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Chapter 1333 Li Ju Was Lost! 



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Fu Dao looked at Lin Feng darkly, and said solemnly, “It is useless, Lin Feng, this is not an attitude to solve the problem at all.”


Lin Feng waited for Chu Chun Qiu to return to his side, then turned around, smiled and replied, “No, I didn’t think we could solve this at this time!”


“Hehe, you are being irresponsible, be careful not to bring the Region of the Eight Corners into despair.” Fu Dao laughed. When he heard Lin Feng’s straight answer, his expression became even gloomier and more fearsome.


“That is not your business!” Lin Feng laughed, blocking Fu Dao’s opportunity to ridicule the Region of the Eight Corners and himself. He looked at the Li Ju, and said with a smile, “Master Li Ju, this battle is up to you.”


“Alright, I’ll do my best!” Li Ju nodded solemnly, fully understanding the importance of this duel. His victory would be the victory of the Region of the Eight Corners, but if he lost, it would directly lead to the battle between Lin Feng and Fu Dao. The people in the Region of the Eight Corners actually did not want Lin Feng to fight against Fu Dao!


Therefore, Li Ju was very clear that he must win this battle even if he died; for the Region of the Eight Corners, for Lin Feng, and for his own future development!


“Gu Ao, go ahead, it’s your turn.” On the other side, Fu Dao turned his attention to a man who was also a Holy Godly Ancestor. The man nodded lightly and did not speak. He went up silently on the stage, his importance self-evident.




Li Ju and Gu Ao both stood on the stage of cold solid blue stone. Both Li Ju and Gu Ao had never been so serious.


“Insane World Destruction!” Gu Ao attacked, with enough energy to reverse the universe. It weighed a billion jin, rolling along like tens of thousands of violent demonic beasts. This momentum was crushing all in its way, no other energy could match it.


Li Ju’s expression fell. He had not expected that Gu Ao would make a killing attack as soon as he moved. He couldn’t help but look gloomy, but he wasn’t a weak person to be bullied!


“Lifting the sky!” Li Ju growled, like a dragon roaring. His momentum was even greater, as if it was going to reach the sun and the moon in the sky!


The two equal energies collided in an instant. Both groups saw the strength of the two Holy Godly Ancestors with their own eyes, which could only be described as awesome.


As the two killing attacks collided, Li Ju and Gu Ao also moved at the same time, two punches meeting as they fought each other. The energy explosion became the background behind them, and outsiders were shocked. The energy explosion was chasing after the two, seemingly engulfing them.


Li Ju and Gu Ao didn’t care at all. They continued their fight, which was quite equal, and the sounds of applause continued to come from Lin Feng and Fu Dao’s camps.


In the end, the terrifying energy engulfed Li Ju and Gu Ao. No one could be seen on the stage, but this was not the end. The energy rushed directly into the golden walls of the Purple Clouds Palace, penetrating it. The protective layer was set by Leader Jing Rui himself, and it was delusional to think it could be broken by the attacks from Holy Godly Ancestors.


After the energy smashed into the wall, the wall remained completely intact. The energy disappeared without causing any trouble. After it disappeared, Gu Ao and Li Ju appeared at the same time, but compared to before, they looked different, with countless wounds on their bodies.


There was a bloody stain between Gu Ao’s eyebrows, which was extremely scary. If it had gone half an inch deeper, it could have damaged his brain. His left arm also had blood stains. His finger was almost broken, while Li Ju looked even more miserable. His clothes were completely torn, and his body was wounded everywhere, and his blood was dripping down.


Li Ju stepped back, panting. He had suffered a lot of losses from the close-up attack, and the explosive force after the collision had also shocked him. In contrast, Gu Ao’s advantage was obvious, which was his youth!


Gu Ao was a young genius, but Li Ju no longer was. The difference between the two was huge. Even though Li Ju was older, his combat experience was not as rich as Gu Ao’s. Gu Ao was a tough man who had killed countless men, but Li Ju was the Leader of Li Yu, and no one dared to fight with him!


So, in matter in terms of combat ability or experience, Li Ju was undoubtedly at a disadvantage, and it was very obvious. It was only a matter of time before he lost the duel, but he was not reconciled. Lin Feng let him fight, which meant he trusted him. If he lost, he was ashamed to face Lin Feng, and the Region of the Eight Corners!


“No way, I can’t lose.” With a loud shot, Li Ju suddenly increased his murderous power several times, and his body grew up from a man of three meters to a giant more than ten meters high. He looked down at Gu Ao, and punched without hesitation, like a hammer coming down.


“Heavenly Attack!” Li Ju growled, trying to defeat Gu Ao completely, otherwise he would not be reconciled.


Looking at Li Ju turned into a giant a dozen meters high, Gu Ao was still calm. Even if Li Ju made a killing attack, he was still not panicking. Seeing this, Lin Feng was very clear that Gu Ao had won the battle.


