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Chapter 1325: Dilemma!



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“Where should I put these people?” asked Song Chou Jiu. They had twenty-five new young geniuses. Song Chou Jiu and the people of the region didn’t look down upon young geniuses from lower worlds because they were not strong enough. Lin Feng was a living example of that practice, a young genius from a lower world who had become their leader. 

“I want to build two secret branches. The first special group will consist of special intelligence forces, and the other one will consist of secret agents specializing in silent assassinations. 

“They’re all young geniuses from lower worlds, and they’re all elite young geniuses. With them, I am sure my concept can easily turn into reality,” Lin Feng answered, smiling happily. He had so many new people to help him, his joy couldn’t be described with words. 

“Alright, in the future, the Region of the Eight Corners can spend even more resources on them,” agreed Song Chou Jiu. He knew that those young geniuses were interested in their cultivation resources. They had been in the World of Battles for a while and the groups they had joined hadn’t given them any cultivation resources. Now the Region of the Eight Corners had to do so. 

As expected, when Song Chou Jiu said that, all the young geniuses looked overjoyed. They had been waiting for this moment since they left the Country of Eternity and arrived in the World of Battles. Their groups hadn’t given them anything; their new group, the Region of the Eight Corners, meant a new beginning!

If they had benefited from enough resources since their arrival in the World of Battles, they would have all broken through to the same cultivation layer as Lin Feng. Some of them might even have broken through to the Holy Godly Ancestor layer. 

“No problem. From tomorrow on, you are responsible for those twenty-five young geniuses, Brother Song,” Lin Feng said, patting Song Chou Jiu’s shoulder fraternally. Liu Jian, Han Xuan, and a few other smart people understood that they were doing all this to gain their trust, but most of them were happy regardless.

The leader of the Region of the Eight Corners was going to help them, it was wonderful. What else could they wish for? 

“I’ll divide them into two factions. Leave it to me,” Song Chou Jiu grinned. He didn’t take it what Lin Feng said to heart. He had already started working for Lin Feng; he was a manager, so he had to do what he did best. 

“Han Xuan, Liu Jian, you are the two most talented young geniuses, right? Do you agree?” asked Lin Feng, looking at Liu Jian and Han Xuan. who were standing at the front. 

“I agree!”

“I have no objection.” 

“I agree too.”…

The twenty- three other people also agreed; they were all talented, after all. One of them was a disciple from Tian Dao Yuan and they now relied on Lin Feng. Who could contradict him? The young genius of the Ancient Human Clan also had an even higher status. 

“Since it’s that way, let them divide the group themselves.” Lin Feng made a decision, looking at Liu Jian and Han Xuan. “You two, whose lust for blood is more powerful? Who would prefer being part of an intelligence gathering network?” 

“I like to kill.” 

“I like to kill.” 

As Lin Feng had expected, none of them was willing to gather intelligence. They both liked to kill people, and most importantly, they wanted to get their revenge against the people who had humiliated them over and over again. 

“I’ll decide then. Liu Jian, for the time being, you only have the strength of the top of the eighth Great Supreme God layer while Han Xuan is already an ordinary Godly Ancestor. What does that mean? That no matter what, if you both receive the same amount of cultivation resources, then Han Xuan will always be stronger than you, Liu Jian, right?” Lin Feng frowned. He looked grave and serious, powerful and domineering. The two saw that and both lowered their heads without even noticing it. They didn’t dare look Lin Feng in the eyes. 

“I’ll gather intelligence,” said Liu Jian, understanding what Lin Feng meant, and not letting him finish. He preferred saying that directly, rather than giving everybody the impression he was a follower. Besides, being part of an intelligence-gathering network didn’t necessarily mean he wasn’t going to kill people!

Liu Jian pretended to be angry on the outside, but was happy inside. 

“Liu Jian, you choose twelve people to be part of your group. Your faction is now called the Splinter Blades!” 

“Han Xuan, you choose thirteen assassins from now on, your faction is called the Cold Lights!” 

“Understood!” The twenty-five people all nodded respectfully and bowed hand over fist obediently. Initially, some young geniuses wanted to impose conditions on Lin Feng to obtain even more cultivation resources than the others, but they quickly revised that strategy. 

“Everybody must be exhausted. Brother Song, bring them to their rooms so that everybody can have a rest,” Lin Feng said. He knew Chu Chun Qiu and the others still had things to tell him. 

Song Chou Jiu turned around and got ready to lead the way for the young geniuses of the lower worlds, but as soon as he walked to the gate, a disciple arrived hastily and knelt down nervously. The atmosphere became tense. Everybody stopped moving. 

“Report, Leader! Seventy heads are lying on the ground on the border of Shi Yu. There’s blood everywhere, and there was a letter, too,” said the disciple. He was extremely pale. He had come back from Shi Yu using the Cave World. He didn’t dare waste any more time, as he couldn’t afford to make such a mistake. 

When Lin Feng heard that, he took a deep breath. He didn’t need to guess, he already knew the Alliance of the Young Geniuses of the World of Battles had done that. Those heads, if he wasn’t mistaken, were the heads of young geniuses from the lower worlds. Because they had no balls and hadn’t dared join him, the young geniuses of the Alliance of the Young Geniuses of the World of Battles had killed them!

By doing that the young geniuses of the World of Battles made Lin Feng understand he was responsible for their deaths, because he had sent them a talisman to invite them. If they hadn’t received talismans, then the young geniuses of the lower worlds wouldn’t have died! 

