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Chapter 1317: Arrival of the Fire Spirit!


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“Oh, you got ready for the arrival of the Fire Spirit.” 

After everybody left, the Ice Spirit came out of Lin Feng’s spirit world. She was covered in frost, and looked like a celestial being, with a marvelous clear scent about her. Her eyes were cold but beautiful. 

Her smile was devastatingly beautiful, too, but Lin Feng’s heart was sealed right now. No matter how beautiful a woman was at that moment, she was just an ordinary woman to him. 

“I guessed she was arriving soon,” Lin Feng said. He was surprised, that the Ice Spirit had guessed his plan. 

“Of course, as the leader of the Region of the Eight Corners, you couldn’t possibly take the decision of putting the Ocean of Flames under the territory alone. What would the other leaders think? It would be too troublesome.” 

“So?” Lin Feng smiled in amusement. 

The Ice Spirit glanced at Lin Feng and her beautiful eyelashes moved, she said coldly, “So you schemed against everybody. You had them go to different territories, so you can do whatever you want in the meantime, like negotiating with the Fire Spirit in peace. What a perfect plan!

“At the same time, the order of the Region of the Eight Corners is changing. You killed two birds with a stone. You are the greatest winner in this story,” deduced the Ice Spirit, smiling smugly. She didn’t make fun of him, having silently watched everything he had accomplished. At some point, she was extremely worried, but in the end, Lin Feng had achieved extraordinary things and handled every situation extremely well. 

“When will the Fire Spirit arrive?” Lin Feng was excited about the Fire Spirit’s arrival. Before Qing Huang Tian, Lin Feng didn’t really care about the Fire Spirit, but now he had changed his mind. Without a powerful background, other people didn’t respect you. 

Since it was that way, he couldn’t have just a single trump card. The Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points supported him, but if the Ice Spirit and the Fire Spirit joined hands, they could also become an overlord’s nightmare! 

Lin Feng didn’t think of the Fire Spirit as someone who could pose a threat to him. He might have to face dangers, but after overcoming those obstacles, he would also be rewarded. 

“Her Qi is drawing closer and closer. She’ll be here in less than half a day,” the Ice Spirit told him after checking the Fire Spirit’s Qi. 

Lin Feng and the Ice Spirit had different opinions regarding the Fire Spirit’s arrival. The Fire Spirit and the Ice Spirit were old friends and old rivals. The Ice Spirit had mixed feelings. The Fire Spirit’s temper was explosive. She was extroverted and sly, more open. When it came to men, the Fire Spirit had much more experience than the Ice Spirit. 

She was worried that Lin Feng would get closer to the Fire Spirit than to her. She would feel humiliated if they did. 

“Let’s wait for her then,” Lin Feng nodded. He poured some tea and waited. They would know the Fire Spirit arrived because the sky would turn fiery red. 

The Ice Spirit remained silent, and didn’t leave the palace either. She sat down next to Lin Feng in her beautiful and skin tight dress, partly exposing her beautiful snowy white cleavage, but Lin Feng remained determined. He was just waiting calmly and patiently for the Fire Spirit’s arrival.

It made the Ice Spirit feel disappointed, but she didn’t why. Time passed slowly. They waited from early in the morning until noon. The sun was high up in the sky, and the sky was golden from the sunlight. However, the Fire Spirit hadn’t come yet. 

But at that moment, Song Chou Jiu shouted from outside of the great palace, “Lin Feng, a woman is looking for you. She said she was your women, so I didn’t dare offend her and brought her here. Do you want to see her?” 

Song Chou Jiu was curious to know who she was. Was she from outside the World of Battles? 

“It’s her!” said the Ice Spirit after checking the Fire Spirit’s Qi. The Ice Spirit was surprised, since when was the Fire Spirit so discreet? 

“Let her come in,” Lin Feng said, remaining on his throne. 

Song Chou Jiu nodded outside. He turned around and looked at the woman in the red dress. He didn’t found her dress all that impressive, but he could see her figure, so he was aroused. 

Song Chou Jiu came back to his senses. This was Lin Feng’s woman. How could he have such thoughts about her? He said hastily, “You can go in. I’m not disturbing you any longer.” 

