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Chapter 1298: All the Representatives in Man Yu! .


From early in the morning to noon, more and more people had arrived. Many influential groups sent their elders and even their patriarchs. 

Lin Feng had shaken Liang City back in the days so influential groups from Liang City also sent people, Young Master Kong Du from the Kong Sect, Young Master Luo Pi from the Luo Clan, Young Master Jing Shan from the Bao Long Pavilion. Even though tensions may have existed between Lin Feng and those Young Masters, at that moment, they put the tensions aside. 

Especially Luo Pi. He was annoyed. Six months before, Lin Feng was still the representative of the University of Stars and Clouds. Now, he was the new leader of a powerful alliance??? He wished Lin Feng could go through some hardships. 

The leader of the Luo Clan had warned him. He couldn’t offend Lin Feng, otherwise, he would be expelled. 

Apart from them, the University of Stars and Clouds also sent some people. Lin Feng was very close to the disciples of the University of Stars and Clouds. Lin Feng considered the University of Stars and Clouds as a part of his roots. Di Shang came personally. 

Gigantic Hawks University, Bai Clan University, Si Ji University, the University of Heaven and Earth, Imperial University, Dragon Capital University, Shen Xing University, all the universities who had participated in the meeting of the universities and had friendly or tense relations with Lin Feng were there. 

They had only one goal, curry favor with Lin Feng!!!!” 

And some influential groups who were from around Jing City also sent people. The Spiritual Warriors Clan sent some people to “congratulate” Lin Feng. The World Dragon Clan didn’t send anyone though, not a single one. Lin Feng was relieved. If people from the World Dragon Clan had shown up, Miss Eight and the others would have had to show up in public. 

Leader Jing Rui came personally. No matter whether there were tensions between him and Lin Feng for the time being, it didn’t matter. He couldn’t miss such an important event. And when Leader Jing Rui showed up, it also meant something important, the five territory alliance’s ceremony was going to be as splendid as the three territory alliance’s ceremony! 

Xue Yu sent Xue Wu Di. Gan Yu sent Gan Wu Dao. He had been crushed by Lin Feng so many times. He didn’t want to come. But when he heard the other territories were sending Holy Godly Ancestors, he felt reassured. 

Li Ju came personally. He was the leader of Li Yu and he came personally! He definitely gave Lin Feng face. Of course, only morons wouldn’t understand his goal. Apart from the representatives of those influential groups, someone came and everybody was astonished, Ancestor Nü’s daughter, Bai Nü!!!!!!!! 

Ancestor Nü was an amazing cultivator! She controlled the Northeast of the World of Battles. She wasn’t weaker than Ni Huang. Besides, Ancestor Nü was the second most beautiful woman of the World of Battles now, after Ni Huang. Ni Huang was the most charming woman while Ancestor Nü was the dream woman of most men. Most men dreamt of marrying such a celestial looking beauty. 

One looked cold. The other looked hot. That was the difference between Ancestor Nü and Ni Huang. Two different types of beauty. 

Ancestor Nü’s daughter, Bai Nü, had come to congratulate the five territory alliance? Strange. Ancestor Nü wanted to establish good relations with them? If that was the case, then the Region of the Eight Corners could be in danger. Everybody knew the Region of the Eight Corners was under Ni Huang’s jurisdiction. 

And now Ancestor Nü was getting involved? What was that supposed to mean? What was her goal? Many people were confused and didn’t dare say anything. Even if it was Ni Huang’s jurisdiction, if they offended Ancestor Nü, they’d die. 

At noon, the sun was high up in the sky and it was warm. Lin Feng, the leader of the five territory alliance, came to the front. For the ceremony, he had built new buildings, new stages etc. The new main stage was magnificent. 

Lin Feng could guess that that day wasn’t going to be ordinary. Enemies and allies were there. Enemies would do their best to humiliate him at some point so Lin Feng had gotten ready for a bloodthirsty and sanguinary battle. 

“Ni Huang’s Envoy, Zhen Yu. Congratulations, Leader Lin!!!!” 

shouted someone at thta moment. Then dazzling lights appeared in the sky. Everybody was startled. Then a tall and sturdy man appeared, Zhen Yu. He was surrounded by godly lights. 

Many people looked at him with admiration. Ni Huang’s envoy??? What a dazzling title!!!!!!! What a wonderful job!!!!!!!! 

Of course, nobody had forgotten the day when Lin Feng had destroyed Zhen Yu using his full strength. Lin Feng had really become famous thanks to that battle. With the strength of the ordinary Godly Ancestor layer, he had pushed a Holy Godly Ancestor three thousand meters away. He had shaken the whole region. 

But people who hadn’t seen it with their own eyes couldn’t be sure it was true. 

