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Chapter 1327: Humiliating the Alliance of the Young Geniuses of the World of Battles!


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The crowd burst into an uproar. The ordinary Godly Ancestors the two Spiritual Godly Ancestors had brought were dumbstruck. They just wanted to escape now. How could they kill Lin Feng? If they offended Lin Feng again, he would kill them! 

“Escape, hurry up!” shouted the Spiritual Godly Ancestor outside. He wanted to escape. Lin Feng was terrifying, truly a demon! A Spiritual Godly Ancestor? A demonic one! 

“No need to escape. You and your friends should stick together!” 

However, as the man turned around and got ready to flee, Lin Feng appeared in front of him. He looked like a demon and smiled evilly. 


Lights flashed, and it suddenly smelled like blood and rotten flesh. The crowd ran away. 


Ten minutes later, Song Chou Jiu and the others came out of the restaurant. One long sword and an axe, fourteen impaled heads. With the two Spiritual Godly Ancestors who were completely destroyed, no enemies were left. 

“Leave those heads in front of the entrance of the restaurant. And here, a letter; put a head on it so it doesn’t fly away,” Lin Feng said. He took a letter out from his sleeve. He had prepared it before. He wanted to pay the enemies back in their own coin. 

Song Chou Jiu and the others put the fourteen heads on the ground and stuck the letter under one of them. 

“Let’s go!” Lin Feng said, smiling placidly. They disappeared. Only then did the crowd feel relieved. 

The crowd wouldn’t forget that scene for a very, very long time! 

How cruel! Lin Feng was cruel, evil, brutal, aggressive, and violent. He was a true slaughterer. He looked down upon the members of the Alliance of the Young Geniuses of the World of Battles. There were many people who were members of the Alliance of the Young Geniuses of the World of Battles in the crowd as well, but they only had the strength of the Great Supreme God layer, so none dared step out and die!


After Lin Feng left, a few young geniuses from the Alliance of the Young Geniuses of the World of Battles came out of the crowd. They took the heads and the letter. They returned to the Demon Region to report to their superiors. The Eminent Scholar would be furious. 

Su Qing learned what had happened. Everybody in the World of Battles was talking about the tensions between Lin Feng and the Alliance of the Young Geniuses of the World of Battles. Only three days had passed since the Alliance of the Young Geniuses of the World of Battles had slaughtered some young geniuses from the lower world. 

Now Lin Feng had also destroyed and slaughtered almost twenty people from the Alliance. It was astonishing. The Alliance of the Young Geniuses of the World of Battles was a powerful group, but they only had a hundred-some people, so Lin Feng had already destroyed a tenth of their group. It wasn’t a trifling matter. They had never felt so humiliated. 

It was noon when Su Qing saw the fourteen heads, still soaked in blood and pieces of bleeding meat dropped from them now and then. He nearly collapsed, and looked at them for a very long time. The letter was stained with blood. He didn’t dare open the letter, because he knew what Lin Feng had written inside. 

No matter what, he had to act carefully. Su Qing ground his teeth. He forced himself to open the letter. He wished he could destroy it instead… 

“Lin Feng, you fucking son of a bitch. You humiliated me, huh?” shouted Su Qing, his face going red. However, he could only sigh helplessly. 

What was written in that letter? Why was Su Qing so furious? Xue Chuan secretly glanced at the letter. When he saw its contents, he nearly fainted. 

Dear reader of this letter, hello. I am Lin Feng. Please kindly accept this small present from me. At the same time, I also prepared a much bigger present. It’s in the influential groups of thirty members of the Alliance of the Young Geniuses of the World of Battles.

If the Alliance of the Young Geniuses of the World of Battles wants to continue playing, I, Lin Feng, will play with you. Those thirty members will be shipped to you in a package. But my people could only send you the heads. I hope you don’t mind. Hahahahahahaha!!! 

Xue Chuan clenched his fists and ground his teeth. He could almost hear Lin Feng’s evil laugh in his head. It was the worst thing Lin Feng had done to them. 

Suddenly, he could hear some people running outside of the great palace. Su Qing had no time to speak, before a group of young geniuses came inside. One of them raised a letter and shouted, “Eminent Scholar, look!! Some brothers found this in one of our branches.” 

They looked glum. Su Qing took it and glanced at the contents for a second. He was furious. 

“Good! Lin Feng! Good! You dare humiliate the Alliance of the Young Geniuses of the World of Battles? Good, good. Very good!” said Su Qing when he saw the letter. It was the same, which meant everybody would quickly hear about this everywhere, and everybody would make fun of the Alliance of the Young Geniuses of the World of Battles. 

“Eminent Scholar, what do we do? Should we go to the Region of the Eight Corners to destroy them?” asked the few young geniuses angrily. They were all pillars of the Alliance, all Spiritual Godly Ancestors. Some of them were even about to break through to the Holy Godly Ancestor layer. 

