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Chapter 1300: Plotting Behind The Scenes! .


“Gan Wu Dao, if we leave like this, aren’t we going to lose face?” Gan Wu Dao and Xue Wu Di were halfway already but Xue Wu Di had a bad feeling. They had come to cause trouble, Zhen Yu had shown up, then the Jun Hall’s representatives came to congratulate him… 

He remembered Lin Feng had come to the three territory alliance’s ceremony a month before. Besides, he hadn’t given anyone face. He didn’t know why his brother Gan Wu Tian had decided to remain silent. He felt ashamed anyway. He hated Lin Feng more than anything. 

Gan Wu Dao felt depressed. After what had just happened, who would dare cause trouble to Lin Feng again? They would just lose face. And Gan Wu Dao had already been killed by Lin Feng twice. He felt more and more scared each day. 

“I think we should go back and talk to your older brother and our leader. Let’s see what they think about the fact that Lin Feng is determined to reunify the Region of the Eight Corners.” said Gan Wu Dao frowning and sighing helplessly. 

But Xue Wu Di thought he was just being a coward so he was disappointed. He was worried about the future of the three territory alliance. The three territories of the three territory alliance just administered their affairs regardless of the overall interests of the alliance so they were destined to collapse. 

After Li Ju left Man Yu, he didn’t chat with them about the future, Li Ju had changed his mind. 

“We can’t let all this happen! I have to teach Lin Feng a good lesson!!!!!!!” shouted Xue Wu Di furiously clenching his fists. He sounded and looked ferocious. 

“What do you intend to do?” asked Gan Wu Dao forcing a smile. He knew he couldn’t help Xue Wu Di. The latter was a Holy Godly Ancestor. Gan Wu Dao was just a Spiritual Godly Ancestor. He couldn’t compete with Lin Feng. Besides, Xue Wu Di was also responsible for the three territory alliance. 

He had no choice but to listen. 

“Those small influential groups apologized, right? Well, we…” said Xue Wu Di and then he started whispering. Gan Wu Dao listened to Xue Wu Di’s plot. Gan Wu Dao looked more and more surprised. His expression kept changing. 

“But that goes against our positions, doesn’t it?” asked Gan Wu Dao. He didn’t like that method but he had done similar things. He had never been so cruel though. 

“Hmph!!!!!! If you shut up and I shut up too, who will ever know?” asked Xue Wu Di smiling evilly and mockingly. This time, he wanted to cause trouble behind the scenes and push Lin Feng’s patience to the limits. 

The smaller influential groups had apologized to Lin Feng? He would make them all die then! Then he would spread the news and accuse Lin Feng. In the end, Lin Feng would definitely be in danger. 

“Alright, I agree.” said Gan Wu Dao clenching his fists in the end. He realized he had become scared of everything. That scheme was a good opportunity, especially that nobody would know they had done it. As long as Lin Feng was affected, nothing else mattered. 


Alright, alright!!!!!!! Let’s go!!!! The representatives of those small influential groups can’t be that far!!!!” 

“We can easily pretend to be on Lin Feng’s side.” 

“Yes, indeed.” 


Li Ju listened to the two people silently. He didn’t appreciate their plan. He wasn’t enemies with Lin Feng. Why make tensions arise between Li Yu and Lin Feng? 

Zong Hu was from Li Yu. People used to call him a piece of trash and he had left Li Yu, but now? Zong Hu was the leader of the elders of the five territory alliance. He was one of Lin Feng’s most important assets, was he still a piece of trash? 

In terms of hierarchy, a vice leader in the five territory alliance was like a leader in a territory. An elder in the five territory alliance was like a vice leader of a country which meant that Zong Hu was now even qualified to be at least a vice leader in Li Yu. Who would dare call him a piece of trash now? 

Regarding Li Dian, that piece of trash for whom most people had the greatest esteem, he didn’t care, he was ready to put him aside if Li Yu could start rising against thanks to that. 

At the ceremony, Li Ju had understood that Lin Feng had great plans for the new world order and that nobody could change anything. And he still had time to provide timely help to Lin Feng to avoid being in trouble in the future. 

Thinking about that, Li Ju was convinced the three territory alliance was destined to collapse sooner or later. Therefore, he decided to destroy it himself and make Li Yu benefit from the fall of the three territory alliance. 

“They’re petty and vile, they want to plot behind the scenes, uh? Well then, I’ll give Lin Feng a present!” Li Ju smiled icily and flashed. 

