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Chapter 1331 No Deal? 



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“Lin Feng, why are you here so soon?” Leader Jing Rui glanced at Lin Feng and the twenty people behind him, startled. Lin Feng was so different now; those strong cultivators led by him were all Holy Godly Ancestors, and there were six of them!


“Tomorrow is the day of the meeting. I came in advance to prepare and take precautions.” Lin Feng didn’t expect Leader Jing Rui to personally greet them, and he was touched. After all, they had had a little problem with Qian Jin Cai Yue’s engagement.


Of course, that did not affect the relationship between them. It was all just a trick between Ancestor Nü and Ni Huang. There were no problems between Lin Feng and the Leader Jing Rui. Now that the engagement was gone, they would get along just like before.


“I will arrange a meeting at Purple Clouds Palace tomorrow, where it will be quieter,” Jing Rui said, leaning forward slightly, and he whispered to Lin Feng, “It’s also a good place for killing.”


“Oh, master, you must be joking.” Lin Feng heard Jing Rui’s whisper, and laughed, but he had a full picture now. Perhaps Fu Dao thought that it was the fairest in Jing City, but he would not know that his friendship with Jing Rui was not ordinary. His friendship with Jing Rui was much deeper than Fu Dao’s.


“Come in, I have a banquet coming in the evening, let’s have a drink.” Jing Rui’s expression returned to normal, and he waved everyone in, which scared some people. He was a dignified overlord, and it was already a great honor to be invited by him; who dared to drink his wine?


Of course, everyone knew that this was because of Lin Feng and the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points. If it was not for them, let alone the Leader of Jing City, even the Vice Leader of Jing City would not take them seriously. They all knew it, especially Han Xuan; after seeing the people that Lin Feng had made friends with, he admired him more and more.


Lin Feng made his road all by himself, he was much better than them!


Lin Feng didn’t say much. He walked into the Leader’s house with Jing Rui side by side, followed by a group of people.


While Jing Rui was walking, he sent a message to Lin Feng using telepathy, “I need to warn you; my men told me that there are people from the World Dragon and the Spiritual Warriors Clans in the suburbs, pay attention to them.Of course they will be busy, don’t worry, I will have people in the suburbs besides these, and nothing will happen. If the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points does not come, your safety will not be guaranteed.”


“Why? Are they able to bring an overlord? Oh, master, you think too much. As long as there is no overlord, I’m not afraid.” Lin Feng would like to say that even if a strong cultivator like an overlord came in person, he was not afraid. He had not only brought these Holy Godly Ancestors, his aces were the Ice Spirit and the Fire Spirit!


The Ice Spirit was in the ice world below his spirit world. The Fire Spirit had already entered his Jia Yan eye with Huo Can. Lin Feng knew how to take precautions, so he brought along two overlords. If one overlord showed up, one of those women could deal with it. If the Human Ancestor or Ancestor Mo was dispatched, then the two would have to work together.


In short, this time Lin Feng was confident of going back safely. Of course, there might be accidents, but he could only take one step at a time.


Jing City at night was relatively bustling, and was not affected by the meeting between the Alliance of Young Geniuses and the Region of the Eight Corners tomorrow. The night market continued, while the city fell into quiet and peace at night. There was clamoring and laughing on the streets.




During the middle of the night, Fu Dao quietly appeared in Jing City with his men. When he saw such a bustling and lively city, he was impressed. They all said that Jing City was one of the top cities in the World of Battles, not only because its Leader was an overlord, but also because of its cultural heritage.


“Vice Leader, it is really a good place here.” Xiao Chuan was quite excited. He hadn’t seen such a lively city for a long time; it felt like Xiao Hun Hall!


“You want to go to Chun Lou?” Fu Dao sneered sarcastically, staring at Xiao Chuan, and the latter became silent; his little thoughts could never hide from Fu Dao.


“Go, you can have your fun. Just don’t make trouble, and gather in front of the inn tomorrow morning.” Fu Dao waved at everyone, walked towards the inn alone, and left the thirteen strong cultivators behind.


Just as Fu Dao took a step, the people behind him disappeared without a trace, leaving only laughter behind.


“This is the difference between the Alliance of Young Geniuses and the Region of the Eight Corners.” Fu Dao shook his head and sighed. Su Qing was determined to establish rules, but he did not know that the rules were increasingly corrupting the members’ minds, and the current state of members was the best illustration of that.


Making trouble now, one day the Alliance of Young Geniuses would fall apart. By then, he didn’t have to be so tired, because it was not necessary, but for now he still had to manage it.




The next day, in the early morning…


A ray of warm light shone upon the ground, and the entire World of Battles was bathed with brilliance. The sun in the sky slowly rose, foreshadowing a new day.


