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Chapter 1322: The Alliance of the Young Geniuses of the World of Battles!


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“Lin Feng, we came to see you to talk to you,” said Chu Chun Qiu gravely after he had eaten and drank enough. He put his glass and chopsticks back on the table. Prince Ghost and the others all did the same and looked at Lin Feng. Lin Feng’s smile disappeared. He could see Chu Chun Qiu looked worried. 

“Tell me. We’re from Gods Country; you can tell me anything,” Lin Feng said, putting his glass down. 

“I knew you’d say that. You’re Lin Feng after all,” Chu Chun Qiu nodded. 

“Tell me what happened.” Lin Feng didn’t like it when people wasted time. 

Chu Chun Qiu knew that, and  immediately started speaking, “The World of Battles is a complex place. There are overlords, and there are overlords among overlords: there’s Ni Huang, Ancestor Mo, and there are many others. 

“Of course, those are the influential groups at the top of the world. But there is an alliance called the Alliance of the Young Geniuses of the World of Battles. Those so-called young geniuses are Young Masters in powerful overlord influential groups or young geniuses who have the potential to become members of such groups. The leader of that group is Ancestor Mo’s great disciple, Mo Jun, and the Vice Leader of that group is the Human Ancestor’s great disciple, Fu Dao. They have many, many young geniuses as servants, about eight hundred according to what people say. 

“Those young geniuses look down upon us young geniuses from the Country of Eternity. They think we are just a bunch of pieces of trash. They cause trouble for us. 

“Do you remember Zhao Xiao Yao from the Zhao Hall?” asked Chu Chun Qiu. Lin Feng remained calm and expressionless the whole time, until he heard Chu Chun Qiu mention Xiao Yao. 

Zhao Xiao Yao? Bai Nü’s husband? Of course, Bai Nü had a goal when she went to the Country of Eternity, and their husband-wife relationship was fake. 

“I know. There are tensions between me and him. What about him?” Lin Feng asked curiously. 

“He’s dead,” said Chu Chun Qiu angrily. Even if he didn’t know Zhao Xiao Yao, they were young geniuses from the Country of Eternity. The young geniuses of the World of Battles looked down upon them and humiliated them; he couldn’t tolerate it! 

“He’s dead? Some young genius from the World of Battles killed him?” Lin Feng asked, surprised. 

“Yes. A member of the Alliance of the Young Geniuses of the World of Battles killed him. His name is Xue Chuan and he’s from the Xiao Hun Hall, an ordinary Godly Ancestor,” explained Chu Chun Qiu. 

Lin Feng didn’t seem to care. He looked expressionless. Chu Chun Qiu sighed sadly. He understood that the difference in strength between them and Lin Feng had become too big.

“What do you want to do?” asked Lin Feng. 

“We want to form our own alliance, an alliance for the young geniuses of the Country of Eternity. You can be the leader. What do you think?” Chu Chun Qiu smiled. He had thought of the solution before. If Lin Feng didn’t seem interested, he would ask him to become their leader. 

The young geniuses who had been coming from Gods Country to the World of Battles for hundreds of thousands of years were all outstanding, but they still hadn’t managed to stand out. It was probably because of the young geniuses of the World of Battles. 

Those people couldn’t possibly be stronger than Lin Feng. Therefore, having Lin Feng as their leader was the best option! 

“Help us, the young geniuses of Gods Country. We have difficult lives. Since we’re in the World of Battles, young geniuses from here bully and humiliate us. Even if we manage to join powerful groups, those young geniuses will always make fun of the young geniuses of the lower realms,” said Prince Ghost. They were almost slaves in their respective groups! 

“Be the leader and I’ll support you,” said Qing Tong simply, but it showed he now submitted to Lin Feng. 

“Lin Feng, it’s the best solution,” agreed Qing Feng Yang, smiling wryly. He didn’t know Lin Feng well, but all those people had told him about Lin Feng’s adventures. He was incredible. 

Lin Feng and Chu Chun Qiu looked at Qing Feng Yang curiously. 

“You don’t know that life in the Tai Qing Sect is horrible? The young geniuses of the Tai Qing Sect don’t treat me as a human. If my teacher didn’t have a high status in the Tai Qing Sect, I wouldn’t be alive anymore. 

“I have the strength of the ordinary Godly Ancestor layer because my teacher gave them less resources to give me more. Otherwise, I wouldn’t even be an ordinary Godly Ancestor. Even now, the Tai Qing Sect doesn’t think highly of me. Even if I broke through to the Holy Godly Ancestor layer, my status would be the same as a Spiritual Godly Ancestor’s. The only solution would be for me to become an overlord, but it’s impossible,” said Qing Feng Yang, smiling bitterly. He didn’t think he would ever be able to become an overlord. 

