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Chapter 1299: Jun Hall’s Wishes! .


“It’s the last time I help you. Unless your life is in immediate danger, don’t call me!” said the ice spirit warningly and furiously. She had helped Lin Feng twice consecutively already- Lin Feng couldn’t get used to summoning her all the time! 

It wasn’t good for Lin Feng’s development either. He had never been lazy, so she couldn’t help him too much, otherwise, he would really become lazy. 

“I know.” said Lin Feng. He understood what she meant so he didn’t feel uncomfortable. She had helped him twice that month, it was because she wanted to give Meng Qing face. 

Meng Qing was an ordinary Godly Ancestor too. She worked hard with the ice spirit. The ice spirit helped Meng Qing so much. When Lin Feng was in the grave in danger, Meng Qing was at a crucial moment of her cultivation. That’s why the ice spirit hadn’t shown up then. 

Lin Feng glanced around silently. He looked at all the representatives of the different influential groups. Most were there to curry favor with him but some of them were also there because they genuinely felt happy for him and the five territory alliance. 

Zhen Yu was already gone. He had lost face so he couldn’t stay. Lin Feng had humiliated him once again. Zhen Yu hated Lin Feng more than anything now. He would seize any opportunity to kill Lin Feng from now on without the slightest hesitation. 

Zhen Yu left. Some representatives were worried, for example Xue Wu Di, Li Ju and Gan Wu Dao. They all supported Ni Huang, that’s why they looked down upon Lin Feng and his five territory alliance. If Lin Feng was able to compete with Ni Huang though thanks to some trump cards, then they were in trouble, the three territory alliance may collapse sooner than they thought. 

If the three territory alliance collapsed, then Lin Feng would strike. It would be a nightmare. They had to work together to prevent that from happening. The problem was none of them was willing to submit and they had no leader to decide, so their chances of collapsing were even higher because of that. 

Such quarrels and rivalries were inevitable. However, on Lin Feng’s side, everything was perfect. Everybody agreed to consider Lin Feng as the leader of the alliance. Everybody supported him. There were no internal disputes. That was the greatest strength of Lin Feng’s five territory alliance. 

“Congratulations, Leader Lin, for the creation of the five territory alliance. I, Luo Pi, feel guilty to have offended you back in the days. I hope you can forgive me, Master. Please forgive me and forgive the Luo Clan, I beg you.” 

said Luo Pi. He was the first one to come to the front. He looked honest. He felt awkward in front of the whole crowd but it was his only chance and it was better than being hatred by Lin Feng his entire life. 

Liang City was surprised but then he quickly remembered who Luo Pi was. He remembered during the auctions in Liang City, Lin Feng had messed around with him. Now that he remembered, it felt as if it had happened on the day before. Now, he remembered everything perfectly. However, he was now the leader of the five territory alliance and the Luo Clan was there to congratulate him. Luo Pi hadn’t changed whereas Lin Feng had changed a lot. 

“Alright, no problem. There are no tensions between Liang City’s influential groups and me. We are not enemies. So forget it.” said Lin Feng smiling. He didn’t take it to heart. He didn’t need to be enemies with him. He wasn’t that petty and vile. 

Insignificant enemies could become sly snakes though, like Cheng Shan. 

“Leader Lin, please forgive us, the Kong Sect, as well.” 

 said Kong Du standing up and raising his glass of alcohol. He looked honest and sorry. 

“Leader Lin, the Bao Long Pavilion also wishes to apologize to you.” 

“Haha! I also hope you can forgive Imperial University.” 

“The University of Heaven and Earth…” 

“Dragon Capital University…” 

“Bai Clan University…” 

All the old men started apologizing successively. At that moment, eighty percent of the representatives raised their glasses of alcohol and stood up and apologized to Lin Feng. 

Lin Feng knew they wanted to currying favor with him. He didn’t want to offend those small clans, sects and universities. The more allies he had, the stronger he was. If he could coexist with people peacefully, he preferred that option. 

“Alright, haha! Today is a happy day! Let’s all get drunk together!” shouted Lin Feng and then he burst into laughter. The atmosphere was cheerful. 

“Haha! Great! Awesome!!!!!!!!! Leader Lin is cool and easy-going, I love that!!!!!!” 

“Indeed!!!! He’s an amazing hero too, I admire him so much.” 

“Leader Lin made the political order change completely in the Region of the Eight Corners!” 

“Leader Lin is an amazing cultivator! He’s going to become the ultimate leader of the Region of the Eight Corners easily. Hahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” 


Suddenly, everybody started laughing and chatting loudly. Lin Feng felt great. Xue Wu Di and the others didn’t feel comfortable though. The Spiritual Warriors Clan’s members also felt like they were losing face there so they sighed helplessly. 

