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Chapter 1315: No Choice but To Postpone the Plan!


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“The Seventh Phoenix was a traitor, too?” When Qian Jin Cai Yue heard her mother, she was astonished. How come there were so many traitors around them? Was there a problem in Ni Huang’s management strategy? 

Ni Huang looked glum. She had never been so furious. Even Qian Jin Cai Yue was scared of her mother. Luckily, she didn’t release her overlord Qi, or Qian Jin Cai Yue wouldn’t be lucky. 

“Cai Yue, between you and Lin Feng, do you still think things are possible…?” asked Ni Huang. She knew that Qian Jin Cai Yue was going to get angry. 

As expected, Cai Yue looked at her mother and smiled icily. Inside, she was furious! “Doesn’t it all depend on you? You gave me to Lin Feng, then you took me back from him and gave me to Jing Rui. Anyone else? Why do you ask me?” 

“You’re blaming your mother again?” 

“No, I wouldn’t dare, Master Ni Huang!” 

“I don’t consider you an object I can give to anyone. On the contrary, I am worried and I hope we can find the best option for you. I didn’t ask you for your opinion. That was not the best thing to do,” said Ni Huang. She seemed sad. Lin Feng had made her realize something. 

Qian Jin Cai Yue was astonished. She couldn’t imagine her mother telling her that. She guessed Lin Feng had talked to her. 

“Isn’t it the case though?” said Qian Jin Cai Yue. She couldn’t help but feel angry when she thought of everything Ni Huang had done. 

“I…” Ni Huang didn’t want to apologize, but she started speaking and smiled wryly. She didn’t finish her sentence. Qian Jin Cai Yue looked at her silently, and thought of Lin Feng. 


Lin Feng had left Ni Huang’s world already. Before that, he bumped into Peng, but the latter knew Lin Feng was crazy. Zhen Yu was dead. Peng was weaker than Zhen Yu, so he couldn’t fight against Lin Feng. 

Two of Ni Huang’s five war generals were gone, Lin Feng had killed Zhen Yu, and the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points had crippled the Golden Crow. Now the Seventh Phoenix might not survive. Only two of the five generals would remain. Ni Huang would have to select some new ones from the ten Holy Godly Ancestors. 

“Time to leave, huh?” Lin Feng looked at the small golden gate. He felt sad. Even if he continued killing, so what? Qing Huang Tian wouldn’t come back to life. Silly girl. She was so pure and innocent! 

Not to mention that if Lin Feng destroyed the Phoenix Clan entirely, Qing Huang Tian wouldn’t be happy, so why do it? 

Time to go back to the Region of the Eight Corners, thought Lin Feng, and he disappeared. 

After Lin Feng left, two middle-aged men in black clothes appeared. Demon Qi emerged from their bodies. They were both terrifyingly strong. That kind of strength could make people’s flesh and soul rot! 

“He’s not in a good mood, should we chase after and kill him?” the Ancient Demon King asked when he saw Lin Feng disappear in his hoarse voice.

The other one shook his head and said, “He injured Zhen Yu. He’s got Zhen Yu’s blood on him.”

“Impossible. He couldn’t possibly injure Zhen Yu. He’s way too weak,” the Ancient Demon King gasped in astonishment. He didn’t believe Lin Feng could kill Zhen Yu, a Holy Godly Ancestor. Even Mo Mian had to talk to Zhen Yu respectfully!

“I hope he didn’t injure him, either. Otherwise, that would be bad luck,” said Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor. Suddenly, he realized Lin Feng had the strength of the Spiritual Godly Ancestor layer. The Ancient Demon King and he were ordinary Godly Ancestors. Lin Feng had surpassed them already! Now the difference between them and Lin Feng would only grow bigger and bigger each day. 

“He didn’t injure Zhen Yu. He killed him! Now go back and report to Ancestor Mo that if you dare cause trouble on my territory again, I won’t be polite!” 



Ni Huang’s voice reverberated around them and a terrifying strength blew the two of them away. They crashed into trees far away, which collapsed at the impacts. Both coughed blood and were extremely pale. 

“How is that possible? He… He killed Zhen Yu?” Mo Mian was dumbstruck. Ni Huang couldn’t possibly lie about that. Lin Feng was strong enough to kill Zhen Yu? What a joke! 

“I can’t believe it, but it has to be true.” The Ancient Demon King forced a smile and coughed blood again. Ni Huang’s Qi had severely injured them. If she attacked again, they would die! 

“Oh no… Zhen Yu is dead. Nobody can make Ni Huang kill Lin Feng anymore. We need to think of a new tactic,” hissed Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor. He was extremely worried and ground his teeth. He regretted everything. If he had always supported Lin Feng, things would be completely different for them now. 