Lin Feng and the others woke up early. They had had a late night, everyone was tired, so they got a good sleep. Now they were rejuvenated and full of spirit.


Lin Feng understood Jing Rui’s good intentions. Mental state could affect many factors if strong cultivators were at the same level, and now his men were in a good mental state; it was going to be beneficial if there was an upcoming collision.


On the other hand, the thirteen strong cultivators brought along by Fu Dao looked tired, as if they not only had not slept last night, but played all night. Their mental state was awful.



Purple Clouds Palace was a central building in the Jing City, but no one walked around within a few miles. The walls were high, and looking inside, the cool air made people feel oppressed.


Lin Feng’s men and Fu Dao’s arrived almost at the same time. The two sides met without introduction, as Lin Feng and Fu Dao had faced and recognized each other. Lin Feng’s pace accelerated, and Fu Dao also put on a smile. They both reached out and shook hands.


When they were shaking hands, the strong cultivators on both sides consciously stood in place, looked at the two, paying close attention, and heeded their orders.


Lin Feng looked at Fu Dao, and Fu Dao was also studying Lin Feng. Lin Feng was in a black robe, and had long hair to his shoulders; he was a handsome man. Fu Dao was in a long red robe, 1.9 meters tall, which made him a bit different, but this handsome man was showing a sophisticated temperament. People did dare not make fun of him, but took it for granted.


“Lin Feng, you are quite famous. We finally meet today.” Fu Dao retracted his gaze, smiling as he spoke. It was impossible to see what he was thinking.


Lin Feng couldn’t guess his thoughts, but Lin Feng didn’t need to guess, he just needed to be himself.


“I’ve heard the name of Fu Dao several times. We are all the same kind of people.” Lin Feng said with a smile, pointing to himself and to Fu Dao. The words were obscure, but the meaning was very clear. Things like starting a war for a beauty happened everywhere in the World of Battles, but only Fu Dao and Lin Feng would be remembered by the people in the World of Battles.


“We are both men of similar temperaments, but I’m not the same as you. You made your way to the Ni Huang World by yourself, but I had my family background. It’s not worth mentioning,” Fu Dao said, deliberately degrading himself and praising Lin Feng.


“Let’s save the compliments, and get to business.” Lin Feng released his arm. His expression was not impatient, but his tone was somewhat unpleasant.


Fu Dao’s words seemed to be compliments, but it was no different than sarcasm. He was laughing at his lack of background. Even if he was powerful, he was just an independent cultivator, not from the ordinary families.


“Lin Feng, listen to me. The Region of the Eight Corners has begun, there is no need to fight with the Alliance of Young Geniuses. You are not worthy.” Fu Dao frowned, his tone was slightly bad. This was a warning and a persuasion. It was also the first time that Fu Dao had spoken with others so calmly.


If this was discovered by the human race, they would absolutely be shocked, and also look highly upon Lin Feng. It was different being treated by Fu Dao like this.


Lin Feng smiled. He understood Fu Dao’s meaning, and did not feel fussed.


“Let’s get inside and talk.” Lin Feng didn’t answer, but asked everyone to enter the hall. Lin Feng’s smile was bright, and Fu Dao understood Lin Feng’s determination.


There would be no deal!




The people divided into two teams and walked side by side into the Purple Clouds Palace. Fu Dao glanced at the men brought by Lin Feng. Six Holy Godly Ancestors, more than a dozen ordinary Godly Ancestors and Spiritual Godly Ancestors were not a small force, but certainly not the full strength of the Region of the Eight Corners.


On his own side were ten Holy Godly Ancestors and three Spiritual Godly Ancestors. According to levels, the Alliance of Young Geniuses undoubtedly had a great advantage. Of course, a battle to the death did not depend on the level, but on the relative strength.


If someone was powerful, a Spiritual Godly Ancestor could kill a Holy Godly Ancestor, just like Lin Feng. Without strength, a Holy Godly Ancestor would also be killed by a Spiritual Godly Ancestor, just like Zhen Yu.


Fu Dao noticed the details. All the men brought by Lin Feng were spirited, and looked determined. On the other hand, his men were slightly tired and their mental state was nothing special. He sighed secretly.


Lead in the power, but fall behind in mental state.


All of them walked into the hall, which was very simple, not as luxurious as the name of the hall implied. The hall was three thousand square meters, which had been divided into two camps, each with thirty seats on the left and right. It was prepared by Jing Rui in advance.


The Purple Clouds Palace had an unusual arrangement from other palaces. The main hall had a battle stage of blue stone. Although the stage was not large, about two hundred meters at length and width, it was enough for small personal battles.


Fu Dao and Lin Feng both glanced at the stage, and smiled.


 “Lin Feng, send your man!”


  “Fu Dao, choose someone.”


 The atmosphere suddenly dropped, cold as icebergs, terrible as purgatory.


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