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Chapter 1319: Challenging Fire Generals (Part 2)


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“Is that so?” asked Lin Feng, smiling humbly, and he shook his hand. Golden lights appeared and illuminated the whole valley. The whole valley became calm and silent, and the air of the valley was pushed away. 

Huo Can’s fire went out. Lin Feng flashed. Huo Can didn’t have time to react as Lin Feng threw a punch. When he punched Huo Can, Huo Can’s fire became much weaker. Lin Feng also released Buddhist strength to block him, and threw another punch. 

Huo Can was fifty centimeters across again. His body’s fire flickered as if it were about to go out. Huo Can was in pain, and fell from the sky. Everything around him burned when he landed. 

The Ice Spirit had to use ice Qi to protect the valley, or it would have burned away completely, and it’s spiritual Qi would have been destroyed as well. It would have been a big problem for Man Yu. 

“Master, save me!” shouted Huo Can plaintively. The Fire Spirit was furious. She hadn’t thought Lin Feng would think of such a simple solution. He had isolated the area so there was not enough air for combustion! 

“Piece of trash! You’re a disgrace!” shouted the Fire Spirit explosively. She couldn’t help but release her anger on Huo Can. Lin Feng nearly destroyed the poor elemental, and now the Fire Spirit was scolding him. But he was a Fire General, she wasn’t going to torture him. She still healed him in the end. 

“You, from now on, follow Lin Feng. Don’t come back unless I authorize you!” shouted the Fire Spirit explosively. She wished she could kick this piece of trash away. He had just broken through to the Holy Godly Ancestor layer, but he had failed to defeat Lin Feng, a Spiritual Godly Ancestor! 

“Understood!” said Huo Can shaking. He didn’t dare infuriate his Master. He stood back up, came closer to Lin Feng and bowed hand over fist, “Lin Feng, I have lost.” 

“Everybody knows you lost!” said the Ice Spirit with frozen cheer. Huo Can hid behind Lin Feng in fear. Lin Feng tapped Huo Can’s back to cheer him up and said, “Don’t be afraid, she won’t eat you. 

“Leave him to me, Ice Spirit. He needs fire. How to handle that?” Lin Feng asked the Fire Spirit. Lin Feng didn’t mind helping Huo Can, He might not be able to help him become stronger, but at least he didn’t want Huo Can’s cultivation level to decrease again. 

“That’s your problem. He’s now one of yours. You’re his Master. You take care of him. It’s not my job anymore,” said the Fire Spirit. She sounded like angry older sister. Lin Feng could only smile wryly. The Fire Spirit had a bad temper compared to the Ice Spirit. 

Lin Feng thought about it. The only thing he had which was related to fire was his Jia Yan’s Eyes Tao Skill. If he brought Huo Can into his Jia Yan’s Eye, his cultivation level might be protected. 

“Huo Can, go into my Jia Yan’s Eye,” Lin Feng said to Huo Guang. Then he put his finger on his celestial spirit which became fire red, then a third eye appeared on Lin Feng’s forehead. It was golden and dazzling. 

Huo Can was overjoyed. He jumped in without wasting any more time. 

Suddenly, the fire of the Jia Yan’s Eye became much more powerful! Lin Feng would benefit from this, as now his Jia Yan’s Eyes Tao Skill was three times stronger than before! 

In the past, he used it now and then, but it couldn’t even be counted as a trump card. But now, thanks to Huo Can, his Jia Yan’s Eye had turned into a new trump card!

The Fire Spirit grinned. She knew Lin Feng had the Jia Yan’s Eye. She had seen it become more powerful in the Ground Penetrating Ocean of Flames back then. Before that, Lin Feng’s Jia Yan’s Eye used to be blood-red, not fire-red. 

“Do you want to continue with the challenges?” asked the Fire Spirit. She wanted to teach Lin Feng a good lesson, but she controlled herself. 

“Why are you afraid, sister?” sighed the Ice Spirit sarcastically. It was the best opportunity to make fun of the Fire Spirit, so the Ice Spirit couldn’t miss it. 

“Hmph! Who said I was afraid? Huo Han, Huo Xi, come out! Enjoy yourselves with Lin Feng,” said the Fire Spirit furiously. Two silhouettes appeared. 

One looked tender, brilliant, and promising. His skin was white, so he didn’t look like a Fire General, but flames burned in his eyes, making it obvious when one saw them. The other one was a big man, taller and more muscular than Zong Hu, his body surrounded by flames. When one got close to him, they might burn. 

Huo Xi, Eleventh Fire General and Huo Han, Tenth Fire General! 

