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Chapter 1332 Chu Chun Qiu vs Su Feng Sha!



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“Should I announce the rules, or will you?” Fu Dao saw that Lin Feng had the same intention as his, he sneered. Since they could not reach an agreement, then they could only solve it by fighting, which depended on the strength of each side.


Fu Dao asked Lin Feng, yet he did not to care about Lin Feng’s opinion, looking down upon him. In his eyes, Lin Feng was still some country bumpkin who had come up from the lower world.


“I’ll announce it!” Lin Feng knew that Fu Dao looked down on him, but since he asked, he would take the advantage. He wouldn’t let Fu Dao do what he wanted.


When Fu Dao saw Lin Feng did not refuse and took the chance to announce the rules, his expression was gloomy, but Fu Dao had good self-control. Even if he was furious, he would not show much on the face.


“You and I will send two men to fight two battles. One is between Holy Godly Ancestors, and the second is between ordinary Godly Ancestors. The team that loses twice will obey the requirements of the winning team. If not, then a third battle is needed.


“The third battle will be between you and me!”


Lin Feng was bold, pointing at Fu Dao and himself with a smile. It surprised Fu Dao, and even shocked the men behind Fu Dao, but soon they laughed mockingly.


“Haha, why don’t you look at yourself in the mirror. Are you qualified to fight our Vice Leader? It’s too much for you, haha!” Xiao Chuan laughed loudly and sarcastically, his yellow teeth were disgusting.


“In my opinion, he wants to increase his prestige using the Vice Leader. Pity tricks, haha!” Zhan Die also laughed sardonically on the side. His sturdy body showed his strength very clearly. The Spiritual Warriors Clan had a grudge against Lin Feng, and he wouldn’t let go an opportunity to humiliate Lin Feng.


“A piece of trash can only be trash; he is not worthy of fighting against the noble Vice Leader, how insolent!” a Holy Godly Ancestor spoke up, expressionless but with gloomy eyes.


“A young genius from the lower world is just a piece of trash. Except for that, haha, I can’t find other words to describe you,” the other Holy Godly Ancestor also sneered. His face was full of sarcasm; he did not take people from the lower world seriously at all.


Fu Dao didn’t stop his subordinates from talking, which was acquiescence!


Lin Feng listened to these subordinates ridicule him, and humiliate the lower world. His expression did not change much, while his heart was full of anger.


Lin Feng glanced at Chu Chun Qiu and others next to him. It was time for them to show strength, otherwise these arrogant young geniuses would still think that the World of Battles was theirs, and did not know that this World of Battles belonged to the Country of Eternity. In the past, the World of Battles was just a dividing line, but now it was imbalanced, and it had broken the shackles of the lower world.


In the Country of Eternity, the actions of Ancient Human Clan leader Fu Hao also had confirmed this!


“We will send Chu Chun Qiu, an ordinary Godly Ancestor. Fu Dao, send your man.” Lin Feng pointed to Fu Dao, and Chu Chun Qiu stepped forward, standing on the stage not far away. He was full of demon Qi, and unprecedented murderous power was hidden inside the black robe.


Fu Dao raised his eyebrow slightly. His men had humiliated Lin Feng, yet Lin Feng wasn’t angry at all? In other words, he could not see the anger… He could not help but admire him secretly, but he also knew that this way would be useless.


He waved his hands in disappointment, and all of his subordinates stopped taunting. They also realized that the mental state of these people from the Region of the Eight Corners was relatively sound. Of course, it might be that these young geniuses from the lower world had listened to humiliation before, and this didn’t matter.


“Su Feng Sha, go and have some fun. Go easy on the child, don’t break him.” Fu Dao smiled brightly, and gestured to Su Feng Sha at his side. The man jumped all the way to the stage. His blue robe made him look like a gentleman, but his gloomy Qi made everyone realize that Su Feng Sha was not simple.


“Sorry Lin Feng, this time I didn’t bring any ordinary Godly Ancestors. Su Feng Sha is a Spiritual Godly Ancestor, should I ask him to suppress his level to fight with your man?” Fu Dao stared at Lin Feng with a profound smile. The question seemed to respect Lin Feng’s opinion, but it was actually cutting satire.


Lin Feng raised a brow, then looked at Chu Chun Qiu on the stage, asked him with a smile, “Lao Chu, can you deal with this person?”


“Oh, you look down on me too? Lin Feng, I’ll make an order here! If I can’t defeat him, I’ll take you as my big brother!” After Chu Chun Qiu laughed arrogantly, he remembered something, and added, “There is no need to ask him to suppress his level, otherwise I’m afraid he will be killed too quickly, haha!”


“Well, Lao Chu, don’t use all your strength,” Lin Feng shouted back playfully. The ridicule was tacit cooperation between him and Chu Chun Qiu to make his opponent disgusted.


Fu Dao didn’t feel anything, but Su Feng Sha standing on the stage was a little impatient. As the young master of the Cavaliers of the Desert, he had inherited a very bad temper. He might look like a gentleman, but he was easy to anger!


Lin Feng’s words with Chu Chun Qiu were complete mockery of Su Feng Sha, which he couldn’t bear. Xiao Chuan on the side signaled him to be calm, but it was invalid.


