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Chapter 1336 Kill Lin Feng?



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“Your leader has gone, aren’t you leaving yet?” Lin Feng looked at the thirteen men Fu Dao had brought. He was a little disappointed that he was unable to fight Fu Dao to the end. Though their battle had been amazing, it was imperfect.


However, Lin Feng was very clear that if he wanted to win, he might have to pay a big price, which was not good. At most, it would only be a draw. If it was a draw, the two sides would still be opposed, which had no meaning at all.


It was not bad to put it aside temporarily. At least in the short term, the Alliance of Young Geniuses would not embarrass the young geniuses of the Region of the Eight Corners from the lower world. These young geniuses would also have development opportunities, which Lin Feng was happy to see.


At the same time, Lin Feng greatly admired Human Ancestor’s righteousness. Perhaps Fu Dao was a perfect young genius, but after all, in terms of the World of Battles, their fight was inevitable. But the Human Ancestor did not protect his disciple, which made Lin Feng admire him greatly.


This was the leading character of the best of overlords. The Leader of the Human Clan should have such an attitude. If the Human Ancestor was an overlord who could not distinguish between right and wrong, good and evil, then the Human Clan was doomed!


But, obviously, this kind of disaster did not occur.


Xiao Chuan and the others heard Lin Feng’s words, and even though they were angry, they did not dare to show it. Even their leader was punished by Human Ancestor, how dare they continue to offend Lin Feng? Fu Dao wouldn’t be able to defeat him within a hundred attacks!


Therefore, they could only leave the Purple Clouds Palace and Jing City in a foul mood. This was a meaningless encounter; not only did they not solve any problems, they made the problem more complicated!


Lin Feng watched the departure of Xiao Chuan and the others, and sighed with relief. This time the meeting was a bit anxious. He didn’t have the real strength to fight against Fu Dao, nor did the Region of the Eight Corners have the absolute strength to overpower the Alliance of Young Geniuses.


The current result might be the best solution: put it on hold!


“Come on, we should go back too.” Lin Feng turned around, glanced at Chu Chun Qiu and the others, about to leave.


“Lin Feng, you can’t leave yet.” Leader Jing Rui looked rather grim, and walked over to them quickly, attracting everyone’s attention. At this time, the disciples of Jing City also dispersed all the bystanders around. Representatives of outside forces did not dare to fight against the overlord Jing Rui, and also left.


“Leader, what’s the matter?” Lin Feng saw Leader Jing Rui was a little flustered, and guessed something, but still asked him.


“Outside the city has been surrounded by the representatives of the World Dragon Clan and Spiritual Warriors Clan. They are all gathering outside the city. My men came back to report that there are at least twenty Holy Godly Ancestors, and nearly a hundred ordinary Godly Ancestors. Their purpose is to kill you. “


Leader Jing Rui’s expression was extremely heavy. He had never seen such a terrible scene. These great forces even sent so many powerful people, just for the killing. There were no less than twenty Holy Godly Ancestors. This was not for killing, but for eliminating other clans!


The Spiritual Warriors Clan and the World Dragon Clan had sent so many strong cultivators for the sake of killing Lin Feng. It was obvious that Lin Feng’s actions in the past had completely irritated these two clans, and now was the best time to take revenge!


When Lin Feng heard the news from Leader Jing Rui, he was calm, and not very surprised. This startled Leader Jing Rui; even if he was an overlord, he could not help but felt shocked at this turn of events.


“Lin Feng, I’ll go and find master Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points in the Region of the Eight Corners. As long as he is there, I don’t think they will be hard on you.” Leader Jing Rui was worried about Lin Feng’s safety. He thought about it and decided to help Lin Feng as a friend.


However, his proposal was rejected by Lin Feng. Lin Feng nodded gratefully to Leader Jing Rui. Leader Jing Rui had done nothing wrong; true friendship stood out in difficult times, and that was exactly what Leader Jing Rui was doing!


“Jing Rui, I’m just a Spiritual Godly Ancestor. You are an overlord, but I take you as a brother, if you think highly of me, you can also see me as a brother. Of course, if you think I am not worthy, then just forget about this,” said Lin Feng, leaving himself some dignity.


“Stinky little boy, don’t talk nonsense. When do I look down on you? If I did, I wouldn’t tell you this news, and I’m telling you Lin Feng, I’m also emotional, I’m not a snob! If you think like that, I won’t treat you as a brother!” When he heard what Lin Feng said, Leader Jing Rui was angry. Lin Feng’s words were insulting him!


After hearing that, Lin Feng’s expression changed swiftly, and he immediately apologized to Leader Jing Rui. “Leader, I think too much, but there is absolutely no intention to humiliate you, please don’t be angry.”


