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The Phoenix Clan seemed doomed. 

The Seventh Phoenix collapsed. He was soaked in blood. Initially, it was supposed to be a good period for the Phoenix Clan, but then Lin Feng had arrived. Now it was a tragedy. 

The Seventh Phoenix couldn’t compete with Lin Feng. Eighty demon corpses appeared in front of him and encircled him. He couldn’t escape. 

The more blood-red marks appeared on Lin Feng’s body, the more people he killed. He looked like a bloody killer. His Godly Battle Sword kept shaking in his grasp. 

A third of the Phoenix Clan had already been destroyed by Lin Feng. With Lin Feng, there was no “if”; he acted! 

“Lin Feng, how audacious! How dare you slaughter the people of the Phoenix! I, Zhen Yu, will never forgive you!!” came a sudden shout. He was domineering as he condensed a five hundred million jin strength in his fist and threw a punch. 

However, this time… Boom, boom! Bam! 

Zhen Yu was blown away. He nearly crashed to the ground, but he managed to land on his feet. He was stunned, thinking, How is that possible?

He clenched his fists and realized Lin Feng now had the strength of the Spiritual Godly Ancestor layer. He was dumbstruck. 

Lin Feng was much stronger than other people of the same level. When he was a Great Supreme God, he could kill ordinary Godly Ancestors, and when he was an ordinary Godly Ancestor, he could kill Spiritual Godly Ancestors. Now he was a Spiritual Godly Ancestor, so he would be able to kill Holy Godly Ancestors!

Oh no! What to do now? Zhen Yu felt like he had lost control of the situation. 

“This time, you will die,” Lin Feng swore flatly. He disappeared, and reappeared behind Zhen Yu. Zhen Yu turned around and raised his arms to threw punches. 

Lin Feng fused his Aggressive Punch and his chiliocosm of the Great Tao together. Coupled with demon strength, his attack was as powerful as the attack of a Holy Godly Ancestor using their full strength. 

Zhen Yu’s arms went numb. His expression suddenly changed. He wanted to run away now. 

“Piss off!” Zhen Yu shouted explosively, then he turned around and got ready to flee. 

But Lin Feng didn’t intend to let him off. It was the best opportunity he had to kill him, and he wouldn’t miss it. Then he would regain face. 

“Where do you think you’re going? You’re going to die here!” Lin Feng was extremely fast. No matter how fast Zhen Yu was, he wasn’t faster than Lin Feng. The two cultivators kept flashing through the sky of the Phoenix Clan. The demon corpses disappeared from the Seventh Phoenix’s side. 

The Seventh Phoenix was covered in cold sweat. The situation was terrible. There were so many corpses all around. It looked horrible. 

If Zhen Yu hadn’t shown up, Lin Feng might have killed all the members of the Phoenix Clan, so they were kind of lucky in their distress. 

“No, I need to find Master Ni Huang. She has to kill Lin Feng,” said the Seventh Phoenix. He was frantic. He couldn’t kill Lin Feng, but Ni Huang could. Master Ni Huang wanted Zhen Yu and Qing Huang Tian to marry, so she had to help! 


“Master Ni Huang, Lin Feng has destroyed a third of the Phoenix Clan,” Feng Cai said expressionlessly. 

Qian Jin Cai Yue suddenly paled, and she nearly fainted. She kept shaking her head. How was that possible? Lin Feng had killed a third of the people of the Phoenix Clan? What had happened? 

“He’s really audacious!” said Ni Huang icily, but her eyes were not filled with killing intent. 

“Mother, what happened?” asked Qian Jin Cai Yue. She didn’t understand. Why had Lin Feng burst into fury? Why had he killed so many  people? 

“Sister, Qing Huang Tian committed suicide inside the Phoenix Altar,” said Feng Cai, frowning and sighing. He hadn’t thought Qing Huang Tian would go so far for her reputation. For Lin Feng’s honor, she had preferred to die! 

“What? Why? What happened? How is that possible?” whispered Qian Jin Cai Yue. She was astonished, and lost in thought for a few minutes. She couldn’t imagine how Lin Feng felt. 

Of course, she knew how Lin Feng was. 

“Master, Lin Feng is chasing Zhen Yu right now,” said Feng Cai icily. Qian Jin Cai Yue came back to her senses. Feng Cai showed them the scene in a mirror. 


Deep in the mountains were golden lights, surrounded by cliffs and peaks. 

“Lin Feng, I didn’t kill Qing Huang Tian, why chase me like this?” said Zhen Yu. He was exhausted. They had crossed tens of thousands of li already. Lin Feng was still chasing him closely. Zhen Yu was desperate!

“I’ll kill you for the way you treated her!” Lin Feng spat expressionlessly. He was still holding his blood-red Godly Battle Sword. Considering he was covered in blood red marks, he looked even scarier. 

“Haha! Indeed! I wanted to marry Qing Huang Tian. I liked her. I wanted to fuck her to piss you off!! Hehe! I hadn’t thought she’d be so stupid. She died for nothing!” sneered Zhen Yu, bursting into laughter as he made fun of her. 