Zhen Yu landed on the stage and stared at Lin Feng. He said with a heavy heart and without the least hesitation, “What? You don’t greet Ni Huang’s envoy when you see him?” He frowned.

And then some people Zhen Yu had recruited to be pretend they were from the region also intervened, “Indeed, Leader Lin! You’re the leader of the five territory alliance but you have to be respectful when you see Ni Huang’s envoy!” 

“Leader Lin, please greet the envoy! The Region of the Eight Corners can’t afford to offend Ni Huang.” 

“Hehe, Leader Lin, we can’t let you tarnish the reputation of the Region of the Eight Corners.” 

said a few people mockingly. They wanted to humiliate Lin Feng. They wanted Lin Feng to be furious. They wanted more and more people of the Region of the Eight Corners to hate Lin Feng. That was their goal. 

But it didn’t work. Zhen Yu and those people underestimated Lin Feng. If Lin Feng submitted easily, then he wasn’t Lin Feng. 

“You’re good actors. But pretending to be someone to play tricks on me is still punishable, it’s a crime. Zong Hu, hand them over to the court.” 

said Lin Feng icily. Zong Hu captured the three men who were trying to cause trouble, they were skinny and less than one meter seventy, how could Lin Feng possibly think they were from the Region of the Eight Corners?????? 

Very quickly, Zong Hu made a dozen Great Supreme Gods bring those three disgusting people away. They were going to rot in the prison of the five territory alliance! 

Zhen Yu grinned but he was furious. He felt humiliated. Lin Feng had humiliated once again. Smart people could easily guess he had recruited those three people to come and cause trouble but Lin Feng had sent them to court without the least hesitation. He didn’t give Zhen Yu face. 

Zhen Yu was furious and shouted, “Why don’t you respect Ni Huang and why do you dare act like this???????????????? You want to betray Master Ni Huang or what???????” 

“Betray? Hehe, what? It’s the first time in my life someone accuses me of being a traitor.” said Lin Feng smiling resplendently. But one could see he was furious. Lin Feng, a traitor?? 

Zhen Yu was the envoy of Ni Huang, so what?? Did he think he could humiliate people as he wished?? 

“I am Ni Huang’s envoy, I am entitled to tell you..” 

“Shut the fuck up! I’m not interested in your nonsense. If you came to congratulate me, you’re more than welcome to stay, eat and get drunk with us. If you want to cause trouble, I don’t mind beheading you or punching and crushing your face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” 

shouted Lin Feng impatiently. 

Zhen Yu pulled a long face. He initially thought Lin Feng would be careful when talking about Ni Huang. Whata  huge mistake. Lin Feng seemingly didn’t care about Ni Huang at all. 

Otherwise, he wouldn’t have caused trouble at the three territory alliance’s ceremony and now at his own ceremony again. 

“You’ve become even worse! Hehe.” said Zhen Yu furiously. He clenched his fists which crackled. Everybody heard that. He also released some Qi of the Holy Godly Ancestor layer which made some people step back. 

At that moment, everybody looked at Lin Feng and waited for him to react. 

“If you weren’t a Holy Godly Ancestor, Zhen Yu, you wouldn’t be standing there barking in front of me, you understand?” said Lin Feng smiling indifferently. He was neither panic-stricken nor afraid. 

“I can use the strength of the Holy Godly Ancestor layer to bully you if you want, uh???” said Zhen Yu smiling icily. Lin Feng was weaker. How did he dare talk that way? 

“And is a Holy Godly Ancestor bullying an ordinary Godly Ancestor a normal thing?” said Lin Feng icily. Zhen Yu laughed mockingly, “Of course it’s normal. You can only blame yourself for being too weak! I am a Holy Godly Ancestor, you’re an ordinary Godly Ancestor, you’re too weak.” 

“If you’re afraid, why would you provoke me? Therefore, you can only blame yourself for being too arrogant. And Master Ni Huang will not forgive you either, I guess.” shouted Zhen Yu. He was getting restless. 

Zhen Yu’s robe fluttered in the wind. He looked like an almighty god. 

But Lin Feng summoned the ice spirit again, she took control over his body, Lin Feng slapped Ni Huang’s envoy in the face and he was blown away. Everybody was dumbstruck. Then Lin Feng grabbed the envoy by the collar and threw him away again. 


Zhen Yu crashed on the stage. A three meter wide crater appeared. Lin Feng released Zhen Yu and ignored him. Then he looked at the crowd and shouted, 

“I announce the beginning of the five territory alliance’s ceremony!!!!!!!!!!” 

And thanks to Zhen Yu, everybody would remember in which circumstances Lin Feng had announced the beginning of the ceremony and nobody would dare cause trouble at that moment. 

Translator’s note: at the end of this chapter, the author says mistakes regarding the rankings in the List of the World of Battles are normal because things change with time. He says he didn’t make those mistakes. .

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