Song Chou Jiu disappeared quickly. The Fire Spirit looked at him disappear and grinned scornfully, “Piece of trash! You’re not half the man Lin Feng is.” 

The Fire Spirit opened the gate and went in. The gate closed itself and it was dark again inside. 

The Fire Spirit stood at the entrance, her hands clasped behind her back. She smiled and looked at Lin Feng and the Ice Spirit smugly. Those familiar faces, especially the Ice Spirit. 

“Sister Fire Spirit, since when are you so discreet?” asked the Ice Spirit smoothly. 

The Fire Spirit smiled thinly. She looked like a flower as she turned around and the temperature of the palace suddenly increased. Initially, it was a few dozen degrees, and now it was tens of thousands of degrees. It didn’t stop there. The whole palace felt like an oven. Lin Feng started suffocating. 

Flames started burning all over the Fire Spirit’s body. Initially, she had taken a human form. Now she recovered her initial appearance. Fifty centimeter high fiery boots appeared around her legs. Her dress turned into flames, and a black belt appeared on her waist. Her breasts became much bigger. 

Her pitch-black hair turned into flames as her skin turned into bronze. She looked devastatingly beautiful, with incredible cheeks and cheekbones. Her eyes were sparkling with passion.

The Fire Spirit slowly came closer to Lin Feng. In the end, she stopped half a meter away from him. Suddenly, she raised her hand and put it on Lin Feng’s shoulder, then she sat down on his lap. The Ice Spirit’s eyes were filled with disgust. 

“Little brother, Lin Feng, I feel sooooo hot! Mhmmm…. Mhmm…!” said the Fire Spirit in a seductive voice. Lin Feng could feel her breathe brushing against his cheek. It could make any man’s flesh heat up. But Lin Feng’s heart was as calm as still water. After Qing Huang Tian’s death, he wasn’t in the mood for love anymore. 

“Fire Spirit, let’s talk,” Lin Feng said blandly. The Fire Spirit stood back up, her face instantly expressionless once again. 

“Alright, let’s start,” said the Fire Spirit. She knew what had happened these last few days, so she didn’t dare tease Lin Feng too much. He had gone through a lot, after all. She had also decided to test Lin Feng. If he had been turned on after Qing Huang Tian’s death, it would have been weird, but she still felt a bit disappointed. 

“Hmph! You slut! Who told you to tempt him! Hmph! Shameless bitch!” whispered the Ice Spirit furiously. 

The Fire Spirit heard her and smiled teasingly, “Sister Ice Spirit, you’ve been traveling with Lin Feng for so long and now you’re in love with him? You should get married. Let him make passionate love to you. Hehehehe!” 

“I wish you were dead!” retorted the Ice Spirit icily, but she turned completely red. Her snowy-white face was as red as a tomato. She looked even more attractive like that. Any man would be aroused if he saw her. 

“Hehehehe! I’m not making fun of you, sister, I just think you should do what makes you happy,” the Fire Spirit smiled. Then she turned to look at Lin Feng. 

“Fire Spirit, I know why you’re here. I have doubts, but if you help me remove those doubts, I can agree,” Lin Feng said, ignoring her face. 

The Fire Spirit gave up and became more serious. “Very simple!” 

“How?” asked Lin Feng indifferently. 

“If you agree to take me as your woman, you wouldn’t need to have doubts anymore,” said the Fire Spirit audaciously. Lin Feng blushed despite himself. The Ice Spirit was dumbstruck and infuriated. But the Fire Spirit looked quite grave; she was serious! 

“Stop joking,” Lin Feng said, shaking his head. 

“I’m not joking. If you want and accept me, I will do everything for you. I will never hurt you. You don’t think I’m beautiful? Are you not interested?” asked the Fire Spirit teasingly. She moved her cleavage closer and closer to Lin Feng’s face. In the end, she put Lin Feng’s head right in her cleavage. Lin Feng felt dizzy, but he quickly reacted. 

“Stop being annoying,” Lin Feng said firmly. The Fire Spirit was truly an audacious and free-spirited woman. 

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