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Chapter 1288: Inevitable Clash! .


“Ao Ce’s grave is there?” 

“Indeed, Master, it is there.” 

Cheng Shan and a group of people were together. Lang Zhe led the group. Initially, he didn’t know what to do in Man Yu because he was terrified of Lin Feng and now he considered Cheng Shan as his savior. 

Lang Zhe knew that without those people, he would never do anything again, he would just sit and wait for death. But now he finally had an opportunity. Cheng Shan meant a potential redemption. He was so happy he had proposed to lead the way to Ao Ce’s grave. 

In ordinary times, he would have never dared come. But he had almost lost his senses because of Lin Feng and he feared Lin Feng more than the grave for example. 

“I hope you didn’t make up some shit.” said Cheng Shan to Lang Zhe expressionlessly yet gloomily and icily. Lang Zhe was terrified and shook from head to foot. 

“No! I would never dare lie to you!” said Lang Zhe hastily looking at Lang Zhe imploringly and bowing hand over fist. He was furious on the inside. He wished he had become the leader of Man Yu in the past, now he needed to act like a buffoon in front of Cheng Shan and it was all Lin Feng’s fault!!!!!!!!!! 

Lang Zhe was furious on the inside. He ground his teeth so hard his gums started bleeding. He would never forget Lin Feng. 

“Your eyes are filled with hatred, why?” asked Cheng Shan smiling provocatively. 

“Lin Feng. I hate Lin Feng more than anything! I’ve never wanted to kill someone as much as him!” shouted Lang Zhe explosively and furiously. 

“Are you sure Lin Feng is in the grave?” asked Cheng Shan ignoring what Lang Zhe had just said. He had come to Ao Ce’s grave only because of Lin Feng, he didn’t care about Ao Ce’s grave itself at all. 

His Master was extremely strong so Cheng Shan could obtain whatever he wished without having to waste time looking for precious items in an old grave. 

“Indeed. Even though I am not the leader of Man Yu, I know everything. Some people close to Song Chou Jiu confirmed the news to me. Lin Feng is in the secret grave.” said Lang Zhe nodding. He had to give it all. It was his only chance of survival. He couldn’t waste time. 

Cheng Shan glanced around. The ground was purple and red and he could detect some other people’s Qi. Cheng Shan glanced at the men in black clothes around him. They understood what he meant and all dispersed looking for an entrance. 

“Lang Zhe, if I manage to kill Lin Feng this time, you’ll come with me and become my slave.” 

 said Cheng Shan smiling resplendently and jokingly. He really wanted a slave. He was someone else’s slave and he also wanted to give someone orders. 

Lang Zhe was a perfect choice. 

When Lang Zhe heard that, he was stupefied, and he was even furious on the inside. He knew he had no choice though. If it worked, he’d become Cheng Shan’s slave and then he would just have to wait for death. 

“I will do my best to protect you, Master.” said Lang Zhe kneeling down and smiling. Then he kowtowed three times. That way, he officially became Lang Zhe’s little dog. 

“Haha! Good, good!” shouted Cheng Shan tapping Lang Zhe’s head gently as if he were a dog. Lang Zhe was furious. 

“Brother, twenty li away from here, in the east, there’s a hole. Someone dug it with a sword. The hole is half a meter wide and one can hear water inside. I guess it must be the entrance.” 

shouted a man in black at that moment. Cheng Shan flashed. Lang Zhe followed him like a dog. If Song Chou Jiu saw Lang Zhe like that, he would feel so sad. His old rival had become someone else’s dog. 

How disappointing. But that was life, it was cruel. To survive, some people were ready to do anything. 


Lin Feng and Qing Huang Tian reached a crucial moment. Nobody could disturb them. A golden phoenix pattern was floating in front of her. It looked lifelike. It uttered a phoenix chant. Qing Huang Tian was surrounded by a powerful circle of light which gradually disappeared. 

After that, a dragon pattern appeared behind Qing Huang Tian. The dragon flew up. Its claws were extremely sharp and shiny. Its eyes were closed and it roared and chanted. 

Woo, woo! 

At that moment, all the baby dragons sounded as if they were crying because their spiritual intelligence hadn’t been activated yet. 

Lin Feng and Qing Huang Tian were going through the same thing. A phoenix in the front, a dragon in the back, dazzling intertwining rainbow-colored lights… 

At the same time, Lin Feng’s pure Qi also became thicker and thicker. 

The dragon phoenix blood made his body stronger and stronger. Lin Feng also felt it. Of course, he wasn’t about to level up. If he broke through to the Spiritual Godly Ancestor layer now, people would be dumbstruck though! 

However, Qing Huang Tian was a Spiritual Godly Ancestor and she was about to level up. The dragon body essence made her body stronger. Her face was red. Her blood was boiling. If she managed to control her energies properly, she would break through to the Holy Godly Ancestor layer. 

If she did, then she would be able to help Lin Feng even more. Miss Eight and the two others hadn’t completely submitted to Lin Feng so when he used them, he felt ashamed. He wouldn’t feel ashamed to use Qing Huang Tian though 

Qing Huang Tian knew how important the whole process was so she focused. She did all she could to level up. Even if she lost her senses, she didn’t care, she had to give her best, for Lin Feng. She couldn’t let Lin Feng face danger alone. For Lin Feng, for the man of her life, everything was worth it. 

Qing Huang Tian ground her teeth, her hands were shaking and sweating but she didn’t care! The most important thing was to level up, even if it implied atrocious suffering. 

Lin Feng didn’t know what Qing Huang Tian was thinking at that moment, otherwise, he would feel guilty. That was woman had an unreasoning passion for him and because of that, he couldn’t even reject her. 

Zhuang Ling Yun’s mouth was wide open. He almost started crying. He wanted to go back and eat chicken wings. It smelled like blood and it was disgusting. 

Ti Yuan didn’t like talking too much, except when he was with Zong Hu or Song Chou Jiu. 

“Sigh, I’ll study the Evolution Hall then.” Zhuang Ling Yun turned around and looked at the Evolution Hall which was floating in front of him. He had time, he could use his godly awareness to inspect it. However, as soon as his godly awareness entered the Evolution Hall, his expression changed drastically. 

“Daddy, there’s someone.” 

he shouted so loudly Lin Feng nearly lost his senses. He did all he could to resist and block the dragon phoenix blood for the time being, he didn’t open his eyes and asked, “Who?” 

“Cheng Shan! My enemy!” said Zhuang Ling Yun glumly, evilly and ferociously while clenching his fists. If he were a Godly Ancestor, he would destroy Cheng Shan, the one who had killed Huang Xu Tian and humiliated him. 

It was the first time Cheng Shan wanted to kill someone so much. 

Lin Feng frowned. Enemies are bound to meet on a narrow road…! 

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