In the central part of Man Yu, Lin Feng was in a room and the atmosphere was strange. Di Shang was in there but nobody spoke. Lin Feng just stared at him. 

“How is the University of Stars and Clouds doing these days?” asked Lin Feng sighing. If Di Shang didn’t speak, he had to speak first. 

“Not good. Ni Huang controls it tightly and she’s strict. Everybody forgot Godly Ancestor Xing Yun and things have changed. People seem happy though.” said Di Shang sighing sadly. He didn’t dare tell Lin Feng before. 

Lin Feng frowned and asked, “Why is like that?” 

“I don’t know either. I just know that things have changed so much in a year. Since the ancestor’s death and since you left, and it’s strange because people so happy that they forget their duties.” 

“Nobody dares disobey Ni Huang’s orders. And the most terrifying thing is that under her control, all the disciples have become much stronger. Now, there are at least a hundred Great Supreme Gods. That’s many more than when you arrived.” 

“Indeed, I remember there were only like thirty Great Supreme Gods. You were one of the eight geniuses. How are the other young geniuses?” asked Lin Feng nodding slowly. 

“Only six are left. Yu Men Jie left the university and nobody knows where he is. When he left, he said he wanted to…” Di Shang stopped in the middle of his sentence. 


Lin Feng smiled indifferently, “Make me pay? A debt of blood must be paid in blood?” 

“Indeed. That’s exactly what Yu Men Jie said.” said Di Shang nodding. He felt embarrassed though. He hadn’t thought Lin Feng would know exactly what Yu Men Jie thought though. 

Lin Feng smiled. He couldn’t afford to underestimate those “small enemies” anymore, like Cheng Shan, Yu Men Jie etc. Those people could cause trouble to him, now or later. 

“It seems like I have to pay attention to Yu Men Jie from now on.” whispered Lin Feng frowning. 

Di Shang nodded approvingly. Yu Men Jie was the kind of petty and vile person who sought revenge just for an angry look. 

“Will you go back?” asked Lin Feng drinking some tea. Since Lin Feng and the old ancestor were sworn brothers, it meant that disciple was like his nephew because Di Shang was the most important disciple. 

“No. I took a huge risk by coming here. If I go back, Ni Huang will find out and she will punish me.” said Di Shang shaking his head resolutely. Since he had come, he didn’t intend to go back. The University of Stars and Clouds wasn’t a nice place to be anymore. He was disappointed and sad. 

Di Shang looked at Lin Feng. He seemed worried. He was afraid Lin Feng would reject his request and wouldn’t let him stay so he just stared at him. 

“Yes, it’s a good idea. Stay here then, you can help me here.” said Lin Feng smiling. He knew Di Shang was worried so he smiled mockingly and jokingly. Di Shang looked embarrassed but he was also touched and moved. 

“You’re a cultivator of the eighth Great Supreme God layer now, you’ll break through to the Godly Ancestor layer sooner. Take this Godly Tao Skill, at the most crucial moment, use it to level up.” said Lin Feng transmitting the first two wave attacks to Di Shang. He was generous with his people. 

“Daddy, daddy!!!!!!! Ancestor Nü’s daughter, Bai Nü, wants to see you!!!!!!!!” 

shouted Zhuang Ling Yun laughing at that moment. Then he rushed into the room. Di Shang initially intended to thank Uncle Lin Feng solemnly but Zhuang Ling Yun interrupted them. And Di Shang was surprised. He just looked at Lin Feng and thought, His son? 

“Ling Yun, come here.” said Lin Feng. Zhuang Ling Yun had arrived at the perfect moment. He would be able to show Di Shang his room. 

Zhuang Ling Yun came towards Lin Feng and looked at Di Shang curiously, then Lin Feng said, “Ling Yun, from now on, you and Di Shang will stay together all the time. You’re his fellow disciple. He will take care of you from now on.” 

“Di Shang, that stinky little boy is Zhuang Ling Yun, he’s my adoptive son. From now on, you take care of him. If he doesn’t obey you, you can hit him as you wish.” 

“Alright, I understand, Uncle.” said Di Shang smiling. Then he looked at Zhuang Ling Yun and giggled. Zhuang Ling Yun thought, “from now on, fun times are over”. He wasn’t happy. 

“I will go and see that Bai Nü. You do whatever you wish.” said Lin Feng smiling indifferently. Then he slowly walked out of the room and disappeared from the two people’s field of vision. 

“You’re daddy’s nephew?” 

“You’re Uncle’s adoptive son?”

said the two people almost at the same time. But they both felt awkward! 

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