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Chapter 1289: Dirty and Sanguinary Battle! .


“Daddy, what do we do?” asked Zhuang Ling Yun. He could stay safe in the Evolution Hall to a certain extent. But if Cheng Shan didn’t see it, he may destroy it even without trying to. 

Even though the Evolution Hall was a godly ancestor tool, it wasn’t a weapon. It could help fortunetellers improve their skills but not their fighting skills. He had to rely on Lin Feng if he wanted to survive against Cheng Shan and the others but Lin Feng had reached the most critical moment moment in his practice. Being disturbed may make him lose his senses completely. 

Qing Huang Tian was better off. She had a higher cultivation level than Lin Feng after all. She may even finish before him and break through to the Holy Godly Ancestor layer. 

“Ling Yun, first, put the baby dragons in the Evolution Hall, otherwise, if Cheng Shan sees them, we’ll be in trouble.” said Ti Yuan at that moment. He tried to keep calm. Lin Feng couldn’t move so he had to take measures and help. 

Lin Feng nodded. Ti Yuan was right. If Cheng Shan told the World Dragon Clan, the Demon Dragon Clan and some other powerful clans and sects that he had baby dragons, they may all attack him at the same time and he would be in trouble. 

Zhuang Ling Yun started chanting mantras after that to take control over the Evolution Hall. Suddenly, hundreds of blue light beams emerged from his body and illuminated the baby dragons which immediately disappeared. Then the blue lights dispersed and there was no trace of the babies anymore. 

The babies’s dragon Qi was still extremely weak so as long as they were inside the Evolution Hall, there was no reason that Cheng Shan would see them. 

Lang Zhe was walking at the front. The great palace was at least thousands of meters big. He was astonished but he was scared. He had never dared come inside. When he glanced at the gravestone, he was terrified. Then he looked at it again and he was astonished. 

Cheng Shan frowned. He looked at the Evolution Hall for a long time but he didn’t see anything wrong. But he had the feeling that great palace wasn’t ordinary. It seemed alive. Even though that Qi was extremely weak, he could still sense something. 


A dragon surprisingly lived inside that great palace??? Then he recalled Ao Ce’s name and grinned. He suddenly understood everything and he already had a plan. 

“Destroy this great palace.” said Cheng Shan waving. The six men in black raised their weapons and got ready to destroy the Evolution Hall. 

Zhuang Ling Yun was in the Evolution Hall and he was terrified. What could he do??? 

And Lin Feng was still in the middle of his practice. He still needed time. If Cheng Shan broke the great palace and then continued and found Lin Feng, the consequences would be tragic. 


Suddenly, the tunnel started shaking violently. They heard some phoenixes and dragons. Zhuang Ling Yun, and Ti Yuan looked at Qing Huang Tian. Qing Huang Tian was wearing her rainbow-colored dress. She looked extremely attractive. And she was done with the dragon phoenix blood. 

And she was now officially a Holy Godly Ancestor! 

Now, she didn’t have five feathers on head anymore but seven! 

It meant that she was the second seventh phoenix of the Phoenix Clan. She wasn’t the fifth phoenix anymore. 

Qing Huang Tian had done as fast as she could for Lin Feng. Now, Cheng Shan was causing trouble so in the end she had taken a huge risk and she had done even faster, but she was lucky, she had succeeded. 

“Ling Yun, take me inside the Evolution Hall. With me, they won’t be able to cause trouble. I’m a Holy Godly Ancestor now after all. And your daddy will be done soon I guess.” said Qing Huang Tian. 

Zhuang Ling Yun chanted a mantra which made Qing Huang Tian appear in the Evolution Hall. 

Cheng Shan and the six men in black were holding weapons. They were ready to attack and just waited for Cheng Shan to tell them to start. 

However, at that moment, a terrifying Qi of the Holy Godly Ancestor layer suddenly put pressure on them, two sorts of energies, dragon and phoenix. Everybody, including Cheng Shan, were terrified. Cheng Shan took two steps backwards. 

Lang Zhe looked miserable. Blood suddenly gushed out of his seven apertures explosively but nobody paid attention to him. They just looked at the Evolution Hall vigilantly. 

“Who are you? And what the is hell is this nonsense????” shouted the leader of the men in black explosively and furiously. He also released his strength of the Holy Godly Ancestor layer. Cheng Shan and the others looked normal again. It was Qing Huang Tian’s turn to feel under pressure. 

Qing Huang Tian was a new Holy Godly Ancestor, her Qi wasn’t as stable as someone with many years behind them as a Holy Godly Ancestor. Very quickly, Qing Huang Tian struggled. She was a strong cultivator from the Phoenix Clan though so she kept calm. 