“Three Changes of Ao Jie!” Gu Ao slowly stretched out his hands, his palms entangled with countless vine-like lights. The speed of these lights was very fast, tangling up Li Ju’s giant body in an instant. The vine-like lights became sharp sword lights, which finally turned into real long swords.


Li Ju finally showed a trace of fear. There were thousands of swords around him. Needless to say, if one of them was driven into his body, he would be seriously injured or even die. There was no room to escape.


Gu Au was indeed an excellent young genius in the World of Battles. He was not a so-called young genius cultivated by treasures and ingredients, but a true young genius who fought battles all his life. It was the reason Fu Dao sent him!


Among the Holy Godly Ancestors, Gu Ao’s strength could be ranked in the top five. It was no wonder Fu Dao treated him very seriously.


Those swords continued to surround Li Ju’s body. There was no chance of winning. Li Ju could only admit defeat!


“We give up!” Lin Feng raised his head and shouted out the difficult words for Li Ju. It made Li Ju grateful, but he was more guilty and ashamed. A former Leader of Li Yu was defeated by a junior young genius from the World of Battles; this was definitely not a good thing to say.


“Stop.” Fu Dao looked at Lin Feng with a smile. When Lin Feng gave up, he waved his hand to stop Gu Ao. Gu Ao withdrew his hands, and the lights disappeared instantly, those swords disappearing one after another. Li Ju could finally move freely.


“Thanks for fighting against me, master!” Gu Ao politely clenched his fists and bowed to Li Ju before returning to Fu Dao, but his bow made Li Ju blush. How could he be eligible to accept the winner’s bow?


Depressed, he walked back to Lin Feng, worried that Lin Feng would say something unpleasant. Lin Feng just patted his shoulder, then laughed, “Don’t be depressed, you fought against the best young genius from the World of Battles, master. In the Yangtze River, waves urge waves, and the younger generation excels the older generation, you should understand this!”


Lin Feng’s words enlightened Li Ju. He was right, the so-called in the Yangtze River, waves urged waves, why did he always think he must win the battle because of his seniority? That made no sense at all!


After he figured that out, Li Ju’s expression looked a lot better, and he was no longer so uncomfortable, but he still felt a little guilty for bringing so much trouble to Lin Feng. Fu Dao was not an ordinary person. He thought about how Lin Feng actually had to fight Fu Dao, and felt a bit apprehensive.


Lin Feng knew how to fight strong people, but didn’t Fu Dao also know that? Lin Feng could fight a Holy Godly Ancestor as a Spiritual Godly Ancestor. Fu Dao was also a Spiritual Godly Ancestor, but if he could fight stronger ones, it meant his strength was at least the best of the Spiritual Godly Ancestors, and perhaps he could even compete with some Earthly Godly Ancestors!


Of course, an Earthly Godly Ancestor was different from an overlord. Although overlords were all Earthly Godly Ancestors, it was not easy to be an overlord.


Lin Feng had only met one or two Earthly Godly Ancestors who were not overlords. One was Ancestor Shi, who traded his life for strength, and could sometimes reach the strength of the Earthly Godly Ancestor. The second one was the Leader Long Yi of the Yi Clan, who had become an Earthly Godly Ancestor for a short time after taking the Long Yi’s Pellet, but he also was not an overlord.


Normally the Earthly Godly Ancestors were all overlords. As for the reason why the Earthly Godly Ancestors were so rare, it was because once Earthly Godly Ancestors appeared, the overlords would try to kill them! Once the former was in power, then their status as overlords would be endangered, which was absolutely forbidden!


“Lin Feng, what do you think about this?” Chu Chun Qiu eyed Fu Dao seriously, and then asked Lin Feng. Did Lin Feng really want to fight Fu Dao? This was not a good thing.


Everyone knew Fu Dao’s strength. Although Lin Feng was strong, he was unable to defeat Fu Dao!


However, for the honor of the Country of Eternity, Lin Feng’s fight was reasonable, and it should take place.


Seeing them worried about him, Lin Feng laughed, as if he was not going to fight. Why were they so afraid of Fu Dao? Did Fu Dao have two heads and four ears?


Lin Feng didn’t think Fu Dao was that special. Perhaps this was the pride of a young genius, and it was inevitable that he wanted to know who was stronger.


“Lin Feng, how do you think it is more appropriate to fight between us? Should I hold my strength to a Spiritual Godly Ancestor? Or even to an ordinary Godly Ancestor?”


Fu Dao had already stood up at this time, and looked at Lin Feng with a smile, his words were full of ridicule. He saw the expressions of Lin Feng’s men, and he felt funny. Even Lin Feng’s men had no confidence in him, not to mention others!


This was a battle of great disparity!

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