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Chapter 1335 Order of Human Ancestor Was Here 



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“Lin Feng, I’ll give you a chance to live! Quit now, I will spare your life, and you can take your men out of here!” Fu Dao roared icily, the bloody Buddha Qi all around him unimaginable. It was simply impossible to fight against it. 


Fu Dao’s words were cutting. Some disciples from the Region of the Eight Corners wanted Lin Feng to withdraw from this duel, for the time being stop competing with Fu Dao. After a few years, Lin Feng would have the strength to get justice again.


However, Lin Feng’s temper and character made it impossible for him to do so.


“Go ahead, if I die it means I am not strong enough, it is what I deserve! I don’t need your pity here!” Lin Feng shouted expressionlessly, and at the same time, he had stretched out his palms and closed them before his chest. A golden light wave and the flames of the phoenix burned slowly and brightly, eventually evolving into a soaring golden dragon and a singing blood phoenix.


The dragon leapt up inside the palace from Lin Feng’s left arm, 100 meters tall, hovering in the sky and roaring at the bloody evil Qi. The dragon was loud enough to make the world shake, people all blocked their ears to avoid being damaged by the dragon’s roar.


The phoenix born from Lin Feng’s right hand blinked two golden eyes. Seemingly cute, but it held unprecedented sacredness and arrogance. With a scream which almost shook the Purple Clouds Palace to the ground, the phoenix flew up just like the dragon, soaring high into the air, with the red flaming tail swaying, its momentum competing with Fu Dao.


The crowd was shocked again, as were Chu Chun Qiu and the others. All of them had looked down on Lin Feng. While everyone thought that Fu Dao was stronger, Lin Feng actually was not weak at all, even if he had not reached the level of a Holy Godly Ancestor. Such an attack was already stronger than a Spiritual Godly Ancestor!


“Huph, what a reckless boy, I will break your soul today! Beauty of Blood Buddha! Attack!” Fu Dao looked arrogant. He felt something wrong in his heart, and did not dare to be sloppy. He completely mobilized the blood energy, setting off a huge wave of blood.


Lin Feng’s hands swayed gently, as if manipulating something, and the watchers saw the the dragon and the phoenix roaring in the air. At this moment, the two godly beasts flew out with unprecedented energy, straight at the blood light.


At this moment, the world was silent, and the universe was ruined. Tens of thousands of people admired it, and hundreds of millions of people trembled.


At this moment, the people of the Region of the Eight Corners were shocked, and the people of the Alliance of Young Geniuses were surprised.


But all feelings could be reduced to one sentence: the battle between these two men was truly the pinnacle of Holy Godly Ancestors, no matter who won or lost.


Lin Feng raised both hands, the two godly beasts in front of him opened the way for him. All the blood disappeared wherever they went. Eventually, the two godly beasts encountered the blood wave. The bloody curtain ran over the two godly beasts, but the two godly beasts were naturally unwilling to lose. The dragon devoured, the phoenix pecked, the blood curtain was torn into countless pieces.


Fu Dao knew that attack could not defeat Lin Feng. If Lin Feng could be defeated by Beauty of Blood Buddha, he would not be worthy to be challenged by Fu Dao personally. At this moment, Lin Feng was truly a strong fighter, exactly the same as he was back then!


“Lin Feng, you won’t have any chance!” Fu Dao sneered. His left hand waved, the blood curtain disappeared instantly, and Fu Dao suddenly appeared in front of Lin Feng. He struck directly at Lin Feng, his fist full of unprecedented evil Qi.


Lin Feng’s expression remained unchanged, but he was shocked. Fu Dao deserved to be the best of the Holy Godly Ancestors, the young genius in the World of Battles. He was simply too powerful. Lin Feng realized that if he really fought with Fu Dao, he would lose.


But Lin Feng was persistent and proud, so even if he eventually lost the duel, he would not retreat. Since he had come this far, he must fight hard for victory, how could he flee?


“Fu Dao, I’ll tell you this time, the young geniuses from the lower world can’t be insulted by people like you!” Lin Feng roared, his fists blasting out to counter Fu Dao. His Genesis Spiritual strength played a vital role, this energy gathering at Fu Dao’s chest and smashing him without delay.


Fu Dao felt the pain in his chest when he was hit by Lin Feng. This was the first time he had been in a battle against others. Although it was only a minor injury, and could not even be regarded as an injury, it was a great humiliation for Fu Dao. 


“In my eyes, young geniuses from the lower world are just cheap slaves! Hmph, even if you are strong, there are countless wastes in the Country of Eternity, they are all nothing to me, hum!” Fu Dao’s imposing manner shocked many people, and he roared loudly without regard for any gentleman’s spirit.


Lin Feng and Fu Dao’s collision this time was like two love rivals fighting for a beloved woman. Neither could give up this woman, but the real fact was that the two were fighting for the reputation of different parties!


“As long as I am alive, I will never forget your words!” Lin Feng was furious, his expression was scary, and the blood in his eyes was unbearable to see. People turned away and didn’t dare to look at him.


“Dream on, hum!” Fu Dao answered back sarcastically, humiliating Lin Feng; Lin Feng’s expression turned gloomy, and he finally attacked again, heading straight for Fu Dao. Fu Dao also stepped away at this moment. From the beginning of the skills battle to the current close attacks, people had been stunned.


