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Chapter 1294: Unfinished Job! .


“He escaped again?” Song Chou Jiu looked sad and sighed helplessly. They had done all they could to kill Cheng Shan and surprisingly he had escaped several times in a row. What a pity!!!!!! Even though they had cut one of his arms, it was useless! 

“He had a talisman. He broke it and the space and time energy which emerged was too powerful. I couldn’t stop it.” explained the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points. He hoped Lin Feng didn’t feel guilty. It was still a shame that they hadn’t managed to kill Cheng Shan though. 

“His talisman was so powerful.” said Lin Feng forcing a smile. He naturally felt sad on the inside. His enemy, Cheng Shan, had escaped again. And he would definitely plot against him again. 

“What do we do with them?” 

asked Miss Eight pointing to the men in black indifferently and expressionlessly. When Lin Feng was fighting against Cheng Shan, Qing Huang Tian and she had captured the five men in black who were protecting Lang Zhe. 

Lin Feng glanced at Lang Zhe. Lang Zhe was so scared his soul almost burst. He hastily knelt down and looked at Lin Feng imploringly begging for mercy and for his life. Lin Feng said to Song Chou Jiu, “Brother Song, keep him for the time being. I’ll punish him slowly.” 

“Alright.” said Song Chou Jiu nodding. Then he imprisoned Lang Zhe with Bao Sha. Lin Feng didn’t feel like dealing with him at that moment. He was focused on those men in black, especially the tall and sturdy man, the one who had humiliated and harassed Qing Huang Tian. 

Lin Feng didn’t say anything. He stood in front of the tall and sturdy man. His eyes were filled with murder. Lin Feng had just one thing in mind, kill that tall and sturdy man. 

“Hehe, why are you staring at me? You’re furious because I humiliated your woman? Haha! So, let me tell you, I love women. Hehe. I love their soft and tender skin, plump like tofu. Hahahahaha!!! And regarding that little slut, if Cheng Shan hadn’t been there, I would have fucking…” 


Lin Feng slapped the man in the face. Blood appeared on the corner of his lips. He felt a bit dizzy. He was dumbstruck. He hadn’t thought Lin Feng would dare slap him. How humiliating!!!!!!! 

“You fucking want to die, I…” 

“Master, deal with him for the time being. When I break through to the Spiritual Godly Ancestor layer, I will challenge him and I will kill him relying solely on myself!” said Lin Feng. He didn’t give the man any opportunity to speak. He just looked at the old man. 

Qing Huang Tian looked worried. She bit her lips. She understood what Lin Feng was trying to do. Lin Feng wanted to regain face by killing that man. He wanted to get his revenge by himself. He couldn’t let anyone humiliate his women. 

That was the man of her life! She loved him so much, he was her beloved husband! 

At that moment, Qing Huang Tian looked at Lin Feng. Her eyes twinkled, she looked bewitched as if someone had cast a spell on her. Her eyes were filled with pure love. 

“Alright, I accept.” said the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points. He understood Lin Feng and he had no reason to refuse. Lin Feng didn’t want to rely on other people to kill the man who had humiliated his woman. It was a matter of honor and integrity. 


Since he had humiliated HIS woman, it was HIS job to kill him. 

The Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points captured the man in black clothes. Nobody could save him anymore. He would never be able to break free from the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points. The Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points could easily control Holy Godly Ancestors. 

Regarding the five other men in black, Lin Feng guessed they were the man’s fellow disciples. They were all Spiritual Godly Ancestors. If they accepted to submit to him and work for him, it’d be great. 

“You have two options. The first one is I kill you. The second one is you submit and pledge allegiance to me. We can make soul pacts, so we’re all safe, and you can work for me. Which do you prefer?” asked Lin Feng expressionlessly. 

The five men glanced at each others. They were scared and startled. They glanced around, four Holy Godly Ancestors, and overlord-level cultivator. If they refused, they would definitely die. 

They had been practicing cultivation for dozens if not hundreds of thousands of years. If they died because of Cheng Shan, it’d be a pity. Therefore, taking a decision wasn’t too difficult there. 

“Second option.” 

said the five people in unison. Lin Feng smiled indifferently. He was in a much better mood. No matter what, he had just gained five more Spiritual Godly Ancestors thanks to Cheng Shan. They would be very helpful in the future. 


