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Chapter 1329: Meeting in Jing City!


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“Father, you really want to go and see Fu Dao?” asked Zhuang Ling Yun. He was extremely worried for Lin Feng’s safety. He tried to predict Lin Feng’s future, and was worried. Using his Evolution Hall, he learned that Lin Feng’s trip to Jing City would be as dangerous as his trip to the Phoenix Clan! 

Lin Feng knew his adopted son had checked his future again. It wasn’t auspicious according to the boy, but Lin Feng couldn’t rely on the boy’s predictions to live his life, he had to take risks sometimes, too! 

“Ling Yun, even if it’s dangerous and I may die, I’ll go anyway. I can’t sit idly and let everybody make decisions for me. I have to fight for my friends. You understand?” Lin Feng said in a deep and meaningful way. He still looked preoccupied. He might not succeed this time, but he had no choice. 

Zhuang Ling Yun’s eyes became red and teary. He knew what that meant. Lin Feng wanted to fight for the rights of the later generations of young geniuses from the lower world, because he was a young genius from there. He also had a high status and the more power he had, the more dangers he would have to face. He had to show all the young geniuses of the World of Battles he was strong! 

“I’ll come with you then, father,” said Zhuang Ling Yun. He knew he couldn’t convince Lin Feng, but he wanted to be with him at least. He wanted to face danger with his father, so he clenched his fists. Nobody could make him change his mind. 

“What would you do there, little boy? Stay in Man Yu. Go and practice cultivation with Ta Qi. I don’t need you to get involved in my affairs,” Lin Feng said firmly, but not aggressively. 

“No! Father, I want to come with you! You can’t make me change my mind. See you!” said Zhuang Ling Yun, shaking his head. He left without giving Lin Feng an opportunity to reply. When Lin Feng saw Zhuang Ling Yun disappear, he was touched. No matter what, many people cared about him. He wasn’t alone anymore. 

“My army is still strong…” Lin Feng remembered when he had just arrived in the World of Battles. He was all alone, and felt lonely. He had to work hard all the time and had faced so many dangers. The Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points had started supporting him, but not all the time. Now he had the whole Region of the Eight Corners, so all its members could help him. Lin Feng was becoming more and more influential and powerful without even noticing it. 


Two weeks passed quickly. During that time, Lin Feng did nothing for the Region of the Eight Corners. He focused on cultivation and studied the last Wave of his three Heavy Waves, the Ice and Fire Ocean Wave! 

After ten days, Lin Feng understood how to use it, but he still couldn’t wield it properly in practice. He didn’t give up, and continued studying hard. With this Third Wave, he’d entirely master the Three Heavy Waves Godly Tao Skill. With just the first two Waves, he could defeat some Holy Godly Ancestors already! 


On the tenth day, Lin Feng left the central part of Man Yu and went to the desert of Huang Yu alone. Nobody was there, so nobody would disturb him. He could focus on his cultivation properly. He wanted to master the Godly Tao Skill before the meeting in Jing City. 

“I’ll help you, brother, alright?” Lin Feng heard suddenly. That voice could make anyone collapse. 

Lin Feng’s expression fell. He turned and saw the Fire Spirit looking at him seductively. She rolled her hips as she walked closer and closer to him, but Lin Feng kept taking steps back from her. However, the Fire Spirit quickly caught up with him. 

“Hehe, you’re the leader of the Region of the Eight Corners and you’re afraid of a weak and fragile woman like me? This world is so mysterious, hehehe!” said the Fire Spirit, looking at Lin Feng teasingly. She took Lin Feng’s chin between her index and thumb and shook his head. Lin Feng was getting angry. 

He regretted that he had agreed to let the Fire Spirit establish her Ground Penetrating Ocean of Flames under the ground of the Region of the Eight Corners. She didn’t act like the Fire Spirit he knew in the Country of Eternity. Back then, she was a fierce and powerful warrior, now it seemed like she had just turned into a permanently horny nymphomaniac woman. 

“Behave, Fire Spirit,” said another woman’s voice, icy cold this time. Another incredibly beautiful woman appeared… the Ice Spirit! 

The Ice Spirit initially wanted to focus on helping Meng Qing break through. Who would think the Fire Spirit would cause trouble? The Ice Spirit had no choice but to come and check on Lin Feng, even though she was worried about Meng Qing. How could Meng Qing focus on cultivation and break through if a woman kept trying to turn Lin Feng on. A nymphomaniac kept harassing Lin Feng sexually after all!

“Heyyyyy, little sister. You think I want to kidnap Lin Feng or what? Why are you worried?” sniffed the Fire Spirit. At the same time, she put her hand in Lin Feng’s clothes and caressed his chest. 

