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Chapter 1314: What About the Wedding?


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“Lin Feng, do you still want to fight against me in three years?” Ni Huang asked half an hour later, when Lin Feng came back to his senses. She sounded funny. She hoped Lin Feng would cancel the challenge. 

But Lin Feng smiled and nodded calmly. “Of course. In three years, I will defeat you and you’ll be able to retire.” 

“Hehe, you’re really… hopeless,” said Ni Huang laughing before Lin Feng even finished his sentence. She laughed so hard her chest kept bouncing. Lin Feng looked at her cleavage and nearly lost his senses, but he managed to control himself in time. 

“Lin Feng, I am the wife of a man of your clan, don’t you feel ashamed to look at my cleavage like this? Fu Xi could kill you. Aren’t you afraid?” asked Ni Huang. She couldn’t help but giggle when she saw Lin Feng had nearly lost his senses. 

Lin Feng was surprised, but he smiled, “He won’t kill me.” 

“Oh? You sound confident,” said Ni Huang. She was curious. 

“Legendary cultivators must be surpassed. That’s normal, that’s life. You will both be surpassed at some point,” Lin Feng informed her. Ni Huang had never thought of that, so it felt as if her heart had been struck by thunder. However, she couldn’t contradict him, as it was a fact. She couldn’t do much but look at him angrily. 

“You’re too confident,” said Ni Huang. She didn’t want to admit the truth. Besides, she didn’t think that being stronger than Fu Xi was possible. Her was the strongest man in the universe, he was perfect, and she loved him. 

“It’s good to dream. Anyway, we’ll see,” Lin Feng said smiling indifferently. He didn’t take what she said to heart. Besides, he was still far from Fu Xi’s level. 

“Anyway, you killed so many phoenixes, what do we do about that?” asked Ni Huang. She had just sent the Seventh Phoenix out of the great palace. His goal was clear, and Ni Huang knew what he wanted as well, so she was curious to know how Lin Feng would handle the situation. 

Qing Huang Tian had died, indeed, but Lin Feng had also slaughtered phoenixes! 

Lin Feng looked at her, and lost any hint of a smile. He said firmly, “Killing them wasn’t a mistake. If you think I should have remained calm and cold-headed, that’s your problem. If you want me to admit I was wrong, forget it, over my dead body. 

“Fu Xi wouldn’t have kept calm and cool, either. You can only blame the Phoenix Clan for having gone too far. I don’t care about you sending Zhen Yu to kill me several times, but you wanted to make Zhen Yu and Qing Huang Tian get married. I’m sorry, but to tell you the truth, that’s unforgivable. 

“You made a huge mistake, and now you want me to admit I made a mistake by killing them? Don’t go too far. Even if you are Fu Xi’s woman, you can’t bully me. I am Lin Feng; I may be stubborn, but I’m not petty and vile. You made mistakes first, so?” Lin Feng said. He didn’t give Ni Huang face at all. He sounded arrogant and sarcastic. 

Ni Huang pulled a long face and clenched her fists angrily. But when she thought about it, she realized Lin Feng was right, that she was responsible for that calamity. If she hadn’t proposed a marriage alliance between Zhen Yu and Qing Huang Tian, then Qing Huang Tian wouldn’t have died. 

Lin Feng hadn’t done anything wrong. Ni Huang’s real enemy was Zhen Yu. 

“Alright, let’s forget about it then,” Ni Huang frowned. Her eyes were filled with remorse. Because of her, the Phoenix Clan could have collapsed. 

“Good. That’s the best,” Lin Feng nodded. It was fair. If she continued blaming him, he would be infuriated and would kill other people. 

“The Seventh Phoenix said you had dragon-phoenix blood in your body, so you’re kind of a member of the Phoenix Clan as well, aren’t you?” asked Ni Huang, smiling jokingly. She hadn’t thought Lin Feng, who had nearly become her son-in-law, also had dragon-phoenix blood. It was astonishing and incredible, especially to  phoenixes. 

“I’ll tell you a secret. You may feel even more remorseful,” Lin Feng frowned. Qing Huang Tian also had dragon-phoenix blood, like him. But now, she was dead, she had no blood left. Lin Feng was convinced that if Ni Huang heard that story, she would be sad. 

Ni Huang looked at him curiously and smiled. Nothing could make her regret anything. 

“Speak,” said Ni Huang nodding. 

Lin Feng didn’t use his mouth to speak. He used his expressions and face to tell Ni Huang. She stared at him and gradually paled. In the end, she was seized with panic and shook like a poor leaf. 

