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Chapter 1313: Renegotiating the Agreement!


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“You, please leave,” said Ni Huang, waving at Qian Jin Cai Yue and Feng Cai. She wanted to talk to Lin Feng privately. She didn’t need other people to know her secrets. 

Feng Cai was worried that Lin Feng would come and cause trouble, but Ni Huang was an overlord. Even if Lin Feng came to cause trouble and went berserk, so what? He couldn’t hurt Ni Huang. He wouldn’t even be able to touch her, she was too fast. Feng Cai was only worried because he was really devoted to Ni Huang. 

Qian Jin Cai Yue felt sour, and didn’t want to stay in the great palace, anyway, she felt too awkward. She quickly disappeared. 

Very quickly, only Lin Feng and Ni Huang were left in the great palace. Ni Huang was seated on her throne. Lin Feng stood at the front of the room, but only a dozen steps separated them. Lin Feng knew that Ni Huang could kill him easily. 

“You lost your senses. You should calm down a bit now,” said Ni Huang, smiling sweetly. She waved her slender white hands and suddenly, Lin Feng felt much cooler. He had felt like he was burning, and now the blood red marks on his body started disappearing slowly. His Godly Battle Sword began to dim as well. 

Lin Feng slowly came back to his senses. His eyes returned to normal. He still felt furious, and he still wanted to burst into a rage, for Qing Huang Tian and his own dignity and honor. 

“I’m sorry about Qing Huang Tian,” said Ni Huang. She admitted her mistake. It was the first time Ni Huang had admitted she had made a mistake in her life. 

Lin Feng looked at her expressionlessly. She apologized, so what? He was still angry! “If I killed your people and apologized, would you be able to just forget about it? You, overlords, all handle such situations like this?” 

“What else do you want?” asked Ni Huang, frowning. If Lin Feng wasn’t from the same clan as Fu Xi, she would have killed him a long time before already. She was long tired of insolence. 

“Well, if you could bring Sister Qing back to life…?” Lin Feng said coldly, yet seriously. Ni Huang was an overlord, t the leader of a powerful clan, she might have a solution to bring Qing Huang Tian back to life. 

“Impossible. You can’t go against Qing Huang Tian’s death because she killed herself by making her phoenix blood dry out. It’s like when a human’s life expectancy has reached its limits, if the person has no life left, they can’t be brought back to life, you understand?” Ni Huang shook her head helplessly. She was an overlord, but she was unable to bring Qing Huang Tian back to life. 

Lin Feng remained silent. He had nothing to say. His eyes were still filled with murder. They slowly became blood-red again, and the blood-red marks on his body slowly reappeared. His Godly Battle Sword trembled and buzzed excitedly. It was happy when Lin Feng went berserk. 

When Ni Huang saw that, her expression fell. She hadn’t thought Qing Huang Tian’s death would have such a huge impact on Lin Feng. He had to slaughter to get his revenge! 

“You still want to kill the members of my clan?” asked Ni Huang icily. Her voice made Lin Feng shake. She did that to make him understand that he should respect the rules. 

“You have two options: you either kill me or you let me kill more people,” Lin Feng said, showing two fingers indifferently. He was fearless and determined. 

Ni Huang was surprised. She hadn’t thought Lin Feng would say such a thing. If she didn’t kill him, he would continue slaughtering people…? 

“Lin Feng, do you need to do that for a woman?” asked Ni Huang, clenching her fists. She didn’t want to kill Lin Feng and she didn’t want anything to happen to her clan. 

“If you ask me that, it means Fu Xi doesn’t love you enough!” Lin Feng said, smiling coldly and mockingly. 

“Bullshit! I’ll kill you!” shouted Ni Huang instantly. Initially, her eyes were filled with murder, but now she looked startled and uneasy. Lin Feng’s arrogance had destabilized her. 

“Bullshit? You probably know better than me, Master Ni Huang,” Lin Feng said, smiling icily. He didn’t care about her being angry. 

“Lin Feng… as expected, you know more than I thought,” Ni Huang sighed. She initially thought he was arrogant and shameless for asking about Fu Xi, but now she understood he knew more than she thought. 

“What I know has nothing to do with you,” Lin Feng said. He knew about Ni Huang’s plot. If Qing Huang Tian hadn’t died, he wouldn’t have been willing to be enemies with Ni Huang. But now things were different. No matter what happened, even if Fu Xi came, he wouldn’t care. 

The man was a former human emperor. Lin Feng was an ordinary descendant of the human emperor. He would have the opportunity to surpass the human emperor. 

“Watch your words when you talk to me!” demanded Ni Huang angrily. She looked stunning. Most men were bewitched when they saw her. 

In ordinary times, Lin Feng would have reacted like a man as well, but in such circumstances, how could he possibly be interested in Ni Huang? Qing Huang Tian had killed herself because of Ni Huang’s evil plot! 