“Boy, just save it, I’ll go find Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points now and let him take you back.” Jing Rui also stopped talking. He was going to head to the Region of the Eight Corners in person. If he left Jing City, the representatives of any forces would not dare to stop him, so he was most suitable.


“Never mind, Leader, you can just watch the show, hehe!” Lin Feng stopped Leader Jing Rui, and the smile on his face grew wider. 


Leader Jing Rui saw that Lin Feng seemed to be confident, and couldn’t help asking, “Did you know about this and have a solution?”


“It’s true that I have a divination master in the Region of the Eight Corners, hehe, so I’m very clear about the crisis of this trip.” Lin Feng did not say about Zhuang Ling Yun, but the existence of a divination master. Since they were brothers, he should not hide it.


Leader Jing Rui was a little surprised, as he did not expect Lin Feng to be able to draw on such a rare talent. He thought Lin Feng was simply trying to do something big. All the ancient overlords had military counsellors or diviners around them.


“Do you know what will happen today?” Leader Jing Rui asked, his face solemn, still a little worried.


“Of course! Before I came to Jing City, I expected that the Spiritual Warriors Clan and the World Dragon Clan would take action, so I am ready for it!” Lin Feng smiled confidently. Even though he didn’t have many ordinary Godly Ancestors, if he combined the Demon Corpse Army and the Yi Clan, was it possible to resist an ordinary Godly Ancestor?


Lin Feng was very confident. Eighty-nine demon corpses were enough to deal with the ordinary Godly Ancestors of the two clans, and the ten Holy Godly Ancestors led by him and the hidden reinforcements in the suburbs could deal with the more than 20 Holy Godly Ancestors, who would not be a problem.


If things really went bad, the Ice Spirit and Fire Spirit were not useless. They were not weaker than Leader Jing Rui. With these two overlords present, how could the Spiritual Warriors Clan and the World Dragon Clan have a chance to kill him?


“Since it is like that, I’ll wait for the show. If you are really in crisis, I will help you secretly, but don’t blame me for not showing up. After all, I’m the Leader of Jing City; my status is special, I …”


“You don’t need to explain; we are brothers, I understand.” Lin Feng interrupted Leader Jing Rui’s quickly. Turning around, Lin Feng looked at Chu Chun Qiu and the twenty people behind him, shouting loudly, “Follow me; if anyone gets in the way, kill them!”


“Understood!” Li Ju and the others roared and shouted. Everyone clenched their fists, and they left the main house of the Leader without fear and flew in the direction of Shi Yu.




Half an hour later, on the outskirts of Jing City, under a mountain thirty thousand li away from the Leader’s main house…


People were densely packed here. The outermost perimeter were a hundred ordinary Godly Ancestors. They were the strong cultivators selected by the Spiritual Warriors Clan and the World Dragon Clan. Twenty-one people, the strongest force from these two clans, were here just to kill Lin Feng!


In the World of Battles, there would always be bold bystanders. Even if it was an ambush, there were still many bystanders who would gather to watch. There were hundreds of people, including some Holy Godly Ancestors and Spiritual Godly Ancestors who were independent cultivators. Some were just passing by, but they could not help but stop to watch the show.


The Spiritual Warriors Clan was led by their Second Elder, Zhan Shun Tang. He was a Holy Godly Ancestor, while the World Dragon Clan was led by Third Elder Long Yuan. Both of them were here to kill Lin Feng, so they cooperated to increase the chance of killing him.


The strong cultivators who came from the Spiritual Warriors Clan included not only their Second Elder Zhan Shun Tang, but also the Third Elder Zhan Chuan, Fourth Elder Zhan Qing Er, Seventh Elder Zhan Yu Jie, and Ninth Elder Zhan Yu Ying. There were Holy Godly Ancestors and ordinary Godly Ancestors. At the same time, most of them were strong cultivators from the Court of Discipline of the Spiritual Warriors Clan, all Spiritual Godly Ancestors.


The strong cultivators sent by the World Dragon Clan had eight Spiritual Godly Ancestors and forty ordinary Godly Ancestors, making up almost half of the team.


“Why hasn’t Lin Feng appeared yet?” Zhan Shun Tang was impatient. If the clan hadn’t been waiting to kill Lin Feng, he would have led people to kill him directly. Why bother now? Lin Feng had now become the Leader of the Region of the Eight Corners!


There was too much delay in the clan, which made him regret it. Thinking about the death of Fifth Elder Zhan Yu Hong, who was killed by Lin Feng and Bao Sha, he felt an unbearable anger.


“Don’t worry. According to Lin Feng’s character, he will definitely come. Then both of our clans can take revenge!” Long Yuan was also full of anger. How many people of the World Dragon Clan had Lin Feng killed? Godly Ancestor Jie Long was even tragically killed in Jing City, assassinated! It had to be Lin Feng.

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