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Chapter 1324: Strengthen!


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The headquarters of the Alliance of the Young Geniuses of the World of Battles was situated in the Demon Region. There were many pavilions and palaces there. It was even nicknamed the ‘Small World of Battles’, because the young geniuses of the group were the future of the World of Battles. 

The headquarters of the Alliance was guarded. The leader of the Alliance, Mo Jun, and the Vice Leader, Fu Dao, weren’t there. A great scholar respected for his learning and integrity was in charge, Su Qing. His background wasn’t as impressive as the other two, but he was also a young man in an overlord group. He was from the Su Clan, and the leader of the Su Clan, Su Gu, was forty-second in the List of the World of Battles. Su Qing was Su Gu’s great disciple. He was a Holy Godly Ancestor. 

Most of the time, Su Qing was in charge of guarding the Alliance and managing things. Of course, he wasn’t very busy. Their young geniuses spent most of their time bullying young geniuses from lower worlds. 

Today, he had woken up early because he had heard something which had infuriated him. He clenched his fists, wondering who he could release his anger on. It had been a long time since someone had dared offend and humiliate their Alliance. Now seven or eight people had been killed, and over twenty had been severely injured! 

Their people had been killed as they were about to kill young geniuses from lower worlds, who were rescued each time. Some people who were rescued were ordinary Godly Ancestors. Those people had been saved at the most crucial moment, or they would have died. Their enemies had left a talisman from the United Allies of the Region of the Eight Corners! 

“Bastards, what’s wrong with the United Allies of the Region of the Eight Corners? How dare they provoke us, and even kill some of our young geniuses?” Su Qing ground his teeth and shouted furiously. He was so angry he punched his table, which exploded into ashes. 

“Eminent Scholar, don’t be angry. Me and some friends could go to the Region of the Eight Corners and slaughter them, what do you think?” 

A few young geniuses were standing next to Su Qing. They were all young geniuses from the World of Battles; the one who spoke was an arrogant young genius in a blue robe. He wanted to curry favor with Su Qing, but as soon as he finished talking, Su Qing slapped him in the face. 

The man in blue clothes was dumbstruck, and stared at Su Qing blankly. Why did Su Qing slap him? Why was he angry at him? All the young geniuses around Su Qing were stunned, and touched their cheeks without realizing it. It felt like Su Qing had slapped them too. 

“What’s wrong with you?” the man in blue clothes lowered his head angrily. 

“You shameless little bastard! Since when can you destroy the Region of the Eight Corners? Why don’t you learn and ask people what kind of group the Region of the Eight Corners is? Why don’t you go and ask how strong the United Allies of the Region of the Eight Corners is? Why don’t you go and ask who Lin Feng is and what kind of background he has? You would know he’s a terrifying killer if you had done your research! Moron!” said Su Qing. He was rarely angry, but this time, it was too much. 

Nobody dared speak anymore. The atmosphere in the great palace became silent. The wind outside blew coldly. 

After a long time, Su Qing finally calmed down. He looked at the man in blue clothes and said, “Xue Chuan, in the future, you should think carefully before speaking. Don’t think I’ll go easy on you just because your teacher is Master Xiao Hun from the Xiao Hun Hall. You have to understand and abide by the rules of our Alliance, you understand?”

“Yes, I understand, Master,” said Xue Chuan. He felt extremely aggrieved, but he nodded. 

“Xue Chuan, you and Zhan Die should go and check how many young geniuses from lower worlds have NOT gone to the Region of the Eight Corners. In other words, check how many were too scared to go to the Region of the Eight Corners,” Su Qing frowned. Xue Chuan nodded hastily. No matter what, he had to obey; those were the rules of the Alliance. 

“After that, kill them all! Then bring their heads to the Region of the Eight Corners and throw them there. When you throw away their heads there, leave a letter too.” As Su Qing said that, he brought a notebook and started writing things inside. He was done with the letter quickly, and ripped the page off and put it in an envelope. 

He gave the letter to Xue Chuan and said, “You have to throw that letter to the Region of the Eight Corners. I wrote it for Lin Feng. We don’t know Lin Feng well, I’ve just heard about his adventures and how strong he supposedly is. He’s also very arrogant and even dared humiliate and provoke Ni Huang. If that’s really the case, then we have to curry favor with him! At all costs! 

“As for the current tensions, let’s wait and see for the time being. If we could make him join our Alliance… if he rejects this opportunity, then we’ll show him we don’t always give people opportunities. Hehe!” 

“Understood!” those there acknowledged, clenching their fists. They seemed excited. Their Eminent Scholar was amazing. Xue Chuan looked normal again as well. He had already forgotten about what had just happened. 

“Xue Chuan, stay with me tonight.” 

Suddenly, Su Qing smiled evilly. Xue Chuan smiled too, and suddenly looked rather feminine. He looked like a woman trying to seduce a man. The other men were so disgusted they almost puked. 

“Eminent Scholar, we’re off,” said the others. They didn’t dare stay there any longer. What if Su Qing got tired of Xue Chuan after a few hours and wanted them? They didn’t sleep with men! 


As  Su Qing and the others were chatting, the situation in the meeting hall of the great palace in the central part of Man Yu was different. 