“Three attacks! I’ll make you go down, otherwise, I will give in!” Su Feng Sha stretched out his fingers and shouted furiously at Chu Chu Qiu, ridiculing him. He was just an ordinary Godly Ancestor, how could he be so arrogant in front of him?


Three attacks, Chu Chun Qiu would lose this battle!


When he shouted this, Fu Dao was shocked, and was ready to stop it, but Lin Feng seized the opportunity and laughed, “Well well, haha, Brother Su Feng Sha, I admire you!”


“Who the hell are you to admire me? Shut your mouth and see how I break your man, haha!” Su Feng Sha was even angrier, and stared at Chu Chun Qiu, hooked his fingers, and sneered, “Come on, I’ll let you attack first.”


“Su Feng Sha, you are going too far!” Fu Dao scolded angrily. Even though he was disciplined, he couldn’t help but be furious, and he regretted bringing Su Feng Sha, who was going to ruin everything!


“Okay, I’ll attack now.” Chu Chun Qiu ignored Fu Dao, and suddenly he disappeared. A blurred silhouette was now behind Su Feng Sha. He punched out with evil Qi spreading out, as if to destroy the entire Purple Clouds Palace.


Su Feng Sha glared at Chu Chun Qiu grimly, taking half a step back without hesitation, and stepped heavily on the blue stone with his left foot, leaned back, and then… boom!


A burst of sound spread through the place. Countless golden lights suddenly penetrated Su Feng Sha’s body. These lights quickly gathered together, and condensed into a giant blade cutting down, utterly domineering and hard to escape.


The whole world was going to be shattered; this terrible momentum could be felt even thousands of miles away.



The leader of Jing City was standing outside the Purple Clouds Palace and watching the situation inside. When he saw two strong Qi spreading out from the palace, he realized that the people inside were fighting already!



“Su Feng Sha, right? You can piss off with your indulgence.”


At this moment, Chu Chun Qiu moved, countless evil lights pouring out with his punch. The bloody lights became a fierce engulfing hole, and the endless energy was swallowed up. Su Feng Sha felt a bit of dread, and the feeling was getting stronger and stronger, but there was no opportunity to change his attack.


The golden giant blade condensed by Su Feng Sha was cutting down. It was just an ordinary attack, but when facing Chu Chun Qiu, it was a big question whether he could win or not.



“Gu Ao, you are next.” At that moment, Fu Dao suddenly turned around and spoke to a Holy Godly Ancestor behind him, which shocked everyone with him. They were all looking at Fu Dao inconceivably, but it was the only thing Fu Dao said.


Lin Feng looked at the situation on the stage,  turned around to look at Li Ju, and said, “Master, the next battle is yours.”


“Alright!” Li Ju was surprised, wondering why both of them chose the next one at this time. Did they already know who was going to lose?


As Lin Feng and Fu Dao announced their next person to fight, the fighting became more mysterious and the atmosphere became more tense.



A huge and bloody blade chopped down on Chu Chun Qiu. Under the hurricane, Su Feng Sha’s long hair was scattered, a mighty demon in the world, terrifying to behold.


Su Feng Sha grinned icily, thinking that he had won, so he grit his teeth and chopped down with the giant blade. The golden energy formed by the giant blade was like grains of sand, with a sense of vagueness and blood.


However, at this moment, Chu Chun Qiu also smiled, and the smile became brighter. This was a grim manifestation of self-confidence.


“It’s time to end this! I don’t need three attacks to beat you, two attacks are enough!” Chu Chun Qiu’s voice sounded like an ancient bronze bell, rocking everyone’s heart. While most people were still surprised, Chu Chun Qiu’s punch had already disappeared with his silhouette.


“Behind you!” Xiao Chuan shouted at Su Feng Sha to warn him, the warning earning dissatisfaction from Lin Feng and the others.


“I can fulfill your wish of dying!” Lin Feng was furious, and attacked with the energy of the end of the world. It was just one blow, how could it be so terrifying?


Lin Feng was too fast, and he showed up in front of Xiao Chuan in an eyeblink, slapping him without hesitation.


“You don’t get to teach my man!” Fu Dao shouted furiously, turning around and kicking out, ready to break the world apart with frightening power.


Lin Feng raised his brow slightly, but still firmly slammed it, and Fu Dao’s foot kicked his chest. Lin Feng smiled icily, and his chest suddenly burst out with a strong blue barrier. It was instantly crushed, but at that moment, his slap landed.


Whap whap!


After two crisp sounds, Lin Feng was kicked away by Fu Dao. He didn’t fall down and was a little pale; because he wanted to slap Xiao Chuan, he had to take it!


But his goal had been achieved!




At the same time, the battle was ending on the stage. Chu Chun Qiu was full of terrible evil Qi, and Su Feng Sha was trapped in countless demon corpses. Even if he could not hurt Su Feng Sha, he had surely won the battle.


Lin Feng beat Xiao Chuan to give vent to his anger, and Chu Chun Qiu defeated Su Feng Sha to regain his honor.


Fu Dao’s expression remained unchanged, but his killing intent permeated the Purple Clouds Palace!


“Get down!” Fu Dao glared at Su Feng Sha glumly. Su Feng Sha was too scared to say anything, and only got down from the stage with a stiff face.


Chu Chun Qiu grinned, walked down proudly. “Thanks for fighting against me!”

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