“Ma… Master, I, I failed again.” said Cheng Shan kneeling down in a dark place. He was in a dark underworld. It looked as if there were veins in the ground and it seemed as if they were pumping. 

The ground was black, the sky was dark red like blood and the atmosphere contained a terrifying demon Qi. It seemed like a mysterious place. When people were there, they always felt nervous because there were some of the strongest cultivators of the World of Battles in that place. 

“Piece of trash!”

said a voice hoarsely and mockingly. Cheng Shan shook violently from head to foot. He didn’t dare speak. 

“You came back alone?” asked the hoarse voice angrily. Cheng Shan didn’t dare lie so he told his Master everything honestly. 

Suddenly, the atmosphere in the dark world became completely silent. Cheng Shan could hear his own breathe and his Master’s breathe which seemed to come from another world. 

After a long time, a black-clothed person appeared in front of Cheng Shan. The man looked expressionless. He threw a blood-red broadsword at Cheng Shan’s feet. It emitted a metallic sound when it touched the ground. When Cheng Shan heard that, he was so terrified his soul almost burst. He raised his head and looked at the man in black clothes imploringly, “Master, Master, I made a mistake!!!! Please forgive me!!!!!!!!!!!! Forgive me!!!!!!!!!!! I BEG YOUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” 

shouted Cheng Shan looking at the blood-red sword on the ground. He paled even more. He felt desperate. He didn’t want to die. 


He burst into tears and begged. He didn’t dare stop for a single second. He feared his Master would kill him straight away if he didn’t hear him cry anymore. His plaintive cries reverberated everywhere in the terrifying dark world. It felt like in hell with ferocious ghosts howling furiously. 

“Alright, take the blood sword and go to the Demon Clan to see Mo Mian and Tai Mo. You all have a common enemy. When you’re done killing your enemy, come back to me.” 

Finally, Cheng Shan had succeeded. He had managed to get another chance. The man in black clothes sighed helplessly though. Cheng Shan couldn’t believe it though, he had escaped death again. So when he heard that, he was still terror-stricken and he left as quickly as possible fearing his Master would regret. 

When Cheng Shan disappeared, another silhouette appeared. It was a middle-aged man, he looked handsome and smart. His dark demon robe was a hundred meters long and fluttered in the wind. His demon Qi rolled in waves around him. If anyone had been there, their soul would have gotten destroyed and they would have died. 

Because that person was Mo Xiao from the Demon Region. He was the Demon Ancestor of the South. Apart from Hong Meng, there were the Human Ancestor of the East, the Demon Ancestor of the South, the Buddhist Ancestor of the West and the Ancestor of the North, Kun Dao. The Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points Lin Feng knew wasn’t an actual ancestor of the cardinal points anymore.

“Hehe, interesting, an ordinary Godly Ancestor with three overlords? Jing Rui, then the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points and Ni Huang?” 

“Should I tell Kun Dao the former Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points is not dead? Hehe, why would I? Since it’s a game, let’s play according to ordinary rules. Why would I cheat?” 

“Lin Feng, Asura, hehe, interesting, a young genius who practices both Buddhist and demon cultivation, no wonder he’s so strong.” 


Lin Feng now had more and more unfinished jobs. All those unfinished things were related to the ceremony for his new alliance twenty days later. 

He had to finish everything and then he would need to think of the baby blood dragons, where could he put them? He couldn’t put them in his spirit world, they would scare his relatives and children. And they would also destroyed the food chain in his spirit world. 

His spirit world was new. It was less than a thousand years. The more living creatures there were, the stronger his spirit world. it wasn’t good for the development of the Human Clan. 

“I should be able to put them in the Bright and Colorful Mountain and Lakes painting?” thought Lin Feng suddenly. His eyes twinkled with happiness. Since he had thought of a solution, he took it out and planned arguments to convince the leader of the Long Yi Clan and the others. 

When he took the Bright and Colorful Mountain and Lakes painting out and got ready to get inside, suddenly, someone opened the door hastily. The door creaked, Zhuang Ling Yun entered staggering and collapsed on the table. 

“Why are you so flustered, kiddo?” asked Lin Feng scolding Zhuang Ling Yun gently. Zhuang Ling Yun was paler and paler though. 

Finally, Lin Feng’s smile stiffened. He guessed there may really be a problem. 

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