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Chapter 1302: Ni Huang Goes Too Far! .


“What’s wrong? Why are you so quiet, my dear little daughter?” 

In a beautiful mansion house in Jing City, in a courtyard, Ancestor Nü was getting dressed and putting makeup on. Her long black hair reached her waist. She looked beautiful. Her smile was splendid as well. She looked at herself in the mirror and combed her hair. She smelled good and smiled. 

“Mother, Lin Feng is so annoying! He doesn’t understand respect!” said Bai Nü angrily. She was furious. 

The woman just smiled. She had never seen Bai Nü so angry. Lin Feng was extraordinary. 

“He’s not ordinary. He dared provoke Ni Huang! Why would he treat you with respect?” asked Ancestor Nü sighing. She was remembered at the beginning and she remembered Lin Feng had also challenged Ni Huang, three years later. He sounded so determined. Ancestor Nü was convinced he would become an overlord at some point. 

“He’s an idiot. He dared challenge Ni Huang, he wants to die!” said Bai Nü furiously grinding her teeth. She sounded like a woman angry at her husband. 

Ancestor Nü shook her head and smiled indifferently. She didn’t think Lin Feng did things without thinking. He may shake the whole world three years later. The world order may change because of him. 

“Don’t offend Lin Feng. We’re going home tomorrow.” said Ancestor Nü tying her hair in a bun. She was wearing a white dress. Her figures were beautiful but she also looked pure and noble. 

She was inherently noble and pure. Bai Nü looked at her mother and reddened. She was furious on the inside, her mother was much, much more beautiful than her. She even wondered, how would Lin Feng react if her mother went and talked to him directly?????? 


Time passed slowly. Gan Wu Dao and Xue Wu Tian didn’t come back to their respective territories so the high officials of Gan Yu and Xue Yu were worried. They had a bad feeling. But Lin Feng could capture the two cultivators, if he did, then everybody would know he was the culprit and then people would attack him. 

Xue Wu Tian and Gan Yuan Chang were extremely worried. Li Ju was even more worried. He hadn’t thought that everybody would know he had betrayed Gan Wu Dao and Xue Wu Di and join Lin Feng’s alliance!!!!!! 

The news shook the whole Region of the Eight Corners. Gan Yuan Chang and Xue Wu Tian were furious. 

Li Ju knew that Lin Feng had plotted against him. He wanted him to choose a definitive side. He didn’t want to give Li Ju the opportunity to be friends with both sides. And he also made him understand he couldn’t afford to have too many conditions to join his alliance, because now Xue Wu Tian and Gan Yuan Chang were his enemies. 

What an evil plot. Lin Feng was cruel. He may have done the same if he had been Lin Feng though. Li Ju took a deep breath and decided it was useless to think about it now because he had no choice. He had to thoroughly join the alliance. 


“Someone come, I want to see Lin Feng.” 

said Li Ju outside of the Great Palace of Man Yu. Very quickly, some disciples reported to Song Chou Jiu. Then Song Chou Jiu went to see Lin Feng. 

At the same time, Gan Yuan Chang and Xue Wu Tian were on their way to Man Yu. They had to kill Li Ju, that traitor! They knew the three territory alliance was destined to collapse sooner or later but they hadn’t thought Li Yu would be the source of that calamity. 

Ni Huang also heard the news. As the leader of the Northwest, people constantly reported to her about the news of the region. When she heard Leader Li Ju had taken the initiative to join Lin Feng’s alliance and had betrayed Gan WU Dao and Xue Wu Di, she was dumbstruck and furious. 

“If Li Yu ends up in Lin Feng’s hands, the whole Region of the Eight Corners will be under his control.” When Zhen Yu heard that, he knelt down in front of Ni Huang and shouted furiously. He hoped Ni Huang would finally kill Lin Feng!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Ni Huang was furious and when she heard Zhen Yu, she was even more furious. Lin Feng had humiliated her before. An ordinary Godly Ancestor…….. He had dared offend and provoke her, Ni Huang! And Ancestor Nü was there, she had seen everything! 

“Zhen Yu, bring the five great war generals and ten great Holy Godly Ancestors, tell Lin Feng to dismantle the five territory alliance alliance and to leave the Region of the Eight Corners.” 


said Zhen Yu. He was overjoyed. He suddenly looked ferocious and evil. He clenched his fists and ground his teeth. This time, he may be able to kill Lin Feng. With five war generals and ten great Holy Godly Ancestors, how could Lin Feng win? 