Since her Qi wasn’t enough, she could protect herself with the Evolution Hall so she went back inside and made the great palace extremely resistant. 

The leader of the group knew that she wasn’t as strong as him as a Holy Godly Ancestor but he had a bad feeling. Were there more strong cultivators inside? Was there only one Holy Godly Ancestor to protect the whole palace? Were there other Godly Ancestors? 

The man didn’t know what to think. Cheng Shan’s heart was pounding too but then he remembered they wanted to kill Lin Feng so it made him feel motivated again. 

“Brother, let’s go inside. Even if there is a Holy Godly Ancestor, she can’t compete with you. She had to go back inside and hide.” said Cheng Shan to the leader of the group. He really wanted to kill Lin Feng. 

The leader firmly held his gigantic ax and got ready to destroy the Evolution Hall to get inside. 

At the same time, Lin Feng roared furiously. He looked like a sanguinary beast. His eyes were bloodshot. His veins were huge and pumping with dragon phoenix blood. His whole body kept crackling as if it were about to explode. 

And the most incredible part was that Lin Feng’s Qi had increased incredibly!!!!!! He didn’t have the strength of the Holy Godly Ancestor layer yet but he was almost at the top of the Spiritual Godly Ancestor layer already! 

Suddenly, Lin Feng threw a palm strike. A strong wind started blowing around him with the force of a landslide and the power of a tidal wave. That kind of attack could easily destroy half of the population of the World of Battles. 

“Ling Yun, open the palace.” shouted Lin Feng furiously. 

Zhuang Ling Yu paled. He was terrified by the wind caused by Lin Feng’s attack so he hastily started chanting a mantra. 

Suddenly, the great palace disappeared so everybody was out in the open. The leader of the group firmly held his ax and got ready to attack. However, at that moment, the hurricane caused by Lin Feng’s palm strike moved towards him. 

“You want to die! You don’t have a proper measure of yourself! It can’t be!” The expression of the leader of the group changed for a few seconds but he quickly looked normal again. He then raised his ax without the least hesitation. It was extremely sharp. He then attacked the ground with his ax to lead on it and then bounce towards Lin Feng. 

They both released incredible energies. Everybody moved aside to avoid getting injured accidentally. 

Boom boom boom…. It looked like the apocalypse. After the explosions, dazzling lights condensed in one point. It was much, much more dazzling than the sun. Everybody couldn’t help but close their eyes, including Lin Feng and the men in black. 

Lin Feng then reopened his eyes but kept them narrowed. He looked at the pure energies of the Holy Godly Ancestor layer. 

he took a deep breath. His strength disappeared. His cultivation level became normal again but he had still become much stronger thanks to the dragon phoenix blood. 

“No need to talk. Let’s fight and have a dirty battle.” said Lin Feng to Cheng Shan and then he flashed. 

“You want to die!” A man in black wanted to stop Lin Feng but something flashed in front of him, it was Qing Huang Tian. She blocked the leader. 

“You are my opponent!” said Qing Huang Tian icily and proudly. 

“So you’re the one who was plotting inside the palace?” said the man. He recognized her. He couldn’t help but feel excited. 

“Since it is a dirty battle, why do you talk nonsense?” said Qing Huang Tian proudly. Then her rainbow-colored dress fluttered in the wind and she disappeared. The man frowned. He had only one thing in mind though, a dirty and sanguinary battle indeed! 

“Stop hiding. Let’s fight, little slut!” 

said the man suddenly grinning icily. Then he blew a kiss in the air. He wanted to humiliate her. Then he suddenly raised his left hand and there was an explosion. And Qing Huang Tian was forced to show herself. 

“Haha!!!! Let me have some fuck with you, little slut, I’ll play with you all night!” said the man. He looked like a panther eyeing on its prey. Qing Huang Tian was shocked. 

And Lin Feng heard everything, he was furious. 

“Hehe, you’re furious?? You’re angry? So what? You are not strong enough so anyone can take liberties with your women. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Cheng Shan burst into a loud laughter and threw a punch at Lin Feng. 

The other men in black looked at their leader harass Lin Feng’s wife. They didn’t fight against Ti Yuan and Zhuang Ling Yun because they looked down upon them. They were strong cultivators, why fight against two pieces of trash? 

Lang Zhe was hiding in a dark corner and watching Lin Feng. He firmly held his dagger. He was waiting for the right time to jump and kill Lin Feng, or at least injure him severely 

His blood started boiling when he thought about that. 

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