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Chapter 1287: Dragon and Phoenix Qi Fusing Together! .



“This kind of grave doesn’t contain too many hidden treasures because Ao Ce himself was at the origin of the building of his own grave, not Ao Ce’s descendants.” said Lin Feng glancing around in the dark tomb. There was nothing around in an area of dozens of li. There wasn’t even a single jewel. 

Lin Feng knew what kind of person Ao Ce was when he was alive. He had heard enough stories about him now. And why would he have left many treasures for the people of Man Yu? Zhuang Ling Yun had already obtained the Evolution Hall and Lin Feng the Sky Observatory Mirror which wasn’t bad already. 

On the ground, there were many broken dragon eggs. In some of them, there were some dead embryos which had turned into fossilized stones. There was some dry blood matter on them too, it was thick, but Lin Feng didn’t know what it was. 

A baby dragon followed Lin Feng and behind them one could see Lin Feng’s footprints and the dragon prints intertwining. The dragon’s claws were also visible in its footprints. Dragons whose spiritual intelligence hadn’t been activated yet had to rely on their instinct to do things. 

The others inspected every single inch of the grave but there was nothing so they gave up. Ao Ce hadn’t left so many treasures, not even a Godly Tao Skill! 

But it didn’t matter, they weren’t disappointed. They had learnt a lot already during that trip. It was a new experience. And they had seen many baby blood dragons which was already amazing. 

“Husband, I found out what the most precious item of the grave was.” said Qing Huang Tian smiling. Zhuang Ling Yun and Ti Yuan suddenly looked excited. 

Lin Feng looked at her curious but the Phoenix Clan and the Dragon Clan were related. A phoenix could easily find clues in there while it was more difficult for ordinary humans. It was absolutely normal. 

“Do you mean the egg shells?” asked Lin Feng grinning. Then Lin Feng took out an egg which wasn’t broken. He knocked on it and heard a low groan coming form inside. 

“Sigh, husband, you’re so clever.” said Qing Huang Tian pouting. She initially wanted to surprise Lin Feng but he had ruined her plan so she was disappointed but she was also happy her man was so smart, she just didn’t show it. 

“Wow! Is my daddy that smart? What do you think, Ti Yuan?” askjed Zhuang Ling Yun grinning. Ti Yuan felt relaxed and smiled happily, “Eh, I don’t think so. What do YOU think, Ling Yun?” 

“I don’t think so either. Why did you say he was smart then? Is it because you love him?” asked Zhuang Ling Yun. He was a naughty little boy. Qing Huang Tian was extremely red. She felt awkward. 

Lin Feng shouted furiously, “You little bastard!!!!!!!” 

“Ha! How mean! How dare you insult a kid!” said Zhuang Ling Yun angrily then he burst into laughter. Lin Feng was so furious he threw a kick. Zhuang Ling Yun had nowhere to hide so he was blown away. 

He shouted painfully and loudly. The atmosphere became warmer in the grave. It was still dark though. 

“Husband, there’s a thick blood-red material on dead embryos. That’s elite dragon body essence. Even though it’s at a rudimentary stage, you can refine it with fire and then you can make them come into your body as well.” 

“You have my phoenix blood in your body as well as pure dragon Qi but it’s too weak. If you absorb the blood dragon body essence of two thousand blood dragons, it will turn into dragon phoenix blood.” 

“Only three people have managed to do that in the history of the world and those people are common ancestors of the dragon and phoenix clans. If you manage to make dragon and phoenix blood fuse together, then you will have a new special power.” 

 explained Qing Huang Tian. She looked like a young woman excited about something. He eyes twinkled. 

Zhuang Ling Yun and Ti Yuan listened curiously. 

“What special power?” asked Lin Feng. He looked excited. 

“If you have dragon phoenix blood, dragons and phoenixes can’t kill you because if it means you are a member of both clans. Besides, you would also receive the transmissions of our ancestors straight away. And the World Dragon Clan and Ni Huang won’t be able to kill you anymore.” 

“Is that so?” asked Lin Feng. He was astonished. He had never thought dragon phoenix blood would be so powerful. Besides, it could also be used during battles. If he had dragon phoenix blood, it would probably be at least as powerful as his Buddhist strength, genesis spiritual strength or demon Qi. 

“Haha! Daddy, I’ll find some suitable eggs for you!” said Zhuang Ling Yun laughing loudly. Then Ti Yuan and Zhuang Ling Yun started looking for suitable eggs for Lin Feng. 

Qing Huang Tian raised her left hand and a particular and dim golden light illuminated the eggs which were fossilized. Gradually, her lights absorbed the dragon Qi and made it condense into a ball in the air. 

“I’m using my phoenix blood to help you absorb the body essence of the dragons. Absorb it directly.” said Qing Huang Tian. She looked extremely pale. She was exhausted but for Lin Feng, it was worth it. 