“Lin Feng, you have a few hours to rest if you want. That way, you can’t say I’m being cruel,” sniffed the Fire Spirit, sitting down and putting her hands in her lap. 

Anyway, Lin Feng wasn’t in the mood to look at her legs. But the Fire Spirit didn’t care, as she wasn’t a human, and didn’t need attention like ordinary female humans. 

“No need. Just come and fight. I’m not doing one-on-ones anymore, either. I’ll fight against Huo Han first. If I win, it means I could defeat Huo Xi too, so you must give me Huo Xi too. What do you think?” Lin Feng asked. He didn’t want to waste time. 

The Fire Spirit had no reason to refuse. She was convinced Lin Feng had been lucky to defeat Huo Can, anyway. She didn’t think he could defeat them. 

“Alright, if you best Huo Han, not only will I give you Huo Xi, but I will also give you the ninth Fire General Huo Ju for free! But… you can keep them only for one year!” the Fire Spirit said audaciously. 

“Haha! Awesome! Haha! That’s a deal!” Lin Feng said, bursting into laughter. He was going to make the Fire Spirit cry! She thought he had used his full strength during the first battle or what? He had the Godly Battle Sword, and he had Godly Tao Skills, Lin Feng was convinced he could easily crush Huo Han with those trump cards. 

“Master, I will destroy him, and then you can keep him as your man slave and sex toy. Hahahaha! Come here, little boy!!” shouted Huo Han immediately. He sounded like a moron, so Lin Feng ignored him. 

The Fire Spirit and Lin Feng both blushed, especially the Fire Spirit. She rarely blushed, so her face became even hotter than usual. Lin Feng scratched his nose and coughed. 

The Ice Spirit looked at the Ice Spirit mockingly. The Fire Spirit was actually interested in Lin Feng? 

“Hehe, Lin Feng, Fire Spirit, you need Lin Feng as a man slave and sex toy? Are you that lonely and desperate? Hehehehe. You’re an old woman… So you feel miserable… You have no sex life anymore, huh? Awwwww…” the Ice Spirit mocked her. The Fire Spirit felt like her face were about to explode. 

“Hmph! What about you!? Don’t think I don’t know what you’re trying to do staying at Lin Feng’s side all the time. You’re just pretending all the time,” retorted the Fire Spirit scathingly. The Ice Spirit blushed and the two spirits stopped talking. 

The atmosphere was quite awkward. Huo Han didn’t say anything, he just clenched his fists and charged Lin Feng. The duel started! 

Lin Feng grinned. Thanks to Huo Han, the atmosphere became less oppressive, so he was happy. He could use his full strength. Huo Han threw punches. His fists were hundreds of thousands of degrees in temperature, his fire energy much more powerful than Huo Can’s. Lin Feng didn’t panic though, and on the contrary, he looked rather indifferent. He didn’t directly punch the fire, he simply prepared himself to block the fiery wall moving towards him. 

After that, he tilted aside and released energies. Huo Han staggered. Lin Feng lifted him up with his energies, but Huo Han was as heavy as a bull, and keeping him under control was impossible. Lin Feng threw him away. 

Boom! There was an explosion as Huo Han crashed against a gigantic boulder and it blew into a billion pieces. 

“Haha! Little boy, how dare you throw me like that? You’re overestimating yourself!” Huo Han burst into a loud laugh. He spat out some fire and magma. Lin Feng was startled. 

The Fire Generals were difficult to defeat. Huo Can had a weakness Lin Feng had used it to defeat him, but Huo Han had no such weakness. 

“One Heavy Wave, Sky-Rising Wave!” shouted Lin Feng, grinding his teeth. He opened his fists and a gigantic ten-thousand-zhang tall wave emerged from his hand, looking like it wanted to destroy the world. It rolled towards Huo Han. 

It was extremely fast, so Huo Han didn’t have much time to react before the wave arrived. Huo Han roared furiously, threw a punch, and the sky turned fiery red. 

Lin Feng’s wave crashed against his fire, creating a gigantic explosion. Everyone went deaf, unable to hear anymore; the sound was too loud! 

The blue wave and the fire red lights collided, and the whole valley collapsed. All the trees burned. 

The Fire Spirit and the Ice Spirit were dumbstruck. They had to protect themselves, or they might be hurt. Lin Feng and Huo Han were both blown away. The scene was impossible to describe with words, butt everything trembled for tens of thousands of li. 

Lin Feng coughed. His chest hurt. He coughed up blood, but when it touched away, it burned away, evaporated. The ground was impossibly hot. Lin Feng’s wave had disappeared. 

And Huo Han… 

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