“I don’t know. Only Vice Leader Fu Dao or Leader Mo Jun can make such a decision,” replied Su Qing, forcing a smile. If those two were here, it would be great. He wouldn’t just stay here and wait. 

He gradually realized he had made a few mistakes. He shouldn’t have killed all those young geniuses from lower worlds, because he had directly humiliated Lin Feng! Not just that, but all the people from lower worlds felt humiliated. Some old Masters from lower worlds might get angry and cut ties with them. 

The Country of Eternity was the roots of the World of Battles. They had killed so many young geniuses from the lower world, which meant they looked down upon people who were from there, not just Lin Feng. 

Suddenly, a few other young geniuses rushed up. They had entered the palace without authorization, as they were in a rush. 

“Oh no! Eminent Scholar! Three elders in the Human Clan are furious. They are furious that we killed all the remaining young geniuses from lower worlds, and they want an explanation. They said that if you didn’t give them an explanation, they would come personally!! 

“Eminent Scholar, an elder from the Demon Region is furious too. He calls himself an old man of the lower worlds and we killed his people, so he wants an explanation.” 

“Eminent Scholar, the Yan Clan…” 

“Elder Qing Ling Chao from the Tai Qing Sect wants an explanation…” 

“The Lun Bi Dynasty wants an explanation…” 

“The Tian Ji Sect and Tian Dao Yuan want an explanation…” …

Su Qing had the impression his head was going to explode. Everybody wanted explanations. He became extremely pale. Most of them were third-class influential groups, but some of them were second-class. 

And now, he had to give them an explanation? 

What to do? What the hell could they do? 

“Su Qing, since when are you such a coward?” 

Someone smiled calmly in the great palace. Su Qing and the others’ expressions calmed down as they raised their heads and saw the speaker. That person looked like a hero. He was tall and slim, and wearing a red robe. His black hair hung past his shoulders. Their skin was so white and lips so red they looked even more like an outsider. 

“Greetings, Vice Leader!” shouted Su Qing, kneeling down quickly. He looked neither nonchalant nor arrogant. Fu Dao could punish him otherwise. 

“Rise. Why talk so much? Su Qing, you put the Alliance in such a difficult situation,” said Fu Dao angrily. When Mo Jun and he were still there, they were like brothers, but now that they hadn’t seen each other for a few years, they were like strangers now. 

“Rules aren’t fixed. We can be flexible,” said Su Qing. He had always thought that without rules the situation would deteriorate. He had even gone against Mo Jun and Fu Dao’s philosophy and caused trouble. 

“Anyway, you’re always right. Do whatever you wish, this Alliance is yours,” said Fu Dao frowning. He didn’t feel like wasting time with a moron like Su Qing. 

Everybody stood up and greeted Fu Dao. Fu Dao sat down and everyone went completely silent. 

“Oh? How come you’re all silent? Am I that scary?” said Fu Dao, smiling sarcastically when the dozen young geniuses, including Su Qing, knelt down. 

“We don’t know what to tell you,” replied Su Qing, blushing and smiling. He didn’t dare look Fu Dao in the eyes. 

Fu Dao and Mo Jun were extremely talented young geniuses. Of course, they weren’t the most outstanding young geniuses of the World of Battles. Not all the young geniuses of the World of Battles were members of the Alliance of the Young Geniuses of the World of Battles, after all. Many of them looked down upon the members of the Alliance of the Young Geniuses of the World of Battles. 

Fu Dao was the great disciple of the Human Ancestor. Mo Jun was the great disciple of Ancestor Mo. Of course, the Buddhist Ancestor, the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points, and Ancestor Nü also had disciples. Ancestor Nü’s great disciple, Leader Jing Rui, was one of the overlords. Such disciples weren’t members of the Alliance. 

There were also people from the other overlords’ territories, although it was easy to forget about them. Ancestor Long from the Southeast and Ancestor Tai from the Southwest were discreet. Most of the time, nobody knew what they were doing, but their disciples were extremely strong. 

“You want to know how to deal with the old men from the lower world?” asked Fu Dao. 

Many elders from the Human Clan required explanations, but they asked Fu Dao first. Those old men also had to listen to Young Master Fu Dao’s suggestions, after all. 

“Please guide us out of confusion, Vice Leader,” answered Su Qing, forcing an embarrassed smile. 

Fu Dao glanced at Su Qing and then at the other young geniuses. He realized they all looked embarrassed and worried. Most of them shook their heads and sighed. Lin Feng was extremely strong. No wonder they couldn’t compete with Lin Feng. They belonged to different worlds. 

“Tell them to come to the main branch of the alliance and I’ll personally give them an explanation,” said Fu Dao confidently, grinning icily. His eyes were filled with murder. An explanation? No problem. First, they had to dare to come!

“Master, you…?” Su Qing understood the plan, but he was astonished. How incredible. He sighed sadly. Fu Dao had balls! He even dared provoke those old Masters! 

Everybody understood what it meant. Fu Dao was ready to kill people! 

Who? Those who dared ask for an explanation! 

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