Lin Feng was standing in the middle of the palace. Chu Chun Qiu and the others were standing behind him. There were also twenty-five young geniuses from the Country of Eternity with them. Some of them looked miserable and were severely injured, but they had arrived in the Region of the Eight Corners alive, so they were happy. 

Han Xuan and Liu Jian stood in the palace, too. At the beginning, they didn’t have any preconceived idea, but when they saw Lin Feng for the first time, it was like a demon sword was hiding in Lin Feng’s eyes. They submitted without any issue. 

There were at least seven Holy Godly Ancestors in the great palace: Ta Han Yuan, Li Ju, Huo Han, Huo Xi, Miss Eight, Water, and Life. Everybody was astonished when they saw so many strong cultivators, and were even more convinced that they had made the right decision in coming here. 

Song Chou Jiu left the twenty-five geniuses to Lin Feng. Lin Feng asked them all which group they were from in the Country of Eternity, one after the other, and then he looked at Liu Jian and Han Xuan. 

When he saw them for the first time, Lin Feng knew those two people were different from the others. He understood those people were probably as strong as him back then in the Country of Eternity. They were even more famous than he was back in the days in the Country of Eternity. 

“Liu Jian, you’re from Tian Dao Yuan?” Lin Feng smiled. He hadn’t thought he’d find some people from Tian Dao Yuan. 

Liu Jian was surprised. Why did Lin Feng smile at him? Could it be that…? His heart twitched. He was suddenly scared. What if Lin Feng was one of Tian Dao Yuan’s enemies? 

“Yes, I am from Tian Dao Yuan. But if you expel me because you hate Tian Dao Yuan, I would be really disappointed. I didn’t think you were that kind of person,” said Liu Jian. He sounded disappointed. 

Lin Feng smiled and shook his head. Liu Jian thought he was an enemy of Tian Dao Yuan?

“Isn’t it normal for the leader of Tian Dao Yuan to be happy when he meets a new friend?” Lin Feng asked with a grin, staring at Liu Jian mockingly. Liu Jian suddenly looked overjoyed. 

“You’re from Tian Dao Yuan as well?” Liu Jian suddenly had hopes again. It was the first time he thought he might have a chance to progress in the future again. 

“Not only that, I am the fifth Supreme Leader of Tian Dao Yuan, Lin Feng!” 

“Greetings, Master!” Liu Jian’s expression suddenly changed. He knelt down on the floor and kowtowed. 

“Rise, hurry up, rise,” Lin Feng said, satisfied. He was also happy to see someone from Tian Dao Yuan. 

“How is teacher Dao Ling doing?” asked Liu Jian. He asked to test Lin Feng. He still didn’t believe him completely. 

“Dao Ling is your teacher? So you are the nephew of my teacher, Ancestor Kong. We’re like fellow disciples then?!” Lin Feng said. He knew the man was trying to test him, so he mentioned some details to convince him. 

Liu Jian now believed him and stopped asking questions. If Lin Feng hadn’t been a core member of Tian Dao Yuan, he wouldn’t have known those things. Ancestor Kong and Dao Ling really were fellow disciples, but Ancestor Kong had reincarnated five times, so he had a higher status than Dao Ling. 

When Liu Jian saw that Lin Feng was already looking at Han Xuan, he stopped talking and silently stepped back. Even though he didn’t know Han Xuan, he was also a genius from the lower world, but they were not of the same age. 

“Han Xuan, you’re from the Ancient Human Clan?” Lin Feng asked calmly. 

“Yes, I am from the Ancient Human Clan. My teacher is Fu Hao. I know Zi Jing Xiao, who’s standing behind you,” replied Han Xuan straightforwardly. Zi Jing Xiao and he glanced at each other, their eyes wet. 

“I missed you, brother,” said Zi Jing Xiao. He hugged Han Xuan in front of everybody. The atmosphere became melancholic. Lin Feng remained silent. 

“There are people from the Ancient Human Clan, the Tian Ji Sect, the Zhao Hall, the Ancient Yan Clan, the Ancient Demonic Clan, and the Fa Lan Empire. I’ll tell you the truth clearly and straightforwardly: the Ancient Demonic Clan and I were enemies, so I destroyed them. I control the Fa Lan Empire nowadays. I am like a strong cultivator watching the Fa Lan Empire from a dark corner. As for the Ancient Yan Clan, we’re not really friends. 

“But harmony is the most important thing at the moment. We’re like a family here. We also all have common interests. Therefore, I will not cause trouble for any of you on the basis of past grudges. 

“Even if you’re from the Ancient Demonic Clan or the Ancient Yan Clan, just don’t betray me and I will never hurt you. We’ll fight together hand in hand. The Alliance of the Young Geniuses of the World of Battles keep humiliating you and harming you, so we have to do something. 

“I’m not going to be modest or humble, I’m just going to be realistic. Now, listen to me; nobody in this world is able to help you but me. I am the only one who can help you in the World of Battles, you understand?” 

What Lin Feng said instantly made everyone feel excited and determined. They all felt fierce and tough, ready for war. 

“I understand. I will always be loyal to Leader Lin! If I ever betray you, then I shall die!” shouted Han Xuan enthusiastically, clenching his fists. It felt like his blood was boiling. 

“We will always be loyal to Leader Lin! If we ever betray you, then we shall die!” the crowd shouted in unison, clapping as they roared out. 

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