“Therefore, I will kill you,” Lin Feng stated. His expression didn’t change as he attacked with his Godly Battle Sword. His Godly Battle Sword flashed bright red. It contained demon strength and Genesis Spiritual strength too, so it had to kill Zhen Yu this time. 

Zhen Yu was astonished, and paled in terror. He had never thought such a thing would happen. 

The situation was in Lin Feng’s hands! 

“Master Ni Huang, save me!” shouted Zhen Yu desperately. He broke the talisman he had in his hand and summoned Ni Huang. 

However, apart from sword lights, there was nothing else. Zhen Yu grew more and more frightened. Finally, the sword appeared right in front of him, and he understood what Ni Huang intended. 

Boom! Slash! 

White fluids and blood gushed out. Zhen Yu’s headless corpse crashed to the ground. Lin Feng was still furious, so he destroyed the body by obliterating it with his sword. Pieces of flesh splashed everywhere around him. 

“That’s the price you have to pay for humiliating me,” Lin Feng said hoarsely. His voice reverberated for a long time. 


Feng Cai and Qian Jin Cai Yue looked at the mirror curiously. Why didn’t Ni Huang intervene? 

“Why, Mother?” asked Qian Jin Cai Yue. She didn’t want her mother to intervene, but she wanted to know why. 

Feng Cai looked at Ni Huang, shocked. Ni Huang had abandoned Zhen Yu? And now? What about him? 

Ni Huang smiled impartially, “That’s how I got rid of him.” 

“Got rid of him? Why?” asked Qian Jin Cai Yue. She was stunned, and didn’t understand why. Had she found out that Zhen Yu had done something wrong? 

“Silly girl, do you really think I’m stupid?”  said Ni Huang, smiling craftily. Cai Yue blushed. As expected, she knew something. 

“Master, what’s going on?” asked Feng Cai curiously. He didn’t understand. 

“Feng Cai, you support the Buddhist Ancestor, right?” asked Ni Huang, staring at Feng Cai. 

Feng Cai’s expression fell in surprise. He knelt down without hesitation and clenched his fists. He exclaimed nervously, “Ma… Master, I devote my life to you…” 

“Alright, alright. I’m not calling you a traitor, don’t be nervous. Rise,” said Ni Huang. Feng Cai kept saying things like that. She was tired of hearing the same things all the time. 

Feng Cai wiped the sweat off his forehead with his sleeve and stood up, but he understood what Ni Huang had just said and was shocked. “Master, did Zhen Yu betray you, then?” 

“Yes. I asked him to get close to the Demon Region and Ancestor Mo, who would have thought he would betray me? Didn’t you notice something strange these past few days?” Ni Huang smiled, glancing at her daughter too. 

Feng Cai nodded, as did Qian Jin Cai Yue. Her mother had noticed. First, he had told her to become enemies with Lin Feng, then he had told her to prevent Lin Feng from establishing the Five Territory Alliance, then he had brought a dozen Holy Godly Ancestors to humiliate Lin Feng. 

“So, I pretended to listen to him, I pretended I wanted to kill Lin Feng,” Ni Huang went on icily. 

“I see,” said Feng Cai. He finally understood everything. 

“Mother, what about Qing Huang Tian though? She’s dead…” said Qian Jin Cai Yue sadly. 

“That… was an accident. I didn’t think she’d go crazy. She killed herself because she wanted to keep her virginity for Lin Feng, and since she couldn’t, she decided to die,” said Ni Huang, sighing sadly. She was happy to know there were still such pure women in the Phoenix Clan, however. 

At the same time, she was also happy about Lin Feng’s reaction. He had gone crazy for a woman he loved, for Qing Huang Tian. Even though he had gone a bit far, he was a man, and man had to be like that. 

Exactly like her man! 

Tap… tap… 

Suddenly, the smell of blood starting spreading outside of Ni Huang’s great palace. The three people raised their heads and saw Lin Feng, soaked in blood. He even left bloody footprints behind himself. 

Feng Cai shouted furiously, “How audacious! How dare you trespass on Master Ni Huang’s Great Palace!?” 

He flashed ahead and threw a punch. However, Lin Feng also threw a punch. Boom! Feng Cai was blown away, and his right arm was shattered. 

“AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” His scream reverberated far away. Lin Feng continued walking expressionlessly. He walked into the depths of the palace and stared at Ni Huang. 

“Why did you slaughter people?” asked Ni Huang, smiling dangerously. 

“I’m ready to kill everybody for a woman I love!” Lin Feng sighed. He felt sad, but determined. 

“You’re ready to kill everybody for a woman you love?” Qian Jin Cai Yue was on the verge of collapse, and fell on her butt. So, things were really serious between Lin Feng and Qing Huang Tian!! 

They loved each other. 

He had gone insane for the woman he loved! 

She had saved her virginity by committing suicide!

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