“Give me the letter,” said Chu Chun Qiu, grinding his teeth furiously. Seventy-five of their people had been killed, so Chu Chun Qiu was furious. He wanted to destroy the young geniuses of the World of Battles.

Song Chou Jiu came back and gave the letter to Chu Chun Qiu. Chu Chun Qiu read it hastily. He seemed surprised. 

“Show it to me too!” swore Prince Ghost, taking the letter and reading it. His expression was strange. Zi Jing Xiao, Qing Tong, and Qing Fei Yang all read the letter. Their expressions instantly became strange. Qing Fei Yang wanted to give the letter to Lin Feng, but he smiled and refused. 

“I don’t need to look at it, I already know what’s written. They hope I can join the Alliance of the Young Geniuses of the World of Battles and if I do, they’ll forget the tensions between us and spend lots of resources on me. That kind of bullshit, right?” Lin Feng said sarcastically. 

Chu Chun Qiu stuck his thumbs up. Lin Feng was right. 

“They look down upon us. They keep humiliating us!” shouted Liu Jian, clenching his fists and trembling from head to toe. His face was completely pale. Han Xuan looked grim, but his eyes were filled with murder. 

“They pretend to be nice, as if they gave you a choice, but in fact, it’s a warning. The Alliance of the Young Geniuses of the World of Battles are sly and smart; it’s a plot. If Lin Feng goes, he will die. If he doesn’t go, they will continue killing people. It’s a dilemma. But we have to act,” said Prince Ghost. He looked evil and demonic with his plaited bamboo hat. 

Prince Ghost was right. That was exactly what Su Qing had planned; he was an expert in crafty plots and machinations. 

“What do we do, Lin Feng?” asked Zi Jing Xiao with a frown. They now relied on Lin Feng and the United Allies of the Region of the Eight Corners; if Lin Feng had no solution, then they were doomed!

“Brother Song, I need your help to investigate. Find out who some members of the Alliance of the Young Geniuses of the World of Battles are. No need to look for them in other regions, just find those who are in the Northwest, in Ni Huang’s jurisdiction. When you find one, kill them straight away each time!” 

Lin Feng looked terrifying at that moment, like a bloodthirsty killer. 

They had no time to waste. The United Allies of the Region of the Eight Corners had just been created. 

Even though the Region of the Eight Corners was now in a dilemma, it was also an opportunity. They all had a common goal. The Masters of the Region of the Eight Corners were responsible for different regions from their own. They were serious about their job and motivated, so Lin Feng thought even more highly of them. 

Back then, the different territories kept fighting each other; now, they had a common goal and fought for their entire region! 


Ni Huang’s isolated world, Ni Huang’s great palace…

Feng Cai reported what had happened recently. Three of the things he reported had something to do with Lin Feng. 

Ni Huang looked sad. She was confused these days. She didn’t know whether what she had done was actually really to help her or if it was just for her own personal interests. She felt tormented, and didn’t care about anything else. 

“I don’t care. As long as Lin Feng doesn’t come to our isolated world to kill our people, everything is fine. Let him do whatever he wishes. Transmit my message around, and tell people that Ni Huang is not easy to deal with. No matter who or what, if anyone dares injure people who are from my jurisdiction, they shouldn’t blame me if I go crazy!” 

“Understood, Master!” said Feng Cai. He understood. Ni Huang wanted to be on good terms with Lin Feng. If something like this had happened before, Ni Huang would have been very angry, but now she remained calm and indifferent. 

Qing Huang Tian was dead. Zhen Yu was dead. The order of the region had completely changed. Feng Cai was getting confused. He didn’t know what to do or think anymore, so now he decided to focus on his own life. He didn’t intend to betray Ni Huang, however. She was the goddess of his dreams. 


Two days passed. The atmosphere in the World of Battles was eerily calm. Many people knew the Alliance of the Young Geniuses of the World of Battles and the United Allies of the Region of the Eight Corners had become enemies, but it seemed like their conflict was over. Many people thought that the Region of the Eight Corners had given up when the Alliance of the Young Geniuses of the World of Battles put some people’s heads on the border of Shi Yu. Many people thought Lin Feng felt humiliated. 

“Hahahahahahahahaha! I told you he just wanted to assess the situation, and saw we were too strong, so he gave up! I knew it. You imagine, how could anyone dare offend the Alliance of the Young Geniuses of the World of Battles? What a joke!” 

“I think so too. Lin Feng just relies on the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points and Ni Huang. He has no potential. He’s just a piece of trash.” 

“Hmph! He provoked us though, the young geniuses of the World of Battles! He deserves to die.” 

In a restaurant in the Northwest, a few young geniuses were getting drunk and chatting happily. 

People around them looked at them enviously and jealously. They all thought Lin Feng was a coward when they heard the crowd. 

“Hehe, since you want to die, we’ll help you.” 

However, as soon as the young geniuses finished talking, three silhouettes suddenly appeared out of the void and startled the whole crowd. 

A few people who had been to Jing City’s auctions recognized those three people immediately. 

“Lin Feng. It’s Lin Feng! He’s here!” shouted some people suddenly. They were panicking. The one who shouted out was one of the young geniuses who had just made fun of Lin Feng and had called him a coward. Now, Lin Feng was here; the man nearly peed his pants. 

Lin Feng looked at the four young geniuses expressionlessly. Three of them were from the Alliance of the Young Geniuses of the World of Battles. 


Slash, slash, slash! 

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