“I am afraid there won’t be another wonderful battle like this in this world,” Chu Chun Qiu said, shaking his head. This was a supreme battle of truly strong cultivators. It was enough for everyone to have a fight like this once in a lifetime!


“I think Fu Dao can’t take advantage,” Prince Ghost murmured calmly. He had great confidence in Lin Feng, stemming from the fact that Lin Feng was able to calmly resolve the evil Qi attack of Fu Dao. Lin Feng was not simple!


Among Fu Dao’s people, people who just discussed how many attacks Lin Feng could take, they were now all surprised and regretful. Lin Feng was not defeated within ten attacks, but even more exasperating was that his battle with Fu Dao was surprisingly tense!


Lin Feng kicked out. Golden energy wrapped his left foot; Fu Dao smelled the danger, but his expression remained unchanged. He raised his fists calmly, and blocked the attack before his chest. Lin Feng stepped on his arms and bounced back.




Suddenly, Fu Dao moved again. When Lin Feng was forced back, Fu Dao attacked again. This time, the energy was not much different than before, but his move had changed.


“Awe-inspiring Evil Qi!” Fu Dao made a long howl, like the roar of a demonic beast. At this moment, it was extremely terrifying. Fu Dao, a vital person from Human Clan, had learned such an evil skill?


Lin Feng saw this, and his intuition warned that if he wanted to survive, this time he had to use level three of the Godly Tao Skill, The Double Worlds of Ice and Fire. Otherwise, he had no chance of winning, and he would be killed!


Lin Feng’s expression was dark with caution. Fu Dao was at least a Holy Godly Ancestor, and although Lin Feng could fight stronger cultivators, his strength and mastery of pure Qi were not as developed as his opponent.


The evil Qi rose above the Purple Clouds Palace, and broke through the roof. Bright sunlight shone in, and the Purple Clouds Palace became bright. Fu Dao stepped out, going straight to the sky, holding the evil Qi and overseeing all directions, before finally converging on Lin Feng.


Kill Lin Feng!


Lin Feng also flew out of the Purple Clouds Palace at this moment, standing on a building above the main hall. In his black robe, he looked like a demon king descended from the sky, but the momentum of the other side was also like a demon king.


Lin Feng’s body was covered by blue Genesis Spiritual strength and golden Buddha light. The two energies converged, faintly forming a hundred feet word, Tao, in front of him!


The word Tao quieted the space for thirty thousand miles around Jing City. The air was filled with sacred momentum, in sharp contrast to the evil Qi of Fu Dao. Lin Feng should be evil, while Fu Dao should be sacred, but now it was the opposite!


The Leader of Jing City stood there watching silently, his expression extremely dignified. When Awe-inspiring Evil Qi was revealed, Lin Feng was obviously at a disadvantage. Only by fighting hard could he have a chance to live!


Lin Feng stretched out his hands and turned the fists into palms. Under the horrible evil pressure, Lin Feng finally mobilized the energy of the ice and the fire, The Double Worlds of Ice and Fire, the highest level of the Godly Tao Skills. At this moment, his trump couldn’t be hidden anymore. If he didn’t use it, his life would be in danger!


“Level Three of Godly Tao…”


“Order of Human Ancestor is here!”


Lin Feng had just mobilized the energy of ice and fire, when suddenly a white light passed above the sky. Under the clear white light was a young man, no more than twenty, wearing a long white robe, with green eyes and thick eyebrows, a handsome young man with a sacred demeanor.


The strength of the youth, turned out to be… an Earthly Godly Ancestor!


“Greetings, Master in White!” When the young man in white appeared in the sky, Fu Dao’s expression swiftly changed, and all the evil Qi on his body disappeared. He knelt heavily on the ground and bowed his head.


The youth in white glanced blankly at Fu Dao, and looked at Lin Feng again, thinking that it was true!


“Order of Human Ancestor: Fu Dao did not obey the rules of the Human Clan, killing young geniuses without permission! Punished by reducing a thousand years of life, and breaking a godly bone, as a warning to others!


“Order of Human Ancestor! Lin Feng, Leader of the Region of the Eight Corners! Protected the honor of the Country of Eternity successfully, and I am deeply grateful. But the tragedy has been done, Leader Lin Feng please treat the remaining young geniuses well, develop the Country of Eternity, and strengthen the power of the World of Battles!” 


The two Orders of the Human Ancestor came out. All was silent as the representatives of the various forces gathered around. The strong cultivators in Jing City were all frightened by the orders.


The Human Ancestor, the king of Human Clan, the absolute Leader; all of them were under his control, without exception.


Today, there were two Orders from the Human Ancestor. That hadn’t been heard for a long time, shocking the World of Battles!


“Fu Dao, come back to the Human Clan with me. You will meet teacher Human Ancestor, and accept your punishment.” The young man in white glanced indifferently at Fu Dao before gradually disappearing in the white light. He became more and more illusory, and eventually disappeared.


Fu Dao’s face was pale and his heart was trembling. Others did not understand what it meant to break the godly bone, but he knew it clearly. The members of the Human Clan had three sections of godly bones given to them by the Human Ancestor. Once a bone was missing, it meant that their trust and connection with the Human Ancestor were less.


The punishment was very heavy.


Fu Dao stood up. He didn’t have time to deal with Lin Feng and the members of the Alliance of Young Geniuses, turning around and disappearing from the sky of Jing City.

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