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Chapter 1334 Godly Tao, The Beauty of Blood Buddha



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“Whatever, whether you use the strength of a Holy Godly Ancestor, or a Spiritual Godly Ancestor, even of the top of a Great Supreme God layer, I will still fight you. The most important thing is the result of the battle, isn’t it?” Lin Feng answered back sarcastically. This was also a warning to remind Fu Dao not to be too arrogant and lose the battle, just like Su Feng Sha.


Lin Feng acknowledged that there was a gap between him and Fu Dao, and he had just reached the Spiritual Godly Ancestor less than a month ago, but Fu Dao had been a Holy Godly Ancestor for a long time. In terms of level, Lin Feng was completely at a disadvantage, but sometimes real strength could not be defined only by level.


“Whatever? Hehe, since you think so, then I will fight you with my real level, which can be regarded as some of my respect for you!” Fu Dao smiled back. After hearing Lin Feng’s thoughts, his smile was bright, but his words were meaningful. He said “some of my respect” rather than “my respect”, which could be easily ignored if careless. 


Lin Feng was very attentive and noticed that. Though Fu Dao showed “some” respect, he was still mocking him! 


“Save it. Come on, get on the stage,” Lin Feng sneered, and went up on the stage first. Chu Chun Qiu and the others behind him looked worried, but they couldn’t stop this duel.


If Lin Feng and Fu Dao did not fight here, they would never know who was the winner. It would be impossible to make either of these two young geniuses bow their head, so the only resolution was a battle!


Fu Dao didn’t care about Lin Feng’s sarcasm at all. He slowly walked up on the stage. All the people behind him were full of confidence, and looked at Lin Feng with humiliating smirks. In the eyes of the Alliance of Young Geniuses, even though Lin Feng was strong, compared to Fu Dao, he was just a piece of trash!


Fu Dao was one of the best young geniuses in the World of Battles. Few people could fight him to a draw. As long as they could take a hundred attacks from him, that was already good enough!


Lin Feng challenging Fu Dao as a Holy Godly Ancestor was a joke, a joke that people didn’t even want to laugh at. They were all waiting for a good show.


“Guess, how long will the Vice Leader take to defeat him? I assume three attacks at most!” Xiao Chuan looked around and asked in a playful tone to humiliate Lin Feng. His voice was loud enough for the entire Purple Clouds Palace to hear it clearly.


Lin Feng heard Xiao Chuan’s sarcasm and frowned slightly, but did not say anything, while Chu Chunqiu and the others were all angry. Lin Feng waved his hands to calm them down. Xian Chuan’s provocative words were meaningless to him.


“I think five attacks, and it is under the circumstance that our Vice Leader is not being serious!” Zhan Die sneered. He wanted everyone to ridicule and anger Lin Feng, so he kept at it even harder.


“I think three, maybe only one attack is enough!” Gu Ao, who had just fought, rarely smiled, but even he was also being sarcastic. He even thought that Fu Dao could defeat Lin Feng with only one attack!


Lin Feng ignored these words, which wanted to irritate him so he would make mistakes. It also showed that the Alliance of Young Geniuses was actually afraid of him, so they would spare no effort to humiliate him!


“After you?” Fu Dao was still smiling. He stretched out a hand, like a gentleman. In fact, he was doing his best to humiliate Lin Feng too.


The more they humiliated him, the more stable Lin Feng was, and his mental state was surprisingly good.


“Then I’ll attack first.” Lin Feng said indifferently and attacked. He wouldn’t talk nonsense or act humbly with Fu Dao. Since it was what Fu Dao wanted, why wouldn’t he attack? He was already in a disadvantageous situation, he would naturally take the chance!


Lin Feng immediately started with a deadly attack, his Aggressive Punch. The domineering fists looked like the dragon in battle with a tiger, the horrifying momentum exploded in the distance and came at a gallop at Fu Dao. It was extremely fast.


Fu Dao’s smile disappeared, and he frowned deeply. He had seen Lin Feng ’s great strength and unyielding conviction. Provocative words were entirely useless, which made him admire Lin Feng’s steady mindset.


But Fu Dao didn’t take this punch seriously. He could make a large number of attacks like this one, it was completely meaningless, just a tentative attack. Fu Dao couldn’t help but want to laugh at Lin Feng for using such a weak method.


Lin Feng looked dignified and unyielding. He had to win this duel, because only victory was beneficial to the Country of Eternity. Otherwise, it had no meaning at all!


