorable position to benefit from Lin Feng’s rise in the future. 

Ni Huang didn’t know what to think. If that was true, what she had done in the last few days was a mistake. She had become this young genius’ opponent. They would never have the same relationship again. 

Who benefited from that situation? Not the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points, and not Ni Huang! 

“Lin Feng, let’s stop this and forget about it, alright?” said Ni Huang. She didn’t feel like talking too much. Even if she knew she had made a mistake, she couldn’t admit it and apologize because she was an overlord. She would lose face if she apologized to a young ordinary Godly Ancestor. 

Ni Huang had made a mistake, but nobody would dare say so… because she was the Ancestor of the Northwest, Ni Huang!

“Hehe, you’re a bit simple-minded, Ni Huang, huh? Stop and forget about it? Hehe!” Lin Feng burst into laughter. 

He laughed at her mockingly, wanting to humiliate her. Ni Huang had good intentions, but at this moment, Lin Feng was too angry. In the past, he respected her because of Cai Yue, but now, their relationship had reached a point of no return. 

Even though she was an overlord, she was a woman, and a woman’s temper couldn’t be good. Even if she was wrong, she would never say so. 

Lin Feng had been told to come to Jing City. He had come, and then they had humiliated him. Ni Huang told him she gave Qian Jin Cai Yue to Leader Jing Rui; what a horrible insult! Then Zhen Yu, Ni Huang’s fucking dog, had pissed him off and they had had an unfair battle. 

Now Ni Huang thought they could stop and forget about it? 

Was it still possible? 

“What else do you want?” asked Ni Huang, frowning impatiently. She had no patience anymore. Ancestor Nü smiled. Ni Huang wanted to destroy Lin Feng, but she couldn’t. Initially, she hadn’t understood Lin Feng’s move, but if she killed an ordinary Godly Ancestor, her reputation would be tarnished. 

Ni Huang and Ancestor Nü stared at Lin Feng. Qian Jin Cai Yue also came out of her room and stared at Lin Feng, then glanced at everyone. Everybody was waiting. 

“In three years, I, Lin Feng, will be an overlord, and I will challenge you. I hope that you will fight against me then!” 

When Lin Feng said that, it felt like an explosion went off in the heads the people of Jing City. They all stared at him with their eyes wide open. Everybody was dumbstruck. 

But the insults came quickly. 

“Hahahahahaha! That little boy is sick! He dares joke around with Master Ni Huang? Three years? He couldn’t even become an overlord within thirty years!” 

“I know, right!? He’s really stupid. He must have lost his senses after fighting against Envoy Zhen Yu.” 

“That guy is Lin Feng. I think he could become an overlord.” 

“But in three years? Absolutely impossible. If he does become an overlord within three years, I’ll kill myself!” declared a short fat bald man, grinning and laughing loudly. 

Ni Huang looked at Lin Feng curiously, but he didn’t seem to be joking. He looked extremely serious, so Ni Huang could only look amused. Even if Lin Feng was a genius… Could he become an overlord within three years? 

He only had the strength of the ordinary Godly Ancestor layer. Could he break through to the Spiritual, the Holy, and the Earthly Godly Ancestor layers within three years? That was the greatest joke ever!

“Hehe. Alright. I’ll wait for you. A future overlord, huh?” said Ni Huang nodding without any hesitation, and smiling dismissively, not considering it even possible.

Lin Feng grinned. He also despised and looked down upon her. He remained silent, turning around and leaving Jing City. 

“Lin Feng, Lin Feng, hey!” Jing Rui shouted three times in a row, but Lin Feng ignored him and left directly. He quickly disappeared from everybody’s field of view. 

Bai Nü was standing next to Ancestor Nü silently. She clenched her fists and smiled in approval. 

Qian Jin Cai Yue glanced at Ni Huang in despair, then also turned around and left Jing City. A mother like this? No, thank you! 

When Ni Huang saw her daughter leave, she didn’t stop her. Her heart bled. She thought she was a good mother, but her daughter hated her. 

Regarding her agreement with Lin Feng’s challenge in three years, she didn’t take it to heart. Who knew what would happen in three years later? 

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