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Chapter 1304: The Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points’ Power!


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“I should have killed you during the first ceremony.” Lin Feng coughed blood and paled. His Qi became extremely week. He regretted he hadn’t killed Zhen Yu the first time he had humiliated. him. But there was no remedy for regret in the world. 

“Haha! You regret? I still regret that I didn’t kill you back in Jing City. You managed to humiliate me repeatedly. You even humiliated Master Ni Huang!” swore Zhen Yu, looking down upon Lin Feng and smiling scornfully. His eyes were filled with murder. Nobody could prevent him from killing Lin Feng anymore! 

“Alright, stop talking shit now. If you want to kill me, go ahead,” Lin Feng spat, closing his eyes and waiting for death. Since he couldn’t save the Five Territory Alliance anymore, he had no choice but to wait for death. Lin Feng understood many things at that moment, but unfortunately, it was too late. 

He couldn’t compete with the War Generals who worked for Ni Huang, so what was the point in being the leader of the Five Territory Alliance? What was the point in reunifying the Region of the Eight Corners? If he wasn’t an overlord, what was the point in controlling a territory? 

Zhen Yu grinned, slowly raised his arm, and clenched his fist. He threw a punch, one meant to kill Lin Feng. 

“Try and dare, Zhen Yu!” The Seventh Phoenix and another Holy Godly Ancestor kept Qing Huang Tian under control and she couldn’t move. She shouted, but it was useless. Zhen Yu just glanced at her and smiled icily, then continued. 

“Zhen Yu, if you do that, someone will use the same method to kill you!!” shouted Song Chou Jiu furiously. He now hated Zhen Yu as much as Cheng Shan. 

“Zhen Yu, if you do that, the Region of the Eight Corners will never forgive you. We will announce our independence and we will become enemies. So try and you’ll see!!” shouted Bao Sha defiantly. They had reached a point of no return. 

“Zhen Yu, if you are a man, release Lin Feng!” shouted Miss Eight furiously. 

When Zhen Yu heard those people, he didn’t get angry. On the contrary, he smiled even more. Those people were ridiculous. The more they begged and threatened, the more he rejoiced. The whole process of killing Lin Feng was great, he enjoyed himself so much. It proved that Lin Feng’s people were weak! 

Zhen Yu laughed loudly and said, “Lin Feng, I hope you’ll me again in your next life, hahahahahahahaha!” he crooned. Zhen Yu threw a punch at Lin Feng’s head. Lin Feng had to die this time! 

Lin Feng grinned. This time, he was sure the Ice Spirit was going to help him. 

“Despicable little boy! You’re using me again!” said the Ice Spirit, sighing helplessly. She intervened at the most crucial moment. She couldn’t let Zhen Yu kill Lin Feng. 

At the same time, an old man in golden clothes suddenly appeared in front of Zhen Yu. The old man was the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points!

The Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points glanced at Zhen Yu. His eyes were filled with murder. Zhen Yu went pale with fright. Zhen Yu looked at him as if he were the avatar of death coming for him. He was truly terrified. 

“You have balls!” shouted the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points, staring at Zhen Yu. The old man was sick and tired of Zhen Yu. This idiot had tried to kill Lin Feng repeatedly. Initially, the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points had given Ni Huang face, but now he was sick of it. Ni Huang was provoking him, and didn’t respect him. 

Since it was that way, he didn’t care. Cutting ties with Ni Huang didn’t bother him at all! 

“Master, you better not get in my way. I came here because Ni Huang gave us orders,” said Zhen Yu, trembling with terror, and staring at the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points. 

“What if I did?” said the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points icily. He wasn’t joking at all. He was angry. If he had been younger, he would have destroyed them on the spot! 

“Well, then, don’t blame me!” shouted Zhen Yu explosively. He raised his hand, and Feng Cai and the other Holy Godly Ancestors all attacked. A dozen Holy Godly Ancestors joined hands to fight against the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points! 

Lin Feng took a deep breath. If the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points hadn’t stopped them, the Ice Spirit would have helped. 

The Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points looked at the fifteen Holy Godly Ancestors and smiled icily. “You’re overestimating yourselves. Fifteen Holy Godly Ancestors against me? What a joke! Haha! Ni Huang, you can only blame yourself!!” shouted the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points suddenly. It seemed the sky was about to collapse when he shouted. He even caused an earthquake. 


People heard him hundreds of thousands of li away. When Ni Huang heard him, she paled, but in the end, she forced a smile. Even the ground in her room had cracked. 

A year ago, her daughter was there with her every day, she was still called “mommy” all the time. Now, there was only coldness. Qian Jin Cai Yue wasn’t there anymore. 

“Where are you, my daughter?” asked Ni Huang, closing her eyes. Two drops of tears flowed down her cheeks. She quickly opened her eyes again, looking determined. 

“Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points, if you dare kill my assistants, I will destroy you!” 


In the central part of Man Yu, Lin Feng and the others were together and looking at the sky in surprise. Even Lin Feng was astonished. 

The Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points looked insane as he threw a punch at Feng Cai. His fists weighed one billion jin when he threw punches. 

Zhen Yu and the Seventh Phoenix joined hands. Peng and the Golden Crow were together, too. They all staring at the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points. The Seventh Phoenix condensed phoenix blood strength. 

“Plate Tectonics!” shouted the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points angrily. 

The four people in front of him realized there was something wrong. They didn’t move, but the ground under their feet was moving with them on top. 

“Oh no, run!” Zhen Yu’s expression suddenly changed. He realized there was a problem and wanted to escape. 

As soon as he began to move, a gigantic hand appeared and fell towards him. It smashed Zhen Yu into the ground, and a gigantic crater appeared around him. 

Then he slapped the three others, who were blown away. The Golden Crow suffered the most, as he even lost two feathers! 

“Argh! Argh! My feathers! AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!” The Golden Crow was freaking out. Blood started dripping from the wound where his two feathers used to be. 

Qing Huang Tian closed her eyes when she saw that. As a phoenix, she understood what it meant to lose feathers. 

It meant that his cultivation level had dropped two cultivation levels. In other words, the Golden Crow was a Holy Godly Ancestor when he arrived, and now he was just a Supreme God! 

“I, Jin Li Ting, officially announce that I am back in the World of Battles!” The Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points raised his arms to the skies. He was surrounded by dazzling lights, and his face changed. Initially, he looked extremely old, but now he had a firm skin and pitch-black hair, and looked like a middle-aged man. 

A golden halo floated above his head. Lin Feng had never seen someone so strong. The Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points was terrifyingly powerful! 

“And now, piss off!!” shouted the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points to the remaining Holy Godly Ancestors. Lights emerged from his hands and pushed them all away. They couldn’t withstand a single attack! 

Suddenly, all the Holy Godly Ancestors had been defeated. Poor Golden Crow. He was now a piece of trash, and that was also one War General less than before. Zhen Yu was lying in a gigantic crater and looked miserable. His internal organs had been destroyed. 

Feng Cai was the only one who wasn’t too badly injured. When he saw how the others were, he was terrified. Overlords were overlords! Holy Godly Ancestors couldn’t afford to offend them! The Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points was too strong! 

Initially, Xue Wu Tian and Gan Yuan Chang were hiding in the crowd, but now they had to get ready to get humiliated a second time. 

If the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points controlled the Region of the Eight Corners, what would happen to Xue Yu and Gan Yu? Fighting against Lin Feng would be pointless. It wasn’t necessary! 

“Aren’t you gone yet? Could it be that you want me to kill you or what?” said the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points evenly. It made him even more awesome. 

Zhen Yu struggled to get up, then pulled up the Golden Crow by the arm. He was terror-stricken, as were the dozen Holy Godly Ancestors. They left Man Yu as quickly as they could, but Lin Feng’s eyes were still filled with murder. 

Lin Feng remembered that bastard’s face. The next time, Lin Feng would kill him for sure!!

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