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Chapter 1285: Evolution Hall! .


“What’s going on??” Ti Yuan didn’t understand. He wasn’t scared but he didn’t feel comfortable. 

“Someone created this. I’m not sure yet.” said Zhuang Ling Yun with a mysterious smile. But he was pretending. He couldn’t wait. He felt like Ao Ce. 

“You little bastard! We’re not flattering you and you keep bragging.” Ti Yuan looked down upon Zhuang Ling Yun. Then he ignored him. Lin Feng and Qing Huang Tian were already far away so he had to catch up without losing time. 

Zhuang Ling Yun looked at the gravestone. Lin Feng’s name slowly disappeared. Then a complex constellation appeared, it looked like a feather arrow pattern too. Zhuang Ling Yun’s expression changed drastically. He was so astonished he couldn’t speak anymore. He would remember the pattern for a very long time. Then he bowed and said earnestly, “You are my Master. If I understood the constellation picture, I would officially announce to the public that you are my teacher.” 

said Zhuang Ling Yun. He seemed touched and moved. He would be proud to say Ao Ce was his teacher if he understood the constellation picture. But for Ao Ce, it wasn’t important. 

After Zhuang Ling Yun ran into the depths of the tunnel, he caught with Lin Feng and the others quickly. At that moment, Lin Feng didn’t let anything distract him. He was focused on his environment. There were texts carved on the walls of the tunnel and Lin Feng didn’t understand anything. And black lights flashed in those letters. 

The tunnel wasn’t very wide but it was very long. Lin Feng and the others walked for half an hour but they still hadn’t reached the end. If they had been outside, at that speed, they would have already covered at least hundreds of li. 

It wasn’t dark anymore in the tunnel. There was now a dim red light. And the deeper they went into the tunnel, the darker the red was. And the purpose was to scare people away. If they couldn’t stand blood, then they couldn’t stay in that tunnel and escaped. 

“There’s a light over there which means we’re about to reach the end.” said Lin Feng. He was excited and also a little bit more relaxed. At least, they didn’t need to go back without having reached the end. 

When they reached the end, they arrived in front of as three meter big gigantic bronze mirror. It looked brand new. Two dragons with sharp teeth were carved on both sides of the mirror. They looked as if they wanted to devour the entire universe. 

At that moment, Lin Feng’s ring started shaking. Besides, the bronze mirror became shinier and shinier to the extent that it became dazzling. Lin Feng’s ring shook so violently that it seemed as if were about to break. 

Lin Feng made the items he had in it come out and when they appeared, he was astonished. He hadn’t thought of those two items in a whole, the real dragon belt and the dragon throne. 

The two items were golden and dazzling. They floated in the air in front of Lin Feng. He didn’t have to grab them that the bronze mirror absorbed them. The dragon throne and the dragon belt looked happy as if they were about to hug their relatives after a long time. Lin Feng was dumbstruck. 

Jeston had stolen the dragon throne in the Lun Bi Empire in the Country of Eternity and the Great Prince of the Fa Lan Empire had given him the dragon belt as a gift. 

At that moment, both items were absorbed by the mirror. The bronze mirror became golden. Lin Feng wasn’t happy so he put it in one of his rings. 

“No matter what the issue is, I’ll have to solve it later.” 

 said Lin Feng. The otehrs were stupefied. Lin Feng smiled indifferently when he saw their expressions. Then he continued moving forwards and went into the next dark tunnel. Qing Huang Tian followed him. 

Zhuang Ling Yun looked at him scornfully. Even though Zhuang Ling Yun didn’t know about the mirror, he knew it definitely wasn’t an ordinary item. It had to be a weapon and a very powerful one. 

Lin Feng and the others continued walking in the corridor. 

After an hour, they finally arrived in another place, it was a great palace. It was a thousand meters high and there were purple, red and black buildings. There were eight gigantic black pillars which supported a weird structure. There were purple and red bricks and tiles on the pillars. And ancient words were written on the bricks and tiles. 

But at the top of the front palace, there were a few words, everybody recognized that, the Evolution Hall! 

“Evolution Hall? Five hundred thousand years ago, they were lucky for a time and then not anymore. And now?” said Zhuang Ling Yun. He was capable of predicting the future so he knew about the Evolution Hall. And there were some precious items and powers he wished he could have from them, even more than chicken wings. 

According to legends, people who could predict the future were destined to become mighty and powerful Great Master in Fortunetelling and to have an extraordinary reputation. 

“Ao Ce was Great Master in Fortunetelling? Did he rely on his powers as a fortuneteller to bring Man Yu to the top?” Ti Yuan felt confused but he didn’t hope that Ao Ce was only a Great Master in Fortunetelling because if that was the case, then he wouldn’t be his hero or idol anymore. 

He had always thought of Ao Ce as someone majestic, powerful, domineering and all-conquering, as someone who was capable of standing alone against all evil to protect the universe. 

