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Chapter 1305: Independence of the Region of the Eight Corners!


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Jing City, Jing City’s great palace, Ancestor Nü’s room… 

“Mom, something happened in the Region of the Eight Corners!” 

Bai Nü was worried. Ancestor Nü was getting ready to leave Jing City and go back to her territory. But when she heard her daughter, she was dumbstruck. 

“Tell me more, honey.” 

“Yes, mom, so…” 


Qian Jin Cai Yue was hiding in the Region of the Eight Corners. She didn’t dare go to the central part of Man Yu, as she didn’t want people to find her. She saw some golden lights in the distance, and didn’t know what it meant, but she felt desperate. Her mother had really sent five War Generals to kill Lin Feng and destroy his Alliance! 

Qian Jin Cai Yue hated Ni Huang more and more. Her mother! Why had everything changed in one year? At the beginning, Ni Huang had liked Lin Feng, so what had changed? Why had she canceled the wedding? Wouldn’t Ni Huang be happy to have a son-in-law like Lin Feng? 

He would have reunified the Region of the Eight Corners and everything would have been perfect! Had someone manipulated her mother? 

Qian Jin Cai Yue started having doubts. Her mother wasn’t usually so confused, and didn’t make stupid decisions. Someone had probably lied to Ni Huang about Lin Feng. Who, though? Qian Jin Cai Yue guessed immediately, but she didn’t think of Zhen Yu at first, she thought of Feng Cai. 

There were only two people who were close to her mother: Master Feng Cai and Zhen Yu. But Master Feng Cai loved her mother, so he wouldn’t try to hurt her, which meant Zhen Yu was the culprit. 

I think it must be him. He’s petty, vile, he seems like a potential traitor, and he’s selfish, thought Qian Jin Cai Yue. 

“Lin Feng, if Zhen Yu kills you, I will avenge you. Even if you don’t die, I will not forgive Zhen Yu and spare his life. He even plotted against my mother.” Qian Jin Cai Yue made a decision. She turned around and left the border of Man Yu. She decided to go back to Ni Huang’s world. 


Zhen Yu and the fourteen Holy Godly Ancestors and the War Generals had lost and it spread everywhere in half a day. Everybody in the north of the World of Battles learned everything. 

Even more astonishing, the Region of the Eight Corners declared independence on that day, too! They weren’t under Ni Huang’s authority anymore. Now the Region of the Eight Corners was called the Eight Territory Alliance. The leader was a young man called Lin Feng. Everybody knew Lin Feng in Ni Huang’s territory, but not everyone in the Northwest. 

But there was an exception: the Demon Clan! Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor and the Ancient Demon King heard the news and were furious. They had cooperated and supported Zhen Yu, and had helped him plot against Ni Huang. They had told him to make Ni Huang hate Lin Feng. 

“It seems like Lin Feng has become influential” the Ancient Demon King frowned. He wasn’t happy but he felt helpless. 

Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor didn’t say anything, but he felt the same. They had been here for a year. They were still in the Demon Clan and their life was boring. Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor had become a Vice Leader, but it wasn’t fun. He was bored. 

They mostly worked as Ancestor Mo’s flunkies, but Lin Feng had already become the leader of the Region of the Eight Corners, and the difference between them and Lin Feng might become too big at some point. They might have to give up. 

“Vice Leader, someone wants to see you,” a disciple called out suddenly.

Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor frowned and shouted impatiently and explosively, “Piss off, and tell them to piss off!!” 

“Haha, Master told me to come. Am I not welcome?” called back Cheng Shan, smiling. 


The Tai Qing Sect was Kun Dao’s territory. In the north, Qing Ling Chao and Fei Yang had gone back to their clan after coming back from the Country of Eternity. 

Qing Ling Chao was bored and didn’t do much. He just taught his disciple Qing Fei Yang things. When he heard about Lin Feng, he was astonished. 

Lin Feng had become famous in one year? 

How? Qing Ling Chao didn’t believe that. He scratched his beard and started shaking. The Region of the Eight Corners had declared independence! Lin Feng had stolen one of Ni Huang’s territories! Ni Huang was an overlord, how astonishing!

“Fei Yang, you’re an ordinary Godly Ancestor now, you should go and travel. It’s not good to stay in the Tai Qing Sect all the time.” 

“Where should I go, Teacher?” asked Fei Yang, holding a sword and looking delighted. He had wanted to travel for a while, but his teacher wasn’t strong enough and couldn’t protect him. 