“Silly girl.” Lin Feng pushed Qing Huang Tian and then took her in his arms. He felt sorry for her. She looked at Lin Feng and blushed. Lin Feng looked at her angrily, “You’re a stubborn and silly girl!” 

“No, husband. I, I just…” said Qing Huang Tian. She looked panic-stricken. She was afraid Lin Feng was really angry so she wanted to justify herself but Lin Feng interrupted her, “Alright, I know you’re well-intentioned but I don’t need you to get hurt. How many times are you going to use your phoenix blood on me? You’re not immortal!” 

“I will go to the Phoenix Nirvana.” said Qing Huang Tian reddening and contradicting Lin Feng stubbornly. 

“Phoenix Nirvana? Do you think I’m stupid? How many phoenixes have managed to go to the Phoenix Nirvana? You don’t stand a single chance. Not even Ni Huang stands a chance.” said Lin Feng aggressively to make Qing Huang Tian stop talking. What he was saying were facts anyway. 

“Alright, look at me.” said Lin Feng tapping Qing Huang Tian’s back. What a silly girl. She was ready to sacrifice herself for love. 

Lin Feng didn’t know what to tell Meng Qing, Liu Fei and the others. He had too many women now. If he introduced another woman to his parents, they may have a stroke. 

“Alright.” said Qing Huang Tian. She was pale but she also looked excited. She was so proud of her husband she almost uttered a phoenix shout but she controlled herself and didn’t do it. 

Lin Feng gathered all the fossilized eggs, two thousand and one hundred exactly. Since all those eggs were fossilized, they would never hatch so Lin Feng could use them. He wasn’t destroying embroys. 

It was his reward for having taken the baby dragons. If anyone knew the baby dragons weren’t dead, they would want to kill him, so it was a kind of risk premium. 


“Jia Yan’s Eyes Tao Skill!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. A golden fire red third eye appeared on his forehead and opened itself. A fireball emerged from it. The temperature in the grave increased of dozens of thousands of degrees. Zhuang Ling Yun was startled, he immediately took out the Evolution Hall and hid inside. Otherwise, he would burn and die. 

Lin Feng burnt the fossilized eggs and the bodies of the embryos appeared distinctly and the blood-red material which was actually a particular blood crust the dragons had melted and became liquid. It was glittering and translucent like a precious stone. 

All the eggs were refined by the ocean of flames. A drop of dragon body essence appeared. The eggs rose up in the air, they looked like terrifying eyes in the darkness. 

Lin Feng wasn’t in a rush. He raised his left hand and five hundred dragon body essence drops moved towards Qing Huang Tian’s body. Qing Huang Tian reacted quickly but the essence was already penetrating into her body. 

Suddenly, her entire body felt extremely sore. She activated her phoenix blood strength to protect herself. 

“Ling Yun, you’ll get two hundred drops as well when you break through to the Godly Ancestor layer.” said Lin Feng putting two hundred drops in a small jar. Then he sealed it with Buddhist strength. Only Buddhist strength could protect his inner body from being damaged by blood dragon body essence. 

“Oh, thank you daddy!” said Zhuang Ling Yun. Then he flashed and took Lin Feng’s ring in which the blood essence was. Ti Yuan felt jealous and envious but he knew that Qing Huang Tian was Lin Feng’s woman and Zhuang Ling Yun his adoptive son. Ti Yuan was just a stranger. 

Being able to come to the grave was already amazing. 

Ti Yuan, here are two hundreds for you too. Don’t tell anyone. I don’t have any to share with anyone else.” 

As Ti Yuan was lost in thought, he heard Lin Feng’s voice, he came back to his senses, raised his head and saw a jar. There was dragon body essence inside. Ti Yuan was astonished but remained silent. His throat felt dry. 

“Alright, silence now! I need silence to make the dragon and phoenix blood fuse together.” said Lin Feng. He knew what he wanted to say but he was sick of listening to him. 

Lin Feng looked at the one thousand five hundred drops of dragon body essence in the air. they looked like glittering and translucent pearls. Lin Feng just needed five hundred to condense dragon phoenix blood in his body. He could keep the thousand other drops aside. He may need them someday or he may even use them on his family members. 

Dragon body essence made women more beautiful, more morally elevated, his women couldn’t refuse such a thing. 

Lin Feng opened his arms. He looked as if he were in symbiosis with the universe. At the same time, his veins became dilated. He became relaxed. The five hundred drops of blood penetrated into his body. Now, another kind of strength was being formed in his body, on top of his genesis spiritual strength, Buddhist strength and demon strength. 

To avoid any incident, Lin Feng condensed the two kinds of strength in his lower abdomen. The phoenix and the dragon blood started fusing together there. And his pure dragon blood started chanting as if it were excited to see an ancestor. 

Lin Feng and Qing Huang Tian were going through the same process. They were both making phoenix and dragon blood fuse together in their body. Ti Yuan and Zhuang Ling Yun decided to go back to the entrance of the tunnel to guard it. 

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