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Chapter 1301: Lin Feng’s Plot! .


“Lin Feng, one year has passed and here we see each other again.” said Bai Nü smiling and staring at Lin Feng. He was a real man. In the Country of Eternity, he had ruined her plan. He had humiliated the Zhao Hall. Of course, her “husband” Zhao Yun Xiao was the one who suffered the most. 

Now, she was back in the World of Battles with Ancestor Nü. Regarding Zhao Yun Xiao, she didn’t see him anymore. It was just an alibi. She was Ancestor Nü’s daughter, how could she possibly be in a relationship with a piece of trash like Zhao Yun Xiao from the lower world???? 

Bai Nü was proud and ambitious. She had never felt touched or moved by a Lin Feng, not even Lin Feng. She wasn’t interested in Lin Feng physically, she was just curious. She wanted to understand him better. 

Bai Nü wanted a man who was as heroic as her father and for the time being, Lin Feng was far from being as strong. It may be just be a matter of time though. Who could be sure? 

Lin Feng remembered at the great competition of the universities, Bai Nü had participated as the representative of the Bai Clan and Lin Feng was the representative of the University of Stars and Clouds. The two were the only ones who weren’t Godly Ancestors so everybody else had made fun of them. 

It was funny now that it was part of the past. And Lin Feng considered Bai Nü as someone from the Country of Eternity too even if she was from the World of Battles. Because she had come with Chu Chun Qiu, Yan Cang Tian, the Ancient Demon King and Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor and the others. 

“What are you doing in Man Yu?” asked Lin Feng. Lin Feng didn’t hope things would go wrong with Bai Nü because it was already difficult to deal with Ni Huang, so if he had to deal with Ancestor Nü as well, he would be in trouble. 

Bai Nü was surprised but she smiled. She found Lin Feng cute. He wanted to maintain good relations with her so he remained professional and calm. 

“Don’t worry. I have no ulterior motives.” said Bai Nü smiling. She was beautiful but her mother was more beautiful. 

Ni Huang and Ancestor Nü were both more beautiful than their respective daughters, Qian Jin Cai Yue and Bai Nü. 

Bai Nü naturally didn’t know what Lin Feng was thinking, otherwise, she would have gone insane. 

“Since you came with pure motivations, tell me what you want.” said Lin Feng nodding. He asked directly because he didn’t want to give her any opportunity to waste time. 

Bai Nü’s eyes gleamed. She frowned angrily and asked, “Lin Feng, you’re lucky you’re the leader of the five territory alliance. No matter what status I come as, myself Bai Nü or Ancestor Nü’s daughter and envoy, you shouldn’t treat me like this!!!!” 

“Treat you like what? How should I treat you? With admiration? Or should I curry favor with you?” asked Lin Feng interrupting her. Bai Nü reddened angrily and started shaking violently from head to foot. She was so furious she started panting. Her chest moved back and forth. If any other man had been here, they would have been aroused, but Lin Feng couldn’t care less. 

“Lin Feng, you, you consider me as an enemy?” asked Bai Nü pointing at Lin Feng furiously. Lin Feng smiled indifferently and said neither slowly nor quickly, “What do you think? I still remember back then when you tried to kill me outside of the Zhao Hall, you remember?” 

“What the hell, Lin Feng?? That’s an old story. It’s not even worth mentioning!” 

said Bai Nü impatiently and angrily. She hadn’t thought Lin Feng would still be angry because of such a small thing. 

“A small thing? Excuuuuuse me, you think that, I don’t!” said Lin Feng smiling icily. He didn’t feel like staying there anymore so he got ready to stand up and see her off. 

When Bai Nü saw that, she was even more furious, she looked ice-cold. Frost appeared on her face, she had no choice but to speak, “My mother told me to tell you that if there were issues with Ni Huang here, you could always move to the Northeast, my mother welcomes you.” 

“Tell her thank you from me but I am now the leader of the five territory alliance so in the future, the Region of the Eight Corners will belong to me. I will not have time to go to Ancestor Nü’s territory or even move there. Please leave now!” said Lin Feng smiling indifferently. He was grateful but he wasn’t interested in Bai Nü. 

“You, if you keep infuriating me, I will not forgive you!! Hmph!!!!!” said Bai Nü crossing her arms and looking at Lin Feng furiously. She hadn’t thought he’d surprisingly treat her like that. He didn’t care about her or her mother’s face. 

Bam! Bai Nü kicked a chair and destroyed it. Then she left the room quickly and furiously. There was something dazzling and white in the air. 

Lin Feng smiled. She had tried to kill him in the past, it was a fact, if Lin Feng hadn’t been strong enough, he would have died. 

Lin Feng had never forgotten that woman. And even though she was Ancestor Nü’s daughter, Lin Feng’s opinion hadn’t changed. He didn’t care whose daughter she was, Lin Feng didn’t consider her as a friend and he never would. 