“I am the one who destroyed the Phoenix Clan!” whispered Ni Huang in the end. Her heart ached with grief. She blamed herself. Zhen Yu was a detestable traitor. She had trusted him and because of that her clan could have collapsed. 

The Phoenix Clan had recently gained dragon-phoenix blood, and now they had lost it again, because of her! 

“I don’t know, and I don’t really care. What I know is that I didn’t do anything wrong, killing phoenixes was the right thing. Do you still think it was a mistake?” 

“No. You were right. You didn’t kill enough of them. That’s what I think now,” said Ni Huang firmly. 

“Should I kill all of them?” asked Lin Feng indifferently. Then he turned around and got ready to go and destroy the remaining two-thirds of the clan. He even took out his Godly Battle Sword. 

“Lin Feng, I can kill them too. You don’t need to do anything.” 

Ni Huang surprisingly made the decision on that day. Lin Feng was dumbstruck. Why would she want to kill the remaining members of the Phoenix Clan? 

“If Qing Huang Tian really had dragon-phoenix blood, then Zhen Yu and the Seventh Phoenix really made a huge mistake, and they deserve to die. How could I spend so much time with them?” Ni Huang was shocked. She felt like she had been fooled. Now, Zhen Yu was dead and the Seventh Phoenix was right outside. 

The Seventh Phoenix and Zhen Yu had nothing to do with each other but surprisingly, their evil plots had similar objectives. Ni Huang was convinced that the Seventh Phoenix had noticed she had dragon-phoenix blood as soon as she had come back. Zhen Yu had no idea.

They had different objectives, but common interests in their plots. 

They deserved to die! 

Lin Feng’s eyes were filled with murder. 

He didn’t intend to let him off. Qing Huang Tian had died partly because of him. 

“I need to kill!” Lin Feng said, clenching his fists. His Godly Battle Sword turned blood-red. Lin Feng roared like a dragon. He looked terrifying. 

“I also need to kill!” shouted Ni Huang furiously and then she burst into an ice-cold laughter. She sounded determined. 

“I need to kill him myself!” Lin Feng said. He had to kill the Seventh Phoenix himself to avenge Qing Huang Tian. 

“On one condition,” said Ni Huang. Her expression didn’t change. She just showed one finger. 

“What condition?” 

“Get married to Cai Yue,” said Ni Huang gravely. 

Lin Feng’s expression didn’t change. He was surprised inside, but then he shouted furiously and burst into laughter, “Do you think a wedding is a trivial matter? You humiliated me before, you canceled the wedding. And now? Do you think Cai Yue is a toy as well? You think you can put men around her, decide they will get married, then cancel, then find another one, then come back to the previous one, and so on? 

“First me, then Jing Rui, don’t you consider Qian Jin Cai Yue your real daughter? 

“Hehe, Ni Huang, I’m going to tell you one thing, and you better listen carefully. A wedding is not a trifling matter. You’re not entitled to decide who will marry your daughter or not. I feel sad for Fu Xi. Having a woman like you… Poor guy… 

“Ni Huang, I would kill the Seventh Phoenix but now, I don’t feel like wasting any more time in the Phoenix Clan. See you!” 

Lin Feng had controlled his anger for a while, but now he burst into a rage again. Ni Huang was lost in thought for a few minutes. 

When Ni Huang came back to her senses. Lin Feng had already left the Great Palace. She was annoyed, but she couldn’t help but think of what Lin Feng had said again. 

Could it be that she considered her daughter a toy? No! It couldn’t be! 

Ni Huang was sure that she wasn’t that kind of person. She loved her daughter. But there had been tensions twice already, how to solve the issue now? Ni Huang grabbed her long black hair and tore some of them off her head. It was painful. 

“Master, are you alright?” asked Feng Cai. He entered the palace and saw Ni Huang seemed tormented. Even if Lin Feng couldn’t hurt Ni Huang, Feng Cai was still worried so he came to check on her. When he saw her tearing her own hair off her head, his expression changed drastically. He was extremely worried and grabbed her hand. 

“Piss off! You want to die?” Ni Huang suddenly stood up and shouted explosively. She flung Feng Cai away with deadly force. She looked fierce and brutal. 

Feng Cai had the impression his chest was going to explode. He coughed blood and nearly fainted. 

Ni Huang realized she had gone a bit too far. She wanted to apologize, but thought twice about it before she disappeared. 

Feng Cai put his hand on his chest. He was extremely pale, and his Qi was extremely weak. He didn’t regret having touched Ni Huang’s soft white hand, though! 

He could die content! 

Feng Cai had his hand on his chest, and was smiling.

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