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Chapter 1321: Old Friends Paying a Visit!


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“The Fire Spirit is not inside, right?” Lin Feng had noticed the Ice Spirit had looked at him furiously. He had never seen her so angry in his life. 

“Come in and you’ll see,” Lin Feng replied. The Ice Spirit entered his room. Lin Feng ground his teeth. No matter if the Fire Spirit was in his room or not, she could still come in. 

The Fire Spirit’s silhouette suddenly flashed in. She showed up in an extremely sexy and short dress, turning around to show her figure. Her snowy white thighs looked beautiful and soft. 

“Do you ever act normally?” asked Lin Feng angrily. The Fire Spirit kept doing weird things. Lin Feng was sick and tired of it already. 

“Oh? What did you say? Am I not normal?” said the Fire Spirit, pretending to be a little girl. She stuck out her chest to make her breasts look bigger. They nearly popped out once again. 

“Enough, Fire Spirit. If you continue, I won’t join hands with you!” Lin Feng shouted angrily. 

When the Fire Spirit saw Lin Feng was angry, she smiled broadly. “I see, so you’re really not the kind of guy who wants to sleep with beautiful women.” 

“You…” Lin Feng was even more frustrated. He didn’t know what to say. 

“Enough. Stinky little boy, you think I’m willing to dress like this? You think I’m willing to kiss you? But it’s all part of my plan, so I don’t regret it” the Fire Spirit said firmly. 

The Ice Spirit blushed and shouted, “You’re shameless!” 

“You’re hopeless.” Lin Feng couldn’t find better words to describe her either, so he just sighed helplessly. He didn’t take what the Fire Spirit said to heart. She had achieved her goal. She could put her Ground Penetrating Ocean of Flames under the ground of the Region of the Eight Corners. 

“Lin Feng, if you want me, you and I could just…” 

“Enough! Fire Spirit, if you want to put the Ground Penetrating Ocean of Flames under the ground of the Region of the Eight Corners, you better stop,” Lin Feng warned her. 

The Fire Spirit smiled and patted Lin Feng’s shoulders. Then she jiggled her breasts at him again before leaving. Lin Feng sighed. 

“You’re really perverted. You’re even aroused by the Fire Spirit,” the Ice Spirit mocked. She was angry. It was the first time Lin Feng thought she acted like a woman. 

If You You or Meng Qing had said such a thing to him, it would have been normal… but the Ice Spirit? 

“You should go back to the Ice World,” Lin Feng advised, smiling wryly. He couldn’t defeat the Fire Spirit. The Ice Spirit was difficult to defeat as well. Lin Feng wondered whether allowing the Ice Spirit and the Fire Spirit to join hands was a good idea. 

“Hmph! I’m off. In the future, don’t count on me when you’re in danger. You now have the Fire Spirit, after all!” the Ice Spirit said angrily, before disappearing. Lin Feng was stupefied, then sighed. 

Women were all annoying!


The next day, the Fire Spirit sent Huo Xi to Lin Fen to tell him that she had successfully established the Ground Penetrating Ocean of Flames five thousand li under the ground. Over the course of a week, it would spread everywhere under the ground of the Region of the Eight Corners and nobody would notice it. 

The Ground Penetrating Ocean of Flames wasn’t like the Ground Penetrating Ocean of Flames in the Country of Eternity. The Fire Spirit had found a way to make a new Ocean of Flames and turn into her base. Lin Feng didn’t care. He didn’t want to see the Fire Spirit. 

Lin Feng was convinced that the only person able to resist the Fire Spirit’s charms was the Buddhist Ancestor of the West. He guessed no other man could resist her. If Lin Feng hadn’t been sad because of Qing Huang Tian’s death, he would have seized this opportunity. 

The Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points came looking for Lin Feng. He hadn’t noticed the existence of the Ground Penetrating Ocean of Flames, but he had detected the Fire Spirit’s thick and dense Qi. 

Lin Feng didn’t tell the Ancestor about the Ground Penetrating Ocean of Flames, but did tell him about the Ice Spirit and the Fire Spirit. He didn’t tell the old man the two spirits were going to cooperate, though. The old man was happy anyway. Lin Feng now had two more strong cultivators who could help him!


At noon, Song Chou Jiu reported some news to Lin Feng. Song Chou Jiu told Lin Feng that now that the leaders of each region had changed, the different territories were becoming stronger. 

A bit later, Lin Feng received a telepathic message from an old friend. Lin Feng had to interrupt Song Chou Jiu and ask him to go and prepare some wine for his friend. Song Chou Jiu obeyed. 

Lin Feng came out of the palace and went east to greet his old friend personally. He saw a familiar silhouette appear in the distance. 

Chu Chun Qiu appeared, and he wasn’t alone. He waved and smiled. Lin Feng went to greet him. They didn’t shake hands, they bumped fists, and even used some strength. 

Lin Feng suddenly turned into a dragon and attacked Chu Chun Qiu. Chu Chun Qiu turned into a white Siberian crane and attacked as well. Their energies weighed thousands of jin. Neither won. 

Of course, they were just joking. Otherwise, with the strength of the Spiritual Godly Ancestor layer, Lin Feng could have destroyed Chu Chun Qiu, an ordinary Godly Ancestor. 

The six people glanced at one another. All of them had been in the World of Battles for a year now. 

Lin Feng had broken through to the Spiritual Godly Ancestor layer. He was stronger than the five others. 

“As expected, you didn’t disappoint us, huh? The strongest young genius of Gods Country!” Zi Jing Xiao sighed. He hadn’t seen Lin Feng for a while, and had missed him a little. Nowadays, Zi Jing Xiao didn’t use a wheelchair anymore. You and Kun didn’t serve him anymore. 

“Hello, Lin Feng. I am Qing Ling Chao’s disciple, Qing Feng Yang,” said Qing Feng Yang. It was the second time he had seen Lin Feng. The first time, they hadn’t talked. He was the only one who didn’t know Lin Feng well in the group, so he introduced himself. 

“Hello, Feng Yang. Master Qing Ling Chao is one of my benefactors. So naturally, we’re like brothers,” Lin Feng answered politely, shaking hands with Qing Feng Yang. 

“Qing Tong, why are you so quiet?” Zi Jing Xiao asked Qing Tong. Lin Feng’s position and strength intimidated him. Even if he still liked him, he felt like he had to be polite. Even though Qing Tong was the member of the Human Clan who progressed the fastest, he was just an ordinary Godly Ancestor now, and Lin Feng was stronger than him. 

“I have nothing to say,” said Qing Tong. He hadn’t changed. He was just fifteen or sixteen now, but he was cold and detached as a twenty-thousand-year-old. Lin Feng was used to his personality. 

“Lin Feng, you have become so strong. Impressive. We look like buffoons compared to you,” said Prince Ghost. He spent all his time meditating in seclusion, and Lin Feng was still stronger than him! 

“Indeed. I feel like crying!” Chu Chun Qiu agreed. He understood Lin Feng the best; first they were enemies, and now they were friends. He admired Lin Feng when they were enemies, and he admired Lin Feng now that they were friends. 

“Don’t mention it. Let’s go. I prepared a banquet. Let’s get hammered! Haha!” Lin Feng said putting his arms around Chu Chun Qiu and Prince Ghost’s necks and shaking them. The friends chatted and laughed on the way back to the central part of Man Yu. 

They hadn’t met for a long time. Now they weren’t in the Continent of the Nine Clouds, or Gods Country, they were in the World of Battles!

When they arrived at the great palace. Lin Feng had prepared a discreet entrance for important guests, so they took that one, as it was important to keep some things secret. That way, nobody bothered them.

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