Lin Feng was infuriated, so he shouted explosively, “ALRIGHT!! FIRE SPIRIT, YOU WANT TO FUCK? NO PROBLEM!! TONIGHT, IN MY ROOM! I’LL BE WAITING FOR YOU, DAMNIT!!” 

“Alright, I’ll definitely come.” 

Lin Feng hadn’t thought the Fire Spirit would agree! She accepted and looked at him coquettishly. Lin Feng shook his head. What could he say? 

“Alright, Fire Spirit, stop disturbing Lin Feng. He’s trying to focus on cultivation. We want to help him, right? So let’s stop being annoying,” the Ice Spirit sighed. She had never seen Lin Feng like that. He looked miserable and the Fire Spirit was pushing him down even more. 

“Alright, alright. Understood. Really,” replied the Fire Spirit, taking her hand back, and suddenly acting normal again. 

“Lin Feng, to understand the Godly Tao Skill Three Heavy Waves, you need to understand water and fire. The first Wave is a gigantic one, the second one is of fire, and the third one is a mixture of ice and fire. Therefore, the Fire Spirit and I really can help you,” the Ice Spirit explained, telling Lin Feng everything she knew. 

“Ice is solid water. Water can turn to ice. Ice can melt in water, but ice and water are different things. The difference between water and ice is huge. Therefore, when you practice the Ice and Fire Wave, you need to forget about water. Think about how to make ice and fire fuse together for an attack.” 

“That’s all. Your turn, Fire Spirit,” said the Ice Spirit. Lin Feng listened carefully. 

The Fire Spirit saw Lin Feng was lost in thought, so she stopped joking around. “Fire is the mother of all ten thousand things of creation. Some people say the source of life is not water, but fire, right? 

 However, what I would rather say is, without fire, there is no life, and this world wouldn’t be perfect. 

“Fire is the mother of the ten thousand things of creation, but it doesn’t mean water isn’t. Both water and fire are the mothers of life. Water and fire can’t fuse together. Luckily, you’re not dealing with water and fire this time, but with ice and fire. It’s relatively simple!

“Lin Feng, you need to understand what the main core of fire is, and then what the core of ice is. Remember that ice and fire aren’t the same thing, but there isn’t a huge difference between them. When you understand the extent to which they are similar, you will understand the attack,” explained the Fire Spirit. 

Lin Feng was lost in thought. He was seated cross-legged and floating in midair. His black robe fluttered in the wind. He looked like the god of the entire universe at that moment. 

He looked awe-inspiring, valiant, and heroic, as if the fate of the universe were in his hands. 


Time passed slowly. Lin Feng frowned at the beginning but as time passed, he looked more and more confident. Gradually, lights appeared around him: fire lights, golden lights, making the entire area look like the Phoenix Nirvana. His fire energy became more stable and powerful. 

However, controlling ice was another story. Lin Feng had no ice pure energy in his body. 

The Ice Spirit noticed, having forgotten about that. How could he practice the last Wave if he had no ice energy? 

“Forget it, I’ll give you some ice pure Qi,” said the Ice Spirit, biting her lip. She raised her arm and ice cold lights enveloped Lin Feng. Lin Feng’s fire energy reacted excitedly. 

After the ice energy was infused into Lin Feng’s body, he activated it. He stretched out his left hand, and fire appeared. The flames gradually turned into a ball of fire. In the end, the fireball became three thousand meters in size and then turned into a ten thousand zhang Ocean of Flames. The whole sky of Huang Yu turned red. 

Lin Feng then opened his right hand, and ice energy appeared. The ice also rose to three thousand meters high. Now, his ice energy had the same shape as his fire energy. Lin Feng was surrounded by two oceans now, an Ocean of Flames and an Ocean of Ice. Not only did it astonish many people in Huang Yu, but the Ice Spirit and Fire Spirit were also surprised. 

Lin Feng had already mastered their respective energies? Of course, his energies were less powerful than theirs… 

“Let’s go. He managed to learn it already,” the Fire Spirit sighed. There was no point in staying. Lin Feng already understood the two kinds of energies he needed for the Third Wave. Now, he only needed to practice and use them in a fight. The Fire Spirit wondered, though… who had created that terrifying attack? 

Who did Lin Feng intend to use that attack against? Poor enemy… He would definitely die… Those two kinds of energies were extremely powerful…! 

Lin Feng’s energies didn’t disperse for a very long time. Bao Sha had no choice, but to come personally. He was worried someone had been injured, but when he arrived, he only found Lin Feng alone, practicing cultivation. 

What were those terrifying energies? He could barely imagine one person was able to release such powerful energies alone! 

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