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Chapter 1318: Challenging the Fire Generals! (Part 1) 


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“So, what doubts do you have?” asked the Fire Spirit, smiling and staring at Lin Feng. She dragged her dress down a little bit more to show more of her breasts. At that point, they nearly popped out of her dress. 

Lin Feng just smiled wryly and looked away, “No. I don’t have doubts.” 

“Alright, then it’s a deal! I will put my Ocean of Flames under the Region of the Eight Corners then,” the Fire Spirit smiled. Then she got ready to leave, but Lin Feng stopped her. 

“What do you want now?” asked the Fire Spirit indifferently. She looked normal again, as she had gotten what she wanted. 

“I have a request.” 

“Tell me, I’ll do my best to help you.” 

“How strong are your generals?” 

“I have twelve Fire Spirit generals, and they’re all Holy Godly Ancestors,” said the Fire Spirit smiling confidently. The Ice Spirit only had Tang You You and the others… and they weren’t even Holy Godly Ancestors! 

“They’re all Holy Godly Ancestors?” Lin Feng’s heart twitched. He was dumbstruck. If he wasn’t mistaken, the Fire Spirit and her generals were thus the most powerful influential group in the Country of Eternity. No wonder Tian Dao Yuan had always been worried! 

“I know what you’re thinking, but if you want them to come out and help you, you have to be strong enough to make them submit! Otherwise, don’t imagine that’s possible,” said the Fire Spirit, understanding immediately. She couldn’t ask the Fire Spirit generals to help Lin Feng unconditionally. 

“There are twelve Fire Spirit generals: Huo Ying, Huo Feng, Huo Tong, Huo Jiang, Huo Lei, Huo Bo, Huo Guang, Huo Yan, Huo Ju, Huo Han, Huo Xi and Huo Can. With your current strength…” murmured the Fire Spirit, inspecting Lin Feng’s cultivation level. Spiritual Godly Ancestor layer.

He had just broken through to the Spiritual Godly Ancestor layer, and his cultivation wasn’t stable. It might even decrease back to the ordinary Godly Ancestor layer. If he dared challenge a Holy Godly Ancestor now, it would be extremely dangerous! 

“I have already killed a Holy Godly Ancestor,” Lin Feng smiled. He knew the Fire Spirit was going to refuse him based on his cultivation level. 

“I know. The leader of Ni Huang’s five war generals, right? Different situation,” said the Fire Spirit, unmoved. She knew Lin Feng had gone crazy and terrified all his enemies.

But if Lin Feng challenged the Fire Generals, he wouldn’t be angry, and he wouldn’t be able to reach the degree of anger required to fight like that. At most, the duels would end up in a tie. 

In the worst case, he wouldn’t withstand a single attack, and his cultivation level might fall! 

“I know it’s dangerous, so let me fight against the weakest one,” Lin Feng said. He knew the Fire Spirit didn’t think he could defeat them, and he could only convince her by showing her. 

“Alright, so fight against Huo Can. Where?” asked the Fire Spirit, Summoning out Huo Can, the twelfth Fire General. 

“Thirty-thousand li away from the great palace, there’s a valley. We can fight there,” replied Lin Feng. The Fire Spirit quickly disappeared. 

“She’s gone already!” shouted the Ice Spirit furiously, and disappeared as well. She went back into Lin Feng’s spirit world, to her ice world. She had to help Meng Qing break through to the Holy Godly Ancestor layer. Otherwise, she would lose face in front of the Ice Spirit! 

Lin Feng disappeared from the palace as well. 


A short time later, Lin Feng looked around. He was in a forest, the leaves so dense they hid the sun. Their battle wouldn’t affect the central part of Man Yu, as they weren’t strong enough for that. 

The Fire Spirit was already standing there. She had been waiting for Lin Feng for a long time. When he appeared, Huo Can was also too already. 

Huo Can wasn’t a human. He had been created with the Fire Spirit’s own flames. He had his own mental abilities and strength, but he didn’t have a human form. He was just a fifty-centimeter fireball with eyes, hands, and legs, but his entire body was made of flames. 

The temperature around him was hundreds of thousands of degrees. All the trees around him had burned away. The air felt heavy. Lin Feng was excited. 

“Huo Can, teach that little boy a good lesson, he doesn’t have a proper measure of himself. But don’t kill him, just play around,” ordered the Fire Spirit firmly. 

“Understood!” said Huo Can hoarsely. His voice sounded like an echo in a cave. 

“You start first, Huo Can,” Lin Feng said, smiling calmly and wiggling his forefinger. Even though Huo Can was a Holy Godly Ancestor, he had just broken through to the Holy Godly Ancestor layer. He was weaker than Qing Huang Tian. Lin Feng was convinced he could defeat him easily. 

“You better not anger me!” said Huo Can. He had an explosive temper. When Lin Feng humiliated him, fire exploded around him and a fire ball flew past Lin Feng’s head, dispersing in the air.

Lin Feng remained wary, but stayed calm. He flashed, clenched his fists and threw some Aggressive Punches. A strong wind emerged all around him. Huo Can’s flames were blown away, but his fire grew hotter. The wind fanned the flames of his body, making them hotter and more powerful. 

Lin Feng didn’t move hastily, staying focused. Huo Can attacked again. This time, he didn’t use fire to attack Lin Feng, throwing a punch. Steam appeared around him. 

“Imperial Imprint Formula!” Lin Feng reacted quickly, an imprint appearing and turning into a dazzling thousand-zhang tall golden Imperial Imprint which hurtled towards Huo Can. 

Huo Can was a bit slow, and the  imprint struck him. Suddenly, Huo Can’s body exploded into ten smaller fire balls, which shot in every direction. Lin Feng was serious when he saw that. It wasn’t a good sign, Huo Can was still growing stronger. 

The balls of fire then condensed into one again, and Huo Can reappeared in front of Lin Feng. This time, he wasn’t fifty centimeters across anymore, he was a full meter across and his fire was even more powerful. 

Huo Can’s fire was special. When it was windy, his fire didn’t go out, they became more powerful and more terrifying. 

Lin Feng didn’t know what to do. Each time he attacked Huo Can, Huo Can became stronger! He would lose in the end if he continued like this. 

Huo Can now had the strength of a stable Holy Godly Ancestor. His Qi could easily put pressure on Lin Feng, so Lin Feng couldn’t breathe properly. His body hurt. He took several steps back quickly. 

Lin Feng knew he wasn’t that strong. When he had gone insane and killed Zhen Yu, he had relied on his Godly Battle Sword and his frenzy. Even if he now had the strength of the Spiritual Godly Ancestor layer, he was still far from being as strong as a Holy Godly Ancestor. 

The fire was growing more and more powerful. What then? 

Lin Feng kept calm. He thought of a solution and smiled resplendently. 

“Lin Feng, hehe, you can surrender too. Otherwise, Huo Can may hurt you. Sister Ice Spirit would be so sad, sniff sniff, hehehehehehe!” sniffed the Fire Spirit mockingly. She still admired him for his tenacity.

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