“Fei Yang, you remember Lin Feng?” asked Qing Ling Chao. 

Fei Yang was surprised, but nodded quickly, “Yes, the first young genius of the Country of Eternity who defeated Yan Cang Tian. What’s wrong, Teacher?” 

“You’re going to see him!” 


“Because you have to become famous!” 


“Hehe, Lin Feng likes to stir up trouble.” After his daily practice, Chu Chun Qiu heard the news. He couldn’t help but smile and wipe his sweat off with a cloth. He gave the towel to a servant and walked away. 

In the World of Battles, the Lun Bi Empire was wealthy and powerful. Of course, as a third-grade influential group, they only had five Godly Ancestors at most. The strongest one was a Holy Godly Ancestor. 

He had gone through special training and he had the strength of the ordinary Godly Ancestor layer. Now he wanted to break through to the Spiritual Godly Ancestor layer! 

“Wait until I break through, then I’ll pay you a visit!” whispered Chu Chun Qiu, but he left the palace. There was a ceremony in the Northeast of the World of Battles, and many young geniuses were going to participate, including him. 

The Northeast of the World of Battles was Ancestor Nü’s territory! 

The Region of the Eight Corners had declared independence. Of course, those who didn’t know the Region of the Eight Corners didn’t care. 


North, Kun Dao’s palace… 

Kun Dao was wearing a purple robe and a white jade belt. He had an ancient blue crown on his head. He was neither fat nor skinny. He was one meter ninety and well-proportioned. He was even fairly handsome. He didn’t look like the old Ancestor of the North. 

“Master, I checked,” a man in black clothes announced. He was on his knees at the entrance of the palace. 

Kun Dao’s eyes flashed and he said, “Speak.” 

“Someone helped Lin Feng reunify the Region of the Eight Corners!” 

“Nonsense, speak directly! Who?” demanded Kun Dao languidly. 

The man in black outside didn’t dare beat about the bush and went straight to the point, “Yes, Master!” 


Kun Dao clenched his fists, he was holding a glass, which broke into a billion pieces. Kun Dao stopped and narrowed his eyes. They were filled with murder, but he also seemed afraid.

“Old grouch, I never thought you were still alive! 

“Lin Feng? Should I call you fellow disciple? Since you dared help that old grouch, it means you’re his accomplice! We’ll play together!”

“Di Sha, bring ten Holy Godly Ancestors and a few other Godly Ancestors with you. Disguise yourselves and go to Ni Huang’s territory. Contact some influential groups who are situated nearby the Region of the Eight Corners. You know what to do…” 

“Understood, Master! We will show Lin Feng!” 

“No need. First, investigate. Since we have the same teacher, he’s my fellow disciple. We have things to talk about!” said Kun Dao, raising his left hand. The glass he had just broken was now back in his hands and intact. Kun Dao just smiled and looked at his glass. 

“I, Kun Dao, can break, so I can fix too!” 


The world order was changing. It might not influence the order of the whole World of Battles, but for Ni Huang, it was a serious attack. 

Ni Huang controlled Shen Hai Mo Lin, the Region of the Eight Corners, Jing City and Liang City. Now, the Region of the Eight Corners had declared independence. She couldn’t get them back unless the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points left, but that was impossible. 

Shen Hai Mo Lin was a terrifying place that Ni Huang didn’t manage. She really only managed Jing City, Liang City, and a few other small groups. 

The Ancestors of the Five Cardinal Points had destroyed one of her War Generals. The Golden Crow would never become a Holy Godly Ancestor again, angering her. 

Luckily, she had heard her daughter was back. Good news! 


Without the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points, Lin Feng would have failed miserably. Lin Feng considered it normal that the old man had helped him, because he was like a mentor. 

The Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points had attached importance to him straight from the beginning. 

Li Ju felt happy. He had seized a great opportunity. He had submitted to Lin Feng before the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points had intervened. They were so lucky! For Xue Wu Tian and Gan Yuan Chang, however, it was a nightmare. They would never be able to become the leaders of their respective groups!

The atmosphere calmed down temporarily there. Nothing happened afterwards. Ni Huang also stopped sending people. 

But someone was going to the Phoenix Clan: Qing Huang Tian! 

She had become a Seventh Phoenix and usually, a ceremony happened in such cases. She wanted her ceremony, too! 

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