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Chapter 1292: This World Is Wrong! .


“There’s something wrong. I have a bad feeling.” 

said Cheng Shan. He had been waiting for hours but no trace of Lin Feng. 

“So, let’s go out.” said Cheng Shan. Lang Zhe was overjoyed. He had been standing behind them for several hours and they still had no news from Lin Feng. And Lang Zhe didn’t feel like staying in that damn place any longer! And now Cheng Shan had just talked, perfect timing. 

“Now? But Brother… What if they’re just testing our patience?” asked the tall and sturdy man in black. He didn’t intend to leave. 

Cheng Shan looked puzzled. Indeed, what could he do if Lin Feng was trying to push his patience to the limit? What if Lin Feng was convinced they were going to leave at some point anyway? 

“Master, I can stay here with the other Masters. You can leave with this Master.” said the man. Lang Zhe was overjoyed. Cheng Shan frowned and glanced at Lang Zhe but that suggestion wasn’t bad either. 

“Alright, brother. You and I can leave. They can stay here. If Lin Feng comes out, kill him.” said Cheng Shan. They all walked towards the exit together. 

Lang Zhe was overjoyed. With so many Spiritual Godly Ancestors, even if he bumped into Lin Feng, he was save. He really wanted to destroy Lin Feng, he wished he could see Lin Feng kneel down and beg him for mercy. 

Hmph! This time, he had to make Lin Feng kneel down and beg him. 

“You, my brother’s slave, come here and push my back.” 

But at that moment, a man in black clothes called Lang Zhe and pointed to his own back. Lang Zhe was dumbstruck and furious on the inside but he still went and pushed the man. 

Cheng Shan and the others had already left, when they came out, they were underwater in a river. Then they appeared at the surface and went back on the ground. 

Pa… Pa…

At that moment, someone clapped. Cheng Shan and the man in black didn’t have time to look around. They were encircled. Cheng Shan was astonished and paled. 

Lin Feng had just clapped his hands. Cheng Shan looked ridiculous. 

Lin Feng was with Qing Huang Tian, a new Holy Godly Ancestor, Miss Eight, Life and Water, three Holy Godly Ancestors, and Lin Feng was extremely strong too. Those five people could easily crush Cheng Shan and the man. 

“Lin Feng is Lin Feng. You never miss an opportunity. You don’t make the same mistakes twice.” said Cheng Shan calmly. He had no hope anymore. 

“It seems like you understand me well as an old enemy.” said Lin Feng smiling evilly and cruelly. His eyes were filled with murder. Cheng Shan had humiliated unceasingly before. Lin Feng would never forget that. He would never forget the tall and sturdy man in black clothes next to him either, he had humiliated his women so he had to die too. 

There was no exception. Lin Feng didn’t forgive because for Lin Feng there were only two kinds of people, people who were alive and people who were dead! 

“Lin Feng, I have to admit that your counterattack is pretty impressive.” said Cheng Shan smiling. He was worried. Would his Master come and help? What if Lin Feng killed him? 

“All my enemies think the same. Good that you got used to it.” said Lin Feng smiling indifferently. Cheng Shan didn’t manage to keep calm. Lin Feng was too scary. 

“Lin Feng, you can’t kill me. Let me go and leave!” shouted Cheng Shan furiously and ferociously suddenly. 

“Shouting is useless. You’re going to die today. As you said before, don’t struggle, your people will suffer even more even if you struggle.” said Lin Feng. 

Cheng Shan’s lips twitched. He looked glum. He was furious but he couldn’t call his Master, he had no way of doing that. Even if he managed to escape and go back, his Master would still teach him a good lesson. 

Apart from the man who was with Cheng Shan, all the others had stayed in the cave. If he escaped, those five people may bump into Lin Feng and the consequences would be tragic. 

He was his Master’s slave and the fact that his master had accepted to train him was already extraordinary, if something happened though, he may lose that privilege and get punished. 

“Lin Feng, you know why I hate you more than anything?” shouted Cheng Shan. His eyes were bloodshot and he looked furious. Lin Feng looked amused and waited. 