Thinking about that, Lin Feng’s face slowly appeared in his thoughts. 

“Let’s go inside and see.” said Lin Feng. He didn’t understand what the Evolution Hall was. It was just another hall to him. If Ao Ce had a grave, then it meant that the Evolution Hall had built part of it. 

“We can’t go in for the time being. If you offend the Great Master in Fortunetelling, you will die.” 

shouted Zhuang Ling Yun suddenly furiously. Lin Feng stopped and turned around. Zhuang Ling Yun ignored the three people, he took three steps forwards and suddenly used his Seven Stars Great Bear Agility Technique making no headway. 

Bam! Zhuang Ling Yun knelt down in front of the closed gate of the Evolution Hall. When his knees hit the ground, a small cloud of dust appeared around him. 

“I am Zhuang Ling Yun, I am a fortuneteller. Sorry for disturbing you, Master. I hope you can forgive me. The three people behind me are my friends. Master, please, can you grant us a moment?” 

said Zhuang Ling Yun respectfully. Lin Feng was astonished. He had never done anything like that when entering a grave. 

“There are three types of people who have similar powers, those who know the future and don’t need a god, those who understand people’s hearts and those who ask someone’s entourage to find out more about him or her.” said Zhuang Ling Yun like a mantra while kowtowing. 

His elders had always told him stories about the Evolution Hall. He knew he had to be very respectful when meeting people from the Evolution Hall. People who weren’t fortunetellers were better off. If fortunetellers didn’t respect people from the Evolution Hall, then the latter killed them. 

“Hey, little boy, what the hell are you doing???” said Ti Yuan glancing around. The area was completely desolate. There was nobody. 

“Stop talking! I sensed a thread of soul Qi.” said Lin Feng frowning. His intuition told him a thread of soul Qi was condensing somewhere in that area. 


“The Evolution Hall had three kinds of Heavenly Teachers, those who predict the future and related activities, those who managed money and those who managed people. I am a Heavenly Teacher who predicts the future. Can you take care of the Evolution Hall?” 

said a gloomy voice which reverberated everywhere. It was extremely deep but when Lin Feng heard it, he suddenly felt excited. That voice made his blood boil. Qing Huang Tian reddened, it was as if she had suddenly regained the same strength and vitality as before giving her blood to Lin Feng to save him. 

“I agree, Master.” said Zhuang Ling Yun happily and kowtowing three times hastily. Why refuse such a great opportunity? It was the Evolution Hall!!!!!!!!!!!! With the Evolution Hall, he would be much, much more powerful and his cultivation speed would increase drastically!!!!! 

He recalled he used to be bullied in his clan and his younger brother used to threaten him all the time but now that he had the Evolution Hall, who would dare underestimate him??? 

After kowtowing three times, the Evolution Hall started shaking violently. Lin Feng supported Qing Huang Tian and Ti Yuan by the arms in order for them not to fall. The Evolution Hall shrunk and shrunk and shrunk. It became tiny. Purple lights flashed. The great palace was initially a thousand meters high but now it was as big as the palm of a hand and it landed at the foot of Zhuang Ling Yun’s feet. 

Zhuang Ling Yun took the Evolution Hall happily and glanced at Lin Feng, he said proudly, “Haha! Daddy, from now on, I can predict your future for the next thirty years and I can now raise fifty people like me.” 

“Really?” Lin Feng hadn’t thought it would be such a big deal but now he was astonished. 

“Of course. It’s the Evolution Hall. It’s the item fortunetellers want the most!!!!!!!!!! It’s like a godly ancestor weapon for you!” said Zhuang Ling Yun. He didn’t feel like explaining too much because he was feeling emotional. He had the Evolution Hall, it was incredible. 

“You’re lucky, little boy.” said Lin Feng smiling wryly. Lin Feng hadn’t thought the little boy would start benefitting from the trip before him. Lin Feng hadn’t obtained anything yet, and on the contrary, he had lost his dragon throne and dragon belt, two Godly Ancestor weapons. 

“Hehe, daddy, I can see that the bronze mirror you just got is the Sky Observatory Mirror. It’s also a precious item, like the Evolution Hall, but the Sky Observatory Mirror is a dragon type item, that’s why it absorbed your two items.” said Zhuang Ling Yun. 

Lin Feng was more and more curious about Zhuang Ling Yun’s predictions. How helpful! He was convinced taking that kid with him was a good decision now. 

“Since you can predict the future, can you tell me where the grave is?” 

“Yes, it’s after the Evolution Hall. We need to destroy some white boulders and Ao Ce’s grave will be behind.” said Zhuang Ling Yun pointing to a boulder not far from them. 

Lin Feng walked in that direction. Now that the Evolution Hall wasn’t there anymore, the room was only a dozen li big. After they crossed the area, they arrived in front of the boulder. 

“Aggressive Punch!”

Boom, boom!

“Ka! Ka! Ka!” 

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