Haha! Lin Feng, what will you do this time??? A debt of blood must be paid in blood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Zhen Yu flashed and disappeared. When he left, a blue silhouette flickered in the great palace. It was a man. He looked pretty and charming. His skin was white like a woman’s. 

The man bowed hand over fist respectfully in front of Ni Huang and then said, “Master, Zhen Yu, he…” 

“No need to say it, Feng Cai.I know he collaborates with the Demon Region.” said Ni Huang. Feng Cai was one of the five war generals. 

Feng Cai didn’t understand why she still resorted to his services if she knew. Wasn’t she afraid something unexpected could happen? 

“Feng Cai, Zhen Yu collaborates with the Demon Region. He’s a piece in my game. You’re also one of my pieces. You obey me, just like he does. You also went to the Buddhist Ancestor of the West as I told you, right?” said Ni Huang smiling icily. 

Feng Cai was surprised. Indeed, she was right. She surprisingly used so many people? 

“You and the Buddhist Ancestor of the West are now close. Zhen Yu is close to the Demon Region. The seventh phoenix and I don’t have great relations so they stay in the altar. And Peng and Kun Dao also have good relations, which means golden crows and humans have good relations.” 

“All this is part of my plan. You understand?” asked Ni Huang. 

Feng Cai nodded. He understood his Master had given a lot of thought to her plot. 

“Since you understand, follow Zhen Yu and go to the Region of the Eight Corners. Solve the issue as quickly as possible.” whispered Ni Huang waving at Feng Cai. 


“Master Li Ju, I can ensure you that joining the alliance will only have advantages for you. No disadvantages.” 

Lin Feng and Li Yu were negotiating in a room. Two hours had passed already. Li Yu wanted to benefit from that cooperation but Lin Feng had plotted against him so now Li Ju had to remain vigilant. 

Finally, when Lin Feng said that, Li Ju sighed. He had to admit that Lin Feng was smart. But if anything happened, the alliance would still help them, and if the alliance became glorious and powerful, Li Yu would also benefit from it! Besides, he was allowed to send two elders who would become elders in the alliance. 

“So, regarding our cooperation…” 

“Lin Feng, there’s a problem! Ni Huang’s envoy is here, Zhen Yu!” 

Li Ju stood up laughed wholeheartedly when suddenly Song Chou Jiu opened the door and shouted. When Lin Feng heard Song Chou Jiu, his expression changed. Zhen Yu was back? So? Usually, Song Chou Jiu didn’t look so scared. 

“Who is with Zhen Yu?” asked Lin Feng. He understood Song Chou Jiu was scared because Zhen Yu had brought people. 

“The five war generals and ten Holy Godly Ancestors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” said Song Chou Jiu. He looked terrified and desperate. He was terrified. Ni Huang really wanted to destroy Lin Feng! 

Lin Feng frowned. Ni Huang had sent a powerful army. 

“Ni Huang, you’re going too far.” whispered Lin Feng. Then he ignored Li Ju and followed Song Chou Jiu outside. He got ready to “welcome” that army. 

Li Ju pulled a long face. He hadn’t thought Ni Huang would send people at the most crucial moment. Besides, considering Song Chou Jiu’s face, he understood they were in danger. He had almost forgotten Ni Huang supported the three territory alliance initially. 

It was too late now. He couldn’t go back. And if he didn’t help Lin Feng, Lin Feng would be against him and Ni Huang would be against him too. 

“Since I chose that path, I have no regret.” 

thought Li Ju clenching his fists. It was a bet. Lin Feng knew what he was doing most of the time. He had also humiliated and provoked Ni Huang in public which meant he probably had a solution in case she came to cause trouble? 

Lin Feng and the other high officials of the five territory alliance as well as Miss Eight and the two others, Qing Huang Tian etc. all came out of the great palace and stood in the sky. It was initially dark because of the clouds but golden energies appeared and illuminated the area. 

There were golden clouds over dozens of thousands of li in the sky. It seemed like a sanguinary battle was going to start. 

“Lin Feng, you’re going to die today!” 

Zhen Yu stood at the front and smiled evilly and ferociously. He was convinced he was going to succeed in his evil scheme. 

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