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Chapter 1320: Kissed by Force!


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“Not bad, little boy. You resisted against my attack, huh?” said Huo Han, laughing loudly and standing up. He patted his legs and arms. His fire was much hotter than before. It was a hundred thousand degrees before, now it was two hundred thousand degrees. 

Lin Feng stared at Huo Han, noticing something had changed. He understood Huo Han’s strength. His fire became more powerful when one used heavy attacks on him!

At that moment, Lin Feng didn’t know what to do. How difficult! Was there even a solution? Even if he used one of his trump cards, it wouldn’t help. 

His opponent was a Holy Godly Ancestor. That was his first advantage. Lin Feng had trump cards, yes, but his opponent had trump cards, too. Could he win? 

Since he couldn’t use trump cards, Lin Feng had only one solution. Since heavy attacks made him become stronger, what if Lin Feng didn’t use heavy attacks? 

Thinking about that, Lin Feng threw a punch again. When Huo Han saw that, he smiled. Lin Feng was stupid: no matter what attack he used, it would make Huo Han stronger!

Huo Guang released fire again and threw a punch. His fire lights were a bit weaker than before. Lin Feng grinned. The Fire Spirit didn’t know why, but she had a bad feeling. 

No. Lin Feng can’t possibly have discovered his weakness… How terrifying, thought the Fire Spirit trying to cheer herself up. 

But the battle was fierce. At that moment, Lin Feng’s punch hadn’t reached Huo Han yet. At the most crucial moment, Lin Feng dodged Huo Han’s punch, then appeared behind him. Huo Han was startled. What was Lin Feng trying to do? Not attacking him? Trying to scare him? 

“Little boy crouch down,” said Huo Han impatiently. Wasting time like that with a weakling made him impatient. so he got angry. He turned around and threw a kick. His foot contained a hundred million jin of energy, steam appearing around him again. It was a powerful attack. 

“Heavy Fire Kick?” the Fire Spirit grinned. Huo Han had no patience anymore. He directly used a deadly attack. She just hoped Lin Feng wouldn’t die. 

Lin Feng frowned and stared at Huo Han’s foot. Fire emerged from it and illuminated the area. The ground rumbled and shook. Lin Feng felt like he was facing a gigantic wave. Huo Han wanted to end the battle. 

But Lin Feng couldn’t let him finish it easily. 

I thought I would never need that talisman. It’s worth it for a Holy Godly Ancestor, thought Lin Feng. He decided to use one of the five space and time talismans he had made with the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points. 

“Huo Han, surrender! Haha!” Lin Feng shouted, bursting into loud laughter as he disappeared. The Ice Spirit and the Fire Spirit were both astonished. Where was Lin Feng now? 

Huo Han was surprised as he landed on the ground. Lin Feng had disappeared. But now that Huo Han had used a real trump card, his Qi was extremely weak and the temperature dropped suddenly. It was now less than a hundred thousand degrees. 

Lin Feng appeared behind him again. He was holding his Godly Battle Sword, which was shaking with enthusiasm. 

It wanted to fight against a Holy Godly Ancestor. It made Lin Feng’s arm shake as well!

“Huo Han, be my slave, good little boy,” Lin Feng said suddenly. His Godly Battle Sword moved. Blood red lights appeared and cut through the fire. Initially, it was a hundred thousand degrees, now it was only a few thousand degrees. 

Huo Han’s gigantic body shrank down. His legs were so tiny that they were smaller than his hands. 

Lin Feng took his Godly Battle Sword back. He put his hand on Huo Han’s shoulder and lifted him up. He didn’t seem to mind the flames coming from Huo Han’s body. He brought Huo Han straight to the Fire Spirit. 

“Fulfill your promise,” Lin Feng said, grinning mockingly. He was happy: four new generals were now at his service, all Holy Godly Ancestors! Awesome! 

Huo Han was angry. He had lost, and now he had become much weaker. Lin Feng hadn’t given him any opportunity. It was difficult to accept as a Holy Godly Ancestor. 

He had lost. No matter what, he had lost. Initially, it was supposed to be an unfair battle for Lin Feng, and in the end he had still won. 

“Lin Feng, you’re really despicable!” shouted the Fire Spirit. Her face turned into red flames, and her eyes were filled with flames of fury. She looked like a burning oven. If Lin Feng got closer, he’d burn straight through to his bones and vanish. 