“I hate you because you are an arrogant and despotic asshole! You’re just a piece of trash of who thinks he’s amazing! How strong do you think you really are??? You think you are a really and genuinely strong cultivator??????? You think the fate of the universe is in your hands???????” 

“Hehe, let me tell you one think, never! You’re just an ordinary Godly Ancestor who can compete with Spiritual Godly Ancestors, good for you, so what???? Your talent comes from your luck!” 

“Hehe, you think you can offend anyone in the world. You think you can kill people whenever you want. But have you thought that other people could do it too? When you kill people, what do their family members think? Do you know?” 

“They are not as strong as you, so how can they get their revenge? Do you know? Each time you kill one of their beloved relatives, I wish I could destroy you! Hehe, and you? You’re the leader of a powerful alliance, you’re a young genius, you’re amazing, you have a high position, millions of people worship you.” 

“But have you ever realized that you were strong and had a high position thanks to the people you’ve killed before??” 

shouted Cheng Shan explosively. 

Lin Feng was surprised when he heard that. 

“Your achievements? Your strength? Your dead enemies were your stepping stones. How could you have become who you are today otherwise? You’ve killed so many people but you’ve never thought of their children, wives, friends, family members, siblings, parents?” 

“And then you get pissed off each time someone talks about your women and you kill them? But what about other people? What about all the innocent and weak people who’ve ended up alone because you killed their relatives. How can they get their revenge???” 

“Uh? Speak!!!!!!! AAARRRGGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!”

Cheng Shan didn’t know why he suddenly told Lin Feng all this. 

When he finished speaking, everybody remained silent, including Lin Feng, Miss Eight, Qing Huang Tian etc. Nobody could contradict him anyway. What Cheng Shan had said were facts. 

The atmosphere became awkward. Initially, Lin Feng just wanted to kill Cheng Shan but now Lin Feng had to react. 

“Are you done talking?” 

asked Lin Feng slowly raising his head and looking at Cheng Shan indifferently. 

“I am. What do you want to say?” asked Cheng Shan. He had wanted to say all this for such a long time. He felt relieved now that he had said everything. He felt lighter in his heart. But Lin Feng still had to die, otherwise, he would still be furious. 

Lin Feng didn’t think he had made a mistake. Killing people was inevitable and normal. 

“You have relatives, I do too. My woman are the apples of my eyes, so what? Is that wrong? I want to protect my family, my beloved ones, am I wrong?” 

“I am an ordinary man too. Regarding my position as young genius or leader of an alliance, I just want to have a peaceful and happy life with my women and my family. Why would I become a heartless murderer just for fun?” 

“Hehe, innocent and weak people, you said, uh? You keep plotting against me. You think you’re innocent? You want to get your revenge. But how is your karma? If other people kill my relatives, I would still hate you and destroy you. Is that wrong?” 

“If you want to blame someone, blame the rules of this world. It’s a cruel world. It’s a fact, strength is the most important thing in the world. You’re supposed to learn that when you’re a kid already.” 

“When you’re weak, people bully you, it’s normal. I am not a piece of trash anymore. People don’t humiliate or bully me anymore. I don’t accept that anymore. Is that wrong? And when people did, I didn’t blame anyone but me.” 

“No. Because I know that I have to be strong to make enemies shut up. I am the leader of a powerful alliance, I am the leader of Man Yu, I am a You’re not, I am an incredible God, indeed, I am, and you, you’re not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” 

shouted Lin Feng explosively. The ground shook violently. The sky became red. His voice reverberated far away. It was as if the universe felt ashamed in front of Lin Feng. 

And it was nobody’s fault, it’s was that world’s fault!

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  1. Asdfghjki March 5, 2020 at 9:28 pm - Reply

    That dude killed so many people and more often than not Lin fang reacted to people attacking him so in reality he’s just asking Lin fend to roll over so his people don’t get hurt. What a tool and a sorry excuse for a villain. At first I was curious. Now I don’t care just kill him so we can get on with the story.

  2. Orange Joe March 6, 2020 at 5:48 am - Reply

    Editors are slackin.

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