“I don’t have to respect you!” Lin Feng said harshly. 

Ni Huang sighed and frowned. Trying to talk to Lin Feng was a nightmare. He was rigid, stubborn, aggressive, and arrogant. At the same time, Ni Huang was actually responsible for Qing Huang Tian’s death, so Lin Feng didn’t fear anything anymore. 

“I can’t save Qing Huang Tian, but Fu Xi may have a solution,” Ni Huang said, gritting her teeth. She had never felt so humiliated. A Spiritual Godly Ancestor was pushing her to her limits! Now she had no choice but to mention Fu Xi, or Lin Feng wouldn’t believe her. 

When Lin Feng heard that, he was suddenly excited. His heartbeat sped up. 

Ni Huang knew that the only way of making Lin Feng calm down was a solution to save Qing Huang Tian. 

“Seriously?” asked Lin Feng. Lin Feng was so angry. If Qing Huang Tian hadn’t come back here, she wouldn’t have killed herself, and nobody could have forced her to get married to Zhen Yu. 

However, if Qing Huang Tian could come back to life, he was ready to forget his hostility towards Ni Huang. As long as Qing Huang Tian could come back to life, anything was worth doing. 

“I’m not lying. Fu Xi may have a solution. He’s a Heavenly Godly Ancestor, after all. You know what that means,” said Ni Huang. It was a promise. 

Lin Feng didn’t say anything. Nobody knew about Fu Xi’s powers as well as Lin Feng. If Fu Xi could bring Qing Huang Tian back to life, he would make peace with Ni Huang. 

“Alright, I accept. I’ll talk to you,” Lin Feng sighed. Suddenly he looked pale and exhausted. 

“Don’t worry. Qing Huang Tian is a phoenix. You’re lucky to have such a woman. She’s also lucky for having you.” 

“Enough bullshit. What do you want to talk about?” interrupting Lin Feng with a wave.

Ni Huang was surprised and angry, but she controlled herself. Lin Feng had something in mind. She did, too. 

“What is the connection between you and Fu Xi?” asked Ni Huang. She suddenly looked confused, like a woman confused in love. 

Lin Feng understood her. Fu Xi had disappeared suddenly. To Ni Huang, it was a nightmare. 

“Nothing. We are just from the same clan,” Lin Feng said. He didn’t make things difficult for Ni Huang. At least, he did that to give Qian Jin Cai Yue face. 

“You’re both from the same clan? What is his position in the clan? And yours?” asked Ni Huang. She sounded anxious. 

Lin Feng was calm. She was an overlord and he was weaker than her, so it was funny to see them like that. At that moment, Lin Feng looked like a big brother talking to his poor little sister who had just been dumped by her boyfriend. 

“Let’s say his status is similar to that of an elder’s,” Lin Feng said. He was a bit startled so he tried to think of what things were like in the ancient times of China. “And I… guess I am just a rare kind of offspring.” 

“Which world do you come from?” asked Ni Huang, grabbing Lin Feng’s arm firmly. Lin Feng’s arm suddenly felt sore, but he bore the pain. 

“The Earth; it’s very, very far away. You probably don’t know anything about it.” 

“Do you know where Fu Xi is?” asked Ni Huang, then she realized she was holding Lin Feng’s arm too tightly. She blushed and smiled apologetically and let go off his arm. 

“I don’t know, and I don’t know him. And he doesn’t know me,” Lin Feng added, smiling wryly. 

Ridiculous. How could the human emperor know the descendants of the clan? Lin Feng guessed that the human emperor may have left the Earth long ago. Many other gods might have left at the same time. Otherwise, why would there only be ordinary people on the Earth these days? 

“I see.” Ni Huang was disappointed, but now she knew there were other people in Fu Xi’s clan which proved he hadn’t broken her heart on purpose. 

“Is your clan extremely strong?” asked Ni Huang. She was worried about Fu Xi, but since he was an elder, he was probably very strong… 

“I guess so,” Lin Feng replied, smiling uncertainly because he didn’t know how strong the gods of the ancient times were. He had just heard legends and myths of many strong gods on Earth, who all had amazing reputations. Pangu, the Creator of the Universe; Hong Jun, Nü Wa, Kua Fu, Fu Xi the Great Emperor of the Universe, Gong Gong the God of Water, Zhu Rong the God of Fire, Chi You and Huang Di the Yellow Emperor were all amazing gods! 

If Fu Xi was a Heavenly Godly Ancestor, then Nü Wa, Ancestor Hong Jun, and Pangu were probably Heavenly Godly Ancestors as well. So it meant there had been at least four Heavenly Godly Ancestors back in the ancient times. 

Ni Huang noticed Lin Feng was lost in thought. She guessed he missed his homeland, so she didn’t disturb him, but considering how strong Fu Xi was, she understood their clan was extremely powerful. 

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