After the series of apologies Lin Feng received, the atmosphere became so cheerful and loud that the representatives of the groups which wanted to cause trouble to Lin Feng couldn’t say anything anymore. If they tried, everybody would attack them. So they didn’t dare say anything. 

Besides Lin Feng and Leader Bao Sha had killed fifth elder Zhan Yu Hong so they hated him. They wouldn’t get their revenge on that day, they weren’t stupid. Otherwise, they would end up like Zhen Yu. Zhen Yu was a Holy Godly Ancestor and he had still ended up humiliated by Lin Feng. 

At that moment, the representatives who wanted to cause trouble didn’t dare anymore. 

“Shen Hai Mo Lin, Representative of the Jun Hall. Congratulations, five territory alliance! I hope you will become extremely strong!!!!” 

Suddenly, a voice interrupted the whole crowd. Almost everybody stopped talking. Lin Feng raised his head and saw the fat man and three of his servants, they were all Spiritual Godly Ancestors. 

Lin Feng grinned. The Jun Hall sent some people too, as expected. 

Everybody looked at the fat man. They were astonished, including Leader Jing Rui. The Jun Hall of Shen Hai Mo Lin was extremely discreet. They never sent anyone to events, but this time… 

“Hehe, brother, welcome to the party!” said Lin Feng bowing hand over fist. He took the initiative to greet the fat man first. They had met before. They weren’t really friends but it didn’t have any impact at that moment since it was the ceremony. 

The man was as fat as before. However, his expression had completely changed. The first time, he looked down upon Lin Feng and thought he was the almighty in Man Yu and now he looked at Lin Feng respectfully. 


The fat man glanced around at the other representatives. Some of them were Holy Godly Ancestors, some others were Spiritual Godly Ancestors, and there were even some Earthly Godly Ancestors like Jing Rui! The fat man was astonished. Lin Feng had so many powerful connections. 

Of course, he didn’t know who Lin Feng’s enemies were so he couldn’t differentiate from those who had really come to congratulate Lin Feng! 

“Leader Lin, you’re flattering me. Our leader says hello and he also said that you were welcome to pay him a visit whenever you wished with our Young Master!” replied the fat man respectfully. He was still afraid when he thought of the previous time when Lin Feng had nearly made him fall down. 

“Alright, I’ll go when I have time.” said Lin Feng smiling indifferently. It was impossible to know whether he meant it or not. 

“The Jun Hall also has a present for you. Here, please kind accept it and we’re leaving.” said the fat man waving. A Spiritual Godly Ancestor brought a box to Lin Feng. It was tiny but a fragrant Qi emerged from it. 

Lin Feng took it and nodded, “Alright then, if the Jun Hall needs anything, just contact me.” 

“Alright, alright, see you, Leader Lin.” 

“See you!”

said Lin Feng. Then the representatives of the Jun Hall left and disappeared from the crowd’s field of vision. 

Then everybody looked at Lin Feng. Some people were jealous and envied Lin Feng. Some others were dumbstruck. And most people didn’t understand why the Jun Hall had surprisingly come to congratulate Lin Feng and the five territory alliance? 

Shen Hai Mo Lin, a mysterious territory from the Region of the Eight Corners. Nobody knew what there was there. And the Jun Hall was the most powerful territory of Shen Hai Mo Lin, but this time, they had sent people to congratulate Lin Feng which meant they had good relations. 

Xue Wu Di and Li Ju glanced at each other. They were dumbstruck. Gan Wu Dao was covered in cold sweat. Luckily, he hadn’t caused trouble, otherwise, he would have died a third time. 

The five territory alliance’s ceremony was perfect until the end. Nothing unexpected happened. After Zhen Yu who had come to cause trouble at the beginning, nobody had dared do the same thing. 

Lin Feng hadn’t thought it would be such a great party either. He was satisfied. 

“Everybody, the party is over. If you want to stay in the five territory alliance, you’re welcome to stay, we can lend you some rooms. Those who want to leave, we prepared a small gift.” 

said Lin Feng waving at disciples. The disciples gave some souvenirs to the people who decided to leave. Gigantic Hawks University, the University of Stars and Clouds and Bai Nü decided to stay. 

“Lin Feng, do you think it’s over? The Spiritual Warriors Clan will not let you off.” 

said the representatives of the Spiritual Warriors Clan at that moment. Lin Feng glanced at them but they had already disappeared. Lin Feng smiled mockingly. They threatened him but he didn’t care at all. The Spiritual Warriors Clan? A joke! 

“Di Shang, come with me. Brother Song, you take care of those two.” 

said Lin Feng when he saw only three people were left. Lin Feng called Di Shang but he left Godly Ancestor Ju Ying and Bai Nü to Song Chou Jiu. 

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