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Chapter 1303: Lin Feng Is Humiliated! .


“Ni Huang is definitely determined to cause trouble, uh?” Lin Feng looked at the army in front of him, five war generals and ten Holy Godly Ancestors. Miss Eight and the two others couldn’t do anything against such an army. 

Ni Huang had taken drastic measures. 

But it was normal. He had started conquering Ni Huang’s territory. And the Region of the Eight Corners was a special territory. Ni Huang was furious and it was a normal reaction. If she didn’t care, it would be really strange. 

Initially, Lin Feng intended to go and see Ni Huang personally. Then he wanted to discuss conditions. He didn’t want to ruin everything with her. He wanted to tell her that she didn’t need to worry and that the Region of the Eight Corners was safe with him as the leader there but now it was impossible. 

“Lin Feng, you can only blame yourself for being how you are. Ni Huang doesn’t like you.” said Zhen Yu smiling icily and ferociously. He just wanted to kill Lin Feng. 

“Hehe. Ni Huang doesn’t like me or you don’t?” asked Lin Feng. He detested Zhen Yu from the bottom of his heart. 

“Both. So?” said Zhen Yu smiling icily and clenching his fists which crackled. Most people paled when they heard him. Then he raised his right hand and got ready to tell his group to attack and destroy everybody. 

“Nothing! Since you use force… We submit!” said Lin Feng glumly. He was furious on the inside but he had no choice. He didn’t fear them, he had trump cards, he could go to his spirit world in the worst case. 

The ice spirit had told him she wouldn’t help him again but even if she helped, she wouldn’t be able to do much this time. He couldn’t give up easily but he couldn’t let his friends fight and die. 

He glanced around and realized Li Ju was surprisingly standing on his side so he felt touched and moved. No matter what happened now, at Li Yu were on their side even though they were facing danger. Li Ju dared face Ni Huang’s army, he had balls. 

“Hehe, we use our power, of course, it’s a world where strong cultivators win, not weaklings. Don’t you use your power when you put pressure on enemies? Why couldn’t we?” said Zhen Yu icily. Then he glanced at Ni Huang’s ten servants and slowly waved his right hand, “As Master Ni Huang said, kill Lin Feng and destroy the five territory alliance!!!!!!!” 

“Slowly, Zhen Yu, she didn’t say that, I think she said Lin Feng had to surrender without conditions and dismantle the five territory alliance.” 

said a man after Zhen Yu shouted furiously. Suddenly, everybody looked at the man in blue clothes next to Zhen Yu. Feng Cai slowly came out of the group and looked at Zhen Yu gravely and seriously. 

“What is this nonsense supposed to mean, Feng Cai???” Zhen Yu looked panic-stricken. He couldn’t miss this opportunity! It was his only chance of getting rid of Lin Feng and Feng Cai was ruining his plan!!!!!!!! 

He was furious and panic-stricken. 

“That’s not nonsense. Master Ni Huang did say Lin Feng had to capitulate without conditions and dismantle the five territory alliance so that the Region of the Eight Corners could calm down again. How could she order to destroy the five territory alliance? Zhen Yu, if we destroyed the five territory alliance, then it would be a huge loss for the Region of the Eight Corners, do you really want to do that?” 

asked Feng Cai glumly and icily. He didn’t give him face at all even though his interlocutor was the leader of the five warrior generals. The only person who could threaten Zhen Yu was Feng Cai. Zhen Yu was like Ni Huang’s arm but Feng Cai was like Ni Huang’s dagger. 

Lin Feng looked at them. He understood that Ni Huang had taken such a decision because of Zhen Yu, otherwise, she wouldn’t have offended the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points and her own daughter Qian Jin Cai Yue. 

This time, Zhen Yu had caused trouble to Ni Huang for his selfish interests, because he hated Lin Feng. 

What a bad luck. Lin Feng knew Zhen Yu was jealous but he hadn’t thought he’d so petty and vile. He was evil. He could easily become one of his worst nightmares as well. 

“Feng Cai, don’t forget that I am Ni Huang’s envoy.” shouted Zhen Yu furiously. He couldn’t let Feng Cai ruin his plot so he burst into fury. 

Feng Cai smiled mockingly, “You’re the leader of the war generals and Ni Huang’s envoy, uh? But…? Don’t forget…” 

said Feng Cai humiliating Zhen Yu even more. Zhen Yu hadn’t forgotten Feng Cai’s privileges. 

“Sigh, stop causing trouble. I am also one of Ni Huang’s people, let’s support each other. Don’t you want to crush that fucking bastard who hates our Master????” said Zhen Yu. He didn’t know what to say anymore so he became extremely rude. 