But there was no medicine for regret in the world. Since he had made a huge mistake, he had to admit it, but regretting wouldn’t change anything. Lin Feng would definitely kill them both someday! 

“What do you think?” asked the Ancient Demon King. He wasn’t as smart as Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor, so he preferred following him. Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor usually made all the decisions for them. 

“Don’t forget that Prince Ghost is also in the Demon Clan,” said Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor, smiling darkly suddenly. 

“Oh yeah right! Prince Ghost! He’s an ordinary Godly Ancestor now, and the leader of the Demon Clan likes him, so what are you trying to say?” asked the Ancient Demon King. They never talked to Prince Ghost, so he had forgotten about him. 

“Prince Ghost and Lin Feng are friends. We kill Prince Ghost, and then you or I pretend to be Prince Ghost and get close to Lin Feng. When we gain Lin Feng’s trust, then…” said Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor. The Ancient Demon King smiled evilly. They were both severely injured, but happy to have found a new plan as they left. 


At that moment, near a waterfall, four people appeared behind a man dressed in black clothes and aplaited bamboo hat. Prince Ghost knew those four people: Chu Chun Qiu, Zi Jing Xiao, Qing Tong, and Qing Feng Yang. 

“Prince Ghost, do you agree?” asked Chu Chun Qiu with a smile. They had fought a huge battle back in the days, and it had ended up in a draw. They had both finished first. Then Chu Chun Qiu and Lin Feng had also had a battle, and it had ended up in a draw as well. The three of them were considered the three young geniuses with the biggest potential for a while in the Country of Eternity. 

Now, in the World of Battles, Lin Feng was the leader of the Region of the Eight Corners, and Chu Chun Qiu was one of the assistants of the leader of the Lun Bi Empire, their statuses were similar. Prince Ghost just practiced cultivation all the time, as he was obsessed with cultivation. The leaders of the Demon Clan spent lots of resources on him to help him become stronger, so he lost interest in privileges and social status. 

Today, Chu Chun Qiu and the others came to him, and he felt excited again. 

“You mean that many young geniuses of this world look down upon young geniuses from lower worlds?” Prince Ghost frowned, irate. In the Country of Eternity, everybody worshiped them, but in the World of Battles, people looked down upon them? How infuriating! 

“The young geniuses who bully us don’t have extremely powerful backgrounds, so we can humiliate them. Do you remember Zhao Xiao Yao from the Zhao Hall?” asked Zi Jing Xiao furiously. 

Prince Ghost nodded indifferently, “Of course I recall him. What’s the matter?” 

“Someone killed him!” 

“What? He was killed?” Prince Ghost was surprised. 

“Indeed. Some young geniuses of the World of Battles killed him because they said he was a piece of trash from a lower world who didn’t deserve to live in the World of Battles. So they killed him, as simple as that!” said Zhao Xiao Yao angrily. Even though Zhao Xiao Yao wasn’t a good person, he was still one of their fellow citizens from the lower world. 

“Hehe, interesting! Since it’s that way, I have to go and look around a bit,” Prince Ghost smiled icily. He was motivated to see how strong those young geniuses from the World of Battles were! 

They looked down upon the young geniuses of the lower world, but the lower world was their root! 

“We have to find someone. Without him, we can’t do it,” said Chu Chun Qiu, waving at Prince Ghost to tell him to slow down. Prince Ghost was surprised and then quickly thought of Lin Feng. 

“Indeed! We need him in our team. Where is he?” asked Prince Ghost. He knew nothing about what was going on in the outside world. 

“Haha! The guy’s insane. The Region of the Eight Corners is now his,” said Zi Jing Xiao, smiling in envy. He admired Lin Feng too!

“What? The Re… the Region of the Eight Corners is his?” Prince Ghost was dumbstruck. Even if he didn’t know much about what happened in the outside world, he knew the Region of the Eight Corners was under Ni Huang’s jurisdiction. It was an extremely important place. The Region of the Eight Corners was known for its cruel and bloody people. 

So Lin Feng had conquered it? 

“It seems like it. He’s fucking awesome!” said Chu Chun Qiu smiling wryly. Then Chu Chun Qiu, Prince Ghost, and the others disappeared from the Demon Clan’s territory.


Half a day later, Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor and the Ancient Demon King arrived, but nobody was present. 

“Fuck, we’re too late. That martial maniac is gone?” 

“What do we do?” asked the Ancient Demon King angrily. Prince Ghost had left, so their plan was ruined. 

“We can go and talk to Cheng Shan for the time being. He’s also the Master’s servant, after all, and he also wants to kill Lin Feng,” Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor frowned. He didn’t want to cooperate with Cheng Shan, but they had no choice. 

“Indeed. The matter should not be delayed, Prince! Let’s go now!”


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