But Lin Feng didn’t hope they would become enemies. He had enough enemies. Xue Yu, Li Yu and Gan Yu posed a direct threat. And Then Ni Huang’s envoy, Zhen Yu. And there were Cheng Shan, the Ancient Demon King and Mo Mian too. Those enemies were all violent, sly and evil. 

It was useless to have regrets though. It was his fault, he had a bad temper and he offended people all the time. But Lin Feng had never regretted. He would do the exact same thing all over again if he was given the choice. 

After seeing Bai Nü off, he tried to think and understand what Ancestor Nü wanted from him? Why was she staying on Ni Huang’s territory those days? Qian Jin Cai Yue and Jing Rui were going to get married but no ceremony had been announced yet? It was as if something were plotting, Ancestor Nü maybe? 

But Ancestor Nü didn’t intend to leave. She was still in Jing City. And she had even sent her daughter to see Lin Feng Did Ancestor Nü want to conquer Ni Huang’s territory? 

Lin Feng didn’t understand. How could he know what overlords were thinking? He decided to stop thinking about that for the time being. He had other important things to do. 

“Lin Feng, why did you infuriate Ancestor Nü’s daughter?” 

asked Song Chou Jiu curiously slowly walking towards Lin Feng. He had worked all day, and then on his way to the great palace, he had seen Bai Nü. She looked furious and he understood she had just left Lin Feng. 

“I didn’t infuriate her. She got angry alone.” said Lin Feng shaking his head. He didn’t feel like justifying himself and Song Chou Jiu understood that. He knew Lin Feng was lying of course. 


“Brother Song, the five territory alliance has just been created. The organization of the territory is perfect. Now, we need to focus and work together. We need to absorb the three other territories. Reunifying the Region of the Eight Corners is the only way of becoming stronger.” 

“Lin Feng, I wanted to talk to you. You were with Bai Nü so I had no time to talk to you, but Miss Eight and the two other Masters are guarding Xue Wu Di and Gan Wu Dao.” 

“Xue Wu Di? Gan Wu Dao? What happened?” asked Lin Feng. 

“You will never guess who captured them.” said Song Chou Jiu smiling. He seemed excited. That’s why he had come to Lin Feng so quickly. 

“Who captured them?” asked Lin Feng shaking his head. Xue Wu Di was a Holy Godly Ancestor, he had just leveled up but who could capture a Holy Godly Ancestor? At least another Holy Godly Ancestor. 

Miss Eight and the others wouldn’t have made the effort. So who? 

“Li Ju!” said Song Chou Jiu smiling jokingly when he saw Lin Feng looked confuse.d 

Suddenly, Lin Feng seemed astonished. He stood up and looked at Lin Feng with his eyes wide open, “How is that possible??” 

Why would it be impossible? Do you know why Li Ju did that?” 

“Hehe, if that’s true, then no need to guess, Li Yu wants to join our alliance. At the same time, they are connected to Zong Hu too so they want to benefit from that contact. But they couldn’t come empty handed so bringing Xue Wu Di and Gan Wu Dao was a gift from them to us.” said Lin Feng. 

“Indeed. That’s exactly what Li Ju said. He also said that Xue Wu Di and Gan Wu Dao initially intended to go and kill all the people from the small influential groups who apologized to you to make people you killed them! Then they wanted to spread the news!” 

“What? If that’s the case, that’s a wonderful gift from Li Ju. Hehe.” said Lin Feng smiling icily. If Xue Wu Di and Gan Wu Dao had managed to do that, he would have needed days of work to fix the situation and then many people would have come to punish him. 

How cruel!!!! How cruel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Those two petty and vile bastards wanted to plot behind the scenes???? 

“Lin Feng, Li Yu wants to join the alliance.” 

“Don’t set high hopes on Li Ju. We can’t trust him.” 

“Indeed. That’s for sure. Li Ju will definitely does that because he wants Li Yu to benefit from it.” 

“Indeed. He knows I want the Region of the Eight Corners to be reunified, so he knows the Region of the Eight Corners needs Li Yu. Li Yu is a powerful territory so they’re qualified to negotiate with us.” said Lin Feng calmly. He didn’t feel panic-stricken. 

“What do we do?” asked Song Chou Jiu. Each time, he asked Lin Feng before taking a decision, that’s why he was Lin Feng’s best assistant. 

“Go and spread the news that Li Ju wants to join our alliance and that he captured Gan Wu Dao and Xue Wu Di and brought them to us as a gift.” said Lin Feng smiling evilly. He could also plot against other people! 

Song Chou Jiu was surprised but he quickly understood what Lin Feng meant. The most important thing was to put Li Ju in a difficult situation so that he would reach a point of no return. That way, he would be in a position in which he wouldn’t be able to refuse any of Lin Feng’s conditions to join the alliance, otherwise, if he refused, Xue Yu and Gan Yu may attack them. 

What a cruel plot! 

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