Fu Dao also attacked. When Lin Feng’s fists appeared on his chest, Fu Dao’s body suddenly shot out thousands of golden lights, which were too dazzling, Lin Feng had to narrow his eyes to stop being blinded.


At that moment, Fu Dao punched out. With the help of the golden lights, he punched straight at Lin Feng’s chest. There was almost no way for Lin Feng to avoid being hit by Fu Dao, as if struck by an extremely heavy hammer. 


His whole body felt like it was being torn apart; the unprecedented pain made Lin Feng’s face pale on the spot. Lin Feng felt his shoulders were about to crack, but he was determined to punch Fu Dao. His Aggressive Punch exploded loudly, and Fu Dao was blown away.


Fu Dao was blown away for the first time. This was something new, and Lin Feng’s strength shocked Fu Dao.


After being blasted away, Fu Dao stood at the edge, one hundred meters away from the center of the stage. Suddenly he moved again, and disappeared in a blink. Lin Feng saw Fu Dao’s silhouette disappear, and opened his arms. A space and time cage formed instantly. All space within two hundred meters was covered by it.


As long as Fu Dao appeared in front of or behind him, he would be trapped in the space and time cage. Even if the cage was only effective for a second or even half a second, that was enough time to do a lot of things.


Fu Dao disappeared in front of everyone. Just when some people were expecting him to appear behind Lin Feng and defeat him directly, Fu Dao disappeared inexplicably. The space and time cage was everywhere, and left him nowhere to go!


“It is indeed Lin Feng, the best young genius of the lower world! Impressive!” Fu Dao laughed. He could not find any other reasons to describe Lin Feng’s intelligence and control over the battle. He was strong!


Before Fu Dao had deliberately humiliated and degraded Lin Feng, but he really admired Lin Feng as a person who was able to take risks and create a tremendous uproar in Ni Huang’s world for a woman. This feeling made Fu Dao admire him’ how could he really look down on Lin Feng?


But for the sake of victory, they would do everything to prevent outsiders disrupting the order of World of Battles and challenging the authority of the Alliance of Young Geniuses!


“Three attacks now, your guesses are wrong!” Lin Feng ignored Fu Dao’s words, but turned around to glance at Xiao Chuan and some people sarcastically. Their expressions were bad, and their faces were burning at the verbal slap.


“Huh, don’t be cocky! The Vice Leader just didn’t do his best, don’t cry later!” Xiao Chuan was ashamed and couldn’t help but shout, glaring at Lin Feng coldly. Even if the facts were right in front of him, he just would not admit it.


They were all waiting for the moment when Lin Feng was cruelly brutalized by Fu Dao!


“Lin Feng, I won’t go easy on you with the fourth attack!”


Fu Dao didn’t care about Lin Feng’s words to his men. He continued to attack, his momentum rolling like clouds and rain. Lin Feng seemed to hear the trembling from the clouds. The sky was trembling, the earth was shaking; they all seemed afraid of the coming energy!


Lin Feng’s face was composed. He understood that Fu Dao was being serious now, so this attack would not be a simple one. Fu Dao was a Holy Godly Ancestor, and also a leader of young geniuses in the World of Battles. He would not be sloppy about his honor.


Fu Dao stood in the void. He stretched out his hands and put them on his chest, like a Buddhist ritual, but at this moment, Lin Feng felt an unprecedented loneliness, desolation and bloody taste all gathering here. Fu Dao’s Buddhist ritual had some kind of horrible evil with it.


In the hands making the Buddhist ritual, a bloody beauty was finally released, the chill of it sweeping the whole palace. The bloody energy was like bloody dragons waiting on high, roaring at him, wanting to devour him alive!


In this kind of energy, Lin Feng felt the taste of death, an absolute death without any warning.


“Godly Tao, The Beauty of Blood Buddha!” the icy voice came out of Fu Dao’s mouth, like a devil’s roar and a demon’s growl. Fu Dao’s face turned bloody red, and his body was full of countless evil that forced everyone a few steps back, including the Holy Godly Ancestors.


Chu Chun Qiu was excited, because he was very familiar with this Qi. Wasn’t this the evil Qi of his cultivation? How did Fu Dao practice like this? It was unimaginable!


“Bad luck, what should Lin Feng do to deal with it?” Suddenly, Chu Chun Qiu imagined Lin Feng’s tragic death, and his expression suddenly changed.


The atmosphere was suddenly very uncertain!

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