When Lin Feng heard them, he looked unmoved, but on the inside he was surprised. He had never thought these young geniuses would have difficult lives. They were almost treated like slaves? The young geniuses of Gods Country were the slaves of the World of Battles? 

Lin Feng’s dantian became dazzling. His eyes were filled with murder. Chu Chun Qiu smiled. His plan had worked! 

“I believe you, but the problem is that it will be difficult to make all those young geniuses leave their respective groups to gather somewhere,” Lin Feng said. Even if they formed an alliance, what next? Who would even join their alliance? 

“Lin Feng, don’t worry. Even if some of them don’t dare come, it means they’re pieces of trash. Those who will come are strong. The young geniuses of the World of Battles humiliate us, so we should humiliate them. If we do humiliate them, I’m sure they’ll come!” Chu Chun Qiu swore furiously. 

“I see. Alright. I’ll ask some servants to go and spread the news around the World of Battles, and we’ll see if it works. If we draw over ten young geniuses, I’m sure we’ll be fine,” Lin Feng said. The Region of the Eight Corners was now in a stable situation. Ni Huang wasn’t going to cause trouble for him after what had happened with Qing Huang Tian. 

“At the same time, I hope making a new alliance won’t be necessary. We can use my alliance, the United Allies of the Region of the Eight Corners. If we made an alliance with just the few of us, we wouldn’t be enough. 

“But if the United Allies of the Region of the Eight Corners gets involved, they will happily show up. The Alliance of the Young Geniuses of the World of Battles aren’t scary. They are just backed up by some powerful old men who won’t lose face and intervene if those shameless young people act recklessly, so we don’t need to worry about the Human Ancestor and Ancestor Mo,” Lin Feng said. Lin Feng had thought this through. 

Very quickly, everybody agreed. If the Region of the Eight Corners could intervene, it would be great, because the Region of the Eight Corners was backed up by the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points. 

Even though the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points wasn’t the Ancestor of the North anymore, he was strong, an overlord among overlords. Thanks to him, they didn’t need to fear anything. 

The Alliance of the Young Geniuses of the World of Battles was backed up by Ancestor Mo and the Human Ancestor. The Region of the Eight Corners was backed up by the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points. There was nothing amazing about it. 

“You go and have a rest first. I’ll ask Zhuang Ling Yun to bring you to the Region of the Eight Corners to check the place. Haha,” Lin Feng waved them off.


After a short time, Zhuang Ling Yun came in. His mouth was oily. He was holding a chicken wing with only shiny bones remaining. The boy didn’t leave a single piece of meat on the chicken wing. 

“Stinky little boy, you’re eating in secret?” Lin Feng exclaimed, pretending to be angry. Zhuang Ling Yun laughed. 

“Lin Feng, who’s that?” asked Chu Chun Qiu. 

“Oh, my friends, this my adopted son, Zhuang Ling Yun.” 

“I’m Ling Yun, greetings Uncles! Hello five, uhhh, four uncles,” said Zhuang Ling Yun, grinning and wiping the oil off his mouth with his sleeve. He was going to say five uncles when he realized Qing Tong was a little bit older than him. 

Qing Tong didn’t greet him, he asked angrily, “Little boy, aren’t you going to greet me?” 

“You’re barely older than me. What should I call you? Uncle? What a joke,” said Zhuang Ling Yun. He had a high social status. He was the Young Master of the Jun Hall and Lin Feng’s adopted son! 

“You, I’m going to kill you!” shouted Qing Tong furiously. He wanted to attack. Zhuang Ling Yun hid behind Lin Feng and glared at Qing Tong angrily. Two more years and he’d be able to destroy Qing Tong! 

“Alright, Qing Tong, he shouldn’t call you uncle, as you’re almost the same age. He can call you older brother,” Lin Feng proposed cheerfully. 

“If he calls me older brother, should I call you older brother as well?” said Qing Tong, annoyed. In the Ancient Human Clan of Gods Country, he would have taught Lin Feng a good lesson, but those were the good old times. Things had changed. 

“Indeed, you’re like a younger brother to me, and he’s your younger brother too, that’s right.” 

“Alright, then I’ll be his older brother. Leave him to me. I’ll teach him some skills,” said Qing Tong, sighing helplessly. Then he looked at Zhuang Ling Yun icily. He clenched his fists and got ready to make Zhuang Ling Yun suffer and sweat! 

Zhuang Ling Yun ground his teeth and ran away, calling for help. Qing Tong’s silhouette flickered. He easily caught up with Zhuang Ling Yun. Lin Feng and the others burst into laughter. What a cheerful moment! 

Chu Chun Qiu realized that he had craved such an atmosphere for a long time. It was much better than the boring and sad Lun Bi Dynasty! 

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