Feng Cai wanted to please Ni Huang. He was devoted. According to some rumors, Feng Cai was even in love with her but Ni Huang’s man was too strong. 

As expected, when Feng Cai heard Lin Feng may pose a threat to Ni Huang, he looked glum and nodded slowly, “I can kill Lin Feng but we can’t destroy the five territory alliance. They’re Ni Huang’s people.” 

“Alright, alright, hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come and help me kill Lin Feng everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” shouted Zhen Yu. He was overjoyed so he charged Lin Feng first. The thirteen Holy Godly Ancestors behind him also charged. 

Song Chou Jiu, Zong Hu and the others ground their teeth and jumped in front of Lin Feng. Even if they knew they were going to die, they couldn’t let the enemies crush Lin Feng in the blink of an eye. 

“No!!!!!!! You’re insane!!!!!!!!!!” shouted Lin Feng when he saw Song Chou Jiu and the others jump in front of him. He threw an Aggressive Punch and all those people were blown away. At the same time, Zhen Yu’s punch was about to reach him. It was moving straight towards his Aggressive Punch. 


Lin Feng was blown away. Nothing surprising or unexpected happened. Lin Feng was much weaker than Zhen Yu so he was blown away. Zhen Yu was a Holy Godly Ancestor after all. He could easily kill Spiritual Godly Ancestors. 



Lin Feng coughed blood. He put his hand on his chest, it hurt. He looked around him, the bluestone ground was completely destroyed. 

“Husband, how do you feel???” asked Qing Huang Tian flashing. She was panic-stricken. She grabbed Lin Feng and lifted him a little. She looked at him worriedly. Then she turned around and looked at the seventh phoenix. She was furious. The seventh phoenix had accepted to cooperate with them??? 

“I can’t force anyone to do anything but if you kill my husband, I will do my best to become the leader of the Phoenix Clan.” said Qing Huang Tian icily. She was also the seventh phoenix those days. 

The seventh phoenix had realized Qing Huang Tian had the strength of the Holy Godly Ancestor layer, he was astonished and worried at the same time. 

“I…” He wanted to justify himself but Zhen Yu stopped him and smiled at Qing Huang Tian icily, he smiled mockingly, “Who the fuck do you think you are? You, the leader of the Phoenix Clan? You’ve just broken through to the Holy Godly Ancestor layer and you think highly of yourself, uh? Shut the hell up and stop talking shit!” 

“Zhen Yu, how dare you intervene in the Phoenix Clan’s affairs?” said Lin Feng icily. He wanted to humiliate Zhen Yu. 

Zhen Yu looked at him furiously and clenched his fists. Then he disappeared. Qing Huang Tian was startled and panic-stricken again. She hastily threw a palm strike in the air. Many people were astonished. Suddenly, Zhen Yu reappeared and threw a punch. Dazzling golden lights illuminated the area. 


Qing Huang Tian coughed blood, paled and was blown away. She crashed against a pavilion which collapsed. Qing Huang Tian then crashed into the debris and coughed blood again. 

“Sister Qing! Sister Qing! ARRRRRGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ZHEN YU, YOU BASTARD!!!!!!!!!!” shouted Lin Feng. His eyes became bloodshot when he saw Qing Huang Tian was badly injured. His eyes were filled with murder. 

Lin Feng shouted furiously and gathered speed. He got ready to use a deadly attack, however, as soon as he got up, Zhen Yu threw a palm strike at him again and Lin Feng was blown three thousand meters away. 

“Cough cough!” Lin Feng coughed blood. It felt as his heart was about to burst. He felt humiliated too, and exhausted. Zhen Yu grinned mockingly and then he burst into laughter. Then he charged Lin Feng again. Then he grabbed Lin Feng by the neck in front of everybody and lifted him. 

“Aren’t you an amazing fighter? Uh? Fight back then! Hehe.” Zhen Yu smiled mockingly and firmly pressed on Lin Feng’s neck. Lin Feng started suffocating and turned purple. 

“Lin Feng, this time, I’m going to show everybody that the rumors were false. You never defeated me!” said Zhen Yu smiling mockingly. For Zhen Yu, Lin Feng was dead meat already. He couldn’t escape anymore. So Zhen Yu decided he could have some fun and humiliate Lin Feng maybe. 

Miss Eight and the two others quickly submitted to the dozen Holy Godly Ancestors. They couldn’t do anything while Lin Feng was being humiliated and tortured by Zhen Yu.

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