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Chapter 1307: Marriage Alliance?


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“You will regret sooner or later.” Qing Huang Tian was standing in front of the Seventh Phoenix. Her eyes were filled with murder, but she couldn’t kill him. 

She was in danger now. 

“Huang Tian, you don’t understand. What is so great about that Lin Feng? He keeps offending Ni Huang! He’s a calamity! Master Ni Huang will end up killing him sooner or later. Since you are with him, you are a disgrace for the Phoenix Clan,” the Seventh Phoenix sighed. He could put pressure on her using force in the past, but not anymore; she was a phoenix with seven feathers now. She was also a Holy Godly Ancestor! 

He could only talk and hope Qing Huang Tian would understand and stop clinging to Lin Feng stubbornly. 

But Qing Huang Tian WAS stubborn. She didn’t care about the Seventh Phoenix, and she didn’t intend to change her mind. She had made a decision and would not take her word back. Lin Feng was the man of her life, and if the Phoenix Clan tried to force her to marry someone else, she would kill herself! 

“Leader, you have to understand the rules of the Rainbow Phoenix Altar. Lin Feng was victorious up to the Sixth Phoenix, so I naturally have to be his woman. It’s a rule. Now you want me to get married to Zhen Yu? Do you know what that means?” shouted Qing Huang Tian furiously. 

The Seventh Phoenix cared about the Phoenix Plan. The Phoenix Clan had to be on Ni Huang’s side, or Ni Huang would turn hostile, which could be tragic. Therefore, a marriage Alliance with Zhen Yu would be the best way. They would also oppose Lin Feng. 

Everybody knew Zhen Yu and Lin Feng were sworn enemies. They also knew that Lin Feng’s greatest weakness was women. Making her marry Zhen Yu was the best way to force Lin Feng to react. 

That was what the Phoenix Clan wanted to do, but Zhen Yu was the author of the plot, a scheme for killing Lin Feng. The Phoenix Clan was just one of his pieces in the game. 

“Huang Tian, I know what you’re telling me. Lin Feng and Zhen Yu are enemies, yes, but! Master Ni Huang announced that herself and didn’t consult me, so I had no choice but to agree. If you refuse, Master Ni Huang said she would destroy the entire Phoenix Clan!” said the Seventh Phoenix. He looked frightened. 

He had been in the Phoenix Clan for so many years. If Ni Huang destroyed the Phoenix Clan because of Lin Feng, as the leader, how would he ever be able to face his ancestors in death? And the dragon-phoenix ancestors? 

The Seventh Phoenix couldn’t let such a thing happen, so he had agreed to give up Qing Huang Tian to a marriage Alliance with Zhen Yu. It would mean that the Phoenix Clan was catching up with Ni Huang’s Clan. On top of that, the Golden Crow, one of the five War Generals, had been crippled by the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points, so Qing Huang Tian could replace him! 

Of course, Qing Huang Tian had to agree to marry Zhen Yu first. As soon as she agreed, Ni Huang would have two new generals, which would be an incredible honor for the Phoenix Clan. The Seventh Phoenix was excited when he thought about it. 

“Hehe, destroy the Phoenix Clan? How audacious! Let her talk. She wants to offend our common ancestors! Let her try, we’ll see if she dares!” replied Qing Huang Tian, smiling coldly. 

She looked at the Seventh Phoenix mockingly. She had spent so much time with Lin Feng, she was starting to act like him. 

She was convinced Ni Huang wouldn’t dare, unless she had decided to betray her ancestors. Her ancestors had taken an oath!

“Stop talking. Don’t tarnish the Master’s reputation!” shouted the Seventh Phoenix quickly. He was purple with fury. He had lost his patience. Qing Huang Tian was looking at him mockingly?!

When Qing Huang Tian saw that, she grinned even more scornfully. In the past, she thought the Seventh Phoenix was some kind of holy being, but now she was a strong cultivator and realized he wasn’t. 

“You’re the leader of the Phoenix Clan and you keep calling Ni Huang “Master”; you keep currying favor with her, you are cold to your own people, and you treat them unjustly. That’s the leader of the Phoenix Clan! You make me sick!” said Qing Huang Tian, looking down on the Seventh Phoenix. 

His expression suddenly changed. He clenched his fists, wanting to throw a punch, but he didn’t in the end. Qing Huang Tian was an adult now, she wasn’t a young girl anymore. She wasn’t the same Qing Huang Tian of a year ago. 

She had changed too much since she was with Lin Feng! 