Lin Feng smiled indifferently. Despicable? It was necessary to be despicable sometimes! During a battle, strength was important, but to win, intelligence and strategy were important too! He had won because he was smart!

“Thank you very much for the compliment,” Lin Feng said, bowing hand over fist and smiling at the Fire Spirit. The Fire Spirit was surprised by his answer. 

“Lin Feng, don’t be too satisfied. It’s just for one year, remember!” said the Fire Spirit, grinding her teeth and presenting one finger to Lin Feng. 

If Huo Clan had been the only one, she wouldn’t have minded, but four? Huo Can, Huo Han, Huo Xi and Huo Ju? Especially Huo Ju, she needed him! 

Lin Feng was going to keep one third of her generals! 

“I understand,” Lin Feng said, agreeing to the deal. 

“Greet your new Master!” the Fire Spirit shouted at Huo Han, Huo Xi, and Huo Ju. 

Huo Ju and Huo Can were both fifty centimeters tall. Some parts of their body were only flames now. 

“Greetings, Master,” scowled Huo Han. He was angry, but he admired Lin Feng, too. Lin Feng had won, after all. They all had to submit to him regardless. 

“Alright, alright, good! Awesome!” Lin Feng rejoiced. Two battles, four Holy Godly Ancestors! Totally worth it! 

Apart from Shi Yu and Ta Han Yuan, who were difficult to manipulate, Lin Feng could use Li Ju, Miss Eight, Life, Water, the demon corpse army, and the Long Yi Clan. Now he had four more generals!

Ten Holy Godly Ancestors were on Lin Feng’s side; with Ta Han Yuan and Ancestor Shi, that was twelve Holy Godly Ancestors. The members of the Yi Clan in the Bright and Colorful Mountain and Lakes painting included seven more!

Lin Feng had many people who could help him, but of course, those people didn’t help him easily. Unless he could help the Yi Clan get their revenge and protect them from the World Dragon Clan, they wouldn’t completely submit to him. 

But Lin Feng was satisfied already. Ten Holy Godly Ancestors and the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points, the Ice Spirit, and the Fire Spirit… 

The only thing that bothered him was that he wasn’t strong enough. He needed to break through to the Holy Godly Ancestor realm to truly make the Region of the Eight Corners powerful. 

Lin Feng understood that he was just slightly stronger than some third-grade influential groups, such as the Demon Clan, the Yan Clan, and the Hun Clan. As for Ni Huang, the Demon Region, and some other second-grade influential groups, Lin Feng couldn’t compete with them. They had at least twenty Godly Ancestors in their service! 

“Lin Feng, come here. I need to talk to you,” said the Fire Spirit, suddenly biting her lips and wiggling her forefinger. 

Lin Feng’s expression didn’t change, He had four new servants thanks to her, after all. She was angry, totally to be expected. Lin Feng didn’t mind. He smiled and walked over to the Fire Spirit. 

“I can’t say it in front of everyone, come closer,” said the Fire Spirit. She moved her mouth closer to Lin Feng’s ear, he could feel her breath on his neck. His heart started beating faster, but he controlled himself and thought of Qing Huang Tian’s corpse. 

Mmmmmmwwwwwaaaaaahhhhhh! Mhhhmmmmm…

The Fire Spirit put her arms around Lin Feng’s neck, and dragged him into her arms. He could feel her breasts brushing against his body. She brought her lips to Lin Feng’s mouth and kissed him, her tongue driving into his mouth. Her saliva had a sweet and fruity taste, and her tongue was soft. 

Lin Feng was stunned. The Fire Spirit smiled as she slowly pulled her head back. She groaned with pleasure and left. Lin Feng was left standing there in shock. 

The Ice Spirit was so furious that she left. The Fire Generals were standing there stupidly. At the same time, they realized their Master liked this man, so they didn’t feel quite so angry anymore. 

So… Lin Feng was their Master’s man? 

“Hehe, how can we help you, Master’s husband?” asked Huo Han respectfully. 

“Master’s husband, how may I help you?” asked Huo Ju. His fire burned brighter. 

“Master’s husband, do you need my help? Do you need me to make the bed? I mean, if you spend the night with my Master, then… Hahahahahaha!!” Huo Xi suddenly seemed like another person. 

Lin Feng blushed, and couldn’t say anything for a while. He put his finger on his lips and suddenly realized the Fire Spirit had taken a kiss from him by force. 

He still had her taste on his lips…

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