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Chapter 1293: Cutting An Arm! .


“Is there anything else you’d like to say?? Do you want to blame me for anything else?” asked Lin Feng smiling mockingly. Cheng Shan was furious. He wanted to burst into fury but he wouldn’t stand a single chance to win if he attacked. 

Lin Feng had never felt ashamed of being lucky. On the contrary, it was part of his strength. Unlucky people never succeeded even if they were amazing. They were still losers. 

“You think you can kill me easily? You don’t have a proper measure of yourself. Since you dared come, it must mean you have someone to rely on.” said Cheng Shan smiling cruelly. He decided to abandon his fellow disciples and escape without them. That was the only way. And to save his life, anything was worth it. 

When Lin Feng saw Cheng Shan smiled cruelly and looked amused and that he didn’t look terrified and panic-stricken like before, he guessed that Cheng Shan had a new plan. 

“Cheng Shan, I don’t know who your Master is but I know he is an overlord too, it’s him, right?” said Lin Feng indifferent. Cheng Shan’s expression slightly changed but he smiled, “Indeed, he’s my Master. You can imagine, uh? Therefore, release me.” 

said Cheng Shan. His eyes were bloodshot but he now seemed a little bit more confident. He waited for Lin Feng to see them off personally. 

But Lin Feng just smiled. He didn’t take what Cheng Shan said to heard, he smiled mockingly and said, “You think you’re the only one who can rely on stronger cultivators?” 

“Eh? Could it be that you also have strong cultivators to rely on? Do you mean that woman?” said Cheng Shan when hje saw Lin Feng smile icily. Cheng Shan suddenly looked grave and serious. He recalled the last time they had fought, he had called his Master’s clone. Lin Feng had also summoned a woman in white clothes. She looked ice-cold and she was terrifying. 

That woman also had the strength of an overlord. When he had gone back, his Master had warned him about that woman, but he also told him that that woman didn’t pose a big threat to him. If he used his full strength, he could easily kill her. 

That’s why Cheng Shan had dared come back to kill Lin Feng. He had felt reassured. His Master had told him Lin Feng’s trump cards didn’t suffice against them. 

Cheng Shan smiled mockingly and confidently again. 

Lin Feng smiled mockingly too. Cheng Shan was a moron. He could really only blame himself for thinking too highly of his own self. 

“Master, someone wants to see you. Do you want to see him?” said Lin Feng smiling cruelly. Then the sound of a bronze bell reverberated. It made people’s hearts twitch. 

“Of course I do. I also want to see and talk about the past with his Master. We haven’t see each other for dozens of thousands of years.” 

said the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points smiling. His voice reverberated far away. All living beings, including demoniac beasts and strong cultivators, shook violently, especially demoniac beasts which crouched down and shook violently from head to foot in the mountains. 

Cheng Shan looked glum and panic-stricken. He looked at the sky, blue lights appeared and then a silhouette which descended from the sky. 

The silhouette became bigger and bigger. Then, Cheng Shan could see that person clearly, a wrinkled old man who was wearing simple clothes but he looked like a pure and transcendent being. 

Cheng Shan paled and paled. The old man was the second cultivator he saw who was as strong as his master so he was dumbstruck. And that old man was as strong as his Master. Nobody could know who was stronger though unless they had a battle. It would be much more terrifying than his Master’s battle against the ice woman. 

Cheng Shan regretted. He didn’t know such a terrifying cultivator was on Lin Feng’s side and could back him up. He thought everything would be fine thanks to his Master before. 

But now, the old man in front of him was waiting for him to invoke his trump card, his Master. However, even if he had no way of escaping anymore. His Master’s clone wasn’t his real body, he couldn’t defeat the old man or even the ice woman, who was as strong as an overlord too. If Lin Feng invoked her too, then Cheng Shan wouldn’t stand a single chance to survvie. 

Cheng Shan and the man in black clothes glanced at each other. They didn’t know what to do. They felt desperate and helpless. 

“Lin Feng, I’ll tell you what you want to know, will you release me if I do?” asked Cheng Shan grinding his teeth. He had no choice but to bet now. He had no other way. 

When Lin Feng heard Cheng Shan, even though his expression didn’t change, his heartbeat accelerated. He felt sad again. Lin Feng was afraid to know that woman’s name. 