The two phoenixes had never been close to each other. In terms of strength and status, they were at the same level now, so neither of them could give orders to the other. 

“Huang Tian, I can’t force you to do anything. But you should go and talk to Master Ni Huang yourself. She’s waiting for you in the meeting hall,” the Seventh Phoenix sighed, shaking his head and sighing. He left and walked off to another hall. 

He initially thought Qing Huang Tian would submit to him. His way of thinking had been too simplistic. 


Qing Huang Tian didn’t say anything. After he left, she walked to the meeting hall. 

It was a gigantic and splendid palace, dozens of li wide. All the buildings were made of blue jade. There were four columns around the great palace made of pure gold. There were patterns on the ground which were recognizable only from the sky. 

Ni Huang was in the palace. Her eyes were closed and she was seated cross-legged. She was wearing a golden dress that was almost transparent. Beautiful! 

Ni Huang had the Qi of a pure and noble person, but her closed eyes were filled with murder. Apart from her breathing, there was no other sound. Then Qing Huang Tian came over, and Ni Huang heard her steps. 

Tap, tap, tap… Qing Huang Tian felt as if she were walking closer and closer to death after each step but she still continued forwards fearlessly. When she arrived, she looked at Ni Huang fearlessly, a cold look in her eyes. 

Time passed slowly. Ni Huang looked as if she were sleeping. She didn’t move, she didn’t blink, she didn’t make any sound. 

The Seventh Phoenix stood at the gate and felt emotional and annoyed at the same time. He really wished Qing Huang Tian would accept the marriage alliance. 

Zhen Yu was in the palace too, standing right next to Ni Huang. He remained silent. He had already seen Qing Huang Tian. She was indeed very beautiful. When he heard he was going to get married to Lin Feng’s woman, he was astonished and overjoyed. 

Lin Feng would be so humiliated. He would never dare show up in the World of Battles again, at least in the North! 

But he didn’t understand Lin Feng. When someone dared touch one of Lin Feng’s women, they died, there was no exception!

Ni Huang suddenly opened her eyes and frowned. She had been waiting for long time, but Qing Huang Tian still wasn’t kneeling down in front of her and had remained silent. Ni Huang was furious. 

“What? You’ve spent a few days with Lin Feng and now you’ve forgotten politeness and respect? There are no despicable phoenixes, KNEEL DOWN, NOW!!” shouted Ni Huang icily. 

It felt like her voice had come from the netherworld. Qing Huang Tian felt as if her third eye had been stabbed. She suddenly became very pale, her legs started shaking violently, and she fell on her knees. 

“Greetings, Ni Huang,” said Qing Huang Tian, grinding her teeth. She felt humiliated, but she had no choice. 

She didn’t call her Master, so Ni Huang’s expression changed again. This woman had become like Lin Feng in a short time, huh? She even forgot about her own roots and clan! 

“Do you agree to marry Zhen Yu?” asked Ni Huang, smiling in icy disdain. 

“Over my dead body!” shouted Qing Huang Tian furiously. She was determined. Nobody would make her change her mind, not even Ni Huang! 

Ni Huang hadn’t thought Qing Huang Tian would be so stubborn. As expected, she had a bad temper, just like Lin Feng now. 

Ni Huang was jealous of Lin Feng. He managed to have so many loyal people on his side. 

“You prefer dying?” 

“Indeed. I prefer dying!” 

“Hehe, what if your “husband Lin Feng” died?” Ni Huang smiled icily. Qing Huang Tian only stared at Ni Huang. Ni Huang looked absolutely serious, so Qing Huang Tian hesitated. 

When Ni Huang saw that, she smiled wryly inside. As expected, Qing Huang Tian was really in love with Lin Feng, and was ready to give up on her life for him. 

“If you don’t want Lin Feng to die, you have no choice but to accept the marriage alliance! Then, when you are married to Zhen Yu, the Phoenix Clan and the Real Phoenix Clan will become allies. You will also be one of my five War Generals! What do you think?” stated Ni Huang. She had a great plan already. She intended to make Qing Huang Tian submit at all costs. 

Zhen Yu looked excited. He imagined himself on their first night as a newly married couple… Hahahahaha! How awesome! Qing Huang Tian was about to become his officially. Lin Feng’s woman was about to become his sex toy!! 

“Haha!! Thank you very much, Master!” shouted Zhen Yu laughing loudly, clenching his fists and kneeling down. 

“You fucking pig! I haven’t agreed yet!” shouted Qing Huang Tian furiously. Zhen Yu made her sick! 

Ni Huang frowned. She was growing angrier… 

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