If Cheng Shan said the truth, then that woman may have betrayed him. Lin Feng had to understand why someone would do such a thing. Why would one of his women want to hurt him? Why would any of his women accept to cooperate with Cheng Shan? 

It didn’t change anything though, Lin Feng still didn’t intend to spare Cheng Shan’s life. Therefore, he wasn’t going to release him even if Cheng Shan told him that secret. And this time, Lin Feng couldn’t let Cheng Shan escape once again. He had to kill him, even if it meant going insane again. 

If he let him off, then Cheng Shan would plot against him again. 

Therefore, Lin Feng shook his head resolutely and said icily, “Dream on. You’re going to die. Someday, I’ll know the answer, I don’t need you.” 

“Hehe, Lin Feng, you really think I am afraid of you? You really think that secret is the only way of saving my own life? You underestimate me. Since you think that way, I’ll show you my real strength.” 

shouted Cheng Shan furiously. He couldn’t forgive Lin Feng for looking down upon him. He couldn’t stand Lin Feng’s humiliations and mockeries anymore. Even if he died, he had to do all he could to destroy Lin Feng. He didn’t intend to submit or admit he was defeated. 

Lin Feng had also faced death before and he had managed to escape. Cheng Shan may be lucky too this time. 

 Otherwise, Cheng Shan would have given up already. He was surrounded by so many enemies. 

“Brother, attack!” 

shouted Cheng Shan suddenly explosively. Cheng Shan then charged. If he managed to hurt Lin Feng, he may be able to escape. Lin Feng wasn’t as strong as in the grave. 

He didn’t think Lin Feng was ready to battle again. 

Lin Feng looked glum. Since Cheng Shan wanted to fight, Lin Feng didn’t intend to make him feel disappointed. 

“Aggressive Punch!” said Lin Feng throwing a punch. A punch shadow appeared and moved towards Cheng Shan. Cheng Shan shouted furiously and raised his fists and threw punches. Boom, boom!!!!!!!! There were two explosions!!! A wave of energy rolled all around them. 

Lin Feng didn’t stop though. He continued chasing Cheng Shan. Cheng Shan was terrified. Lin Feng was surprisingly still terrifyingly strong. Cheng Shan couldn’t compete with him and he was even in danger. 

“No! I can’t help you! I have to escape alone!” Cheng Shan glanced around. He could see the tall and sturdy man. The latter was encircled by Miss Eight and the two other Holy Godly Ancestors. Cheng Shan couldn’t help him. At that moment, he took out a talisman his Master had given to him and broke it without hesitation. It was his last trump card. 

“You think you can leave?” Lin Feng had anticipated that Cheng Shan may have a trump card to escape so he shouted furiously again. All the demoniac beasts in the surrounding mountainous forests crouched down and shook from head to foot. 

“Lin Feng, wait for me and you’ll see, sooner or later, I’ll kill you!!!!!!!!!!” shouted Cheng Shan bursting into a loud and frantic laughter. His face was distorted with hatred. He didn’t want to leave like that, he had thought he’d leave after having killed Lin Feng but he had no choice anymore. 

He had to leave, Lin Feng could kill him easily now. He had no choice but to abandon all the others. 

When he broke the talisman, a purple mist surrounded his body. An incredibly powerful space and time Qi emerged. At that moment, Lin Feng moved towards the purple mist and took out his godly battle sword. Then he made a drop of his own blood fall onto his sword. The sword suddenly seemed like a demoniac and bloodthirsty beast. It even roared furious, then it left Lin Feng’s hands and disappeared in the purple mist. Then someone shouted agonizingly. 


A swift and fierce shout. But Cheng Shan’s silhouette disappeared. Only an arm soaked in blood remained, his five fingers were still moving and shaking in the blood on the ground. 

The godly battle sword went back to Lin Feng’s hand. He firmly held it and frowned. How come? The godly battle sword was never wrong. How come it had just cut one of his arms? Besides, Lin Feng had seen it aim for Cheng Shan’s waist. 

there was only one explanation, Cheng Shan had used an arm at the most crucial moment. He had preferred losing an arm than losing his life so he had used it to protect himself. 

Lin Feng looked pensive. He felt furious as he thought about it. Cheng Shan had escaped once again. When would he bump into again? What if Cheng Shan continued plotting against him? What if he turned into a second Di Shu? 

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